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Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) ENGLISH – SECONDARY 1. Which of the following is NOT associated with Romanticism? a. b. c. d.

Emphasis on the collective rather than on the individual Belief in the child’s superior insight Celebration of the nature Emphasis on the power of imagination

2. What feeling is expressed in this line “My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky”? A. Surprise B. Happiness C. Fear D. Anger

3. What is Chekhov’s most recognizable achievement in his short stories? A. B. C. D. His cryptic use of symbolism His attention to the inner lives of his characters His references to biblical scriptures His use of allegory

4. In the Iliad, whose death brought Achilles much sorrow and grief? A. Patroclus B. Thesthor C. Nestor D. Menelaus

5. Donne’s poems can best be described as _____________________ A. intellectual B. lyrical C. philosophical D. emotional

6. In Zeus’ plan, what is it that comes from suffering? A. The ecstasy of truth B. Understanding and progress C. The certainty of more suffering D. The consolation of death

7. In whose reign was the Christian church NOT persecuted? A. Nero’s B. Diocletian’s C. Marcus Aurelius’s D. Constantine’s

8. Which work of Lord ALFRED Tenyyson embodies his ideas on immortality and death in relation to his thoughts on Arthur Hallam? A. Break, Break, Break B. Crossing the Bar C. In Memoriam D. My Last Duchess

9. One of Rousseau’s important writing on political philosophy is_________________. A. The Republic B. Freedom of the Will C. The Social Contract D. Dialectics

10. The most popular vehicle for literacy expression during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippine literature was the __________________. A. essay B. poetry C. drama D. short story

11. Who is known as the greatest dramatic poet of the Elizabeth Age? A. Sir Walter Raleigh B. Edmund Spencer C. William Shakespeare D. Christopher Marlowe

12. What narrative poem tells of the heroic exploits of great heroes? A. Ballad B. Lyric C. Epic D. Romance

13. Which of the following statements is not an accurate reflection of ancient Greek religious beliefs? A. B. C. D. The Greek god Zeus was subject to the mysterious power of fate. The Greek gods were expressions of the world’s uncontrolled forces. The Greeks blamed humanity for disorder in the universe. The Greeks credited humanity with intervening morality.

The dramatic monologue 17. Song of the Roland B. D. Conflicts between “good” and “ evil”. Legends C. Character 18. Which of the following best describes Machiavelli’s “The Prince” A. Romance B. Who is the first African nobel laureate? A. Wale Soyinka C. Chinua Achebe C. Which is a short narrative poem intended to be sung? A. Ngugi Wa Jhiong’O D. Pasyon C. Cenaculo D. Which of the following is/are an example/s of folk narrative/s? A. Plot D. Bonsai 24. C. gothic C. Camara Lays B. Divine Comedy C. Swordsmanship D. B. Which of the following is NOT a secular art associated with Zen spiritual training? A. He spent 13 years wandering from one regional court to another. Which of the following is NOT a theme that is customarily associated with Dostoyevsky’s work? A. A children’s story about a lonely prince who inhabits a small planet A dialogue on the perfect qualities of a courtier A military history of the city of Florence A handbook on how to obtain and keep political power th 19. epistolary B. which is the most important of the six constituent elements of tragedy? A. Doctrina Christiana B. Aenid 20. The literature of the earlier medieval ages reflected clearly the life and civilization of a Heroic Age. The verse narrative of the suffering and death of Christ is the ____________________. Epic th 26. Riddle B. He was successful in implementing his vision of traditional Chou values. A. The primary virtues emphasized were_________________. Which of the following A. honesty and truthfulness C. Epic 23. The sonnet B. Iliad D. valor and loyalty D.14. He left his native Lu because of political conflicts. He gathered a following in his later years. Which poetic style is most associated with Robert Browning? A. religious . Spectacle B. A. B. Calligraphy C. Proverbs D. Archery B. Which narrative poem in French literature is an idealization of feudal society in the early 13 century? A. Ballad C. The ode 16. According to Aristotle’s Poetics. Ulod 21. D. picaresque D. Language C. Lyric D. loyalty and truthfulness 15. The type of novel which became popular in the 18 century is __________________. 22. C. B. valor and honestly B. C. D. A. “freedom” and “tyranny” Choices between religious faith and atheism The enormous contradictions of human nature The great potential for adultery 25. The lyric ballad D.

