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By Chelsey Greene


Job Title: Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher--teach students skills and abilities related to FCS that will stay will them for life Qualifications: Good communicator, organized, work cooperatively with other people, patient, creative, knowledgeable about subject area, inspire confidence & trust

Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree in Family & Consumer Sciences Education, Teaching License

Professional Associations: American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Education (AAFCS), Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE), National Education Association (NEA)
Working Conditions : 9 hours (minimum) Monday-Friday, holidays and summers off, inside, could involve traveling between different buildings, much time spent moving around but some down time as well Career Outlook: Number of jobs is projected to go up from 2008-2018, average salary is $45,000 (area where I want to be about $35,000), jobs can be found across the country but are projected to grow in the west and south, most schools usually provide insurance benefits

Interior Design

Job Title: Interior Designer--plan floor spaces to be functional and productive in homes, businesses, & schools using a variety of textures, colors, lighting, & furniture Qualifications: Familiarity with computer-based software, creative, imaginative, communicate well verbally and in writing, open to new ideas, up-to-date, ability to work under pressure, self-discipline, business sense Educational Requirements: Associates Degree (2 or 3 year programs) to be an assistant, Bachelors Degree for formal apprenticeship program, National Council for Interior Design Qualification license designers after they have passed the test which requires 6 years of combined experience in the field and education

Professional Associations: American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Association of Interior Design Professionals (AIDP), Certified Interior Decorators (CID)
Working Conditions : Can have regular hours in comfortable indoor settings but can include much travel between clients spaces and working around the schedules of the clients, there can be a lot of stress and pressure Career Outlook: From 2008-2018 the number of jobs is supposed to increase by 19%, demand in healthcare facilities because of the increased usage of such services, green design and ergonomics are becoming more popular and interior designers with that knowledge are more marketable, average wages are about $45,000 but are slightly different between specific areas

Event Planning

Job Title: Meeting & Convention Planner--planning and arranging all the details for conventions and meetings Qualifications: Good written and verbal communication skills, be able to establish and maintain relationships, detailoriented, organized, maintain composure, computer skills, follow budgets, meet deadlines Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree in programs ranging from marketing to hospitality management, some universities have a meetings management program, Convention Industry Council has the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) credential that allows planners to get certified which makes them more marketable in the field

Professional Associations: Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP)
Working Conditions : Hours can be more than 40 hours a week before events and less after, they may be visiting various locations each day so there is lots of travel--regional and international, physical activity can be involved when moving supplies and materials Career Outlook: Between 2008-2018 employment is projected to rise 16%, the industry fluctuates when the economy is bad because organizations cant afford to host meetings and employers cant afford to send employees, the average amount earned by meeting planners is $44,260 but can change based on the industry



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Interior Design

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Event Planning
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