Exclusive Interview with Chief Minister C.V.

“Please do not pre-judge and criticise ! strategies and level unjust allegations"

Exclusive Interview with Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran Exclusive Interview #! $ha #u %anagasa#ai &'ttorne! at (aw)* a resident of $oronto* +ntario with ,orthern Provincial Council Chief Minister -ustice C.V. Wigneswaran $he interview was conducted at the Chief Minister.s residence in -affna on +ct /0th* 10/2 in $a il and translations of the excerpts fro it are as follows3 43 $,' under the leadership of 5a panthan along with !our participation has recorded an overwhel ing Victor! in the ,orthern Province. $his victor! is descri#ed as a rejection of the 5ri (an6an 7ovt8s policies and the incidents of the past. 9nder these circu stances and viewing the past #itter experiences* do !ou #elieve that !our goodwill approach will provide good results: The Govt believed that the construction of roads and some selected development schemes would bring support from the people. But the people devoted their attention on the steps taken by the Govt to alleviate their sufferings. People felt that the Govt failed to eradicate their poverty and uplift the living conditions by employing skilled personnel. These misdeeds led the people to express their disappointments and feelings by voting against the Govt. The Govt servants also expressed their resentment through their postal voting. Govt has realised that the Tamil people cannot be bought over for concessions. At the same time, world has also realised this truth. e should take steps for the world to realise that the Tamils are not only a proud and brave race, but also matured and intelligent. e want to travel in a path where our concentration will be not to lose our future goals without thinking of the past events. A change of heart by the Govt may heal the untreated wounds to some extent. But we will not alter or neglect our aims. 43 $a il political leaders of the past conducted tal6s in good faith and reconciliation with the past 5ri (an6an 7ovts. ;owever the! were cheated in the end. When viewing these past #itter experiences and particularl! the present 7ovt8s hard-line approach and their

current agenda in action. <o !ou #elieve that !ou can change or prevent their agenda against $a ils. !t is true that a cat in"ured by burns will never approach the cooking fire. But we are not cats, but people with common sense and understanding. e should realise the changing circumstances and should take into account the offerings of best wishes by the world community. #ur path is definitely tough and rough. hat is the alternative route for us$ !s it violence$ !s it silence$ !s it verbal rhetoric in the face of deceit$ #ur life conditions are painful. Those who engage in violence are trying to make it worse. Those who live abroad are busy engaging themselves in debates. e will hope for good things to happen and seek them with the blessings of god. Then the hardened attitudes will melt away. The agendas will also change. ! am not a politician but ! am firm believer with full faith in god. As such our hopes and beliefs will not end with failures. 43 $here is perception that !our swearing in as chief to pressure fro foreign countries. Is this true: inister #efore the President was due

!s foreign pressure necessary to take oath before the President of our country$ %o foreign pressure whatsoever or any kind was exerted on us. e should implement the provisions of &'th amendment. (or this purpose we need the co operation of the Govt. Besides we have to explain them the meaning of a federal set up within an undivided )ri *anka. As mentioned in our election manifesto to achieve this ob"ective, we chose a strategy based on goodwill as the appropriate one. #ur above steps have been welcomed by the foreign countries. !ndia+s foreign minister came and congratulated us for this approach. #ur election success belongs entirely to the people and their representatives only. #n their own, they made the above decision without any external pressure. 43 It is learnt that so e $a il <iaspora* $a il groups and organi=ations are disappointed and dissatisfied with !our oaths ta6ing cere on! #efore President >ajapa6sa. $he! are sa! that this step will go to itigate or soften the seriousness of the allegations of cri es levelled against the President in the International foru . What is !our opinion regarding this atter: Tamil ,iaspora and we are one and the same. -ven my students came to me and expressed their dissatisfaction. This is welcome in a democratic set up. .owever, ! wish to express my opinion for your comments. (irstly, ! took my oaths before the President of )ri *anka only and not before convicted person. (or instance a principal of a college is accused of some misdeeds and with some disciplinary proceedings initiated by the education ministry. !f ! being a student of that college want to obtain a transfer certificate, ! have no other alternative except approach him to obtain his

