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" 4 HIGH VOLTAGE ENGINEERING #ELECTIVE-I$ O%&ec'()e * This subject deals with the detailed analysis of Breakdown occur in gaseous, liquids and solid dielectrics. Information about generation and measurement of High voltage and current. In addition the High voltage testing methods are also discussed. UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO HIGH VOLTAGE TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS

Electric ield !tresses, "as # $accum as Insulator, %iquid &ielectrics, !olids and 'om(osites, Estimation and 'ontrol of Electric !tress, )umerical methods for electric field com(utation, !urge voltages, their distribution and control, *((lications of insulating materials in transformers, rotating machines, circuit breakers, cable (ower ca(acitors and bushings. UNIT II BREA+ DOWN IN GASEOUS AND LI,UID DIELECTRICS "ases as insulating media, collision (rocess, Ioni+ation (rocess, Townsend,s criteria of breakdown in gases, -aschen,s law. %iquid as Insulator, (ure and commercial liquids, breakdown in (ure and commercial liquids. UNIT III BREA+ DOWN IN SOLID DIELECTRICS Intrinsic breakdown, electromechanical breakdown, thermal breakdown, breakdown of solid dielectrics in (ractice, Breakdown in com(osite dielectrics, solid dielectrics used in (ractice. UNIT IV GENERATION O- HIGH VOLTAGES AND CURRENTS "eneration of High &irect 'urrent $oltages, "eneration of High alternating voltages, "eneration of Im(ulse $oltages, "eneration of Im(ulse currents, Tri((ing and control of im(ulse generators. UNIT V .EASURE.ENT O- HIGH VOLTAGES AND CURRENTS .easurement of High &irect 'urrent voltages, .easurement of High $oltages alternating and im(ulse, .easurement of High 'urrents/direct, alternating and Im(ulse, 0scillosco(e for im(ulse voltage and current measurements. UNIT VI OVER VOLTAGE PHENO.ENON AND INSULATION CO-ORDINATION )atural causes for over voltages 1 %ightning (henomenon, 0vervoltage due to switching surges, system faults and other abnormal conditions, -rinci(les of Insulation 'oordination on High voltage and E2tra High $oltage (ower systems. UNIT VII NON-DISTRUCTIVE TESTING O- .ATERIAL AND ELECTRICAL APPARATUS .easurement of &.' 3esistivity, .easurement of &ielectric 'onstant and loss factor, -artial discharge measurements. UNIT VIII HIGH VOLTAGE TESTING O- ELECTRICAL APPARATUS Testing of Insulators and bushings, Testing of Isolators and circuit breakers, Testing of cables, Testing of Transformers, Testing of !urge *rresters, 3adio Interference measurements. TE/T BOO+S0 4. 7. High $oltage Engineering by ..!.)aidu and $. 5amaraju 1 T.H -ublications, 6rd Edition High $oltage Engineering8 undamentals by E.5uffel, 9.!.:aengl, ;.5uffel by Elsevier, 7nd Edition.

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