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T U E S D A Y, D E C E M B E R 1 6 , 2 0 0 8

Love Letter to America: Part One

Here is the complete text, with pictures and charts, of Tomas Schuman's (Yuri Bezmenov's) Love Letter to America. Somehow don't thin! that "lmanac #anorama (the pu$lisher) or the author (pro$a$l% deceased) would protest the dissemination of the content of this out&of&print and lar'el% unavaila$le $oo!let. (ote that some o$vious t%pos were corrected, and that some errors in the )*+ scan ma% remain. For a PDF of this book (a sli'htl% different version), clic! here.

"ll warfare is $ased primaril% on the deception of an enem%. ,i'htin' on a $attlefield is the most primitive wa% of ma!in' war. There is no art hi'her than to destro% %our enem% without a fi'ht-$% S.B/0+T (1 an%thin' of value in the enem%2s countr%. Sun Tzu *hinese philosopher 344 B.*.

5e rarel% use 'uns to !ill people and ta!e their countr%. The cleanest wa% is to $lac!mail, pervert, $ri$e, lie and intimidate the #)6 T * "(S and the 708 ", and the% will desta$ilize and disunif% their own countr% for us. Then all we have left to do is to arm the procommunist or simpl% criminal factions and we have a coup and another 9li$erated9 countr%. "s neat as that. Yuri Bezmenov former a'ent of "#(&:1B 5hat war ra'es $etween ;<=3 and ... now> "h, onl% a third of man!ind was con?uered@ (o war at all. Aust peaceful li$eration. 6ev (avrozov Soviet dissident writer #s%cholo'ical warfare, a form of 'covert' action which $rea!s down the opposite side's home defenses without a shot $ein' fired, is wa'ed $% Soviet *ommunism throu'hout the communication media of other countries. Aohn +ees "ccurac% in 7edia, 5ashin'ton 5hether a Bournalist, politician or a $usinessman is in fact on a pa%roll of the :1B or not, whether he helps to spread *ommunism willin'l%, $% i'norance or for a profit, whether he is cau'ht and punished or at lar'e and happ% & is a$solutel% immaterial for the cause of S.B/0+S )(. 5hat matters is the final vector of Histor%, the sum of our individual actions, decisions, statements, our compromise with our consciousness. This is where ever% one of us is accounta$le to the future and 1od. "lex :osachov +ussian emi'ree poet

6)/0 60TT0+ T) "70+ *"

BY T)7"S 8. S*H.7"( "67"("* #"()+"7" 6os "n'eles ;<C= 8ear "mericans, 7% name is Tomas 8avid Schuman. am what %ou ma% call a 9defector9 from the .SS+, and have a messa'e for %ouD love %ou ver% much. love all of %ou&& li$erals and conservatives, 9decadent capitalists9 and 9oppressed masses,9 $lac!s and whites and $rowns and %ellows, rednec!s and intellectuals. ,or me %ou are the people who created a uni?ue nation, countr% and societ% in the histor% of man!ind,&& $% no means a perfect one, $ut, let's face it&& the most free, affluent

and Bust in toda%'s world. am not alone in this love. #eople all over the 0arth, whether the% praise "merica or $itterl% criticize her, loo! upon %ou as the onl% hope for man!ind's survival and the last stron'hold of freedom. Some ma% not thin! in these idealistic terms, $ut the% certainl% enBo% the fruits of %our civilization, often for'ettin' to $e 'rateful for them. 7illions of people in the so&called 9socialist camp9 or in the 9Third 5orld9 literall% owe their lives to "merica. "s a war&time child, survived partl% than!s to such 9decadent capitalist'9 (as the Soviets sa%) thin's as 9Spam9 meat, condensed mil! and e'' powder that were supplied to m% countr% $% the .S" throu'h the lend&lease pro'ram of 5orld 5ar . n the Soviet .nion we secretl% $ut proudl% called ourselves 9the Spam 'eneration.9 Too prosaic> 5ho cares a$out 9Spam9 in toda%'s .S", apart from 9underprivile'ed9 welfare recipients> 5ell, for me these foods are not merel% the nostal'ic deli'ht of m% trou$led childhood, $ut rather, a s%m$ol of love from a friend when was in need. (o amount of communist propa'anda a'ainst "merica has ever $een a$le to convince me that the .nited States out to 9colonize and exploit.9 will tell %ou&& man% people have $een more than willin' to $e 9exploited9 the "merican wa%. ,or what other reason have thousands ris!ed their lives, 'one to unima'ina$le trou$les, left $ehind their families, their motherland and traditional wa%s of life to come to "merica> Have %ou ever heard of 9ille'al aliens9 ris!in' their lives crossin' the $order at midni'ht into Socialist .SS+> )r the 9$oat people9 swimmin' oceans and drownin' $% the thousands Bust to reach the shores of *ommunist *hina> )r defectors li!e me, leavin' $ehind relative affluence and ris!in' $ullets in the $ac! in order to Boin the 9pro'ressive wor!ers paradise9 in +ussia> (o, we all come here to "merica, o$viousl% willin' to $e 9exploited $% capitalists9 and enBo% 9oppression9 to'ether with %ou. Because we $elieve and :()5&& "merica S " B0TT0+ place. am writin' this not to please %ou with words %ou want to hear. The rest of m% messa'e ma% $e more unpleasant to %ou than even *ommunist propa'anda, or more offensive than the speeches of 9leaders9 in :remlin. But as a true friend of "merica, want to help. 7% dear friends, thin! %ou are in $i' trou$le. 5hether %ou $elieve it or not, Y). "+0 "T 5"+. "nd %ou ma% lose this war ver% soon, to'ether with all %our affluence and freedoms, unless %ou start defendin' %ourselves. hope %ou have noticed on %our color televisions that there is in fact war 'oin' on ri'ht now all over this planet. This war has man% faces, $ut it's all the same&& it's war. Some call it 9national li$eration,9 some title it 9class stru''le9 or 9political terrorism.9 )thers call it 9anticolonialism9 or 9stru''le for maBorit% rule.9 Some even come up with such fanc% names as 9war of patriotic forces9 or 9peace movement.9 call it 5orld *ommunist "''ression. !now what am tal!in' a$out, $ecause was on the side of the a''ressor $efore

decided to ta!e Y).+ side. do not $elieve&& :()5 that in this war no one is $ein' 9li$erated, decolonised or made e?ual,9 as Soviet doctrine proclaims. You ma% notice, if %ou 'ive %ourselves the trou$le to o$serve, that the onl% 9e?ualit%9 and 9li$eration9 this war produces is the e?ualit% of death and the 9li$eration9 from freedom. 6oo! at +ussia, #oland, Hun'ar%, "f'hanistan&& would %ou sa% the people of those countries cele$rated and reBoiced when the Soviets $rou'ht them e?ualit% and li$eration> )f course not. 5e must ta!e a clear and honest loo! at what Soviet 9li$eration9 actuall% means. This war of *ommunist 5orld "''ression is not fou'ht a'ainst some m%tholo'ical 9capitalists9 as *ommunist propa'anda claims. (o, m% dear friends, this war is fou'ht a'ainst Y).&& personall%. *ommunist wars of world a''ression are not fou'ht for li$ert% and e?ualit%. 5e have thousands of une?uivocal examples of the horrendous human sufferin', torture and mass death that occur after a Soviet 9li$eration.9 The final sta'e of *ommunist a''ression&& militar% confrontation&& has ver% little to do with rivalr% for territorial or 'eopolitical 'ains in order to free and li$erate. *ommunist world a''ression is a total war a'ainst humanit% and human civilization. n *ommunist propa'anda terms, this is 9the final stru''le for the victor% of *ommunism.9 The drivin' force of this war has ver% little to do with natural aspirations of people for $etter lives and 'reater freedoms. f at all, these aspirations are $ein' used and ta!en advanta'e of $% the manipulators and pro'enitors of the war. The real drivin' force of this war of a''ression is 80)6)1Y&& somethin' %ou cannot eat, wear or store for a 9rain% da%.9 "n inte'ral part of this war of ideolo'% is 80)6)1 *"6 S.B/0+S )(&& the process of chan'in' the perception of realit% in the minds of millions of peoples all over the world. The late comrade "ndropov, the former head of the Soviet :1B, called this war of *ommunist a''ression, 9the final stru''le for the 7 (8S and hearts of the people.9 The reason that am so certain of the real 'oal of *ommunist a''ression is that was actuall% a part and an unwillin' instrument of Soviet su$version tactics. Havin' $een trained and used $% the :1B for their 'lo$al ideolo'ical su$version campai'n, have some firstEhand !nowled'e a$out the people $ehind this war and the methods the% use. !now ver% well the wa% the *ommunists, whom the 5estern media call 9freedom fi'hters9 and 9re$els,9 operate. !now their mentalit% and their methods, !now their ultimate 'oals, which are ver% far from the li$ert%, e?ualit% and freedom the% ver$all% espouse. Because have seen the tra'ic conse?uences of this war of ideolo'ical su$version, would li!e to offer some su''estions as to how we in the .nited States can 80,0(8 ourselves a'ainst this deadl% war and how we can S.+/ /0 in this 9final stru''le for minds and hearts.9 95hat's in it for Tomas Schuman,9 %ou ma% as!. 5ell, 've as!ed m%self. 5hat do 'et for defectin' from the winnin' side (the Soviets)... and Boinin' the losers> ( hope don't have to tell %ou, that at least a dozen countries have succum$ed to

the *ommunists since m% defection.) n realit%, dear friends, have 'ained nothin' materiall% from m% defection. 5hat have 'ained is a firm commitment to the .nited States as the last real frontier of freedom. This is it, dear "mericans, %our countr% (and mine now) will $e the last to $e 9li$erated9 $% 7arxists, socialists, and domestic 9do&'ooders.9 f the 9li$erationists9 succeed in $rin'in' their 9(ew )rder9 to "merica, chances are %ou and will meet in front of a firin' s?uad&& or worse in a 9re&education9 forced la$or camp in the "las!an #eoples 8emocratic +epu$lic. You have too man% concrete examples of what *ommunist 9li$eration9 has done for other countries to $elieve that am wron' when warn %ou that we are on the $rin! of disaster. ,rom one that has lived, wor!ed and seen first&hand the realities of da% to da% life in a communistF socialist state&& %ou must wa!e up now and start defendin' the ri'hts and freedoms %ou now have. (o matter how man% pro$lems %ou thin! the ..S. ma% have, $elieve me when sa% that the% are nothin' in comparison to the trou$les %ou will experience if the ..S. continues to a'ree and s%mpathize with communistF socialist doctrines. have made m% choice to $e with Y)., the nation love. have ris!ed m% life li!e man% others, to tell %ou of m% life and experiences within a *ommunist state. You have nothin' to ris! $% listenin' to me and ma!in' up %our mind as to whether am a 9cold war paranoiac,9 as %our media calls me, or whether m% messa'e ma!es sense. The choice is %ours. MY LIFE STORY was $orn in 7oscow in ;<G< under the name of Yuri Bezmenov. 7% father was an officer of the Soviet "rm% 1eneral Staff. "s inspector of the 6and ,orces, he was stationed in 9fraternal countries9 such as 7on'olia, *u$a and 0ast 1erman%. 5ere he alive toda%, he would most li!el% $e chec!in' the status of Soviet troops in "n'ola, 0thiopia, Yemen, S%ria, /ietnam, *am$odia, (icara'ua and the ever&'rowin' num$er of other 9li$erated9 countries of the world. was $rou'ht up under the shadow of comrade Stalin, to the echo of the 5orld 5ar . "s a lo%al and patrioticall%&minded %oun' *ommunist, loved m% countr%, 'ood or $ad. However, unli!e certain 5estern intellectuals and li$erals, did not re?uire half a centur% to realize that the 9leaders9 of m% countr% are self& imposed dictators&& mass murderers, and that the ideolo'% of 7arxism&6eninism is an a$solutel% false s%stem that produces none of the advanta'es or $enefits of the 9wor!er's paradise9 that it promises. t was a simple matter for me to compare the Soviet propa'anda claims 'iven to all +ussian citizens of 'lorious 9socialist achievements9 with the surroundin' realities&& earl% mornin' $read lines, $ecause we had so little to eatH the fre?uents arrests of 9enemies of the people9 and the omnipresent fear of the :1B.