signature. ! cannot avoid him because of his misdeeds. /erely by obtaining this certificate, his case by the ministry would never be mitigated or softened. )econdly why are our brothers and sisters living abroad feeling uneasy and apprehensive$ !t may be your fear that ! will forget our goals and ob"ectives and ruin the future of Tamils due to my flirting smiles with the President. /y dear Tamil people0 !f ! fail in my ob"ectives, please criticise me with your comments. 1ou can even burn my effigies. 1ou can demand my resignation from the office. But, please do not pre2"udge and criticise my strategies and level un"ust allegations. ,o not lose confidence. )tratagem and strategies differ from person to person. Please do not come to the wrong opinion of a person as being weak in pursuing his goals on the above basis. #ur people are emotional and emotions sometimes overwhelm our wisdom. e have to approach our issues with due wisdom and proper diligence. e should not forget the fact that relying on one approach and re"ecting the other will only bring disastrous conse3uences. Thirdly, the above comments are made by our brothers who are exerting efforts and spending money to put the criminals in the dock. -ven ! would have thought the same thing !f ! were in their place. .owever, we should understand the realities. hile you are engaged in seeking "ustice for the past wrongs, ! am engaged in ac3uiring powers for future goals. !f ! were to adopt your feelings and mindfulness, ! am afraid that our people will be left with no solutions at any time and by that time ethnic cleansing would have been also completed successfully. Therefore, my dear Tamil people, please let me be aware of your doubts. !f ! commit blunders in pursuit of my goals and policies, please observe carefully and point out those mistakes. But, please do not misunderstand my strategies. ,o not mis"udge and brand me as 4traitor4 merely because ! shake hands, smile or take oaths. 43 President >ajapa6sa in his interview with Indian ?oreign Minister 5ulai an %urshid has fir l! said that an! solution to the ethnic pro#le has to #e through the parlia entar! select co ittee. $he said select co ittee is nothing #ut a ti e wasting procedure while an! decisions of the co ittee will #e those sponsored #! the ajorit! 5inhalese e #ers. $,' has alread! rejected this proposal. What is !our opinion regarding this atter: The answer is there already in your 3uestion. The T%A has already re"ected this proposal and ! have also mentioned the same in my several interviews. !f we take the many issues which remain unsolved despite several rounds of talks, there is no doubt5 we being the minority in the parliament, our proposals will be totally re"ected by the ma"ority members. Then we will be left with no solutions. e could participate in the select committee placing certain agreed solutions to certain issues and opting to select one solution. 43 Will !our pressure #e on India who guaranteed and undertoo6 to i ple ent the /2th

a end ent proposals and provisions or on 5ri (an6 who pro ised to i ple ent those provisions: ,o not mention the word that 4pressure4 is being exerted on our actions. As far as ! am concerned, ! feel it is appropriate to initiate all steps after ascertaining the truth, the motive and after consultations with all concerned parties. e should examine the reasons why )ri *anka broke its promises. The resultant conse3uences and the realities have to be explained to enable me to proceed without any slipping. !t is my responsibility to explain the urgency of this matter. !n the same manner, it is my duty to explain to !ndia the importance of their undertaking. ! believe a better mutual understanding will yield good results. 43 Eela $a ils living outside 5ri (an6a expect un!ielding decisions and de ocratic agitations fro $,' with !our support. We wish that !ou will underta6e the struggle without falling into an! wil! traps of 5ri (an6an 7ovt. This is not even a matter to be 3uestioned. That is your expectation and ours also. ! wish to tell one thing. ! have come past the wealth, position, power and various luxuries of life. ! am an old man aged 67. ! have nothing to gain from politics except the long hearts of my people. /y aim is to serve them with prayers within my capabilities and without any partiality. Believe in god. Pray for him. .e will bestow all and everything. 43 $hiruvalluvar in $hiru66ural sa!s @?or a person to succeed in a war* it is essential for hi to assess his own strength* his friend8s strength and his ene !8s strength.@ $his axi applies even to an! struggle or agitation violent or non-violent. Presentl!* $a il people are in a wea6 position after the war defeat. In this position* is it not i portant to o#tain the support of $a il ,adu people as friends including its political leaders despite other political otivations to strengthen our struggle which also will result in added pressure on 5ri (an6a: There is no difference of opinion on the above matter. There is no doubt we need the support of diaspora as well as our Tamil %adu brothers. e are surrounded and living among one hundred thousand strong military personnel. !n this situation, it is very important that our people are not harmed in any way. !t is also essential our goals and policies are not obstructed or affected. e are not against the Tamil %adu political leaders. e need help from our friends to forward our struggle. e will continue to welcome support from all 3uarters until we obtain a "ust and dignified solution. ! also believe it is important that our path and aims are not hindered in any form or manner. (This article is exclusively written for The Monsoon Journal and will appear in the December 2013 print edition!

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