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Shishir Jessu Mrs.

Negoslawski English II Pre-AP 9 September 2013

Books: The Ultimate Medium of Universal Knowledge

Reading has significantly benefited me not only by helping me gain useful contemporary knowledge and wisdom through the messages and life lessons conveyed in all books (including fictional works), but also by showing me a vast array of perspectives through the unique stories and writing styles of different authors. Certain books have invaluable insights which deepen and expand wisdom, and it is easy to identify these works very quickly. For example, I can gain an idea of the messages in a book doing such an activity as the Book Interview, in which we were to read the synopsis of a book in class, immediately judge its readability, and make assumptions to ourselves about how interesting the book may be. The book Bullet Point, which I interviewed during this activity, is about an adolescent named Wyatt who personally interacts with his imprisoned father after fifteen years, and forms the opinion that he is a suave, friendly, and innocent man. To that end, he tries to prove his fathers innocence, leading to a complex adventure with a potentially harrowing ending. I could immediately identify themes of trust, truth, deception, and adventure just from the synopsis of the book, and if any book which has nothing to do with me can teach me about the intensity of the aforementioned topics as they exist in the real world, there is infinite value in taking the time to read it. Moreover, reading deep into the perspectives of authors that vary in their backgrounds makes me feel like Im in a different world, however limited in scope the experience may be. Anna Quindlen, the author of How Reading Changed My Life, shared this sentiment: she read books so extensively as a child due to the educational and entertaining perspectives they offer that she was discriminated and teased for not socializing (in fact, she often held books to a higher regard than people). I maintain the position that she should not have been teased for this, because in my opinion, being immersed into the unpredictable events in the lives of others can broaden ones mind and make one better prepared to the twists and turns life presents at times. Ultimately, through the life lessons provided in books and the perspectives conveyed to readers by different types of authors, reading is highly beneficial, and therefore, absolutely necessary to anyone blessed with the ability to read. Those lucky people will have the joy of learning about and being able to appreciate the world through a medium like no other: the book.

Shishir Jessu Mrs. Negoslawski English II Pre-AP 9 September 2013