Because of m% war&time childhood spent in the "sian section of the .SS+, developed an earl% affection for the oriental wa% of life and at the a'e of ;I after 'raduatin' from elementar% school, entered the nstitute of )riental 6an'ua'es, an affiliate of 7oscow State .niversit%. The nstitute was actuall% under the direct control of :1B and *ommunist *entral *ommittee&& an elitist nest for future Soviet diplomats, forei'n correspondents and spies. "t the nstitute, while stud%in' several forei'n lan'ua'e and mass media, was re?uired to also ta!e compulsor% militar% trainin'. 8urin' trainin', we students were tau'ht how to pla% 9strate'ic war 'ames9 usin' the maps of forei'n countries. *ivil 8efense and anti&nuclear trainin' were also essential parts of our education. n addition, we too! 9interro'ation classes9 which were desi'ned to teach us how to interro'ate prisoners of war. n particular, we were instructed to interro'ate prisoners as to their reaction to a Soviet nuclear stri!e aimed at their countr%&& it was for me a $izarre experience. .pon 'raduatin', was sent to ndia as a translator for the Soviet 0conomic "id 1roup which was $uildin' oil refineries in two ndian states. Here, durin' m% first forei'n assi'nment, realized the 'reat discrepanc% $etween m% countr%'s proclaimed 'oals of 9selfless fraternal cooperation9 and the actual ruthless exploitation of ndia $% Soviet neo&colonialists. "s an example of this exploitation, the Soviets, in purchasin' ndian manufactured 'oods, would pa% the ndians onl% in ru$les.

.nfortunatel%, ru$les are non&converti$le currenc% on the international mar!et, meanin' that the ndian manufacturer would $e una$le to purchase an%thin' on the international mar!et with his Soviet ru$les. )n the other hand, the Soviets would ta!e the ndian manufactured 'oods and sell them at a su$stantial profit on the international mar!et for 9hard

currenc%9 such as dollars or pounds which are easil% ne'otia$le. So $asicall%, the ndian manufacturer received onl% a fraction of the actual worth of his product, while the Soviets reaped the rewards of their duplicit%. s it that the ndians are stupid, i'norant people, that the% allow the Soviets to deceive them in this manner> )n the contrar% for the most part, the% are innocent victims of one of the world's most sophisticated eon 'ames deolo'ical Su$version. The% have $een ps%cholo'icall% manipulated throu'h media, politics, etc. into $elievin' that the Soviets are their friends who are protectin' them from the 95estern imperialists.9 This same su$version 'ame is $ein' pla%ed all over the world&& even in "merica, :1B influence in our media, politics and nearl% ever% phase of our life has produced a 'rowin' conviction on the part of man% "mericans that we are the 9$ad 'u%s9&& a'ain have to remind %ou that to date, there has never $een a sin'le defection from the .nited States. The Soviets have produced an a$solutel% ludicrous 'lo$al lie that people are $elievin'&& wh%> Because the tactics of ideolo'ical su$version wor!. 0ven after witnessin' the ruthless tactics used $% m% countr% still naivel% hoped that thin's would turn out for the $etter eventuall%. "fter all, was a product of the post&Stalin era of 9thaw9 and li$eralization started $% :hrushchev. $elieved in 9Socialism with a human face.9 That faith was shattered irrepara$l% onl% five %ears later, when witnessed the $rutal Soviet militar% intervention into 9fraternal9 *zechoslova!ia in ;<JC. "fter completin' m% first assi'nment in ndia, in ;<J3 was recalled to 7oscow and immediatel% Boined the 9(ovosti #ress "'enc% ((ovosti means 9news9 in +ussian)&& the $i''est and most powerful propa'anda, espiona'e and ideolo'ical front of the :1B. was emplo%ed $% (ovosti as an apprentice for their classified department of '#olitical #u$lications' (1+##) under comrade (orman Borodin. "fter wor!in' a short time discovered that a$out I3K of the (ovosti's staffers were actuall% :1B officersH the other L3K, were 9co&optees,9 or :1B freelance writers F #.+. officers F informers li!e m%self. The other interestin' fact discovered was that there was no 9news9 at (ovosti. 7% main Bo$, apart from writin', editin' and translatin' propa'anda materials to $e planted in forei'n media, was accompan%in' dele'ations of (ovosti's 'uests&& Bournalists, editors, pu$lishers, writers, politicians and $usinessmen from forei'n countries on tours of the .SS+ or to international conferences held in the Soviet .nion. n actualit%, as a freelance Bournalist, did a$solutel% no writin' or news covera'e at all. "fter several months was formall% recruited $% the :1B as an informer, while still maintainin' m% position as a (ovosti Bournalist. 7% wor! with the :1B entailed com$inin' m% Bournalistic duties with the collection of intelli'ence data, and the spreadin' of 9disinformation9 to forei'n countries for the purposes of Soviet propa'anda and su$version. t was onl% a matter of time $efore the :1B realized that m% personal friendships with 'uests of (ovosti #ress "'enc% could also $e utilized for their operations.

5h% did allow m%self to $e recruited> There reall% is no simple answer. ,or one thin', a Soviet Bournalist cannot simpl% sa% 9no9 to the :1B. f he wants to remain alive, free, pursue his career and travel a$road, he simpl% must cooperate with the :1B, or suffer the conse?uences. Secondl%, apart from monetar% and material 'ains, a Soviet Bournalist co&opted (hired) $% the :1B has a rare chance to $ecome 7#)+T"(T in his own countr%, and in ;<J3, the .SS+ was still m% countr%. 7an% of m% collea'ues, $oth c%nicists and true patriots, Boined the :1B, naivel% $elievin' that the% could promote themselves to the hi'her positions of power, while maintainin' their secretl% !ept moral principles and dis'uisin' their actual dis'ust of the s%stem. B% the time most of them realized that 'power corrupts' and that alle'iance with the Soviet *ommunist power corrupts a$solutel%&& it was too late. The maBorit% of m% former collea'ues are now firml% entrenched in the 'privile'ed class' and their humanistic ideals have all $een traded one $% one for small comforts such as a private car (a rare thin' in the .SS+), a free apartment, a countr% house (9dacha 9), free trips a$road and freedom to socialize with forei'ners, none of which would he possi$le or availa$le to the avera'e +ussian wor!er. So despite m% earl% disli!e of the Soviet *ommunist s%stem, Boined the :1B, hopin' in some wa% to 'outsmart them,' to pla% the 'ame until could see more clearl% how to proceed. 7% rapid promotion followed. was once a'ain assi'ned to ndia, this time as a .SS+ press&officer and a '#.+.' a'ent for the :1B. Because of m% !nowled'e of ndia and her lan'ua'es&& Hindi and .rdu, $ecame deepl% involved in the :1B operations in ndia. was directed $% m% superiors to slowl% $ut surel% esta$lish the Soviet 'sphere of influence' in ndia. n addition to the $ri$er% and corruption of ndian officials, $lac!mail and intrusion into the internal affairs of ndia, the Soviets went one step further in their '$rotherl% assistance' to ndia. n ;<J< $% a secret directive of the *entral

*ommittee of the *#S. (*ommunist #art% of the Soviet .nion), all em$assies of the .SS+ all over the world, includin' ndia, opened a new secret department innocentl% titled 9+esearch and *ounter&#ropa'anda 1roup.9 $ecame a deput% chief of that department, wor!in' under a :1B officer, comrade /aleri (e%ev. t did not ta!e me lon' to discover that our 'roup was en'a'ed in neither MresearchN nor Mcounter&propa'andaND $ehind loc!ed doors we accumulated intelli'ence from various sources, includin' ndian informers and a'ents, re'ardin' virtuall% 0/0+Y important and politicall% si'nificant citizen of ndia&& mem$ers of #arliament, civil servicemen, militar% and pu$lic fi'ures, media people, $usinessmen, universit% professors, radical or otherwise students and writers&& in other words 0/0+Y)(0 instrumental in shapin' the #.B6 * )# ( )( and policies of the nation. Those who were Mfriendl%N and read% to invite the Soviet expansionist polic% into their own countr% were promoted to hi'her positions of power, affluence and presti'e throu'h various operations $% :1B&(ovosti. 6ar'e 'roups of the so&called Mpro'ressive and so$er&thin!in'N ndians were on a re'ular $asis, 'enerousl% supplied with dut%&free $ooze from the em$ass% stoc!s. Soviet s%mpathizers were invited to the .SS+ for free trips and numerous Minternational conferencesN where the% not onl% received su$stantial sums of mone% in the form of Mliterar% awardsN or M(ehru #eace and ,riendshipN prizes, $ut were also medicall% treated for /8 or hernias ac?uired in the perpetual Mclass stru''leN a'ainst M"merican imperialism.N Those who refused to $e Mflexi$leN and ta!e a voluntar% role in this cruel farce were thorou'hl% character&assassinated in the sensation&hun'r% media and press. 6et me 'ive %ou an example of how the :1B uses the information it collects. )ne da% in ;<JC, was routinel% scannin' throu'h the $ac!lo' of .S" nformation Service releases and classified documentation, 'enerousl% supplied to us $% our ndian and "merican Mfriends.N n one of the dispatches read that the South /ietnamese cit% of Hue had $een captured $% the Hanoi *ommunists. 5hen it was re&captured $% the .S "rm% and allied forces, onl% two da%s later, the * " discovered to their horror that several thousand /ietnamese&& teachers, priests, Buddhists, $usinessmen, and educated citizens&& ever%one who was Mpro& "merican,N had $een rounded up $% the invaders and ( )(0 ( 1HT, ta!en out of the cit% limits and executed collectivel%. Some were shot. )thers, with their hands tied $% electric wire, were found with their s!ulls crushed&in $% shovels and iron $ars. MHow could the% possi$l% have located all of these people within onl% a few hours in a lar'e cit%>N&& the "mericans wondered. thou'ht !new the answer. 6on' $efore the invasion there was an extensive networ! of *ommunist informers wor!in' under the 'uidance of the Soviet em$ass% in Hanoi&& that is under the :1B. The *ommunists filed ever% $it of informationD addresses, personal ha$its, political affiliations, expressed ideas, unexpressed thou'hts revealed in informal and private conversations, even the names and addresses of relatives, friends, even lovers and mistresses of the future victims of Mli$eration.N "fter readin' the news release was sic!, ph%sicall%, with the realization that the

department was wor!in' for in (ew 8elhi was en'a'ed in exactl% the same activit% that had $een used in the cit% of Hue. realized full% that was a part of a heinous crime a'ainst our host countr%. "ddin' to m% nausea, discovered that some of our files contained data of a personal natureH intimate information such as Msexual preferencesN e.'. homosexualism, of certain ndian / #s&& even radicals and *ommunists openl% s%mpathetic to Soviet policies. 5ere the% also listed for execution if a Soviet&$ac!ed revolution in ndia should occur> 7% frustration was compounded $% m% :1B supervisor who coached me in a fatherl% toneD M8on't $other with these prostitutes, the ndian *ommunists 8on't waste %our time with them. There is nothin' more dan'erous than disillusioned Mtrue $elieversN in *ommunism. The% turn into the most $itter enemies and counter&revolutionaries&& aim hi'her&& at respecta$le MconservativeN well& esta$lished McapitalistsN and pro&"merican elements@N So, as %ou can see, the :1BF Soviets have a$solutel% no respect for the maBorit% of their new Mconverts.N )ne event in particular that solidified m% increasin' horror of :1B tactics concerned one of m% closest ndian friends, a Bournalist who represented one of the most influential newspapers in ndia. 5hen discovered that m% friend had $een tar'eted for a :1B character assassination campai'n felt a tremendous desire to escape from the .SS+ em$ass% immediatel% and to confide to m% ndian friend the situation confrontin' him, and also m% desire to $rea! m% ties with the :1B&& which meant defection. However, such an impulse scheme could have hardl% succeeded. The ndian 'overnment, under stron' pressure from the Soviet em$ass%, had adopted a law which stated that no defector from an% countr% has a ri'ht of political as%lum in "(Y em$ass% in the territor% of the +epu$lic of ndia. This masterpiece of political h%pocris% had $een created $% 7rs. ndira 1andhi after Stalin's dau'hter Svetlana, defected to the 5est while residin' in ndia. Because of this situation !new full well that m% defection would not he a simple matter, and as a result, it re?uired a carefull% thou'ht&out plan. To $e cau'ht $% the :1B while attemptin' defection would mean that would he forcefull% returned to +ussia and imprisoned&& perhaps worse. therefore resolved to wait until had formed a definite plan for m% escape. However m% patience was runnin' thin. )ne of the last straws for me was a stor% heard from one of m% :1B collea'uesD learned that the Soviet .nion was importin' Soviet trained su$versives to ,ast #a!istan in preparation for a revolution there. 7% collea'ue further informed me that Soviet cases mar!ed Mprinted matter&& to 8acca .niversit%N stored in the $asement of the .SS+ consulate in *alcutta were accidentall% discovered to contain, not universit% texts, hut rather :alashni!ov 'uns (":&=Is) and ammunition for the anticipated communist revolution in #a!istan.

