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Mechanical/Inspection Engineer (QA/QC)

OBJECTIVE: Proficient qualified engineer with 9 years of progressive experience in piping, pipeline, steel structure, gas and oil sector etc. With good knowledge of applicable international codes, standards and specification in the field. Seeking a lucrative assignment as Mech. Engineer (QA/QC) in any mechanical/gas/oil/power sector field with honesty, commitment, hard work and dedication.


(From Karnatak University Dharwad (KUD), Karnataka-INDIA) TRANING, COURSES& CERTIFICATIONS: QMS ISO 9001:2008. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). NDT Level IInd in UT, RT, PT, MPT.

INTERNATIONAL CODES/STANDERDS FAMILIARITY: Familiar with following codes and standards: API 5L, API 570, API 1104, API653, API 510. ASME Sec. IX, ASME Sec. V, ASME Sec. VIII. AWS D.1.1, NACE.

SUMMARY OF KNOWLEDGE IN COMPUTER: Fully Computer Literate: Software/Hardware Installation & Troubleshooting. Knowledge of operating systems (windows, DOS etc), MS office. Familiars with Computer Aided Design (CAD), Auto CAD etc. Up to date with latest internet Technology.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (09 Years):COMPANY : ARAB INSPECTION &QUALITY ASSURANCE COMPANY Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia-Riyadh Mechanical Engineer (QA/QC)/Inspection engineer September2008 to at Present


Worked as Inspection Engineer/Mechanical Inspector for different Pipes& Pipe line Projects and for CLIENT (SWCC-SAWLINE WATER CONVERSION CORPORATION-RIYADH) and for other Companies like: -(I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI) (VII) KFIP (offshore)-GAS and PETROL Pipe line corridor, Royal Commission-Jubail. AL-SHAMRANY Steel and fabricating company. Zamil Steel and Pressure Vessels Company. National Pipe Company. Wels pun Middle East Pipe and Coating Company-Dammam. Kuwait Pipe Industries and Oil Services Company (KPIOSC)-Kuwait. PSL-Sharjah (U.A.E.). ShohaibaPhase III ShuqaiqPhase II Eastern Province Ras Az Zawr/Ras Al Khair - WTS - WTS - WTS - WTS


Inspection of steel pipe production. Reviewed the Material test certificates and test report for heat analysis and product analysis (chemical analysis) and factory test records like tensile, UT hydro, etc. Witnessing of welding parameters (Current, Voltage, Speed frequency etc.) for manufacturing qualification pipes, which were produced whenever there was change of grades or thickness of pipes production. Witness of Mechanical Testing Like, Hardness test, tensile test, and Impact charpy test, guided bend test for production and qualification pipes. Witness of Hydrostatic Testing at different bar pressure depends on grade, diameter, and wall thickness. Reviewed X ray film for T crosses welding, UT indications and for the repaired welding, A&B ends. Final visual and dimensional inspection (dimensional inspection for pipe Body end, O.D.wall thickness, bevel angle, root face, straightness, inside /outside bead height, weight, length, etc.) of pipes after completion of all activities. Preparation of documents for release as per quality assurance plan. Inspection of all the fit-ups prior to full welding Review construction drawing against piping plan/P &ID

Review of documents and performed inspection as per ITP and AWS D1.1 Inspection of tower and monopoles. Review the tower monopoles design/papers and specification. Witness of dye penetrate test for of fabricated beam column for gas/petrol pipeline corridor. Review of PQR / WQR / WPS. Welding inspection of tanks. Incoming material inspection i.e. welding wire, electrode, welding flux etc. Inspection of 3-layer high-density polyethylene coating on steel pipe. Holiday inspection online coating plant and portable holyday detector. Supervision of all mechanical and chemical tests related to bare pipe and 3 layer polyethylene coating of steel pipe.

Previous work Experience:1. Gannon Drunkenly Corp. Limited: Position Client Duration : : : QA/QC Engineer/Mechanical Engineer Hindustan Petroleum Corporation limited. May 2005 to July 2008

2. Capex India Limited: Position Duration : : QC Engineer/Site Engineer September 2004 to March 2005

3. Radiant Engineering & Construction Company: Position Duration : : Site Engineer/Trainee Engineer October 2003 to August 2004

PERSONAL INFORMATION:Date of Birth Nationality Marital Status Passport. No. Passport Expiry date : : : : : 1st September, 1978 Indian Married F0404063 04/11/2014


I hereby declare that all the above information is true according to best of my knowledge.