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Advertising slogans

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"Buy it. Sell it. Love it." ~ eBay "Challenge everything" ~ EA Games "Connecting people." ~ o!ia ""o you have the #unny insi$e%" ~ Energi&er 'a(, since )***s "EA Sports. +t,s in the game" ~ EA Sports "Get or get out." inten$o -., late /00*s

"1ello 2osh, gotta 2oshi#a%" ~ 2oshi#a, /03., Gol$ Greenlees 2rott "intelligence every4here" ~ 'otorola "+s it live, or is it 'emore(% " ~ 'emore( vi$eo cassettes, /05*s or /03*s on "+t,s a Sega Genesis, it,s a SegaC", an$ it,s a 6orta#le C" 6layer7" ~ Sega o8 America, mar!eting the Sega C"9 console in /00.. "+t ta!es AGES to #e as goo$ as SEGA" ~ SEGA Saturn Console "+t,s a Sony." ~ Sony ":eeps going an$ going an$ going." ~ Energi&er Batteries, #egan /03*s or /00*s "Let,s 'a!e 2hings Better" ~ 6hilips "Live in your 4orl$, play in ours." ~ Sony 6laystation an$ 6laystation ) gaming consoles "'a!e yoursel8 hear$" ~ Ericsson

" eigh#our,s envy, o4ner,s pri$e" ~ ;ni$a 2< =+n$ia> " o #attery is stronger longer." ~ "uracell Batteries, /00*s " o4 ?ou,re 6laying @ith 6o4er7" ~ inten$o Entertainment System, Super inten$o Entertainment System, mi$A/03*s to mi$A/00*s ";ne that Last" ~ "uracell Batteries ~ lateA/03*s "See 4hat the 8uture has in store." ~ Buture Shop "Sense an$ Simplicity" ~ 6hilips "2housan$s o8 possi#ilities. Get yours." ~ Best Buy "2ouching is goo$" ~ inten$o "S "@e #ring goo$ things to li8e." ~ GE =General Electric> "?ou can,t top the copper top" ~ "uracell Batteries, early to mi$ /00*s "?ou,ve got Cuestions, 4e,ve got ans4ers." ~ Da$io Shac! "6lay +t Lou$". ~ Game Boy an$ Super inten$o Entertainment System ~ /00. to /005 "@elcome to the e(t Level". ~ Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Sega C" an$ Sega E)9 "6S6. 1ells ?eah." ~ 6S6 "1ello 'oto" ~ 'otorola



"Buy ;pera to$ay... An$ ma!e this #anner go a4ay" ~ ;pera "Can you hear me no4% ...Goo$7" ~ <eri&on 4ireless ""o you... ?ahoo7%" ~ ?ahoo7 ""u$e, you,re getting a "ell" ~ "ell Computer /00*s "eA#usiness solutions" ~ +B', )***s "on $eman$" ~ +B', )**H

"Easy as "ell" ~ "ell Computer "Everything is Easier on a 'ac" ~ Apple Computer, )***s "G I is ot Ini(" ~ Bree So8t4are Boun$ation "+n a 4orl$ 8ull surroun$e$ #y @in$o4s, 4e,re han$ing out roc!s" ~ Be;S Da$io "+nspire me. Surprise me. A'" me." ~ A'" =A$vance$ 'icro "evices> "+ntel insi$e" ~ +ntel "+nvent." ~ 1e4lettA6ac!ar$ "F+t,sG so easy to use, no 4on$er it,s num#er one" ~ A;L "+t,s #etter 4ith the #utter8ly" ~ 'icroso8t =8or 'S 3 internet service provi$er> "+t,s the +nternet that logs onto you" ~ SBCA?ahoo7 "SL "Jump in" ~ 9#o( E-* "'ultime$ia ?ou Can Ise" ~ Apple Computer, /00*s ";nce you go 'ac. ?ou,ll never go #ac!" ~ Apple Computer "6lay 'ore" ~ 9#o( E-* "6o4er is 'acintosh" ~ Apple Computer, /00*s "Dip. 'i(. Burn" ~ Apple Computer "So po4er8ul, it,s !in$ o8 ri$iculous" ~ E$8( =8or <oo$oo E car$s> "2he et4or! is the Computer." ~ Sun 'icrosystems "2he po4er to #e your #est" ~ Apple Computer, /00*s "2hin!" ~ +B', /0/. "2hin! $i88erent" ~ Apple Computer, ChiatJ"ay, /003K "2hin! outsi$e the #o(" ~ Apple Computer, /00*s "@elcome to the @orl$ @i$e @o4" ~ A;L =play on @orl$ @i$e @e#>

"@here $o you 4ant to go to$ay%" ~ 'icroso8t, /00"@i!ipe$ia, the Bree Encyclope$ia" ~ @i!ipe$ia "?our 6otential. ;ur 6assion. 'icroso8t." ~ 'icroso8t "2he Bro4ser ?ou Can 2rust" L "De$iscover the @e#" L "2he #ro4ser, reloa$e$" ~ Bire8o(,'o&illa )**.Apresent ""o me a 8avor, plug me into a Sega" ~ Sega "2he "i88erence is "ell" ~ "ell "@ho are you%" ~ inten$o in general