This incident occurred in 8ecem$er of ;<J<. Two months later MdisappearedN from the .SS+ em$ass% in (ew 8elhi. n order to avoid detection $% the ndian #olice and the :1B, had dis'uised m%self as an "merican Mhippie.N This method of defection was actuall% a 'uaranteed success&& no :1B detective in his Mri'ht mindN would have thou'ht to loo! for a missin' Soviet diplomat amon' the crowds of lon'&haired, $earded, $arefoot, hashish& smo!in' "mericans who had invaded ndia in search of 'enli'htenment.' "nd so escaped to the 5est. landed successfull% in *anada in Aul% ;<I4. There, studied histor% and political science, tau'ht +ussian lan'ua'e and literature, and wor!ed for the *anadian Broadcastin' *orporation as an announcerF producer for +adio *anada nternational (an e?uivalent of the '/oice of "merica.') was later forced to resi'n from m% position with the *anadian Broadcastin' *orporation due to a complaint made $% the .SS+ am$assador to *anada to the *anadian 'overnment statin' that was anti&Soviet. +ealizin' that did not have the support of the *anadian 'overnment for havin' made m% choice not to perform acts for the :1B and Soviet +ussia that violated m% sense of Bustice and ri'ht actionH came to "merica. #resentl% am a freelance writer and political anal%st, tr%in'&& thou'h not alwa%s successfull%, to awa!en the 5estern populace to the realities of life under the Soviet s%stem and to the 80)6)1 *"6 S.B/0+S )( that is $ein' practiced upon them dail%. t is m% hope that this $oo!let, and the follow&up $oo!lets that am now writin' will ma!e clear to all who read them, the real facts $ehind the $arra'e of false media, ideas and information from the Soviet .nion that represent the *ommunist state as a Mwor!ers paradise.N

Believe me when sa%, havin' lived throu'h it&& it was no paradise. *ontinued in #art Two.


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T U E S D A Y, D E C E M B E R 1 6 , 2 0 0 8

Love Letter to America: Part Two

*ontinued from #art )ne.

PREL DE TO S !"ERSIO# "ll warfare is $ased primaril% on the deception of an enem%. ,i'htin' on a $attlefield is the most primitive wa% of ma!in' war. There is no art hi'her than to destro% %our enem% without a fi'ht-$% S.B/0+T (1 an%thin' of value in the enem%2s countr%. Sun Tzu *hinese philosopher 344 B.*. The art of dupin' the masses into doin' thin's to their own disadvanta'e and ma!in' them $elieve it is 9the will of people9 is as ancient as man!ind itself. The essence of su$version is $est expressed in the famous 7arxist slo'an, (if %ou su$stitute 9proletarians9 for a more appropriate word)D 9.seful idiots of the world .( T0@N To achieve the desired effect, the su$verter must first ma!e idiots out of normal people, and 8 / 80 them, $efore turnin' the people into a homo'enized mass of useful and united idiots. Tan!s and missiles ma%or ma% not $e needed at final sta'e. ,or the time $ein' the% are simpl% the means of terrorizin' people into inaction and su$mission.

344 %ears $efore *hrist, the *hinese militar% strate'ist Sun Tzu formulated the principle of su$version this wa%D ;. *over with ridicule all of the valid traditions in %our opponent's countr%. L. mplicate their leaders in criminal affairs and turn them over to the scorn of their populace at the ri'ht timeH G. 8isrupt the wor! of their 'overnment $% ever% meansH =. 8o not shun the aid of the lowest and most despica$le individuals of %our enem%'s countr%. 3. Spread disunit% and dispute amon' the citizens. J. Turn the %oun' a'ainst the old. I. Be 'enerous with promises and rewards to colla$orators and accomplices. Sound familiar> "$out L344 %ears later we can read this ver% same instruction in a secret document, alle'edl% authored $% the *ommunist nternational for their 9%oun' revolutionaries9. The document is titled 9+ules of +evolution9D ;. *orrupt the %oun', 'et them interested in sex, ta!e them awa% from reli'ion. 7a!e them superficial and enfee$led. L. 8ivide the people into hostile 'roups $% constantl% harpin' on controversial issues of no importance. G. 8estro% people's faith in their national leaders $% holdin' the latter up for contempt, ridicule and dis'race. =. "lwa%s preach democrac%, $ut seize power as fast and as ruthlessl% as possi$le. 3. B% encoura'in' 'overnment extrava'ances, destro% its credit, produce %ears of inflation with risin' prices and 'eneral discontent. J. ncite unnecessar% stri!es in vital industries, encoura'e civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of the 'overnment towards such disorders. I. *ause $rea!down of the old moral virtuesD honest%, so$riet%, self&restraint, faith in the pled'ed word. can not vouch for authenticit% of this document, which, accordin' to "merican conservative media was captured $% the "llied forces alter 55 in defeated 1erman%, in 8usseldorf. But can assure %ou, that these MrulesN are almost a literal interpretation of those Mtheories and practicesN which learned from m% :1B superiors and collea'ues within the '(ovosti' #ress "'enc%.

Yes, am well aware of the

possi$ilit%, that nothin' write here is a Msensational revelationN to man% of %ou. 5hat did was simpl% to structure m% !nowled'e and experience with the Soviet su$version s%stem into a simple and 'raphic record. To help %ou to 'et an overall picture of the S.B/0+S )( process, let me first outline for %ou the movement of a tar'et nation from the state of Mopen societ%N to a MclosedN one. This outline is ta!en from secret, not so secret and a$solutel% non&secret 7arxist literatureD "n Mopen societ%N is the one %ou are livin' now. You can wor! in it, or choose not to wor!, have private propert% or have nothin' at all, love it or leave it, criticize it without fear of $ein' declared an Menem% of people.N t is a societ%, $ased on free individual initiative and the free mar!et s%stem. "ll %ou have to do to Mscrew upN the status ?uo of a free nation, is to $orrow )(0 false idea from the ideolo'% of a communist or totalitarian 'overnment. ,or the sa!e of simplicit%, have chosen the idea of Me'alitarianism.N M#eople $orn e?ual therefore must $e e?ual.N Sounds 'reat. But loo! at %ourselves. 5ere %ou $orn e?ual> Some of %ou wei'hed I pounds at $irth, others J or 3... "re %ou ()5 e?ual> n an% wa%> #h%sicall%, mentall%, emotionall%, raciall%, spirituall%> Some are tall and dum$, others short, $ald and clever. (ow, let's fi'ure out what will happen if we 601 S6"T0 0O."6 TY, and ma!e the concept of Me?ualit%N a cornerstone and pillar of socio&economical and political s%stem. "ll ri'ht> You don't have to $e a 'reat economist or sociolo'ist to foresee that some of the people who are Mless e?ualN would demand as much as those who are Mmore e?ualN BY 6"5@ "ha, now %ou've 'ot it. There will $e some who 'et more for 1 / (1 less and ta!e advanta'e of those, who are even Mless e?ual,N sa%, in the art of T": (1. "nd to avoid the s?ua$$le for Me?ual redistri$utionN %ou will have to introduce a TH +8 ,)+*0&& the State. 5h%> Because people were never e?ual, are not e?ual and if 1od wanted us to $e e?ual He would pro$a$l% have made us e?ual. (o. He provided a difference. M/ive la 8ifference@N&& said the ,rench $efore the ,rench +evolution. "nd the% were ri'ht. The $eaut% of the $est, most successful politicalF economic s%stem, created $% the ,athers of "merica has nothin' to do with 601 S6"T08 or enforced e?ualit%. The "merican +epu$lic is $ased on the principle of 0O."6 )##)+T.( T 0S for .(0O."6 and ver% much 8 ,,0+0(T and diverse individuals to develop their a$ilities and to coexist in mutuall% $eneficial cooperation. "nd that is entirel% different stor%. That much !new even from the Soviet text$oo!s of "merican histor%. (ow let's move faster. #eople who have declared themselves to $e e?ual will inevita$l% come to expect more for their individual needs, which sooner or later will tra'icall% come to conflict with the Mune?ualN realit%. That will automaticall% produce discontent. .nhapp% and discontent masses are less productive than those who are happ% $ein' what the% are and ma!in' the $est of it. 8ecreased productivit%, as we all !now, leads to such unpleasant thin's as inflation,

unemplo%ment and recession. These, in turn, cause social unrest and insta$ilit%, $oth economical and political. *hronic insta$ilit% $reeds radicalism as a means of solvin' pro$lems. +adicalism is the precondition of a power stru''le which ma% (and has often) resulted in violent and forceful replacements of power structures. f the situation deteriorates $adl%, this replacement ta!es u'l% forms of internal civil war, or revolution. or invasion of a Mfriendl% and fraternalN nei'h$or, and finall% ends up in the traditional wa%&& namel%, state control. 8ependin' on maturit% of a nation, and the amount (or a$sence) of common sense, this control will manifest itself in the creation of a Mclosed societ%N&& the opposite of what we had in the $e'innin'. Borders are closed, censorship of the media is esta$lished, MirritantsN and MenemiesN of the state are executed, etc. This is m% 'simplistic' and hi'hl% 'unscientific' outline of the events which have happened in man% countries of the world. "n% nation is a$le to do this to herself without an% help from comrades "ndropov and Brezhnev and their numerous :1B a'ents. "n% one of %ou can easil% o$serve this vicious chain of events $% simpl% readin' %our newspapers re'ularl% or even watchin' the T/.

5hat man% of %ou do not see, is the second MchainN of events which 'raphicall% represent in the followin' chart (see pa'e LL) Pnext ima'eQ of the ,).+ ST"10S ), S.B/0+S )(D $% DEMORALI&ATIO#' DESTA!ILI&ATIO#' (% )RISIS '*% +#ORMALI&ATIO#,- 5hat has all this to do with the :1B> /er% simpleD these are the 'most favoura$le conditions' listed in an% 7arxist text$oo! of revolutionar% stru''le. have simpl% placed them in chronolo'ical order and divided them into three vertical columnsD the areas of application, the methods of su$version and the expected (or achieved) results.

n the context of the .S", most of these nast% thin's are done to "merica $% "mericans... with the 80)6)1 *"6 help of the *ommunist su$verters. 7ost of the actions are overt, le'itimate, and easil% identifia$le. The onl% trou$le is the% are Mstretched in time.N n other words, the process of su$version is such a lon'& term process that an avera'e individual, due to the short time&span of his historical memor%, is una$le to perceive the process of su$version as a *)(S ST0(T and willful effort. That is exactl% how it is intended to $eD li!e the small hand of %our watch. You !now it moves, $ut %ou *"( ()T S00 it movin'. The main principle of ideolo'ical su$version is T.+( (1 " ST+)(10+ ,)+*0 "1" (ST TS06,. Aust li!e in. the Aapanese martial artsD %ou do not stop the $low of a heavier more powerful enem% with an e?uall% forceful $low. You ma% simpl% hurt %our hand. nstead %ou catch the stri!in' fist with %our hand and #.66 the enem% in the direction of his $low until he crashes into a wall or an% other heav% o$Bect in his wa%. "merica is o$viousl% a Mstron'er forceN that *ommunism is una$le to defeat. But it is possi$le to con?uer this nation usin' the preconditions have descri$ed, created $% "mericans themselves, and divertin' "merica's attention awa% from these mortall% dan'erous preconditions. The situation is similar to a house, the owners of which have stored explosives and inflamma$le materials (S 80. To destro% this house the enem% docs not have to intrude ph%sicall% into it. t is enou'h to start a fire next door and wait till the wind $lows in the ri'ht direction. 7eanwhile the enem% ma% Mthrow in some 'reat ideasN for the owners to ar'ue a$out in order to ta!e their attention off the actual fireD environmental protection, 'a% li$eration or emancipation of house pets are the t%pes of non& critical ar'uments that divert "merica's attention from the real dan'er. Smart people would notice the fire and remove the inflamma$le o$Bects and materials B0,)+0 the house catches the fire. .seful idiots will !eep ar'uin' a$out whether it is constitutional or not to pa% firefi'hters, or the e?ualit% of hus$and and wife in domestic chores (who should remove the com$usti$les), until the actual explosion $lows their enfee$led $rains all over the nei'h$ourhood. (ow, let us 'et $ac! to m% chart. !now it is 'oin' to $e somewhat $orin'. But m% purpose is not to entertain %ou $ut to explain what m% former :1B $osses consider important for %our Mli$eration.N

