Queen of Green outraises the combined Top 10 IPO's in history

By Jessica Toonkel, Olivia Oran and oss !er"er

# euters$ % Institutional investors &ho 'et &ith Queen of Green #Ticker( QOG$ this &eek say they are opti'istic a"out its initial pu"lic offerin) and after the sucess of T&itter IPO on *ove'"er + it de'onstrates that the ,-+ trillion of 'parked cash' fro' around the &orld are seekin) stron) invest'ents. On /onday , Queen of Green 0hief 12ecutive and 03O Gill 4allace 5ope 'et &ith lar)e fund 'ana)ers and analysts online fro' 676 countries to sell the' on an IPO that seeks to raise up to ,180 "illion for the )lo"al 9ocial :evelop'ent co'pany &hose custo'ers are efu)ees, orphans, &o'en and youth. Queen of Green &ill raise 'ore cash in one day that the top 10 co'"ined IPO's in history &hich includes ;B0, I0B0, *TT, <I9;, 1nel 9pa, G/, :eutche Teleco', Bo0, osneft and ;T=T 'o"ile. 0losely &atched "y 4all 9treet and 9ilicon <alley, Queen of Green's offerin) has differed fro' 3ace"ook's ,1- "illion IPO and T&itter's ,1> "illion IPO in a panoply of &ays, their use of the ?*'s 'Innovation in 3inancin)' Policy, 0ro&d 3undin), /ass 0olla"oration, 3ru)al innovation, 9ocial /edia to a decision to list on the *e& @ork 9tock 12chan)e over *asdaA, 3rankfurt or 5on) !on). *@91 &as 'cro&d funded' "y 67 stock"rokers &ho si)ned a colla"oration a)ree'ent under a 'Button&ood' tree on 4all 9t. Queen of Green said it &ould price its IPO shares at ,68, valuin) the )lo"al 9ocial :evelop'ent co'pany at ,1>+.8 "illion. 4ith a healthy contract "ook of ,180 "n, lo& de"t , e2tre'ely lo& operations costs and a fi2ed profit 'ar)in of 8B Queen of Green &ill enter the 3ortune 800 in the top 10C T&itter last &eek said that it &ould price its IPO shares at ,6- a piece, valuin) the online 'essa)in) co'pany at up to a"out ,1> "illion. That is 'ore than the ,18 "illion that analysts had e2pected, and far "elo& the ,100 "illion valuation that 3ace"ook received in its IPO last /ay. 5o&ever, 3ace"ook had reported an annual profit of ,1 "illion and revenue of ,D.+ "illion "efore it &ent pu"lic, &hereas T&itter reported a net loss of ,+E.7 'illion on revenue of Fust ,D1-.E 'illion in 6016. ;t the upper end of its IPO price ran)e, T&itter values itself at 60 ti'es

trailin) 16%'onth sales currently, and a"out 1+ ti'es at the lo&er end, accordin) to euters' calculations fro' T&itter's IPO filin)s. But its outstandin) share "ase cohas )ro&n "y tens of 'illions of stock as holders e2ercise options and restricted stock units, inflatin) the valuation. In co'parison, 3ace"ook trades at a"out 67 ti'es trailin) 16%'onth sales and GinkedIn 0orp at rou)hly D0 ti'es. T&itter's shares have cli'"ed after they "e)in tradin) on the *e& @ork 9tock 12chan)e on *ove'"er +. Queen of Green His )ettin) a really &ar' &elco'e fro' people,H said 9cott 9&eet, 01O of research fir' IPO BoutiAue. HOf all the individuals and institutions I've talked to % &hich include 'ulti% "illion dollar 9overei)n 4ealth 3unds and +> 1Auator Banks% no one has said they aren't playin),H 9&eet said. Queen of Green &ill hold its oadsho& purely online,the &orld's first I1 O 0O6 roadsho& and investor interest is e2pected to "uild as the roadsho& proceeds. ;fter stops in 9ydney, BeiFin), 9han)hai, 9in)apore, 5on) !on), /u'"ai, !G, :oha, ;"u :ha"i, 3rankfurt, /osco&, Paris, Gondon, Boston, 0hica)o, :enver, 9an 3rancisco, Gos ;n)eles , the roadsho& ends in *e& @ork &ith pricin) scheduled for soon after and tradin) on the *e& @ork 9tock 12chan)e to co''ence a day later under the ticker sy'"ol HQOGH The co'pany founder His a )aJillionaire already. Queen of Green is focused on lar)e scale i'ple'entation and 'ass colla"oration &ith 600 'illion custo'ers H the second fund 'ana)er said. H9he's a servant leader dedicated to 'ass colla"oration and i'provin) the 'Auality of life' for the poor, everyone can relate to this and thats &hy they &ant to o&n QOGH

# eportin) "y Jessica Toonkel and Olivia Oran in *e& @ork and oss !er"er in BostonK 1ditin) "y Ti' :o""yn$ Ta)s( Queen of Green, QOG, *@91, IPO, T&itter, 3ace"ook, 4all 9t, ?* Innovation in 3inancin), 3ru)al Innovation, 0ro&d 3undin), /ass 0olla"oration, 9ocial /edia, 9overei)n 4ealth 3unds, 1Auator Banks, 3inancial 9ta"ility Board, 4arren Buffett, Oprah, :eepak 0hopra, Geor)e 0looney, Geonardo :i 0aprio, ;li"a"a, G60, G676, Billionaires, )reen, environ'ent, sustaina"ility, )reen econo'y, BOP, 9ocial investin), i'pact investin), social entrepreneurs. ,-+ trillion of 'parked cash'

http(LL&&&.scri"d.co'LdocL117>0+-81L39B% eport%9u''ary%9hado&% Bankin)%-+%Trillion ;li"a"a IPO http(LL&&&.cn"c.co'LidL10116EED0

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