"America,s Best Decor$" ~ 6uritan Decor$s "Comparison @ith the Living Artist Deveals o "i88erence" ~ E$ison Decor$s "Each Decor$ a 'asterpiece" ~ <an "y!e Decor$s "Echo Aroun$ the @orl$" ~ E$ison Decor$s "Birst 4ith the 1its" ~ 'ercury Decor$s "1ear @hat ?ou Li!e ~ @hen ?ou Li!e" ~ De( Decor$s "+8 it ain,t Sti88 it ain,t 4orth a 8uc!." ~ Sti88 Decor$s "+8 it,s a :ing, +t,s a 1ill#illyM +8 it,s a 1ill#illy, it,s a :ing" ~ :ing Decor$s " ever Scratches" ~ Lyric Decor$s

426126730714 Fe$itG


"A $iamon$ is 8orever." ~ "e Beers Consoli$ate$ 'ines, /0.3Kpresent =invente$ #y Brances Gerety> "Bet4een love an$ ma$ness lies ;#session." ~ Calvin :lein, /03H

"Chil$ren,s shoes have 8ar to go." ~ StartADite Shoes, /0.H, Stanley Stu$ios "Can,t stop 4al!ing" ~ 2itas Boot4ear +n$ia "Create a storm" ~ 'onsoon "Every !iss #egins 4ith :ay" ~ :ay Je4elers "8cu! a$vertising" ~ Brench Connection Inite$ :ing$om, /00*s "Bor success8ul living" ~ "iesel "1ello #oys" ~ 6layte( @on$er#ra "+mpossi#le is nothing." ~ A$i$as "+t ta!es a lic!ing an$ !eeps on tic!ing." ~ 2ime( Corporation, /0H"Just $o it" ~ i!e, +nc. =8oot 4ear>, /033Aon, @ie$en N :enne$y "Li8ts an$ separates" ~ 6layte( CrossA?ourA1eart #ra, /0-*s. "'ay#e she,s #orn 4ith it ~ may#e it,s 'ay#elline" ~ 'ay#elline "Dugs, +t,s 4hat 4e $o. +t,s all 4e $o. An$ 4e $o it #etter than anyone else. ~ 1.A.G Carpets "Scent to #e$" ~ Brench Connection Inite$ :ing$om "i am 4hat i am" Dee#o! +n$ia, )**H


Food and drink



"Amul, the taste o8 +n$ia" ~ A'IL coAoperative movement, +n$ia. "H5 <arieties" ~ 1. J. 1ein& Company "Bean& 'ean& 1ein&" ~ 1ein& Ba!e$ Beans "Bee8. +t,s 4hat,s 8or $inner." ~ Cattlemen,s Bee8 Boar$ "Betcha can,t eat Oust one" ~ Lay,s potato chips

"Bring out the 1ellmann,s=Best Boo$,s @est o8 the Docy 'ntns>, an$ #ring out the #est" ~ Best Boo$s an$ 1ellmann,s 'ayonnaise "Bring out the Branston7" ~ =pic!le> "Every little helps" ~2esco "Bor mash get Smash" ~ Smash instant mashe$ potatoes, /05., Boase 'assimi 6ollitt "1o4 $o you han$le a hungry man% 2he 'anhan$lers." ~ Camp#ell,s Soup "'anhan$ler" pro$uct line

"An +ntervie4 4ith Dichar$ J. 'ercer", Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II, /00HA//A/5 =accesse$ )**-A*HA/E> a$ image at From the Alamo City #log, )**-A*HA*H =accesse$ )**-A*HA /E>

"+ ate all the Brusen GlP$OQ7" ~ Brusen GlP$OQ "+s it soup yet%" ~ Lipton Soup "+t,s the 4ay it shatters that matters" ~ <iolet Crum#le "+8 you got the munchies, nothing else 4ill $o7 ~ 1ostess potato chips "+8 you li!e a lot o8 chocolate on your #iscuit Ooin our Clu#" ~ Jaco#,s Clu# "+t ta!es a tough man to ma!e a ten$er chic!en." ~ 6er$ue, /05), Scali, 'cCa#e N Sloves ":ing o8 goo$ times." ~:ing8isher Beer ,+n$ia "Ja&& it up7" ~ Rattaran,s rice pro$ucts "2he man 8rom "el 'onte, he says yes" ~ canne$ 8ruits "',m7 ',m7 Goo$7" ~ Camp#ell,s Soup " o4t ta!en out" ~ Allinsons #rea$ ";nce you pop you can,t stop" ~ 6ringles ";nly the #est 8or the Captain,s ta#le" ~ Bir$seye

