Cutting Down on Sugar

By: Reader's Digest Ten ways to get rid of the sweet stuff. America is a country drowning in sugar. In fact, the amount of sugar we eat and drink every year has soared nearly 30 percent since !"3 and is likely a ma#or contri$utor to the soaring rates of overweight and o$esity in this country. %ven worse, since sugary foods often replace more healthy foods, nutrition e&perts say the influ& of sweets indirectly contri$utes to diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancer''all of which are directly affected $y what we eat. Although the ()DA recommends we get no more than 0 teaspoons of sugar a day, the average American downs a$out 3* teaspoons'' more than three times as much. In this third chapter on car$ohydrates, we show you ways to get your sugar consumption down to healthy levels. +ut $eware, (ncovering all the sugar in your diet isn't easy. )ugar often hides under several pseudonyms and turns up in even the most innocuous foods -like $read, crackers, salad dressing, ketchup, and mustard.. +ut with the following tips, you should $e a$le to have your cake and eat it too. 1. Cut down slowly. /orget going cold turkey. 0herein lies failure. Instead, if you normally have two candy $ars a day, cut to one a day. 0hen ne&t week, one every other day. 0he following week, one every three days, until you're down to #ust one a week. If you normally take 1 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, use the same routine, cutting down to 21 teaspoons for a week, then , then 21. %ventually, get to the point where you're using artificial sweetener if you still need the sweet taste. 0he more sugar you eat,


or only on weekends. and soda. /or instance. )ugar is incredi$ly addictive. 0he opposite is also true. If you have a long tradition of daily desserts. )o cutting down slowly is the $est way to tame a sweet tooth gone wild. 0he more you eat. 3. then cut $ack to one'5uarter sweetened to three' 5uarters unsweetened. . that means desserts. lots of ice and sugar su$stitute for a car$'free summer 5uaff. Don't waste it on dressings. 3alf a cup of regular #uice with half a cup of selt4er. or only at restaurants. 7ot only will this reduce your sugar intake in a day. 9iven that ta$lespoon ketchup can contain a$out 21 teaspoon sugar. 3alf a carton of sweetened yogurt with half a carton of plain yogurt. 2. spreads. $uying 2 . /or most of us.. )nstead of downing sugary*sweet drin+s li+e le"onade "a+e your own “sun tea. 8nly eat dessert on odd days of the month. Grant yourself a daily sugar “quota ! and use it on foods where it "atters "ost. $ut it will help you lose your sweet tooth. $reakfast cereals. #. A rule we recommend. 0rain your taste $uds to $ecome accustomed to less and you'll $e satisfied with less. then make it your rule to have raw fruit at least half the time. Go half and half. never lunch. A half gallon of ice cream in the free4er is temptation defined. Do this for two weeks. &. Buy dieteti' 'ondi"ents at the gro'ery store. 7o ice cream kept at home. $sta%lish rules a%out dessert.! )teep decaffeinated tea $ags in water and set the pitcher in the sun for a couple of hours. 6ontinue until you're only drinking the unsweetened version. only have dessert after dinner. Add lemon. (. Mix half a regular soda with half a diet soda. Ice cream should always $e a treat worth traveling for. the more addictive it $ecomes and the more it takes to satisfy you. Si"ilarly esta%lish rules a%out i'e 'rea".the more you'll crave.

0he only way to know if the processed food you're $uying contains sugar is to know its many aliases or other forms. 8f course. sucrose. corn syrup. hydrogenated starch. fructose. high'fructose corn syrup. mannitol. lactose. tur$inado sugar. /. -. /or a week. de&trose.sugar'free condiments can make a $ig dent in your sugar consumption. 0oo+ for hidden sour'es of sugar. de&trin. tomato sauce. sor$itol. invert sugar maltose. molasses. and &ylitol. sorghum. 0he other foods will help increase salivary flow. :ost condiments and other packaged foods for people with dia$etes are made without sugar or with sugar su$stitutes. $rown sugar. . %ven some prescription medications contain sugar. chewing gum. )f you "ust eat sweets eat the" with "eals. $aked $eans. and lunch meats often contain sugar. 3 .e"e"%er these 'ode words found on ingredient lists. polyols. raw sugar. this does nothing for the calories you're im$i$ing and won't affect your weight. . 6ough syrups. fruit #uice concentrate. thus clearing the sugary foods from your mouth faster and helping prevent cavities.ou likely won't forget what you'll find. maple syrup. glucose. 3ere are the common ones. $ut at least you'll have a healthier mouth. 11. $e particularly vigilant and scan every possi$le food la$el. honey. galactose. mints.

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