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My political testament.
More than thirty years have passed since 1914 when I made my modest contribution as a volunteer in the First World War, which was forced upon the Reich. In these three decades love and loyalty to my people have uided all my thou hts, actions and my life. !hey ave me the stren th to ma"e the most difficult decisions ever to confront mortal man. In these three decades I have spent my stren th and my health. It is untrue that I or anyone else in #ermany wanted war in 19$9. It was wanted and provo"ed solely by international statesmen either of %ewish ori in or wor"in for %ewish interests. I have made too many offers for the limitation and control of armaments, which posterity will not be cowardly enou h always to disre ard, for responsibility for the outbrea" of this war to be placed on me. &or have I ever wished that, after the appallin First World War, there would ever be a second a ainst either 'n land or (merica. )enturies will o by, but from the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred of those ultimately responsible will always row anew a ainst the people whom we have to than" for all this* international %ewry and its henchmen. +nly three days before the outbrea" of the #erman,-olish war I proposed a solution of the #erman, -olish problem to the .ritish (mbassador in .erlin , international control as in the case of the /aar. !his offer, too, cannot be lied away. It was only re0ected because the rulin cli1ue in 'n land wanted war, partly for commercial reasons and partly because it was influenced by the propa anda put out by international %ewry. I have left no one in doubt that if the people of 'urope are once more treated as mere bloc"s of shares in the hands of these international money and finance conspirators, then the sole responsibility for the massacre must be borne by the true culprits* the %ews. &or have I left anyone in doubt that this time millions of 'uropean children of (ryan descent will starve to death, millions of men will die in battle, and hundreds of thousands of women and children will be burned or bombed to death in our cities without the true culprits bein held to account, albeit more humanely. (fter si2 years of war which, despite all setbac"s, will one day o down in history as the most lorious and heroic manifestation of the stru le for e2istence of a nation, I cannot abandon the city which is the capital of this Reich. /ince our forces are too mea er to withstand the enemy3s attac" and since our resistance is bein debased by creatures who are as blind as they are lac"in in character, I wish to share my fate with that which millions of others have also ta"en upon themselves by remainin in this city. Further, I shall not fall into the hands of the enemy who re1uires a new spectacle, presented by the %ews, for the diversion of the hysterical masses.

I have therefore decided to stay in .erlin and there to choose death voluntarily when I determine that the position of the Fuhrer and the )hancellery itself can no lon er be maintained. I die with a 0oyful heart in the "nowled e of the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our peasants and wor"ers and of a contribution uni1ue in the history of our youth which bears my name. !hat I am deeply rateful to them all is as self,evident as is my wish that they do not abandon the stru le but that, no matter where, they continue to fi ht the enemies of the Fatherland, faithful to the ideals of the reat )lausewit4. !hrou h the sacrifices of our soldiers and my own fellowship with them unto death, a seed has been sown in #erman history that will one day row to usher in the lorious rebirth of the &ational /ocialist movement in a truly united nation. Many of our bravest men and women have sworn to bind their lives to mine to the end. I have be ed, and finally ordered, them not to do so but to play their part in the further stru le of the nation. I as" the leaders of the (rmy, the &avy and the (ir Force to stren then the &ational /ocialist spirit of resistance of our soldiers by all possible means, with special emphasis on the fact that I myself, as the founder and creator of this movement, prefer death to cowardly resi nation or even to capitulation. May it become a point of honor of future #erman army officers, as it is already in our &avy, that the surrender of a district or town is out of the 1uestion and that, above everythin else, the commanders must set a shinin e2ample of faithful devotion to duty unto death. .efore my death, I e2pel former Reichs,Marshal 5ermann #orin from the party and withdraw from him all the ri hts that were conferred upon him by the decree of 69 %une, 1941 and by my Reichsta statement of 1 /eptember, 19$9. In his place I appoint (dmiral 7onit4 as -resident of the Reich and /upreme )ommander of the (rmed Forces. .efore my death, I e2pel the former Reichsfuhrer of the /./. and the Minister of the Interior 5einrich 5immler from the party and from all his state officers. In his place I appoint #auleiter 8arl 5an"e as Reichsfuhrer of the /./. and 5ead of the #erman -olice, and #auleiter -aul #iesler as Minister of the Interior. (part alto ether from their disloyalty to me, #orin and 5immler have brou ht irreparable shame on the whole nation by secretly ne otiatin with my enemy without my "nowled e and a ainst my will, and also by attemptin ille ally to sei4e control of the /tate. In order to provide the #erman people with a overnment of honorable men who will fulfill the tas" of continuin the war will all the means at their disposal, I, as Fuhrer of the nation, appoint the followin members of the new cabinet* -resident of the Reich* 7onit4 )hancellor of the Reich* 7r #oebbels -arty Minister* .ormann Forei n Minister* /eyss,In1uart Minister of the Interior* #auleiter #iesler Minister of War* 7onit4 /upreme )ommander of the (rmy* /chorner /upreme )ommander of the &avy* 7onit4 /upreme )ommander of the (ir Force* #reim

Reichsfuhrer of the /./. and 5ead of the #erman -olice* #auleiter 5an"e !rade* Fun" ( riculture* .ac"e %ustice* !hierac" )ulture* 7r /cheel -ropa anda* 7r &aumann Finance* /chwerin,)rossi " 9abor* 7r 5upfauer Munitions* /aur 9eader of the #erman 9abor Front and Minister without -ortfolio* 7r 9ey. (lthou h a number of these men, includin Martin .ormann, 7r #oebbels and others to ether with their wives have 0oined me of their own free will, not wishin to leave the capital under any circumstances and prepared to die with me, I implore them to rant my re1uest that they place the welfare of the nation above their own feelin s. .y their wor" and loyal companionship they will remain as close to me after my death as I hope my spirit will continue to dwell amon them and accompany them always. 9et them be severe but never un0ust and let them never, above all, allow fear to preside over their actions, placin the honor of the nation above everythin that e2ists on earth. May they, finally, always remember that our tas", the consolidation of a &ational /ocialist state, represents the wor" of centuries to come, so that every individual must subordinate his own interest to the common ood. I as" of all #ermans, of all &ational /ocialists, men and women and all soldiers of the Wehrmacht, that they remain faithful and obedient unto death to the new overnment and its -resident. (bove all, I en0oin the overnment and the people to uphold the race laws to the limit and to resist mercilessly the poisoner of all nations, international %ewry. .erlin, 69 (pril, 194:, 4 a.m.
Adolf Hitler

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