STA.E O#E: DEMORALI&ATIO# This process has man% namesD ps%cholo'ical warfare, ideolo'ical a''ression, propa'anda warfare etc. The :1B calls it M"ctive 7easures.N Since m% defection from the .SS+ em$ass% in ;<I4, have $een tr%in' desperatel% to explain to the 5estern media, politicians, Mintelli'ence communit%N and %our Macademic& sovietolo'istsN that "ctive 7easures are more important and dan'erous than classic espiona'e&& Aames Bond st%le. "t lon' last, in ;<CG, in his new $oo! M:1B Toda%N Aohn Barron accuratel% and excellentl% descri$ed the process of demoralization, $asin' some of his anal%sis on the data supplied $% another :1B defector, :1B official, Stanislav 6evchen!o&& incidentall%, m% former schoolmate from the )riental Studies nstitute who was later stationed in To!%o, Aapan under the 'uise of correspondent with M(ew TimeN ma'azine. Stanislav 6evchen!o succeeded where failedD he $rou'ht the "ctive 7easures to the attention of "merican pu$lic. The purpose of this process is to chan'e %our perception of realit% to such an extent, that even despite an a$undance of information and evidence a$out the dan'er of *ommunism, %ou are una$le to come to sensi$le conclusions in %our own interests and in the interests of %our nation. Aohn Barron ominousl% titled one chapter of his $oo!, dedicated to anal%sis of the "ctive 7easures, MRea/it0 1si2e Down.N 0xcellent title@ This is exactl% what

m% :1B 'urus of su$version in '(ovosti' #ress "'enc% tau'ht me. )ne of the main tactics in this process is to develop, esta$lish and consistentl% enforce a set of 'double standards'D one in relation to the .SS+, another to the .S". 5estern anal%sts have alread% pointed out the diverse tactics of M"ctive 7easures.N Some of these were exactl% the ones was trained to use while wor!in' with forei'n dele'ations in 7oscow and the .SS+ em$ass% in (ew 8elhiD overt and covert propa'andaH use of M"'ents of nfluence,N fa!ed ' nternational ,orums' created $% :1B (ovosti to $rin' the atmosphere of le'itimac% and respecta$ilit% to Soviet operationsH provo!in' and manipulatin' mass demonstrations and assem$liesH spreadin' rumours and 'relia$le information from circles close to #olit$ureau'H for'eries of .S" nformation Service press&releasesH plantin' phon% stories in local mediaH creatin' hundreds of ta$loid newspapers su$sidized $% the .SS+ em$ass% throu'h front or'anizations and fa!e 'advertisin'' companies for the purpose of 'le'all%' financin' 'roups of su$versives and radicals, etc. )ther tactics, such as sa$ota'e, character assassination of 'stu$$orn' ndians resistin' Soviet su$version, terrorism and even occasional !illin's of 'reactionaries and counter& revolutionaries' for the ps%cholo'ical effect of 'paral%zin' with fear'&& these also were used $% m% :1B collea'ues from other departments of the .SS+ em$ass%. am less familiar with these aspects of the su$version process. 7% role as a 'le'itimate' and overt pu$lic relations man and a 'charismatic' socializer was directed $% the :1B mainl% at the initial sta'e of su$version. "fter a certain period of $efriendin' and 'cultivatin'' forei'ners, had to provide m% :1B supervisor with m% 'ps%cholo'ical assessment' of the tar'et individual (or 'roup) and pass them over to the MprofessionalsN for further 'processin'' and recruitment. (evertheless, was a$le to reconstruct the overall picture of the process rather accuratel%, and, unli!e the 5estern 'sovietolo'ists', come to more s%stematic and lo'ical description of su$version. 5hat offer %ou now is a chart as simple as a multiplication ta$le and as complex as calculus. This is TH0 , +ST T 70 this chart has ever $een pu$lished, in its entiret%. 6et us start with the first sta'e of 807)+"6 R"T )(. t ta!es a$out ;3 to L4 %ears to demoralize a nation. 5h% that man% (or few)> SimpleD this is the minimum num$er of %ears needed to 'educate' )(0 10(0+"T )( of students in a tar'et countr% ("merica, for example) and expose them to the ideolo'% of the su$verter. t is imperative that an% sufficient challen'e and counter&$alance $% the $asic moral values and ideolo'% of this countr% $e eliminated. n a$sence of "(Y cohesive and consistent national ideolo'%, the tas! of the su$verter $ecomes even easier. n the .S", as we all !now, there is 7.6T #6 * TY of ideas and ideolo'ies toda%, without proper emphasis on the main and $asic "merican ideolo'% of the ori'inal repu$lic and the free mar!et s%stem. t is not even considered 'intellectual' or fashiona$le these da%s to su$scri$e entirel% to this 'outmoded' set of ideas.

To $e successful, the process of su$version at the sta'e of 807)+"6 R"T )( must $e alwa%s and onl% a T5)&5"Y street which means that the tar'et nation 7.ST $e made a +0* # 0(T&& passive or active&& of the 80"S of the su$verter. 8emocrac% is $% definition a +0* # 0(T of a multiplicit% of ideolo'ies and values, whether 'ood or $ad. .nfortunatel% '$ad' ideas are often proven and revealed onl% after a lon' period of time, durin' which man% have a$sor$ed them and allowed them to chan'e their nation's attitudes and $ehaviour. "ncient Aapanese rulers understood this principle ver% well when the% virtuall% S)6"T08 their nation from "(Y forei'n influence&& 'ood, $ad or neutral. mperial Aapan was 'preserved' in its own set of historical values lon' enou'h to $rin' up a mature and morall% sta$le nation a$le to ma!e the chan'e to an entirel% new technolo'ical civilization with ne'li'i$le dama'e to national fi$re. 7ore than thatD the Aapanese, althou'h reluctantl%, opened up to 5estern values and surpassed the 5est in the shortest possi$le historical span since the 5orld 5ar , $ecomin' one of the 'reatest industrialized and technolo'icall% advanced powers in the world. 5ithout such 'maturit%' a nation ma% illEconceive even the most favoura$le forei'n influence which is clearl% demonstrated $% a num$er of 'decolonized' Third 5orld countries prematurel% em$racin' parliamentar% democrac%. But if and when an outside influence is purposel% ill&intended, an immature nation&& or a nation with a ne'lected indi'enous ideolo'% ("merica)&& automaticall% $ecomes a recipient of S.B/0+S )( in its earl% sta'e of 807)+"6 R"T )(. The successful demoralization is an ++0/)*"B60 process, at least for another 'eneration. 5h%'> 6et us ta!e an exampleD the semiEliterate and unsta$le "merican 'eneration of the 'craz%' ;<J4's is now approachin' the a'e of =4. These people, who were too preoccupied with protestin' the /ietnam war, the dru'F roc! music scene, ta!in' part in 'love&ins' etc., to stud% and prepare for assumin' their civil responsi$ilities, are now in positions of power and decision&ma!in' in 'overnment, $usiness, media, social life, entertainment (Holl%wood), militar%, and intelli'ence services. (ot all of them> ):, some of them are. You are ST.*: with them, until the% retire or resi'n. You cannot fire them it's a'ainst union re'ulations. You cannot, unli!e the .SS+, send them to "las!a, after declarin' them 'enemies of people.' You can not even openl% and effectivel% criticize them&& the% have invaded the media and control pu$lic opinion. .n;ess %ou want to $e cal;ed '7c*arth%ist,' %ou cannot chan'e their attitudes and mores. "t this a'e people are usuall% 'set' in their wa%s as individuals. Y). "+0 ST.*: with them. TH0Y chan'e %our attitudes and opinions, the% navi'ate the domestic and forei'n affairs, the% are ma!in' decisions and choices for Y)., whether %ou li!e it or not. To chan'e the direction of "merica's future and to return to the $asic "merican values, proven to $e efficient and productive for almost L44 %ears of historicall% unprecedented freedom and affluence, %ou have to educate a (05 'eneration of "mericans, this time in the spirit of patriotism and *"# T"6 S7. "ll ri'ht, %ou

don't want to 'return.2 You'd rather have somethin' new and pro'ressive "(8 constructive, to ma!e "merica once a'ain respected and loved all over the world, so that the recipients of t he ..S. aid no lon'er shout 'Yan!ee 1o Home2> n an% case, even if %ou start the education of a (05 'eneration of "mericans + 1HT TH S 7 (.T0, it will ta!e %ou the next ;3 to L4 %ears to raise this new 'eneration to the levels of power and authorit%. You ma% reduce this period of time if %ou can ma!e an enormous "66&("T )( effort in an atmosphere of prevailin' .( TY and *)(S0(S.S. t will ta!e a miracle (or another national disaster, such as a new world war, 1od for$id) to ma!e "mericans em$race )(0 "merican ideolo'% and to act in )(0 direction after decades of disunit%, dispute, partisan anta'onisms and self&casti'ation. Therefore, let's $e realisticD the 807)+"6 R"T )(, whether self&inflicted or imported, is usuall% an ++0/0+S B60&& for one 'eneration at least&& process. T3E T3REE LE"ELS OF DEMORALI&ATIO# (ow, let us see the same sta'e of demoralization from the standEpoint of the S.B/0+T0+. *ommunist manipulators divide the areas of "##6 *"T )( of their efforts into TH+00 60/06S. The process of demoralization operates simultaneousl% on all three levels, which call for the sa!e of simplicit%D ;) the level of 80"S (consciousness)H L) the level of ST+.*T.+0S (socio&political setup of a nation)H and G) the level of 6 ,0 (which includes all the areas of 7"T0+ "6 existence of a nation, the 'fi$re of life' so to sa%). Leve/ One: I2eas R4/e The 5or/2 The level of 80"S, the hi'hest level of su$version, affects such vital areas as reli'ion, education, media, and culture, to name Bust a few of the most important ones. f we loo! $ac! in histor% of man!ind, we ma% notice that the 'reatest upheavals and chan'es were caused $% 80"S, $% faiths and $eliefs, not $% :()560810 or TH (1S. ,ew people sacrifice their comforts and lives for such trivial thin's as a new car. Scientific !nowled'e seldom 'enerates stron' collective emotions. 7an% scientists have preferred life and affluence to death for scientific truth. have never heard of a man who would staunchl% face a firin' s?uad for the sa!e of defendin' the truth of the 6aw of 1ravit% or LxLS=. But ," TH in the seemin'l% irrelevant (at the time) and immaterial teachin's of Aesus *hrist 'enerated such tremendous 7)+"6 ,)+*0 in 7 66 )(S of human $ein's for the past T5) TH).S"(8 Y0"+S, that people willin'l% and happil% accept violent death and tortures rather than den% their $elief in *hrist@ *ommunism and its 7arxist&6eninist do'ma, accordin' to some thin!ers (8r. 1eor'e Steiner for one), is another distorted form of ," TH, a$le to inspire mart%rdom in millions. Su$stitutin' the traditional values of the Audeo&*hristian herita'e with this 7arxist&Satanic faith is one of the $asic principles of su$version at the sta'e of 807)+"6 R"T )( the hi'hest and most effective