";reA+$a7 +t,s allArighta7" ~ ;reA+$a "6or!, the other 4hite meat" "Shoul$n,t your #a#y #e a Ger#er #a#y%" ~ Ger#er 6ro$ucts Company "2here,s al4ays room 8or JAEALALA;", JellA; "2hey,re 4a88ly versatile" ~ Bir$,s Eye 6otato @a88les "?ou,ll never put a #etter #it o8 #utter on your !ni8e" ~ Country Li8e #utter "'ore reasons to shop at 'orrisons" ~ @' 'orrison,s

2he slogan is inten$e$ to #e rea$ in a orthern English accent, 4hich ma!es "'ore reasons" soun$ similar to "'orrisons"

"@e ans4er to a higher authority." ~ 1e#re4 ational hot $ogs "@hen it rains, it pours." ~ 'orton Salt =/0//> "?ou $on,t have to #e silly to $rin! 2:, #ut it helps7" ~ 2: minerals =+rish 8i&&y $rin!s> " @ith a name li!e Smuc! has to #e goo$ ~ =Smuc!ers>



"Got 'il!%" ~ Cali8ornia 'il! 6rocessor Boar$ =/00E A present> "'il!. +t $oes a #o$y goo$." =pre ,0H> "+t,s not Oust 8or #rea!8ast anymore." ~ Blori$a ;range Juice Gro4ers Association "6ure Li8e" ~ estle A#er8oyle atural Spring @ater, )**) or )**E% "2hey $rin! it in the Congo" ~ Im Bongo "Inleash the po4er o8 the sun" K Sunny "elight "@atch out, there,s a 1umphrey a#out7" ~ Inigate mil!

Fe$itG Beer and liquor

"Al$o !no4s 4hat 4omen li!e." ~ Asti Spumante "A "ou#le "iamon$ 4or!s 4on$ers" ~ "ou#le "iamon$ "A8ter "ar!" ~ 2ia 'aria "Australians 4oul$n,t give a Castlemaine 9999 8or anything else" ~ Australian Beer ""on,t #e vague, as! 8or 1ague" A 1agues Scots @his!ey "2he cream o8 'anchester" ~ Bo$$ington,s "Bor all you $o, this Bu$,s 8or you" ~ Bu$4eiser "Bor great lager, 8ollo4 the #ear" 1o88meister lager "Bosters ~ Australian 8or Beer" ~ Bosters Australian Beer "Brom the Lan$ o8 S!yABlue @aters" ~ 1amm,s Beer "Guinness is goo$ 8or you" ~ Guinness "1ey 'a#el ~ Blac! La#el" ~ Blac! La#el "+ Am Cana$ian" ~ 'olson Cana$ian #eer "+t can only #e 1eine!en" ~ 1eine!en "+t Starts 1ere" ~ 'olson Cana$ian #eer A )**H "+t,s 'iller time7" ~ 'iller 1igh Li8e "+t,s 2an!ar$ that helps you e(cel A a8ter one you,ll $o anything 4ell7" ~ @hit#rea$ early /05*s ":eep @al!ing" ~ Johnnie @al!er "2astes Great. Less Billing" ~ 'iller LiteS, /05., 'cCannAEric!son @orl$4i$e "2he Beer that 'a$e 'il4au!eeS Bamous" ~ Schlit& "2he Champagne o8 Beers" ~ 'iller 1igh Li8e "2here,s no taste li!e Stones" ~ Stones Bitter "'a$e 8rom #eer" ~ Carlton "raught

"'y goo$ness, my Guinness" ~ Guinness " o onsense" ~ John Smith,s "6ro#a#ly the #est lager in the 4orl$" ~ Carls#erg "Deassuringly e(pensive." ~ Stella Artois, /03/, Lo4e 1o4ar$ASpin! "De$ Barrel men say the same again to a 8ist8ul o8 8lavour A 8irst class #eer7" ~ 4:@atneys !eg #itter /05*s "De8reshes the parts other #eers cannot reach" ~ 1eine!en lager, /05.S "2he right one" ~ 'artini "2ic! 8ollo4s toc! 8ollo4s tic! 8ollo4s toc!" ~ Guiness =sur8er a$vert> "@ASSSSSI6%7" ~Bu$4eiser "@atchin, the game, havin, a Bu$. ~Bu$4eiser "@e $rin! all 4e can. 2he rest 4e sell." ~ Itica Clu#, /0-H, "oyle "ane Bern#ach "@hy as! 4hy% 2ry Bu$ "ry" ~ Bu$4eiser early /00*s "@hat a re8reshing change" ~ @oo$pec!er ci$er "?our #est #et 8or a 8uller 8lavour" ~ Carlin Blac! La#el lager =/03*s> "@hat 4e 4ant is @atney,s." ~ @atney,s "De$ Stripe: +t,s #eer. 1;;DA? BEED7" ~ De$ Stripe Jamacian lager

Fe$itG Coffee

"Cele#rate the 'oments o8 ?our Li8e" ~ General Boo$s +nternational Co88ees "Co88ee at its #est" ~ esca8Q Gol$ Blen$ "Goo$ to the last $rop." ~ 'a(4ell 1ouse co88ee =/0)- ~ present>

