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I am Jon Morgan

2007 - Present As EduGuides website has evolved, my responsibilities have changed to meet the organizations needs. When I started with EduGuide in 2007 (then called Partnership for Learning) my responsibilities involved mainly content creation and bug tracking. Our website grew to include numerous features, and I found myself taking on more of the project management and bug verification tasks. Our features included a library of articles, quiz system, Advice forum, and online store where teachers could request copies of our EduGuide magazines. I took on the maintenance of a lot of the static pages as well as the content in the online store. I also assisted staff when they had questions about the librarys backend. In 2009, we began working on a redesign of the website. During this project I helped coordinate the migration of data from the previous website to the new one, captured future development tasks, and participated in testing of the features on the new site. It was after the new site was launched that I was encouraged to get more involved in QA testing. We launched a new teams feature, revamped goals, a message center, events feed, and then launched our Path tool. Throughout these projects, I mainly helped by coordinating the work between designers and developers, and handled QA. I took on a bigger role in the organization in 2012. I worked more closely with the President, managed our team of developers and designer,

coordinated a user testing program, and continued to develop improved techniques for QA testing. One year ago we relaunched the website again. I continued to offer input on the new sites design, coordinated the development tasks, tracked and verified bugs, and ran QA testing. My role continues to evolve at EduGuide as we continue to work on the website.

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