level of 80"S. The methods are as primitive as the% are predicta$le. You do not have to $e a 'raduate of a :1B school or Harvard .niversit% to fi'ure out what !ind of (T0+"*T )( $etween the su$verter (:1B) and tar'et ("merican $rains) occurs on this level. "ll the S.B/0+T0+&& $e it "ndropov's :1B or an% other purposeful 'roup or or'anization hell&$ent on the idea of a M(ew 5orld )rderN has to do is to stud% the areas where %our nation's 80"S could $e eroded and su$stituted, and then slowl% $ut consistentl% affect these areas $% sendin' infiltratin' "'ents of nfluence to inBect new ideas, disseminate propa'andist literature, and encoura'e self&destructive tendencies. "ll su$verter has to do to remove the spiritual $ac!$one of "merica is to help %ou to #)6 T * R0, *)770+* "6 R0 and '0(T0+T" (70(T&"6 R0' the dominant reli'ions. There are man% other contri$utin' factors the su$verter can also ta!e advanta'e of, such as the development and spreadin' of various reli'ious cults, includin' Satanic and 8eath cultsH preachin' moral relativit% and removin' reli'ion (and pra%er, "(Y pra%er) from schoolsH creatin' 'personalit% cults' in reli'ion where$% the preacher $ecomes the center and o$Bect or divine worship, not 1od (often %our reli'ious charlatans claims to $e 'incarnations' of 1od, or even 1od Himself) etc. have selected the a$ove three main methods $ecause am most familiar with them. These methods were used $% m%self and m% :1B&(ovosti collea'ues and these methods have proven to $e sufficientl% efficient. 5e did not have to $other with such silliness for example as recruitin' Bill% 1raham and forcin' him to tell outra'eous lies a$out Mthe existence of reli'ious freedom in the Soviet .nionN in state&run churches in 7oscow. 6et's start with the most 'innocent' method of destro%in' reli'ion, namel%, ma!in' it 0(T0+T" ( (1. To attract people "(8 7)(0Y to 'esta$lished' reli'ious or'anizations some churches have literall% $ecome theaters conductin' variet% shows featurin' cele$rities from the entertainment 'industr%' who perform for 'fees.2 The :1B "'ents of nfluence ma% or ma% not have to ph%sicall% manipulate these entertainment arran'ements. The indiscriminate choice of the 'cele$rities' for these church 'performances' is usuall% ?uite pleasin' to the :1B. " 'roup of roc! or pop&musicians with a messa'e of 'social&Bustice' su'ar&coated in popular 'spiritual' tunes can $e actuall% more helpful to the :1B than someone standin' in the pulpit preachin' 7arxist&6eninist doctrine. The su'ar&sweet messa'es of social e?ualit% from the croonin' mouths of the entertainers is ?uite enou'h to accomplish the aims of the :1B without an% overt activit% on their part. *)770+* "6 R"T )( of reli'ion does the same thin'. f the church has to S)6 * T %our mone% and remind %ou over and over a'ain in ever% T/ show to contri$ute (with telephone num$ers to pled'e donations), that onl% means and infers that there is somethin' $asicall% wron' with %our faith. ,aithful people do

not have to $e "S:08 for mone%, the% tithe to their churches voluntaril% and ea'erl%. .nhealth% competition for donations $etween various 'electronic churches' does two thin's $eneficial to the su$verter (:1B)D ;) it ma!es reli'ion dependent on the most successful 'salesmen' of 1od (and these salesmen ma% not necessaril% $e, the% 8)(T H"/0 to $e, of the hi'hest moral standards) thus, trul% moral, 1od&centered people are turned off $% or'anized reli'ion and L) it 07#T 0S re'ular churches, where %ou have to practice %our reli'ion $% personal ph%sical presence and participation and involvement. "ll the su$verter has to do now is to !eep on further discreditin' the main $od% of the church, $% harpin' at reli'ion in 'eneral as MBust another means of the capitalist exploitation of masses, and a profit&oriented opiate of the people.N "nd the Soviet propa'anda, and its fronts such as '(ovosti' #ress "'enc% does exactl% that, and ?uite successfull%, throu'h thousands of 'li$eral' and 'leftist' media esta$lishments in the .S". #oliticizin' reli'ion is the most efficient method of demoralizin' a tar'et nation. )nce a nation starts 'ivin' to *aesar what $elon's to 1od, and 'ettin' 1od involved in such thin's as 'social Bustice' and partisan political s?ua$$les, it predicta$l% loses what reli'ion calls merc% and the 'race of 1od. To put it in 'atheistic' terms, a tar'et countr% allows the su$verter to use the area of moral values for dissemination and enforcement of amoral ideas and policies. The most powerful instrument of this process is an or'anization called 5orld *ouncil of *hurches, infiltrated $% the :1B to such extent, that it is hard to distin'uish, these da%s, a priest from a sp%. Bein' a pu$lic relations officer for (ovosti, accompanied man% forei'n mem$ers of the 5** durin' their visits to the .SS+. Some of them struc! me as individuals patholo'icall% una$le to sa% or hear truth. The% were simpl% aller'ic to an% facts or opinions which would 'undermine' their 'spiritual' affiliation with the Soviet manipulators. "rch$ishop and president (@) 7acarios of *%prus was one such 'reli'ious 'visitor. S!illfull% com$inin' $oth 1od's and *aesar2s thin's, 7acarios was extremel% effective in $rin'in' the desperatel% needed air of le'itimac% and 'holiness' to the Bunta of the Soviet mass murderers and oppressors of reli'ion. His photo'enic presence at various 'international forums' in 7oscow 'reat;% promoted "**0#T"B 6 TY of the Soviet influence in the 'non&ali'ned' and 'developin'' countries. 5hen, after m% defection to the 5est, find Trots!%ite pu$lications in a .nited *hurch of *anada, or see (icara'uan *atholic *hurch 'fathers' with Soviet&made :alashni!ov machine 'uns hun' over their church ro$es, or read a$out 'humanitarian' aid from the "merican *ouncil of *hurches 'iven to "frican mass& murderers and terrorists, who were trained in m% old countr% $% the :1B, do not 'suspect'&& :()5 these thin's to $e what the% are&& direct results of the *ommunist S.B/0+S )( of reli'ion. do not need an% 'evidence' of 'lin!s' $etween the :1B and the church. The complete confusion of 1od&related and politicall% su$verted related 'oals are o$vious. n the extreme left column of m% chart %ou can see the +0S.6TS of 807)+"6 R"T )( in each individual area on each level of su$version. The result of the demoralization of reli'ion is a phenomenon referred to as the Mdeath

wish.N This expression is $orrowed from a $oo! $% a Soviet dissident writer, 'or Shafarevich, titled MSocialism as a Historical #henomenonN PThe Socialist #henomenon (read online)Q. (Y7*" #ress, #aris, ;<II) 8r. Shafarevich in anal%zin' the 'dead' civilizations of 0'%pt, 7a%a, 7ohenBo&8ara, Ba$%lon, etc., comes to an ominous conclusionD 0/0+Y )(0 ), TH0S0 * / 6 R"T )(S 8 08 5H0( #0)#60 +0A0*T08 +06 1 )( "(8 1)8, "(8 T+ 08 T) *+0"T0 'S)* "6 A.ST *0' "6)(1 TH0 S)* "6 ST #+ (* #60S. Thus, Socialism, accordin' to Shafarevich, ma% $e a manifestation of an in$orn human instinct of S06,&80ST+.*T )(, if unrestrained&& leadin' ultimatel% to #HYS *"6 80"TH ), "66 7"(: (8. 6Mass6 e24cation This is another area of su$version at the sta'e of demoralization. The 7arxist& 6eninist concept of education emphasizes 'environment' and 'mass' character of education over individual a$ilities and ?ualit%. 5hen "merican media enthusiasticall% reports (repeatin' Soviet propa'anda cliches) a$out 'achievements of Soviet science,' the% usuall% o$scure the 80)6)1 *"6 aspects and purposes of the *ommunist s%stem of education. '7assiveness' and 'universalit%' of education attracts 5estern sociolo'ists and 'overnmental $ureaucracies ali!e. ,or the 'developin'' nations this seems to $e the easiest short&cut to man% contemporar% pro$lems. The 5estern pu$lic seldom receives the explanation of TH0 #+ *0 or the state& controlled Socialist&t%pe educationD political conformit% to dictatorship, ideolo'ical $rainwashin', lac! of individual initiative in 'educated masses,2 la''in' $ehind in development of science and technolo'%. t is a commonl% !nown fact that most of the Soviet 'technolo'ical marvels' are stolen, $ou'ht or '$orrowed' from the 5est. 7ost of the scientific and technolo'ical research in the .SS+ is 'productive' onl% and always in the most destructive areaD the militar%. 7% motherland is still, after more than half centur% of 'victorious Socialism,2 a countr% without even common household refri'erators, and %et $oasts of their 'space exploration' and tremendous militar% mi'ht, which have done a$solutel% nothin' to improve the da% to da% life of Soviet citizens. The "merican romance with state&run education as encoura'ed $% :1B su$verters has alread% produced 'enerations of 'raduates who cannot spell, cannot find (icara'ua on a world map, cannot TH (: creativel% and independentl%. wonder if "l$ert 0instein would have arrived at his Theor% of +elativit% if he had $een educated in one of toda%2s "merican pu$lic schools. 7ost li!el% he would have 'discovered' mariBuana and variant methods of sexual intercourse instead. 5ouldn't %ou a'ree that :1B sponsored demoralization is not 'oin' to produce the d%namic, talented and fruitful %oun' "mericans of the future') *ontemporar% "merican permissiveness and moral relativit% in education have 'reatl% facilitated Soviet ideolo'ical su$version tactics.

The main methods of Soviet 807)+"6 R"T )( of "merican education areD ;. Student 0xchan'es where$% "merican students and professors 'o to 7oscow and are exposed to ideolo'ical $rainwashin' sometimes lac!in' the proper education that would allow them to assess the Soviet information the% receive o$Bectivel%. L. ,loodin' of campus $oo!stores with 7arxist and Socialist literature pu$lished $oth in the .SS+ and $% domestic Tfellow travelers2H G. nternational seminars and conferences with Soviet participation, where Soviet propa'anda seldom is $alanced $% opposin' viewpointsH =. nfiltration of schools and universities $% radicals, leftists, and simpl% 'distur$ers,2 often functionin' un!nowin'l% under the direct 'uidance of :1B "'ents of nfluence. 3. 0sta$lishin' numerous 'student' newspapers and ma'azines, staffed with *ommunists and s%mpathizersH J. )r'anizin' 'stud% 'roups' and 'circles' for dissemination of Soviet propa'anda and *ommunist ideolo'%. The eventual result is ver% predicta$leD i'norance com$ined with anti& "mericanism. That's 'ood enou'h for the :1B at this sta'e of su$version. LORDS OF P !LI) OPI#IO#

The "merican media is a willin' recipient of Soviet su$version. !now this, $ecause wor!ed with "merican Bournalists and correspondents in 7oscow while on the Soviet side, and after m% defection to the 5est. #eople ha$ituall% refer to the "merican media as 'free,2 i'norin' the o$vious and commonl% !nown fact that most of the most powerful media in the .S", is alread% 7)()#)6 R08 $oth financiall% and ideolo'icall% $% what are referred to as 'li$erals.2 "merican media 'chains' B06)(1 to fewer and fewer owners, who, do not seem to mind that the media is $ein' almost totall% 'li$eralized.2 6i$eralism, in its old classical sense, means a$ove all, respect to individual opinion and tolerance to opposin' views. However, in m% own experience, communist defectors who have re?uested and sometimes literall% $e''ed, to have stories of their life in the Soviet .nion told to the "merican people via the maBor "merican media have $een completel% i'nored.

)ne of the most devastatin' methods of Soviet su$version in "merican media is the 8 S*+08 T (1 of authors li!e m%self and the information and opinion of those who come up with clear evidence of

*ommunist crimes a'ainst man!ind. This method is well descri$ed in m% forthcomin' $oo! entirel% dedicated to the activit% of the '(ovosti' #ress "'enc%. ntroduction of ()(& SS.0S is another powerful method of demoralizin' at the level of 80"S. t will ta!e another full size $oo! to descri$e in detail this method. Suffice it will $e here to 'ive a $rief definition of ()(& SS.0S. "n issue, the solution of which creates more and $i''er pro$lems for maBorit% of a nation, even thou'h it ma% $enefit a few, is a non&issue (civil ri'hts of homosexuals is not an issueH defendin' sexual moralit% is the lar'er, real issue). The main purpose of non&issues and the devastatin' result of their introduction is the S 80& T+"*: (1 of pu$lic opinion, ener'% ($oth mental and ph%sical), mone% and T 70 from the constructive solutions. Soviet propa'anda elevated the art of infiltratin' and emphasizin' non&issues in "merican pu$lic life to the level of actual state polic%. A22ictive 6mass c4/t4re6 Years a'o, when was scannin' throu'h a pile of 5estern newspapers in (ovosti's 7oscow head?uarters, came across a column written $% a *anadian writer, 1re'or% *lar! in the MToronto Star.N Here it is in full. have saved it for m% filesD f were a *ommunist a'ent in "merica with millions of dollars to spend annuall% would not waste it in $ri$in' pu$ic servants to 'ive awa% state secrets. But would lavish and encoura'e the sleaz% tune&smiths of that re'ion to turnout more and more 'ara'e 'culture'... 1a''led&headed and o$scure musicians would $e helped to prominence. would see! out the more ?uestiona$le pu$lishers of the dirtier paper$ac!s and slip them a few hundred thousand so the% could set up more respecta$le head offices. 5herever trend shows towards the $eat 'eneration would offer it a helpin' hand. "n%thin' that prompted the insu$ordination of teena'ers, an%thin' that contri$utes to the confusion and exasperation of parents would $e most li$erall% endowed. The $asic intention of m% spendin' would $e to $rea! down the discipline, encoura'e relaxation of authorit% of ever% !ind so as to $uild up, in as short time as possi$le, an adult 'eneration that could easil% 'o out of control. "merica would loo! desperatel% around for an% !ind of discipline to rescue them and TH0+0&& prett% as a picture, would $e *ommunism, the most iron&fisted discipline since Sparta. The victor% would $e $loodless... 0xcept of course in concentration camps, torture, prisons, and few thin's li!e that. But no$od% would !now a$out that $ecause of censorship of the press.