Coine$ #y 2heo$ore Doosevelt in /0*5T a$opte$ as 'a(4ell 1ouse,s tagline in /0)-

"San!a...Everything ?ou Love A#out Co88ee" ~ San!a

"2he #est part o8 4a!ing up is Bolgers in your cup." ~ Bolgers Co88ee =6rocter N Gam#le> "Get #ac! your ,oo, 4ith 2yphoo" "Li!e tea use$ to #e" ~ ?or!shire 2ea "2ime out 8or tiny little tea leaves in 2etley 2ea" "2yphoo puts the 2 in Britain, the 2 that stan$s 8or taste" "+t,s all a#out you" ~ esca8Q "@hat else%" ~ espresso

Fe$itG Carbonated soft drinks

"?ou $on,t have to #e silly to $rin! 2:, #ut it helps" re$ lemona$e, 2aylor :eith "All the sugar, an$ t4ice the ca88iene" =o8 regular cola> ~ Jolt Cola, /03*s "BarC,s has #ite" ~ BarC,s root #eer ""o the "e4" ~ 'ountain "e4, /00*s ""rin! BarC,s. +t,s Goo$." ~ BarC,s sarsaparilla $rin! ""rin! Cana$a "ry ~ Cana$a "ry "2aste the 2hun$er" 2humsIp "Every #u##le,s passe$ its 8i&&ical" ~ Corona, /05*s "Get #usy 4ith the 8i&&y" ~ So$a Stream "+,m a secret lemon$ae $rin!er" ~ D. @hite,s "+t,s a re$ thing" ~ 2i&er "+t,s 8rothy man" ~ Cresta "'a$e in Scotlan$ 8rom gir$ers" ~ +rn Bru "'a!e mine 'o(ie"

";#ey your thirst" ~ Sprite "Schhh7 ?ou !no4 4ho%" ~ Sch4eppes, /0-) "2he totally tropical taste" ~ Lilt "2he Incola" ~ 5AIp, /05E, J @alter 2hompson "@hat,s the 4orst that can happen%" ~ "r 6epper "@ho,s your so$a%" ~ De$ Busion so8t $rin!, "r 6epper, )**) "?ou !no4 4hen you,ve #een 2ango,$" ~ 2ango so8t $rin!, /00., 11CL "+t Gives ?ou @ings" ~ De$ Bull "'a!e 5AIp ?ours7 ~ 5AIp "Be a pepper, "rin! "r 6epper" ~ "r 6epper "@orl$ Bamous in e4 Realan$" ~ LN6, /00*s

Coca Cola

"//:E*, "iet Co!e #rea!..." "Al4ays Coca Cola" ~ /00*s "+t,s the real thing" ~ /0./ "Just 8or the taste o8 it..."iet Co!e" "Li8e is Goo$" ~ )**/ "2he pause that re8reshes" ~ /0)0 "2he real thing" ~ lateA/03*s "Deal"A)**H N early )**-

Pepsi Cola

"As! Bor 'ore" ~ )***, mainly in much o8 Europe. "All the taste, /JE o8 the calories", 6epsi 'a(, /00E

"Lipsmac!in, thirstCuenchin, acetastin, motivatin, goo$#u&&in, cooltal!in, high4al!in, 8astlivin, evergivin, cool8i&&in, 6epsi" ~ /05E, Boase 'assimi 6ollitt "6epsi ~ 8or those 4ho thin! young" "Same time tomorro4%" ~ "iet 6epsi, /00*s "IhA1uh7 =?ou got the right one7>" ~ "iet 6epsi, /00/ "2he Joy o8 Cola" ~ /000 " othing o88icial a#out it" F$uring cric!et 4orl$ cup /00-G


Breakfast cereals

"Apples, ha&lenuts, #ananas, raisins, coconuts, sultanas" ~ 4::ellogg,s Bruit,n,Bi#er "Because 8our is #etter than one." ~ Cheerios =Australia, )***s> "Brea!8ast o8 Champions" ~ @heaties, /0EH, Blac!ettASampleAGummert =later "2he Brea!8ast o8 Champions" into the /00*s> "Bet you can,t eat three" ~ Shre$$e$ @heat "Can,t Get Enough o8 2hat Gol$en Crisp" "Central heating 8or !i$s" ~ Dea$y Bre! porri$ge "Cuc!oo 8or Coco 6ops" "Everyone loves my Cocoa :rispies" ~ :ellogg,s "Gotta have my pops7" ~ Corn 6ops "1ave you ha$ your @eeta#i(%" "+,$ rather have a #o4l o8 Coco 6ops" "Just li!e a chocolate mil!sha!e, only crunchy" ~ Coco 6ops ":i$ teste$. 'other approve$." ~ :i( "'a!es De$ Bloo$7" ~ GrapeA uts

