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What is Tayyib?

September 4, 2008
tags: Asma ul Husna, dhikr, good, hadeeth, Pure, Tayyib, Tayyibaat, Tooba
by Amatullah
Bismillah, alhamdulillahi !abbil "aalameen, as salaatu as salaamu "alaa !asoolihil Ameen#
$ ould like to dedi%ate the &irst o&&i%ial post to an analysis o& the ord Tayyib# Tayyibaat is plural
o& Tayyibah hi%h is the &eminine &orm o& Tayyib# Tayyib is a 'ery %omprehensi'e ord and has a
great pla%e in the (ur)an and Sunnah# $nshaAllah $ ill brie&ly go o'er the meaning o& this ord,
dis%uss here it has been mentioned in the (ur)an and Sunnah, and hat it means to us as
$t is important to &irst note that in Arabi%, nearly e'ery ord is %omprised o& a root ord hi%h is
usually three letters *sometimes to or &our+ hi%h has a basi% meaning to it and this meaning
%onne%ts ith all the deri'ati'e ords &rom this root# ,or a basi% run don, %he%k out: hat is a
Tayyib is &rom * + and it literally means to be good, pleasant, agreeable, la&ul# The
ord "tayyib) itsel& means to be good, %lean, holesome, gentle, e/%ellent, &air and la&ul# ,rom
these meanings e get the general meaning &or tayyib o& anything that is good and pure#
0here does this ord appear in the (ur)an and Sunnah-
,irstly, At.Tayyib is one o& the 1ames o& Allah ta)ala# At.Tayyib means the 2ne &ar remo'ed &rom
e'ery imper&e%tion and de&i%ien%y# $n Saheeh 3uslim, Abu Hurayrah radi Allahu anhu reported that
the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi a sallam said: $nAllah Tayyibun, la
ya4balu ila tayyiba# $ndeed Allah is the 5ood, ,ar !emo'ed &rom any $mper&e%tion, and He only
a%%epts that hi%h is good#
Allah ta)ala only a%%epts the good &rom the deeds and sayings, He says in the (ur)an:
_ _ _ __
To Him as%ends all the goodly ords and it is He ho e/alts ea%h deed o& righteousness# *Surah
,aatir, ayah 60+
The 5oodly ords in%lude:
6. The statement: 7a ilaha il Allah#
2.dhikrullahi ta)ala, !emembran%e o& Allah the 3ost High
8. all the ords o& ad'i%e and bene&i%ial knoledge done sin%erely &or the sake o& Allah#
The purest o& spee%h %omprises o& 7a ilaaha il Allah, Alhamdulillah, SubhanAllah, and other ords
o& remembran%es as ell as the 5lorious (ur)an#
,urthermore, those ho &ollo the guidan%e o& Allah only lo'e to say hi%h is good# Allah
des%ribes them in the (ur)an:
_..__ c._ __.__ .._
And good ords are &or good men, and good men are 9an ob:e%t; o& good ords# *Suratun 1oor,
ayah 2<+ The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi a sallam said in a hadeeth that the tasbeeh *SubhanAllah,
de%laring that Allah is &ar &rom any imper&e%tion+ and tahmeed *Alhamdulillah, de%laring that &or
Allah is all praise+ ould be made easy &or the people o& paradise as their breath as made easy &or
them# *Saheeh 3uslim+#
Allah ta)ala is the 2ne ho guides these people to the good statement and guards their tongue &rom
ea%h and e'ery bad ord, and He guides them to the straight path# He says
__> __ __ _Us __o __ __
And they had been guided 9in orldly li&e; to good spee%h, and they ere guided to the path o& the
Praiseorthy# *suratul Ha::, ayah 24+
0hat is the Path o& the Praiseorthy- $t is Paradise, the abode &or at.Tayyibeen, those ho are pure
&rom all e'il and orship none but Allah a==a a :al# The key to it is la ilaha il Allah# Allah a==a a
:al des%ribes to us ho they end their li&e in the dunya:
c. .. _. .> >> c ,. cs __._L _. .. __i
The ones hom the angels take in death, 9being; tayyibeen, good and pure> 9the angels; ill say,
?Pea%e be upon you# @nter Paradise &or hat you used to do#A *Suratun 1ahl, ayah 82+
0hat do at Tayyibeen re%ei'e in Paradise- Allah ta)ala says:
lo _.> _.L _.>_ _c .ol __i
Those ho ha'e belie'ed and done righteous deeds B "Tooba) is theirs and a good return# *Suratur
!a)ad, ayah 2C+
Allah ta)ala promises "Tooba), &rom the same root as Tayyib, to the belie'ers in this ayah# 0e also
kno this ord &rom the &amous hadeeth o& the strangers, the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi a sallam
states: &a Tooba lil ghurabaa), so Tooba to the strangers# 0hat does Tooba mean-
$t is said to be &rom 8 meanings:
6. plural o& tayyibah
2. masdar o& tayyib
8. &eminine 'ersion o& atyab L*superlati'e+
,rom this e deri'e that it means e'ery kind o& good that has bi4aa), an e'erlasting nature# Tooba is
happiness that lasts# Also Tooba is hate'er makes you ri%h and %ontent and you on)t be in need
o& anything else to satis&y you# 0e also learn &rom a hadeeth that Tooba is a tree in Dannah# The
Prophet sal Allahu alayhi a sallam said, ?Tooba is a tree in Paradise, as big as a hundred year)s
:ourney> the %lothes o& the people o& Paradise %omes &rom the outer parts o& its &loersA *Silsilat al.
Hadith as.Saheehah, 4E<8C, no# 6C8F, the isnaad is hasan+
7astly, Tayyibaat in the (ur)an also re&ers to halaal *la&ul+ &ood# Allah ta)ala orders us:
._L > __l __ _o _. l
2 mankind, eat &rom hate'er is on earth 9that is; la&ul and good# *Suratul Ba4arah, ayah 6<8+
So to summari=e: at.tayyibeen speak, do and eat at.tayyibaat and ill be gi'en tooba# 3ay Allah
ta)ala make us among at.Tayyibeen ho ill be gi'en Tooba# Ameen#
This is a 'ery simple e/planation o& the ord Tayyib, and inshaAllah $ hope no you see hy $
%hose to name this blog at.tayyibaat#
a lillahil hamd, and He knos best#