This was written in ;<3<@ The accurac% of this description of ).+ activit% stunned me. 5e had Bust completed 'helpin' a 'a''le&headed' *ommunist entertainer, Yves 7ontand to 'prominence' in 7oscow and were halfwa% throu'h with pu$licl% elevatin' 'o$scure' ndian filmma!er +aB :apoor to 'fame.2 The editorial offices of (ovosti were teamin' with 'sleaz%' forei'n sin'ers, poets, writers, artists, musicians and 'intellectuals' comin' to m% countr% for support in their 'pro'ressive stru''le' a'ainst their own 'decadent capitalist' societies... There is not much can add to that statement of a wise *anadian columnist toda%. Yes, :1B encoura'es 807)+"6 R"T )( of "merica throu'h the 'mass culture' $% rel%in' upon the help of the Museful idiotsN of the entertainment $usiness. (o, the Beatles, #un!s and 7ichael Aac!son are not on the :1B pa%roll. The% are on Y).+ pa%roll. "ll the :1B had to do is to slowl% and 'raduall% *H"(10 Y).+ "TT T.80S and !ill %our +0S ST"(*0 to the demoralizin' addiction %our !ids call 'music,2 ma!e it accepta$le, ()+7"6H ma!e it a part of '"merican culture' where it docs not $elon' and never did. *ontinued in #art Three.

T U E S D A Y, D E C E M B E R 1 6 , 2 0 0 8

Love Letter to America: Part Three

T3E SE)O#D LE"EL OF DEMORALI&ATIO#: STR )T RES There is a +ussian prover$ which sa%sD MThe sl% head 'ives no rest to the arms.N 6et us see what *ommunist su$version docs to %our MarmsN&& the socio F politicalFeconomical ST+.*T.+0S of "merica. The areas of application for demoralizin' "merican structures areD ;. Audicial and 6aw&enforcement s%stemH L. #u$lic or'anizations and institutions dealin' with +06"T )(S $etween individuals, 'roups and classes of the societ%H G. Securit% and defense or'ansH =. nternal political parties and 'roupsH 3. ,orei'n polic% formulatin' $odies $oth 'overnmental and non&'overnmental (Mthin!&tan!s,N academia, Msovietolo'% advisorsN etc.)

n the area of M6aw and )rder,N the method of demoralization is to promote and enforce the prevalence of the Mle'alisticN approach over the MmoralN one. Several 'enerations of "merican law%ers and law&ma!ers, 'raduatin' from the 'li$eral' (that is 60,T ST, SocialistEoriented) schools, after lon'&time exposure to the Socialist 80)6)1Y, have alread% created an atmosphere in the ..S. Budicial s%stem where$% Munderprivile'edN criminals are treated as a MvictimsN of the Mcruel "merican societ%,N and the real victim (the law&a$idin' societ%) is turned into defenseless and ver% underprivile'ed citizens and taxpa%ers, #"Y (1 for a comparativel% comforta$le life of the criminal in or outside prison. The result is as predicta$le as it is desira$le for the su$verterD 7 ST+.ST of the "merican population towards their own Budicial and law&enforcement s%stem, and people demandin' harsher punishments and stricter *)(T+)6S in order to fi'ht crime. "nd what could $e $etter than Soviet or *ommunist&t%pe control> 0ven %our 'li$eral' media claims that there is no street crime in 7oscow and no dru' pro$lem in the .SS+. Similarl%, in the area of social life, $% encoura'in' %ou to put %our individual + 1HTS over %our )B6 1"T )(S (an% o$li'ations private, financial, moral, patriotic etc.) the su$verter achieves the desired effectD a societ% composed of ++0S#)(S B60 (8 / 8."6S, each one Mdoin' his own thin',N and actin' accordin' to the Mlaw of Bun'le.N Such su$version of societ% is the first step to t%rann%. To demoralize "merica's #+)T0*T /0 ,)+*0S it is enou'h to ma!e %our !ids call the police Mpi'sN and MfascistsN for a decade, dis$and police a'encies watchin' over su$verters and radicals $% callin' them MspiesN (that is exactl% what "merican .nion of *ivil 6i$erties did), sta'e campai'n after campai'n of discreditation and Minvesti'ationN of the Mwron'doin'sN of the police, and in L4 %ears %ou arrive at the present situation, when the maBorit% of civilian population of this nation is virtuall% without civil laws or protection from murderers, lunatics, criminals, etc. *an %ou now expect %our police and civil authorities to protect %ou and %our famil% in case of terrorist attac! or a maBor civil distur$ance> The "merican ,B and * " have had no $etter treatment. "mericans are 7"80 to $elieve that %our own securit% a'encies pose more dan'er than the Soviet :1B. There were dozens of MrevelationsN and exposUs on the * " durin' the last ;4 to ;3 %ears. But there was not a S (160 pu$lic trial of an% Soviet a'ent of the :1B cau'ht in the .S" Mred&handed.N There were numerous expulsions of Soviet 'diplomats' %es. But an e?ual or 'reater num$er of them came to "merica to replace their 'fallen comrades.2 There is not a S (160 law in "merica which could $e used to le'all% persecute :1B a'ents for ideolo'ical su$version. But there is a law that prevents %our * " from usin' Y).+ media to vindicate their acts to protect Y). a'ainst the :1B su$version. Your media and %our Holl%wood entertainers lovin'l% repeat ever% fa$rication of Soviet propa'anda re'ardin' the * " 'atrocities,2 mixin' it with

truth, half&truth and $latant lie. 8emoralizers li!e 6arr% ,lint re'ularl% entertain the pu$lic with Buic% stories a$out T* " assassinations2 sandwiched $etween porno'raphic pictures in his ma'azine. 8o %ou remem$er when %ou saw an "merican film or read a $oo! a$out the ''ood * "'> do not impl% that porno'rapher ,lint or mem$ers of +oc!efeller *ommission on * " are on the :1B pa%roll. But o$viousl% porno'raph%, as well as political prostitution pa%s. t sells 'Hustler' ma'azine, it sells politicians... and it !ills the securit% of "merica. *riticism of the :1B does not pa%. n fact, critics of :1B su$verters ma% 'et !illed in the process. 5hat are %ou, m% dear "mericans> " nation of masochists and cowards> 5hen %ou read and listen to all this dirt poured upon %our securit% a'encies $% the media and politicians, can't %ou realize, that the most Bust and factual criticism of the * " is wron'l% addressed> Securit% a'encies of "merica (unli!e the :1B) are (ST+.70(TS in the hands of a nation and her elected #)6 T * "(S. )ne should not $lame an instrument, when it is the )#0+"T)+'s fault. f the instrument malfunctions&& *)++0*T it, and don't use a hammer where a fine screwdriver is needed. /er% often "merican media presents a picture of * " and ,B as a 'mirror reflection' of the :1B and its 'fraternal services.2 ,alse. The :1B is a #)50+ which s%stematicall% and ruthlessl% 7.+80+08 a$out S VTY 7 66 )( of m% countr%men, and still en'a'es in the !illin' of innocent defenseless people all over the world. How man% were !illed $% the * "> 8o num$ers (and '?ualit%' too) matter at all to %ou> )r was comrade Stalin ri'ht, when he said that )(0 person shot is a tra'ed%, $ut ; million is statistics'> (ow let's loo! at how %ou treat %our militar%. 5hat is the ima'e of the militar% presented to %ou and the rest of the world in the "merican press and the electronic media> f there is a ..S. 'eneral, he is called a tri''er&happ% 'warmon'er,2 a 'haw!' and 'a''ressor.2 )ne of the most popular T/ series&& 7.".S.H.&& presents %our militar% as a $unch of ver% humorous, h%stericall% funn% $unch of ps%chotics, ?ueers, alcoholics and otherwise rather unrul% characters. +ecentl% saw a film titled M+a'e,N where the #enta'on is depicted as a cruel experimenter, testin' chemical weapons on unsuspectin' "merican farmers. "nd it is shown on T/ exactl% at the ver% same time when Soviets are usin' chemical weapons in "f'hanistan, *am$odia and 6aos, and provide the same to their ra?i '$rothers 'for their fraternal 'enocide in #ersian 1ulf. Have %ou 0/0+ seen a movie or a T/ series a$out TH"T> 0ver% "merican student !nows the name of the /ietnamese villa'e 7i&6ai and what it stands for, namel%, an M"merican war crime.N 8o %ou remem$er the name of the Soviet pilot who shot down the :orean passen'er airliner with LJ< passen'ers a$oard, includin' some J4 "mericans and a .S senator> 8o %ou remem$er the name of that senator Pactuall%, *on'ressmanQ> 8oes an%$od% in "merica 0/0+ learn from "merican media the names of thousands of *am$odian and "f'hani villa'es T)T"66Y 0VT0+7 ("T08 $% the Soviet militar%> 5here is Aane ,onda and 8r. Spoc!, who used to express so much concern and love for /ietnamese and *am$odians when the .S militar% was there>

The 'dou$le standard' applied and enforced and 601 T 7 R08 $% the manipulators of pu$lic opinion in the .S" is a direct result of the lon'&term process of the 807)+"6 R"T )( of the 7"10 of the .S 7 6 T"+Y in the minds of millions all over the world. The result> Stud% the chart... 674iet Di1/omac06 or s4rren2er8 There are hundreds of volumes written a$out the wa%s *ommunists use forei'n relations for their purposes. There are ()(0 which reveal the link $etween the failures of "merican diplomac% and the process of demoralization. ,rom time to time defectors from the *ommunist side, such as "r!ad% Shevchen!o, the .SS+ representative in the .(, 'ive $reath&ta!in' accounts on how the *ommunists are usin' 'diplomac%' for su$version. "nd %et all the crowds of MexpertsN and M!remlinolo'istsN are seemin'l% una$le to put the pieces to'ether and to raise their voices "1" (ST dealin' with the *ommunists in a 'diplomatic' wa%. 7an% pu$lic fi'ures have noted that most or "mericans do not want to hear unpleasant thin's. #oliticians in the .S" !now this. So does the :1B. 0ver% "merican administration has contri$uted to the process of 807)+"6 R"T )( of their own forei'n polic% $% continuousl% ne'otiatin' and S 1( (1 9peace treaties.N ,rom the 96end 6ease9 to the 9Helsin!i "ccord9 to the 9S"6T9 treaties, creatin' false expectations and voter complacenc% and (0/0+ openl% and honestl% admittin' that ()(0 of thoseD a'reements and treaties 0/0+ 5)+:08&& for "merica that is&& The% "66 $enefited the .SS+ however. n the process "merica has lost 7)ST or her forei'n friends to the 'Socialist camp'&& *oncentration camp, to he precise. #resentl% the .S" is rapidl% nearin' a situation of T)T"6 S)6"T )( from the rest or the world. 0ven our lon'&timeD friend 1reat Britain did not support "merica, even ver$all%, on the li$eration of 1renada, despite the o$vious fact that "merica was on the British side in the ridiculous war over the ,al!land slands. 5hat could $e more amoral than the 'peace with honor' si'ned $% :issin'er with Hanoi *ommunists> && as! the /ietnamese '$oat people.2 5hen someone ma!es a deal with a murderer we call him 'accomplice in crime,2 we don't award him with '(o$el #eace #rize.2 )r do we> 5hat should we call this !ind of forei'n polic% which is $oth amoral "(8 hurts "merica> Leve/ Three: nhea/th0 !o20 99 nhea/th0 Min2 8emoralization in such areas as famil% life, health services, interracial relations, population control and distri$ution and la$or relations call the T6 ,02 level. 7arxist&6eninist ideolo'% coated in various indi'enous Msocial theoriesN have 'reatl% contri$uted to the process of "merican famil% $rea!&up. The trend recentl% is chan'in' in the opposite direction, $ut man% 'enerations of "mericans, $rou'ht up in $ro!en families, are alread% adults lac!in' one of the most vital ?ualities for the survival of a nation&& 6)Y"6TY. " child who has not learned to $e lo%al to his famil% will hardl% ma!e a lo%al citizen. Such child ma% 'row into adult who is lo%al to the State thou'h. The .SS+ example is rather