"'i!ey li!es it" ~ Li8e cereal " o#o$y can say no to the honey nut ;s in 1oney ut Cheerios" " ot too heavy, not too light, its Oust right7" ~ :ellogs Just Dight "Dace 8or the taste, the honey s4eet taste7, the honeyAnutty taste o8 1oney ut Cheerios" "Shot 8rom Guns7" ~ Uua!er 6u88e$ Dice "Silly ra##it, 2ri( are 8or !i$s" "Snap, Crac!le, an$ 6op" ~ :ellogg,s Dice :rispies "2ell them a#out the honey, mummy" ~ Sugar 6u88s "2he ;ne an$ ;nly Cereal that Comes in the Shape o8 Animals" ~ Crispy Critters "2hey,re grrreat7" ~ :ellogg,s Broste$ Bla!esJBrosties "2hery,re 'agicaly "elicous" FLuc!y CharmsG "2hey,re tasty, tasty, very very tasty J 2hey,re very tasty" ~ :ellogg,s Bran Bla!es



!s"eets# lollies$

"A glass an$ a hal8 o8 mil! in every poun$" ~ Ca$#ury,s "airy 'il! "EarthT @hat you,$ eat i8 you live$ on 'ars" ~ 'ars Bar "A ha&elnut in every #ite" ~ 2opic "A 'ars a $ay helps you 4or!, rest an$ play" ~ in the Inite$ :ing$om an$ Cana$a

"A 'il!y @ay 2o$ay. At 4or!, rest an$ play7" ='il!y @ay is also ma$e #y 'ars>

"A minty #it stronger" ~ 2re#or 'ints "A tast o8 para$ise" ~ Bounty

"All #ecause the la$y loves 'il! 2ray" ~ Ca$#ury,s 'il! 2ray chocolates, /05*s "Brea! out o8 the or$inary" ~ estle,s Butter8inger ""o you eat the re$ ones last%" ~ Smarties, /05*s or 3*s on until the early 0*s, revive$ aroun$ )**) or )**E ""o you love anyone enough to give them your last Dolo" ~ Dolo con8ectionery "2he 8reshma!er7" ~ 'entos "Bull o8 Eastern 6romise" ~ Bry,s 2ur!ish "elight "Give me a #rea!7 Give me a #rea!7 Brea! me o88 a piece o8 that :it :at #ar7" "1ave a #rea!, have a :it :at" "1ungry% Gra#a a Snic!ers" "+t,s Oac!AaAlicious7" ~ Jac!AinAtheABo( 8astA8oo$ chain =coine$ #y Du6aul> "2he longer lasting snac!" ~ 24i( "'a$e to ma!e your mouth 4ater" ~ ;pal Bruits "Ambassador, 4ith these Berrero DochQ you,re really spoiling us" " o#o$y #etter lay a 8inger on my Butter8inger7" ~ estle,s Butter8inger =8eaturing Bart Simpson an$ other characters 8rom 2he Simpsons> " ot going any4here 8or a 4hile% Gra# a Snic!ers." ";ne t4o many an$ you might turn Bertie" ~ Bassett,s LiCuorice Allsorts ";nly Smarties have the ans4er" "See the 8ace you love light up 4ith 2erry,s All Gol$" ~ chocolates "Snic!ers satis8ies" "Sometimes you 8eel li!e a nut, sometimes you $on,t." ~ 6eter 6aul Almon$ Joy N 6eter 6aul 'oun$s, /0HE, "ancerABit&geral$ASample "Diiiicolaaaaa" ~ Dicola

"2he lighter 4ay to enOoy chocolate" ~ 'altesers "2he mil! chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your han$." ~ 'N's =/0H.> "2he s4eet you can eat #et4een meals 4ithout losing your appetite" ~ 'il!y @ayS "2oo goo$ to hurry mints" ~ 'urry 'ints "24o Bor 'e7 one 8or you"A 24i( "@hat 4oul$ you $o 8or a :lon$i!e Bar%" ~ early /00*s, early )***s "@here,s the cream 8illing%" 1ostess ca!es "@otalot+got7" ~ Smarties, /0-/, J@2 "S!ittles...taste the rain#o4" S!ittles "1o4 4ill you eat yours%" ~ Ca$#ury,s Creme Egg


Fast food

"1ave it your 4ay." ~ Burger :ing "?ou,re the #oss." ~ Burger :ing "+8 it $oesn,t get all over the place, it $oesn,t #elong in your 8ace" ~ Carl,s Jr. "Jac!,s #ac!" ~ Jac! in the Bo( 8ast 8oo$ restaurant " o#o$y $oes chic!en li!e :BC" ~ :BC, )***A6resent "Binger lic!in, goo$7" ~ :BC, /03*,s "6i&&a7 6i&&a7" ~ Little Caesars restaurants "2he #urgers are #etter at 1ungry Jac!,s" "2hin! outsi$e the #un." ~ 2aco Bell, lateA/00*s, early )***s "@here,s the #ee8%" ~ @en$y,s Destaurants, /03.A, "ancerABit&geral$ASample "?o Cuiero 2aco Bell" ~ mi$A/00*s "?ou,ve al4ays got time 8or 2im 1ortons" ~ mi$AtoAlateA/00*sAon

"+n N ;ut, +n N ;ut, 2hat,s 4hat a ham#urgers all a#out." +n N ;ut Burger

Fe$itG %c&onalds See: McDonald's TV campaigns and slogans

24o all #ee8 patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pic!les, onions on a sesame see$ #un. ~ Big 'ac san$4ich "+,m lovin, it" ~ in a )**E international campaign "+t,s the things that ma!e you go 'mmmm." ""i$ some#o$y say...'c"onal$,s%" "Smile."

