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Great People Are Made, Not Born

Spiderman, ladies and gentlemen, yes, I said Spiderman. Well, even this web slinging Marvel super hero was stung by a spider and then became your friendly neighbor spidey. You may all be wondering why I am tal ing about Spiderman and what he has to do with my topic. !his is to prove to you that even a super hero was made, not born a super hero. !he truth is, no single person in this entire world was born great, all of us here were made to be great by their own effort. !here is no such thing as a person who is genetically born great. If there was such a person, ladies and gentlemen, I can guarantee you that it is purely a hoa". #nd so I begin my topic for today with a warm good morning $ afternoon to% & & & & the ever wise 'udges, the ever attentive time eeper, much appreciated special guests last but not least my great audience present here today.

(reat )eople #re Made, *ot +orn is the topic of my speech today. ,irst of all, the word -great. figuratively means those who have achieved importance and recognition that are meaningful for him, his family and the people around him. When people say, he is a born leader, do you seriously believe it/ I don.t and so comes my first argument. 0adies and gentlemen, I believe being passionate is not innate and so, great people are people who are passionate about what they do. !hey ta e great pain and effort in ma ing their dreams materiali1ed. !he base of being passionate is to have an interest and en'oy what you do. !hese people too this point very seriously and leaped forward to be ac nowledged as great people. When there is no passion for anything, thus there is no achievement. !he most successful people in the world wor day and night to achieve what they want in life and this goes to show that they have passion. 0et.s ta e for e"ample, *elson Mandela. 2e is considered a hero in the hearts of not only #fricans but also worldwide, when he fought for the eradication of slavery and rebelled against the #partheid government at that era. 2e then became South #frica.s president from 3445 to 3444. 6ven though *elson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison and had to perform hard labor at a lime 7uarry, his passion for fighting against the #partheid government did not ta e a brea . 2e pushed through and wor ed from inside prison walls, which comes to show you how passionate he was to fight for human rights and freedom. *ow, that.s an evidence of a hero made, not born.

Moving on to my ne"t argument, my respected captive listeners, 8etermination is also an added value that great people possess. !he -never give up. attitude of these great people has ta en them to a new height in their live. !his is a vital 7uality in ma ing great personalities. When life is hard for them and it presents a mountain of challenges, their pure determination eeps them going further. 8etermination is something that in nurtured through hardships and hard hitting moments in life. 9ne does not ac7uire determination as soon as they are brought to earth, it comes as they build their character and find their true self. !he best instance that I could 7uote you for determination is Steve :obs, the co&founder of #pple Inc. !he best part about his success is that he was a college dropout from the ;eed <ollege in )ortland, 9regon. #ny other lowly motivated person would have 'ust given up on life and strayed to a different path but what Steve :obs did was he too that as a challenge and continued manipulating with electronic gadgets and finally has reached the epitome of success. 2e ac7uired this determination through the ups and downs in his life after dropping out of college and wor ing in several other companies such as #tari and *e"t <omputers. Imagine if he never carried on, would you or anyone else in the world be holding an Ipad or an Iphone. !hus, determination has made him truly a great person, and it is made, not born. 0adies and gentlemen, )eople say e"perience is the best teacher and it comes with age. I do feel the same. )eople who have made it in life, i.e. the great people in our lives, have seen an immense amount of e"periences. !hese vast e"periences are gained throughout their lives which means e"periences made great people. !he point here is, they have learned from their e"periences and used them to forge ahead in life in order to achieve more. I have nown so many people in this world who have become heroes because of their e"periences. 9ne of such best e"amples is !un 8r. Mahathir Mohammad, our fourth prime minister. 2e is recogni1ed as the father of moderni1ation of Malaysia. 2is e"perience in the political arena and e"cellent administration of its government had brought this country to be a well& nown nation in the eyes of the world. It is undeniable that he is a great person in Malaysia. #nd remember, it was his vast e"perience that had made him internationally recogni1ed as the finest prime minister in this region at that era. !herefore, great people are those who have immeasurable e"periences. #nd, e"perience is not imbued, it is ac7uired, thus, great people are made, not born. #ll in all, I am standing right in front your eyes, here, today, to prove that great people are made, not born. (reat people are made great through their undying passion, pure determination, and vast e"periences. If we were to believe inborn 7ualities created great people, I bet you, we would never see, *elson Mandela, Steve :obs and Mother !heresa as successful as they are or were in the eye of the world. With that in mind, everybody can be great with 'ust a little more effort in life. #t this moment, I see the great people in you and me because I believe great people are made, not born. !han you future great people here for lending me your ears.

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