revealin' in this case. n the stru''le for the 'final victor% of *ommunism,2 the 'oal of the su$verter is to su$stitute, as slowl% and painlessl% as possi$le, the concept of lo%alt% for ("T )( with lo%alt% to the MBi' BrotherN welfare state, who 'ives ever%thin' and is a$le to T":0 ever%thin', includin' personal freedom&& from ever% citizen. f that o$Bective is successfull% achieved, the su$verter does not need an% nuclear warheads and tan!s and ma% not even need the ph%sical militar% (/"S )(. "ll that will $e needed is to 'elect' a 'pro'ressive thin!in'' president who will $e voted to power $% "mericans, who have $een addicted to welfare and 'securit%' as defined $% Soviet su$verters. /er% similar methods are $ein' used in the area of medical and health services and sports, (as part of an activit% meant to !eep the population health%). B% encoura'in' 'professionalism' in spectator sports rather than encoura'in' individual sports participation, "merica enfee$les herself as a nation. 7ost "merican adults who 'love sports' watch T/ sports pro'rams, while munchin' pretzels with their $eer, and ()T ta!in' ph%sical participation in sports activit%. .nli!e in the .SS+, sports is not a *)7#.6S)+Y part of elementar% education in "merica. mpressive victories of Soviet athletes at international competitions further facilitate the 80"S ), TH0 S.#+07"*Y of S)* "6 S7 in the area of pu$lic health, thus convincin' more and more "mericans of the need to emulate the Soviet s%stem and introduce it into the "merican schools. 5hat man% "mericans do not realize, is that what the% see on their T/ screens is not +0"6 Soviet sport. The maBorit% of the .SS+ population is not 'athletic' at allH the% are sic! from the lac! of correct nutrition and alcoholism. Soviet athletes are state&created exceptions to the 'eneral national deterioration in the .SS+. " similar m%th is $ein' promoted in the ..S. a$out 'free health care' in the .SS+. 5hile wor!in' in 7oscow, accompan%in' numerous forei'n dele'ations and showin' them 're'ular' medical facilities in clinics and !ol!hos hospitals, m% 'uests did not all realize that was ta!in' them to speciall% prepared 'exclusive' medical esta$lishments, 'onl% for the e%es of forei'ners.2 5hen arran'ed interviews with Soviet doctors, tellin' m% 'uests a$out the ''lorious achievements' of Soviet sur'er%, some of them had no wa% of chec!in' if these 'achievements' were availa$le to .SS+ collective farmers or wor!ers in Si$eria. The% are not. "nd man% "mericans !now a$out this, althou'h the% have never visited m% old countr%. Yet the tendenc% of ..S. $ureaucrats is to enlar'e the state&run medicare, despite the fact that, as shown in the .SS+ and elsewhere, socialized medicine is su$&standard, less efficient, and most definitel% less pro'ressive than privatel% owned and operated medical facilities within a properl% functionin' free mar!et s%stem. 8emoralization in the area of food *)(S.7#T )( patterns is also effective in the introduction of such thin's as 'Bun! foods.2 (o, :1B a'ents do not put chemicals into "merican food and drin!. t is done $% some "merican me'a& monopolies who operate alon' the same principles as Soviet ')$shchepit' (#u$lic ,ood Service)D the% loo! at consumers as 'units of consumers,2 not individuals. "$olishin' freel% competin' S7"66 food companies, who H"8 T) T+0"T Y).

(8 / 8."66Y to survive economicall%, these 'iants of indi'estion artificiall% *+0"T0 consumers' tastes and demands which ma% not $e in the interests of %our health $ut surel% in the interests of the monopol% profit. "nd here tend to a'ree, at least in part, with "merica's +alph (aders, and consumer protection 'roups, althou'h do not share their ideas on the solution of the pro$lem. +acial and ethnic interrelations is one of the most vulnera$le areas for demoralization. There is not a sin'le *ommunist countr% where racial 'roups are 'e?ual' and enBo% as much freedom to develop themselves culturall% and economicall% as in "merica. "ctuall%, there are not too man% McapitalistN countries where ethnic minorities have it as 'ood as in the .S". have $een to man% countries of the world and can state to %ou, m% dear "mericans, that %our societ% is the least discriminator%. The *ommunist 'solution' for racial pro$lem is 'final'D the% simpl% murder those who are different "(8 stu$$ornl% insist on remainin' different. Stalin pla%ed with whole populations of 'ethnics'&& 'resettlin'' 0stonians, 6atvians and 6ithuanians in Si$eria, relocatin' *rimean Tartars from the tropics to permafrost and :oreans from the ,ar 0ast to the :aza!hstan deserts. But unfortunatel%, an 'avera'e' "merican never recalls these commonl% !nown facts when his attention is drawn to domestic 'racial discrimination' issues $% those who profess 'racial harmon%' alon' the socialist principle 'uidelines. 5h%> SimpleD $ecause "merican 'race discrimination fi'hters' (0/0+ 70(T )( these facts. f the .S" were located on a separate planet from the *ommunists, would pro$a$l% a'ree with 7artin 6uther :in' when he said that M"merica is a racist countr%.2 But when these statements are made on TH S planet and in TH0 7)ST (T01+"T08 ("T )( ( TH0 5)+68, sa% to %our 'fi'hters for racial e?ualit%'D %ou are h%pocrites and instruments (even if unwillin') of 807)+"6 R"T )(. The "merican traditional solution of racial and ethnic pro$lems is slow $ut efficientD the 'meltin' pot' which raises the less developed 'roups to a H 1H0+ level. t has wor!ed for more than a centur% of "merican histor% and created the most harmonious and productive nation on 0arth. The present da% 'solution' to racial ine?ualit% is $orrowed from *ommunist m%tholo'%D 0O."6 TY of all racial and ethnic 'roups 601 S6"T08 $% the 'overnment and 0(,)+*08 $% state $ureaucracies. 5e !now perfectl% well that neither races nor (8 / 8."6S are e?ual, in ever% respect. 5e !now that ever% nation and race has its peculiar character, a$ilities, traditions, mentalit%, and a$ilit% to learn and its individual #"*0 ), 80/06)#70(T. B% mimic!in' the Soviet 'national polic%' of e?ualit% "merica simpl% erases the distinct racial characteristics that have made this countr% 'reat. /er% $riefl% on population distri$utionD ur$anization and Mde&landizationN (the ta!in' awa% of private land) is the 'reatest threat to "merican nationhood. 5h%> Because the poor farmer often is a 'reater #"T+ )T than an affluent dweller of a lar'e con'ested "merican cit%. *ommunists !now this ver% well. The Soviets !eep a ver% ti'ht control over the size of their cities $% the s%stem of 'police re'istration of residence' called 'propis!a.2 The% !now perfectl% well that the farmer will fi'ht

an invader until last $ullet )( H S 6"(8. M.nderprivile'edN or ur$anized masses on the other hand, ma% feel li!e meetin' an invader with flowers and red $anners. "6 0("T )( of people from privatel%&owned land is one of the ver% important methods of 807)+"6 R"T )(. "nd, finall%, we have come to the last $ut not least important areaD la$or relations. don't thin! have to tell %ou a$out ideolo'ical infiltration of some la$our unions in the .S". This is a well documented part of %our histor%. 7oscow T nternational Trade .nion School,2 a :1B incu$ator for a'ents, ta!es care of ph%sical infiltration of la$or unions. "nd that is also well !nown (even to the * ") in fact. 5hat would li!e %ou to thin! a$out toda% is thisD what sort of 7)+"6 TY it ta!es to ma!e medical nurses leave sic! and d%in' patients in hospital $eds and wal! out to stri!e for fift% cents an hour more in pa%> ):, for a full 8)66"+ more> 5hat ma!es unionized electricians leave a cit% without power in the middle of a severe winter and let several children in Munder privile'edN slums freeze to 80"TH> How desperate for mone% must a unionized truc! driver $e to SH))T T) 80"TH a stri!e&$rea!in' collea'ue, father of five> Surel%, each individual "merican, who commits these outra'eousl% "7)+"6 acts is not that cruel and e'ocentric. "nd, let's face it, not TH"T $ro!e. So, wh%> 7% answer is&& 80)6)1 *"6 807)+"6 R"T )(. The $ar'ainin' process in "merican la$or in man% instances is no lon'er motivated $% the desire to 7#+)/0 wor!in' conditions and wa'es. n man% cases it is not $ar'ainin' at all&& it's $lac!mail. "nd in the process of the unlimited 'rowth of union #)50+, the "merican wor!er loses the onl% relevant and real freedom he has in his countr%D the freedom to choose, to wor! or not to wor!, and for how much. f an individual prefers to wor! for 6)50+ pa% (and it must $e his free individual choice), he often is no lon'er a$le to do so. have Bust mentioned what happens to stri!e&$rea!ers in "merica. STA.E T5O OF T3E FO R STA.ES OF S !"ERSIO#: DESTA!ILI&ATIO# Here the efforts of su$verter narrow down to the MessentialsND the internal power structures of a tar'et nationH the nation's forei'n relationsH econom% and Msocial fi$er.N f the precedin' sta'e of 807)+"6 R"T )( is successful, the su$verter no lon'er has to $other a$out %our 80"S and %our 6 ,0. (ow he 'ets to the 'spinal cord') of %our countr% and helps Y). to $rin' %our own societ% into the state of 80ST"B 6 R"T )(. That ma% ta!e from L to 3 %ears, dependin' on the maturit% of a nation and its a$ilit% to mo$ilize for resistance. Power Str4::/e The first s%mptom of insta$ilit% is expressed as the desire of the population to $rin' to power those politicians and parties who are charismatic, act li!e 'ood

Mcareta!ersN and promise more Msecurit%N&& not from external and forei'n enemies, $ut rather, Bo$ Msecurit%,N MfreeN social services and other Mpleasure stro!esN provided $% MBi' Brother.N B% concentratin' the attention of a nation on short&term solutions and Mimprovements,N such irresponsi$le politicians simpl% procrastinate on facin' Mthe moment of truth,N when the nation will lave to pa% a much hi'her price for the main and $asic pro$lem&& $rin'in' countr% $ac! to sta$ilit% and restorin' the moral fi$er. " compoundin' factor at this sta'e is the so&called M'rass rootN participation of the 'masses' in the political process. 8emoralized and enfee$led 'masses' tend to 'ra$ the 'easiest' short&cut solution to social ills and socialism seems to them to $e the $est answer. Traditional national institutions no lon'er appear efficient. The% are 'raduall% replaced $% artificiall% created 'citizen's committees' and $oards' which ac?uire more and more political power. These $odies which are in essence, mirror reflections of the totalitarian structures of power, are more and more 'responsive' to mo$&ocrac%, the rule of of the crowd of radicalized *)(S.70+S. "t the same time, the $ac!$one of the econom%&& the free $ar'ainin' process&& 'raduall% %ields to the principle of 'planned econom%' and 'centralization.2 5ith the final destruction of the free $ar'ainin' process the predominant economic power moves into the hands of MBi' Brother,N the State, which functions more and more 'in cahoots' with me'a&monopolies and monopolized la$or unions. The famous 'division of powers' no lon'er 'overns the Budicial, le'islative and executive lines, $ut rather is replaced $% $ureaucrac% in 'overnment, $ureaucrac% in $usiness and $ureaucrac% in la$or. n the area of forei'n relations "merica is $ein' pushed further and further into isolationism and defeatism. ,ew remainin' friends loo! with horror at the destin% of those nations who were $etra%ed and a$andoned $% the .S" and tr% to find 'their own solutions,2 which often comes as 'esta$lishin' friendl% relations' with the .SS+ and its *ommunist empire. The $elli'erent encirclement of "merica proceeds with an ever&increasin' pace and demoralized politicians are no lon'er a$le or willin' to face the inevita$le realit%. Soviet and *u$an militar% supplies and direct intervention seem to the .S le'islators to $e less dan'erous, than "merica's 'losin' face' $% 'violatin' international laws' $% minin' (icara'uan ports to prevent the export of *ommunist revolution to the re'ion. The maBorit% of "mericans are made to $elieve that it is their countr%-& "merica&& who 'violates' international law, not the .SS+ and its surro'ates. The avera'e "merican ma% not even realize that the ' nternational *ourt' is nothin' $ut an artificial creature of the Soviet&controlled 1eneral "ssem$l% of the .(. "ll throu'h this sta'e of 80ST"B 6 R"T )(, 5estern 'multinational' monopolies continue to trade, extend credits, suppl% technolo'% and 'diplomaticall%' appease the S.B/0+T0+&& the *entral *ommittee of the .SS+. n total disre'ard of the interests of the peoples of "merica and the .SS+, these two 'iants continue to extend aid to each other. "merican media !eeps tal!in'