"6ut a smile on, put a smile on. Every#o$y come on, put a smile on" ~ =a$vertise$ to chil$ren> "6ut a smile on." 1appy 'eal, )**/A)**) "@e love to see you smile"

o o

"?ou $eserve a #rea! to$ay"


"1ave you ha$ your #rea! to$ay%"

=nah, nah, nah> ~ sung nonAsense 4or$s, )**E +,m loving it A +n$ia, )**H


Recreation# entertainment# and travel

"Live your myth in Greece" ~ 4: Gree! ational 2ourism ;rganisation, )**"... thro4 another shrimp on the #ar#ie ..." ~ Australian 2ourist Commission, /03. ;8ten Oo!eACuote$ as "2hro4 another :anga on the #ar#ie..." ""on,t Oust #oo! it. 2homas Coo! it." ~ 2homas Coo!, /03., @ells, Dich, Greene "Get a4ay7" ~ Lunn 6olly

"Get out there" ~ Doyal Cari##ean cruise lines "Go$,s o4n country" ~ :erala, +n$ia "2he happiest place on Earth" ~ "isneylan$ "+,m going to @alt "isney @orl$7" "+ love e4 ?or!" ~ e4 ?or! City, /055K, @ells, Dich, Greene "+t,s so #racing" ~ S!egness " aru4an, @elcome to 2ai4an" "Serving All our Community. Brampton,s Arts Group." ~ <isual Arts Brampton, )**E, Alphie an$ Bette "2ouch ?our 1eart" ~ 2ai4an "@e love having you here" ~ 1ampton +nn "@here 4on$ers never cease" ~ Alton 2o4ers "?our per8ect trip" ~ E(pe$ia "+ncre$i#le +n$ia7" ~ +n$ia "So 4here the #loo$y hell are you%" ~ Australian 2ourist Commission, )**o

" e4 A$vertising Campaign @or!ing: 2ourism Australia", 2ourism Australia press release =via ?ahoo7 Binance>, )**-A*.A/*

""on,t leave home 4ithout it" 4:American E(press "'ore than the usual" ~ @;@ 6hilippines "+8 it is 8rom SE+:;, +t must #e Goo$" A Sei!o Bilms, 6hilippines "@;@ 6hilippines"



"Anyho4... 1ave a @in8iel$" ~ @in8iel$ Cigarettes "Camels Soothe ?our 2ARone" ~ Camel cigarettes

""octors Decommen$ 6hillip 'orris" ~ 6hillip 'orris to#acco pro$ucts "1appiness is a cigar calle$ 1amlet" ~ 1amlet cigars "+,$ @al! a 'ile 8or A Camel" ~ Camel cigarettes "+t,s that Con$or moment" ~ Con$or to#acco "Just @hat the "octor ;r$ere$" ~ LN' Cigarettes "'ore "octors Smo!e Camels than any other Cigarette" ~ Camel cigarettes " ot a Cough in a Carloa$" ~ ;l$ Gol$ Cigarettes "Deach 8or a Luc!y instea$ o8 a S4eet" ~ Luc!y Stri!e Cigarettes "2aste 'e7 2aste 'e7 Come on an$ 2aste 'e7" ~ "oral Cigarettes "?ou,re never alone 4ith a Stran$" ~ Stran$ Cigarettes "?ou,ve Come a Long @ay, Ba#y" ~ <irginia Slims Cigarettes "@inston tastes goo$ li!e a cigarette shoul$" ~ D.J. Deynol$s 2o#acco Company


Giving up

"+t nee$n,t #e hell, 4ith icotinel" "?ou guys suc!" "2o#acco is 4ac!o i8 you,re a teen" " icorette, nicorette, you can #eat the cigarette7" A icorette Australia



"A #etter #us service all roun$" ~ Carousel Buses "Getting 2here +s 1al8 2he Bun" ~ Cunar$ Line "+nterCity ma!es the going easy." ~ British Dail "Leave the $riving to us" ~ Greyhoun$ Lines

"See 4hat #ro4n can $o 8or you" ~ I6S "@e,re getting there" ~ much ri$icule$ British Dail slogan "@e,re num#er t4o. @e try har$er." ~ Avis DentAaACar "@hen it a#solutely, positively has to #e there overnight" ~ Be$E( "+GA A 2he Brien$ly Bus" ~ +GA Bus Company, Las 6inas City, 6hilippines



