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Mrs. Doherty AP U.S. History National Politics in the Gilded Age Quiz Name:_______________________________ Multi le !

hoice "orth # Point $ach Please !hose the M%S& correct ans'er #.( "illiam )ennings *ryan+s ,!ross o- Gold. oration 'as rimarily an e/ ression o- his a. 0undamentalist religious 1elie-s 1. Neutral stance to'ard 1elligerents o- the 0irst "orld "ar c. Ad2ocacy o- -ree and unlimited coinage o- sil2er d. % osition to teaching the theory o- e2olution in u1lic schools e. Anti34m erialist con2ictions 5.( &he -armers+ rotest mo2ement lost momentum at the end o- the #678+s -or all o- the -ollo'ing reasons $9!$P& a. &he -ailure o- the Peo le+s Party in the #67: election 1. Massi2e immigration into ur1an areas that led to higher rices -or agricultural roducts c. !ro -ailures in $uro e that led to an increase in United States grain e/ orts d. &he #676 ;u<on gold stri<e that increased the U.S. go2ernment+s su ly o- gold and eased -armers+ access to credit e. &he a1sor tion o- the o ulists 1y the A0= >American 0ederation o- =a1or( "hich o- the -ollo'ing 'ould ha2e 1een most li<ely to su )ennings *ryan in #67:@ a. A Aansas 0armer 1. A !hicago 4ndustrial "or<er c. A Philadel hia Merchant d. A Uni2ersity Pro-essor o- $conomics e. A Ne' ;or< Be u1lican Party Mem1er ort the residential cam aign o- "illiam



"hich o- the -ollo'ing 'as N%& a -actor in sha ing Gilded Age olitics@ a. Politics 'ere seen more as a 'ay to get o--ice rather than a 'ay to ress issues 1. *usiness remained se arate -rom olitics c. 4n national oliticsD neither arty could <ee 1oth a maEority in !ongress and a resident in the "hite House d. None o- the residents in this eriod could 1e descri1ed as strong leaders &he a. 1. c. d. e. ur ose o- the Pendleton Act o- #66? 'as to@ 0ill some go2ernment Eo1s on the 1asis o- com etiti2e e/ams $sta1lish the -irst racial Guota -or go2ernment Eo1s $nsure that a ointments to go2ernment Eo1s 'ere a ro2ed 1y !ongress Declare illegal the system o- city olitical machines and 1oss rule Allo' more 'omen into go2ernment ositions



Scholars considered the #67: election ,critical. 1ecause@ a. 4t sho'ed that the American eo le 'ill reEect radicalism 1. 4t 1rought rogressi2e oliticians into o'er c. 4t discredited the -ree sil2er crusade d. 4t initiated a realignment in the o'er o- the t'o main olitical arties e. 4t ended the Po ulist control o- 1oth houses o- congress and the "hite House "hich erson 'ould most li<ely ha2e 1een inclined to 2ote -or "illiam McAinley in #67:@ a. An o'ner o- a sil2er mine 1. &he resident o- a 1an< in 4ndiana c. A mem1er o- the Anights o- =a1or d. An 4llinois -armer 'ith a IFD888 mortgage on his -arm e. A erson 'ho -a2ored 2igorous en-orcement o- the Sherman Anti3&rust Act



Politicians o- the Gilded Age used the s oils system to@ a. Dis ense go2ernment Eo1s -or olitical ur oses 1. $lect all -ederal go2ernment o--icials c. 0ill go2ernment Eo1s 1ased on merit rather than atronage d. Bemo2e incom etent oliticians -rom o--ice e. Grant Nati2e American rights Stal'artsD Hal-3*reedsD and Mug'um s 'ere@ a. Names -or Democratic Party re-ormers 1. Nati2e American olitical grou s c. 0actions o- the Be u1lican arty that -ought o2er issues li<e ci2il ser2ice re-orm d. 4nde endent olitical arties e. &erms -or 4mmigrants 0rom #6H: to #67HD olitical control o- the national go2ernment in the United States a. "as dominated 1y the Be u1lican Party 1. "as in-luenced 1y the Socialist Party c. "as dominated 1y the Democratic Party d. Be-lected a stalemate 1et'een the t'o maEor arties e. "as controlled 1y *ritish in-luences "hat t'o issues dominated national olitics in the late #7 th c.@ a. &he money su ly and the rotecti2e tari-1. "ages and "or<ing !onditions c. %2erseas e/ ansion and the gro'th o- the military d. !i2il Ser2ice Be-orm and "el-are -or the oor e. Pension Be-orm and *alancing the 0ederal *udget &he Be u1lican 1illion3dollar !ongress did all the -ollo'ing $9!$P&: a. 4ncrease tari-- rates 1. 4ncrease ensions -or !i2il "ar Jeterans c. 4ncrease the !oinage o- Sil2er d. $nact an Anti3trust =a' e. $nact a la' regulating interstate commerce All o- the -ollo'ing 'ere reasons -or the decline o- the Po ulist Party $9!$P& a. Bacism in the South 1. 0ailure o- -armers and industrial 'or<ers to unite c. Ado tion o- the sil2er issue 1y the Democrats d. "aning o ularity o- Gro2er !le2eland e. Decline o- the olitical o'er o- rural America &he %maha Plat-orm called -or all o- the -ollo'ing $9!$P& a. Direct Po ular $lection o- U.S. Senators 1. 4nitiati2esD Be-erendumsD and Becalls c. !i2il Bights =egislation d. Unlimited !oinage o- Sil2er e. Graduated 4ncome &a/ !o/ey+s Army 'anted a. 6 Hour "or< Day 1. 0ederal Go2ernment s ending -or Pu1lic "or<s Programs to create )o1s c. Dental and Health !are 4nsurance d. "el-are Be-orm e. Graduated 4ncome &a/