a$out 'frictions' $etween the ("T )(S (.S"&.SS+)@ 5hat 'frictions'> *omrade #etrov in )ms! has () ,+ *T )(S with 7r. Smith in #itts$ur'h. n fact, the% never had a chance to meet each other than!s to Helsin!i "ccord. *omrade #etrov, thou'h H"S ,+ *T )(S with his oppressors&& the :remlin Bunta, which sends him to ma!e war on "f'hanistan, /ietnam, "n'ola and (icara'ua. *omrade #etrov does not want war with "merica. (either does 7r. Smith want to fi'ht '+ussia.2 But the% ma% have to if the 80ST"B 6 R"T )( process is successful in "merica. )nce it is, the situation inevita$l% slides into... )RISIS' STA.E T3REE t ma% ta!e onl% L to J months, to $rin' "merica to the same situation which now exists South of the $order in *entral "merica. "t this third sta'e of su$version %ou will have all %our "merican 'radicals' and Soviet 'sleeper' a'ents sprin'in' into action, tr%in' to 'seize power as ?uic!l% and ruthlessl% as possi$le2 (see the '+ules of +evolution' in the $e'innin' of this $oo!let). f all the previous sta'es of Soviet su$version have $een successfull% completed $% that time, the maBorit% of "mericans will $e so totall% confused that the% ma% even 506*)70 some Tstron'' leaders who '!now how to tal! to the +ussians.2 *hances are these leaders will $e elected and 'iven almost unlimited 'emer'enc% powers.2 " forceful chan'e of the ..S. s%stem ma% or ma% not $e accomplished throu'h a civil war or internal revolution, and a ph%sical 7 6 T"+Y invasion $% the .SS+ ma% not even have to ta!e place at all. But chan'e it will $e, and rather a drastic one, with all the familiar attri$utes of Soviet 'pro'ress' $ein' instituted such as ("T )("6 R"T )( of vital industries, the reduction of the 'private sector' of the econom% to the $are minimum, the redistri$ution of wealth and a massive propa'anda campai'n $% the newl% 'elected' 'overnment to 'explain' and Bustif% the reforms. (o&& no concentration camps and executions. (ot %et. That will come later at the sta'e of... #ORMALI&ATIO#: T3E FO RT3 A#D LAST STA.E

"n% normal nation would definitel% resist such a 'pro'ressive chan'e.2 "s have Bust descri$ed. "nd accordin' to the 'classics or 7arxism&6eninism' there will arise poc!ets of resistance, shortl% after the ta!eover consistin' of the 'enem% classes and counter&revolutionaries' who will ph%sicall% resist the new s%stem. Some "mericans ma% ta!e to arms and flee to the mountains (as in "f'hanistan). +eforms (or 80ST+.*T )( to $e more accurate) of the securit% a'encies, (police and militar%) $% the new 'overnment ma% lead to a situation of Tsplit lo%alties2 amon' law enforcement officers and render the maBorit% of the population defenseless. "t this point, to avoid 'the $loodshed,2 the su$verter moves to ()+7"6 R"T )(, a term $orrowed from the Soviet propa'anda of ;<JC&& from the time of the Soviet 'fraternal' invasion of *zechoslova!ia. *omrade Brezhnev called that '()+7"6 R"T )(.2 "nd he was ri'htD the van?uished countr% was $rou'ht BY ,)+*0 into the ()+7"6 state of S)* "6 S7D namel%, su$Bu'ation. This is when m% dear friends, %ou will start seein' 'friendl%' Soviet soldiers in the streets of our cities wor!in' to'ether with "merican soldiers and the 'new' police force to 'restore law and order.2 /er% soon %our %esterda%'s "merican socialist radicals and 'do&'ooders2 who were wor!in' so hard to $rin' 'pro'ress' to their own countr% will find themselves ( #+ S)(S and hastil%&$uilt concentration camps. 7an% of them will $e 0V0*.T08, ?uietl% or pu$licl%. 5h%> SimpleD the Soviet 'li$erators' will have no further use for the 'distur$ers.2 The 'useful idiots' will have completed their wor!. ,rom then on the (ew )rder will need ST"B 6 TY and (05 7)+"6 TY. (o more ''rass roots' movements. (o more criticism of the State. The #ress will o$edientl% censor itself. n fact, this

censorship is alread% existin' ()5, imposed $% the so&called ..S. 'li$erals' and socialist do&'ooders. You will now have the opportunit% to 'enBo%' exactl% the same life as the /ietnamese, *am$odians, "n'olans and (icara'uans, $etra%ed $% P>Q %ou enBo% ()5. This state of social '()+7"6 R"T )(' ma% last forever, that is&& %our life& time and life&times of %our children and 'randchildren... IT 5ILL #E"ER 3APPE# 3ERE; 5hat if it docs happen here> 5h% ta!e chances> 5hat are the S)6.T )(S> There are different solutions for different sta'es of su$version. f a nation has enou'h common sense to ST)# su$version at the ver% $e'innin' of the 807)+"6 R"T )( sta'e, %ou ma% never need the painful and drastic solutions needed to deal with the *+ S S sta'e. The most 'eneral solution can offer&& for the whole process of S.B/0+S )(&& is to ST)# " 8 (1 TH0 S.B/0+T0+. You are still livin' in a free societ% and %ou are a$le to force %our elected politicians to chan'e their policies toward the *ommunist world if %ou so choose. But if Y)., personall% do not see an%thin' wron' in dealin' with the *ommunists and H06# (1 them in their 'lo$al expansion, feel that %ou should $e'in learnin' more a$out the realit% of the *ommunistF Socialist situation, not from %our monopolized media, $ut from the independent media and press who have no vested interest in ma!in' out the Soviet .nion to $e the ''ood 'u%s,2 and from people li!e m%self, who have experienced *ommunism first&hand for man% %ears. There are numerous "merican patriotic 'roups and or'anizations who are well informed and who alread% have man% S)6.T )(S, to com$at the dama'e done $% ideolo'ical su$version, some of which are as 'ood or even $etter than mine. See! these 'roups, Boin them and 8) somethin'. This $oo!let is m% love letter to "merica. did not write it to fri'hten or threaten the nation that love for its freedom, its principles, its ideals. But if %ou were wal!in' across the street with a friend and saw a car $arrelin' down upon %ou $oth that %our friend did not see, would %ou sa% nothin' to %our friend and move out of the wa%, leavin' him to $e hit> )f course not and do not intend to do that to %ou. n m% next $oo!let, will cover the full solutions to the pro$lem of ideolo'ical su$version. sincerel% hope %ou will $e readin' it. 6ove, Tomas Schuman P,S, M0 ne<t book wi// be entit/e2 T3O .3T POLI)E =#o 6#ovosti6 Is .oo2 #ews% t is an inside stor% a$out the Soviet '(ovosti' #ress "'enc% ("#(), an ideolo'ical

S.B/0+S )( arm of the :1B, told $% a person who emotionall% and politicall% re$elled a'ainst expansion of Soviet imperialism and defected to the 5est to $rin' the messa'e of impendin' dan'er. '(ovosti' means 'news' in +ussian. t is also the name of a Soviet su$version and propa'anda monster spreadin' its networ! tentacles all over the world and servin' the ultimate 'oal of the *ommunist elite&& world domination. There is a popular Bo!e in Soviet +ussia a$out 1en'his :han, (apoleon and Hitler standin' atop 6enin's tom$ reviewin' a militar% parade in 7oscow. M f onl% had an arm% that $i',N said 1en'his :han, M would surel% con?uer 0urope...N M f onl% had these nice roc!ets $ac! in ;C;L,N said (apoleon, M+ussia would now $e a part of the ,rench colonial empire...N Hitler did not sa% an%thin'H he was readin' '(ovosti' #ress "'enc% ma'azine, thin!in' if onl% he could pu$lish propa'anda li!e this, no one in the world would realize what ,ascism is and ea'erl% em$race it... 7% $oo! is not a$out armies and nuclear warheads, $ut a$out somethin' mi'htier and more penetratin' than worst atomic radiationD Soviet ideolo'ical a''ression a'ainst the ,ree 5orld. have collected all the evidence could&&photo'raphs, documents, and pu$lications of Soviet planted disinformation in the 5estern media, etc.&& and present all of it to %ou to'ether with m% own life stor% and m% thou'hts on H)5 T) #+)T0*T Y). from Mli$erationN&& *ommunist st%le. .nless %ou want to Boin the Mfraternal famil% of the peoplesN in the Soviet Socialist *oncentration *amp, %ou simpl% must read m% $oo!... and 'et into action ()5. The price of the $oo! is W 3 (*alifornia residents please add sales tax). t contains J= pa'es and scores of photodocuments. The $oo! will $e mailed to %ou postpaid. #rices on this $oo!let and cassette tapes of m% lectures and radio interviews are shown $elow. Sincerel%, T)7"S 8. S*H.7"( This $oo!let M6ove 6etter to "merica,N will $e shipped postpaid for the followin' pricesD ;&< copies, W3.J4 eachH ;4&<< copies, W=.J4 eachH ;44&<<< copies, WG.J4 eachH ;444 or more copies, WL<4 Tapes and cassettes of Tomas Shuman's lectures and radio tal! shows are availa$le postpaid for WJ.I3 each. You can order this $oo! $% mailin' %our chec! made to (.".T.". ((ew "merican Talent "ssociation)&& W3.44 plus J4 cents for posta'e-toD PexcisedQ. P don't thin! this or'anization is around an%more.Q

T)7"S S*H.7"( has $een personall% involved with the world&wide propa'anda efforts of the Soviet re'ime. 6i!e a true&life 5inston Smith, from 1eor'e )rwell's M;<C=,N Tomas Schuman wor!ed for the communist e?uivalent of )rwell's 7inistr% of Truth&&The (ovosti #ress "'enc%. (ovosti, which means M(ewsN in +ussian, exists to produce slanted and false stories to plant in the forei'n media. The term for this :.1.B. effort is Mdisinformation.N 7r. Schuman was $orn under the name of Yuri Bezmenov in 7oscow in ;<G<, the son of a senior officer in the +ed "rm%. *onse?uentl%, he went to 'ood schools. "t the a'e of ;I he entered the nstitute of )riental 6an'ua'es of 7oscow State .niversit%. "fter 'raduatin', he wor!ed for (ovosti, then spent two %ears in ndia as an interpreter and pu$lic relations officer with Soviet +efineries *onstructions. He returned to 7oscow in ;<J3 to wor! for (ovosti, servin' as 0conomic 0ditor for the Hindi, .rdu and 0n'lish 0ditions of Sovietland 7a'azine. n ;<J< he went $ac! to ndia and continued propa'anda efforts for (ovosti in (ew 8elhi, wor!in' out of the Soviet 0m$ass% in a department called +esearch and *ounter& #ropa'anda. 8ue to his 'rowin' dis'ust, he $e'an to plan defection. n ,e$ruar% of ;<I4 he dis'uised himself as a hippie complete with $eads and wi' and Boined a tour 'roup to escape to "thens. He contacted the .nited States 0m$ass% and, after a lon' de$riefin' $% .DS. ntelli'ence, was 'ranted as%lum and went to *anada. n *anada, he studied political science at the .niversit% of Toronto for two %ears, tau'ht +ussian lan'ua'e and literature and in ;<IL was hired $% the *anadian Broadcastin' *orporation's nternational Service as a #roducerF "nnouncer, $roadcastin' to the Soviet .nion. The :.1.B. forced him out of the Bo$ in ;<IJ, so he $e'an free&lance Bournalism and wor!ed on a variet% of proBects.

Toda% he is a political anal%st for #"()+"7" wee!l% in 6os "n'eles. He is married, and has two children. He is the author of two %et unpu$lished $oo!s. SB( 4&<G34<4&;G&= *op%ri'ht $% Tomas Schuman PThan!s, man.Q


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