" o4 you,re really 8lying" ~ Cathay 6aci8ic Air4ays "A 4hole $i88erent animal" ~ Brontier Airlines "Because you 4ere #orn to 8ly" ~ 2A' Bra&ilian Airlines "Catch ;ur Smile" ~ 6SA "EnOoy our company" ~ Sa#ena "Bly the 8rien$ly s!ies" ~ Inite$ Airlines, /0--K/005, Leo Burnett "+t,s time to 8ly" ~ Inite$ Airlines "@e never 8orget you have a choice" ~ British Cale$onian "Singapore Girl, you,re a great 4ay to 8ly" ~ Singapore Airlines "@here the @orl$ In4in$s" ~ S+L:A+D "21A+ A Smooth As Sil!" ~ 2hai Air4ays +nternational "Going #eyon$ e(pectations" ~ 'alaysia Airlines " o4 everyone can 8ly" ~ Air Asia "2o the heart o8 Seoul an$ #eyon$" ~ Asiana Airlines ,Simpli8ly,~"eccan Airlines "Something special in the air" ~ American Airlines "2he top #anana in the @est" ~ 1ughes Air @est

"2he @ings o8 'an" ~ Eastern Airlines "2he 4orl$,s 8avourite airline" ~ British Air4ays "2here,s no #etter 4ay to 8ly" Lu8thansa "@e love to 8ly an$ it sho4s" ~ "elta Air Lines "@e really move our tail 8or you" ~ Continental Airlines "@estern Airlines ~ 2he only 4ay to 8ly" ~ @estern Airlines "@hen you got it, 8launt it." ~ Brani88 Airlines "@orl$ class, 4orl$4i$e" ~ Air Cana$a "?ou an$ + 4ere meant to 8ly" ~ Air Cana$a, )**. "[Ding] ?ou are no4 8ree to move a#out the country" ~ South4est Airlines "A sym#ol o8 8ree$om" ~ South4est Airlines "Simpli8ly" ~ Air "eccan, +n$ian lo4 cost Airline, )**H. =http:JJair$> "2he Spirit o8 Australia" A UA 2AS, =F/G> "Shining 2hrough" A 6hilippine Airlines ~ 6AL,=F)G> "2he e4 Bilipino 2ime" A Ce#u 6aci8ic ~ Ce#u 6aci8ic,=FEG> " 2he Joy ;8 Blying 7 " A Jet Air4ays "'a!ing the s!y the #est place on earth" A Air Brance



"AA'C;. "ou#le A, Vhon!7 hon!7W, 'ACA;" ~ AA'C; 2ransmissions "An American Devolution" ~ Chevrolet, Camp#ellAE4al$ "As! the 'an 4ho ;4ns ;ne" ~ 6ac!ar$, /0)H, Austin Bement "Bigger in 2e(as, Better in a "o$ge" "Bloo$y <olvo $river" ~ <olvo, )**E "Born to lea$" ~ ?amaha

"CrQateur $,Automo#iles" ~ Denault "2he car in 8ront is a 2oyota" "2he Best Built Cars in the @orl$" ~ 2oyota "2he "rive o8 your li8e." ~ 6eugeot ""rivers 4ante$." ~ <ol!s4agen, /00H, Arnol$ Communications "Everything 4e $o is $riven #y you" ~ Bor$ "Eye it, try it, #uy it" Chevrolet, /0.*s "BahrvergnXgen" ~ <ol!s4agen, early /00*s "Bor$ is the Best in 2e(as" "Gra# li8e #y the horns" ~ "o$ge "1ave you $riven a Bor$ lately%" ~ Bor$ "+ have goo$ ne4s...+ Oust save$ a #unch o8 money on my car insurance #y s4itching to GE+C;." ~ GE+C; "+8 only everything in li8e 4as as relia#ale as a <ol!s4agen" "+t,s a S!o$a. 1onest." ~ S!o$a, )***, Ballon "Lie#e &um Automo#il" ~ <ol!s4agen "Li!e a roc!" ~ Chevrolet 2ruc!s "2he lion leaps 8rom strength to strength" ~ 6eugeot, /03*s ";h 4hat a 8eeling 2oyota" ";nce $riven, 8orever smitten" ~ <au(hall 'otors, /03*s "6apa%" " icole%" ~ Denault Clio "6ay me no4 or pay me =i e the auto mechanic> later." A 4:Bram 8ilters. "6assion 8or the roa$" ~ 'a&$a, /00*s "2he po4er o8 $reams" ~ 1on$a "6ut the 8un #ac! into $riving." ~ <au(hall 'otors

