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Citation Checking

1. Obtain the primary and secondary sources from the library. This may involve using Interlibrary loan. If something is very rare or archival materials (such as letters) you probably will not be able to obtain it, so dont worry, but most things are available. hile you are waiting for items to come in, you can begin steps !, ", #, and $. !. %egin by going through the bibliography and notes, and chec&ing all information against '() or library data bases or orld *at, or against original sources if you have them. 'a&e sure all of the following information is 100% correct+ )uthors names (and spelling of them,)--chec& in the essay as well, each time the name is used. *haracters names .ates of events .ates of publication /ssay, article, or chapter title (chapter titles are not necessary for singleauthored boo&s, however) %oo& title /ditors of boo&s or collections (editors must always be included, but not authors of prefaces, forewords, afterwords, etc. unless they are directly cited) 0ear of 1ub 1age numbers (if section of boo& or essay) website (if relevant) format ('()) translator should be included for all translated wor&s volume numbers should be included for wor&s that are more than one volume. 'a&e corrections as necessary2 if this information is missing loo& it up in the databases and insert it. If you cant find the information (such as page numbers for an introduction) obtain the primary sources. ". )fter you have chec&ed this information in the bib and notes, you need to ma&e sure that every item cited in the essay is actually cited in the bib or notes. The easiest way to do this is to go bac& through the essay (including the footnotes) with a highlighter2 whenever you see a citation to a primary or secondary source, highlight it. Then after you have gone through the whole essay with a highlighter, ma&e sure every item cited in the essay is in the bibliography. *ross off the items in the bibliography once youve made sure they are there2 then loo& for any items in the bibliography that arent actually used in the essay. 0ou can also wor& bac&wards, ma&ing sure every item mentioned in the wor&s cited is actually used or mentioned in the essay.

#. 'a&e sure each note in the te3t corresponds to the appropriate note in the end notes section. )gain, the easiest way to do this is to highlight the notes in the te3t, and then go to the notes section and ma&e sure they are all there and appropriate. $. 4ow that you have all primary and secondary materials, go though the essay and highlight 5uotes and citations. Make sure all citations have a page number. Make sure the page numbers are in the range in the bibliography; for e3ample, if the bib. lists an essay running from page 161-167, chec& to ma&e sure an in-te3t citation does not say page 89, or something li&e that. 8. O4(0 I: TI'/+ Then read the 5uote in the te3t against the original source as carefully as you can. )uthors have a tendency to ta&e out words, put down the wrong page number, misspell characters names, add e3tra words, collapse 5uotes from two different pages into one, etc. Your job in this step is to try to make sure the author has quoted rom his!her primary sources accurately. 9. 1repare a 5uery letter to the author. .r. *utter and I are in the process of editing your article, ;) <mall 'an in %ig <paces+ The 4ew 4egro and the 'esti=o in >ean Toomers <outhwestern riting? for publication in '/(@<. )t this point, we as& you to review the changes we have made and let us &now if there are any corrections that you would li&e for us to ma&e. 1lease note that the article will undergo several additional rounds of proofing, so if you notice grammatical issues, please note them but do not be concerned as we will catch such issues in final proofing stages. e also have several specific 5ueries that we hope you can help us with+ 1. ould you confirm that The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man edition you used was published by Aill and ang in 1B86C e are unable to confirm this through our databases. !. :or the boo& The New Negro, we will need the original publication date of the te3t (1B!$C), as well as the page numbers for the introduction. )lso, please confirm that Touchstone was the publisher of the 1BB! edition you used, as our databases show that it was )theneum. )lso, our databases list )rnold Dampersad as the author of the introduction, while )lain (oc&e is the editor. Is that rightC ". :or the boo& Our America: Nativi m! Moderni m! and "lurali m, would you chec& the publication dateC Our databases list that it was published in 1BB$ by .u&e @niversity 1ress, not 1BB9. hich is correct in your editionC #. 1lease verify that our punctuation of the title is correct in the following citation+ ;Aandwritten 4otes on 4ew 'e3ico for E4ew 'e3ico after India? in ;4ew 'e3ico after India+ 4otes and .rafts.?

$. :or the boo& The Co mic #ace, would you chec& the publication date once moreC Our databases show that >ohns Aop&ins @1 published the boo& in 1BB9, while there is a 1B9B edition published by *alifornia <tate @niversity. 8. On page ", in the line ;addressed by Tom Fuir& and "an :leming in $ean Toomer: A Critical EvaluationG? <hould it be #obert $. :leming, as on wor&s citedC 9. 1lease provide the source of the following information from page 1#+ ;The figure of the Etragic mulatto, pervasive in the nineteenth-century te3ts, shifts to e3plorations of Epassing, a change that temporally maps onto the 1B"6 removal of Emulatto from the @< census.? 7. On the same page as above, please provide the source of the following information+ ;Interestingly, the same year that the @< removed Emulatto from the classificatory nomenclature of its census, 'e3ico removed racial demarcations from its census entirely, a practice that seems to refuse, rather than enforce, racial borders. (4otably, the 1B"6 @< census also saw the first appearance of the category E'e3ican.? B. On page 1B, there is a reference to )rna %ontemps. 1lease provide full citational information for wor&s cited page. 16. Originally, on page 16, it read+ ; Ea certain <panish priest in the eighteenth century, who, he claims, followed in (as *asass traditionHli&ely 'iguel %ildagoG? Is it correct that we changed it to 'iguel %idalgoC 1lease use the attached document as reference, but donIt ma&e any changes (including trac& changes) to it, since we need to ensure that we have the most recent version of your article on file here at the editorial office. Instead, please e-mail us with any changes youd li&e for us to ma&e and your responses to the 5ueries above. )lso at this time, we would also li&e to as& you for a biographical statement (about 166-1$6 words) to use for the contributors pages. ith your agreement, we would also li&e for the statement to include your email address. 1lease let us &now if you would li&e to see a sample biographical statement. Than& you for your help. e would appreciate receiving your responses to the 5ueries and changes made by (&"'$ ()* )$$+,- >anuary #th or earlier. e are loo&ing forward to publishing your article, %est, /lena <he&leton /ditor )ssistant, '/(@< Your e.mail