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GEAS Coaching 3 Answer Face Centered Cubic 333.55 kJ/kg Angular Momentum central atom 1 Supercritical Fluid 647 K 22.064 Mpa Blistering Internal Energy 647 k Bending Stress Quasi Delict photon Monte Carlo Ductility water Abbe Number Gantt Chart Nuclear Fission photon Civil Obligation heat vaporization hydrogen partnership Risk Mitigation Sterric Number Ceasium rate of performance Fallback Plans actual value time goal Hydrogen time goal, cost and performance force of gravity

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negative oxidation number Blistering Body Centered Cubic(BCC) electronic materials brittle fracture directing, planning, organizing

7-Mar-13 Question What crystalline structure has a coordination of 12? Specific enthalpy of fusion of water at 0 degree Product of moment of inertia and angular speed. AXE method, A stands for. According to sigma bond rule, the number of sigma bonds in a moleule is equivalent to the number atoms plus the number of rings minus ____ Water has three states: solid, liquid and gas. What is the fourth state? What is the critical temperature in kelvin? What is the critical temperature in Mpa? resulting to rupture Produce by activity and movements of molecules and by movements of atom. Critical temperature in kelvin It occurs when a member carries a load perpendicular to its long axis while being supported in a stable manner. Juan rides jeepney.. Einstein _______ aspect of light Technique used in project management probability.. Most important mechanical property of ceramics which measures its resistance to crack. among substances, it is the second highest heat capacity mesaures reciprocal dispersion in optcal number Project isting and their starting and finishing dates in calendar way. A nuclear reaction or a radio active decay process in which the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts. energy released from higher orbit to lower energy orbit Juan ..(Right to pursue justice in court) Beaker with water is heated by flame, its temperature increase rapidly to 373 k alkali metals reacts with water to rease ______. Association of one or two persons for the purpose of engaging into business for profit. reduction of risk The number of ato bonded to the central atom of a molecule plus the number of lone pairs on the central atom Element that has greatest tendency to form positive ion. The percentage of the work actually completed out of the total work that was scheduled to be completed Developed for risk that have high impact on meeting project. Effective project meet three goals which are scope or performance goal; cost goal and _______. Responsible for the high boiling point of water. Project manager ensures that the project is completed completed successfully as measured by _____. Principle why jet flies in air because the thrust of jet compensate the

The atom with higher electronegativity, typically a nonmetallic element, is assigned ___________ while the other atom, often a metallic element, is assigned positive oxidation number. Diffision of atomic hydrogen into internal pores. Crystal structure at room temperature of delta iron. Appliation process of engineering materials are composite materials and ________. The mode of fracture characterized by weak crack propagation. In project management, successful leadership has a certain goals such as