"Uuality is Oo# one" ~ Bor$ "2he Deal 2hing" ~ Bor$ Australia, /05*s "Dight service. Dight price." ~ 'eine!e "See the ISA, in your Chevrolet" ~ Chevrolet "Sheer $riving pleasure" ~ B'@ "Sooner or later, you,ll o4n Generals" ~ General 2ires Corp. "State o8 +n$epen$ence" ~ Saa# )***s "2hin! Small" ~ <ol!s4agen, /0-), "oyle "ane Bern#ach "2ime to DeA2ire" ~ Bis! tires "2he ultimate $riving machine" ~ B'@ "<aAvaAvoom" ~ Denault "<orsprung $urch 2echni!" ~ Au$i " ever Bollo4" ~ Au$i "@e are pro8essional gra$e" ~ G'C 2ruc! "?ou can 4ith a issan" "Room Room FRoomG" ~ 'a&$a, )***s "?ou,re the 8uel" ~ 'aruti S4i8t, +n$ia )**H "@elcome to the #ig 4orl$" ~ 'aruti Esteem, +n$ia )**H "Lets go" ~ 'aruti Alto, +n$ia )**H "2he Josh 'achine, Bor$ +!on, +n$ia =Oosh in in$ian national language hin$i means E9C+2'E 2> "Declaim your li8e.." ~ 2ata Sa8ari "icor



"A Lea$ing o8 ;il an$ Gas 'ultinational o8 Choice" ~ 4:6E2D; AS

"Beyon$ 6etroleum" ~ B6 "Go 4ell. Go Shell" ~ Shell ;il "6ut a tiger in your tan!" ~ EssoJE((on "6ump your money #ac! into Cana$a" ~ 6etro Cana$a, early /03*s "2he spirit o8 ,5-" ~ Inocal "?ou can #e sure o8 Shell" ~ Shell ;il, /03) "?ou can trust your car to the man 4ho 4ears the star" ~ 2e(aco Service Stations "Go 8urther 4ith Shell" ~ Shell ;il


Government# militar
See also political slogans

"2he 8e4, the prou$, the 'arines" Inite$ States 'arines Corps "An army o8 one" ~ Inite$ States Army, )**/ "Be all you can #e" ~ IS Army, /03/A)**/, . @. Ayer "Be the #est" ~ British Army "00.0Y nee$ not apply" 4:Doyal 'arines comman$os "+ 4ant ?;I 8or the IS Army" ~ @orl$ @ar + an$ @orl$ @ar ++ "Loose Lips Sin! Ships" ~ @orl$ @ar ++ ";nly you can prevent 8orest 8ires" ~ Inite$ States Borest Service "2he Army ational Guar$, ?ou Can" ~ IS Army ational Guar$, in use aroun$ )**/A)**E i8 not more years than that "2he toughest Oo# you,ll ever love" ~ 6eace Corps "2here,s no li8e li!e it" ~ Cana$ian Arme$ Borces "2he Army. 2he E$ge" ~ Australian Army

"A#ove All" A Depu#lic o8 Singapore Air Borce "Accelerate ?our Li8e." A IS avy ""o you have it in you." A +n$ian Army "Britons =a picture o8 Lor$ :itchener> ,4ants ?;I, Ooin your country,s army7 G;" SA<E 21E :+ G"A British army release$ in late /0/. =8irst year o8 4orl$ 4ar /> "Bull spee$ ahea$." ~ IS avy "Aim high." ~ IS Air Borce


(ocial# public service

"A min$ is a terri#le thing to 4aste." ~ Inite$ egro College Bun$ "Brien$s "on,t Let Brien$s "rive "run!" ~ Inite$ States "epartment o8 2ransportation "Give a hoot, $on,t pollute" ~ Inite$ States Borest Service "1eart to Go$, han$ to man" ~ 2he Salvation Army /3-H to present. ":lun!7 :lic!7 Every trip" ~ I: 6u#lic +n8ormation Bilm 8or seat #elts "+t $oesn,t ta!e a minute to #ag it an$ #in it" I! pu#lic a$vertisement 8or not littering 8rom cars "6arents 4ho use $rugs have !i$s 4ho use $rugs" ~ 2he 6artnership 8or a "rugABree America "2a!e a #ite out o8 crime7" ~ ational Crime 6revention Council "2hin! once, thin! t4ice, thin! #i!e" ~ I: 6u#lic +n8ormation Bilm "2his is your #rain. 2his is your #rain on $rugs. Any Cuestions%" ~ 2he 6artnership 8or a "rugABree America "?ou coul$ learn a lot 8rom a $ummy. Buc!le Ip." ~ ational 1igh4ay 2ra88ic Sa8ety A$ministration "Getting 2hings "one." ~ AmeriCorps national service program

"2he toughest Oo# you,ll ever love." ~ Inite$ States 6eace Corps "+8 you $rin! then $rive, you,re a #loo$y i$iot" ~ Australian roa$ sa8ety campaign F.G "@+21 ?;I B;D ?;I AL@A?S" A "elhi 6olice =http:JJ444.$> ""o you have it in you" A +n$ian Army recruitment A$ =http:JJin$> ""on,t #e a tosser" A e4 South @ales antiAlitter campaign$e(.c8m%L)Z)*NLEZ5-/> ""on,t mess 4ith 2e(as" A 2e(as AntiALitter campaign "<ote 8or 'e" A Bantay Bata /-E Election Campaign 8or Chil$ren,s Buture =ABSACB , 6hilippines>


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