What literary type will begin with the following lines: In the beginning there were Malakas and Maganda…… A. D. religion 31. His protection by the gods The future glory of his sons His love affair with Dido His being compared with Achilles and Odysseus 28. Johnson D. It is a written response to Coleridge’s desire to travel It is a collection of a dream stimulated by drugs. C. Bhagavad-Gita B. art B. Pomayana D. Dhammapada 30. Devotional Songs C. What is the English translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s “Gitanjali” A. It is a heterogeneous nation. Pnachantantia C. “ Sunset and evening star and one clear call for me and may these be no moaning of the bar When I put out to sea. D. What is the first heroic narrative of world literature? A. Gilgamesh 32. The true epic of India that contains the mythology and religion of the Hindu is ___________. A. history D. What is the main idea of the haiku? A. Creation myth 36. Cycle of life B. Folktale 38. Shakespeare 35. Most of Keats’ poems express his interests in ____________________________. It is a nation that speaks with one voice. Reality of death D. Marlowe B. C. What historical event serves as the setting of Tolstoy’s War and Peace? A. “ Who is the speaker in the poem? A. Who among the following is NOT an Elizabethan dramatist?\ A. Mahabharata B. How did Coleridge’s poem Kublai Khan come to exist? A. B. B. Patriotic Hymns . Odyssey D. A captain of the ship D. 34. It is a homogenous nation. It is an attempt to memorialize Coleridge’s travels. Song of the offerings B. Beauty of nature 37. A fisherman C. In Aenid. Transistoriness of Life C. It is written for the Lord Byron. though Aenas suffers an unhappy life and miserable death. Legend B. A traveler B. A. C. C. Ramayana C. beauty C. Supernatural tale D. D. Dante C. The Napoleonic invasion of Russia The Bolshevik Revolution The French Revolution The Crimean War 33. 29. what is his greatest consolation? A. It is a spiritual nation. Which of the following statements is LEAST likely to be associated with Japan? A. D. B. A dying man C.27. B.

was born under the reign of which Roman emperor? A. Loss 51. What is usually the topic of the Filipino folk epic? A. measure 42. picaresque D. Manuel Arguilla B. Hadrian B. Jesus. “While a cold hand snatched you away like a kite. Nature D. Ode B. Carlos Bulosan D. Augustus D. free verse B. Evil spirits C. Love 50. Impressionism 49. Elegy D. The language of the Hellenes belongs to the Indo-European family which includes all of the following language groups EXCEPT__________. With which sphere of life are Confucian roles most linked? A. Sonnet 41. Gustav Flaubert B. Celtic C. Regret B. Which is the greatest contribution of Rome to the western world? A. Read the lines and answer the questions that follows: Daylight . The Hebrew prophet. Roman Law C. F. Andre Gide 47. Guy de Maupassant C. Who among these writers is famous for using local color in his stories? A. Religious events D. Courtship practices 43. blank verse 40. Emile Zola D. A distinct feature of poetry during the age of modernism is _______________. A. epistolary C. The use of fragmentary discourse and stream of consciousness technique are marks of ____ A. Italic B. . Laya C. Sanskrit th 44. Juan C. Modernism B. Military D.I should have come home “What is expressed in this line? A. Symbolism D. Which of the following is NOT a lyric poem? A. Semitic D. Sionel Jose 52. I must wait for the sunrise I must think of a new life And I mustn’t give in. Religious 48. Religion B. Heroic deeds B. religious 45. Courtship practices C. Cubism C. Pure mathematics D. Sadness D. Ballad C. Songs of Songs 39. Roman politics B. gothic B. Who among the following is the greatest exponent of naturalism in literature? A.D. What is usually the topic of lyric poetry? A. Claudius C. Political B. Feelings or emotions C. The type of novel which became popular in the 18 century is _________________. Women C. rhyme D. A. A. Marcus Aurelius 46. Social C.

Which of the following is a statement that expresses an indirect request? A. A linking verb can stand by itself. symbolism 54. Games 61. formal 64. A linking verb goes with a main verb. Depressed D. The following are factors teachers must consider when teaching EXCEPT? A. beautiful C. Discourse competence 57. Subordination C. which of these techniques will help them process the material? A. Toni B. I was not satisfied __________ of the examination. The use of fragmentary discourse and stream of consciousness technique are marks of? A. Listening skills C. Small group discussions B. . Put your bag here. Task-Based Language Teaching is based on the assumption that language is ___________. Identifying the key words C. engage in conversations. in the result D. shawl D. motivation D. Aside from grammatical competence. What is the difference between an auxiliary verb and a linking verb? A. D. A. The following are factors that affect acquiring a 2 A. express their feelings. to the result 56. D. An auxiliary verb can stand by itself. How learners learn 59. A. A teacher who teaches the learners how to ask and give information. Which of these syntactic structures underline the teaching of the five basic sentence patterns? A. Modification D. cubism B. Don’t you think its rather cold here? 58. Mini-dialogues D.What is the mood expressed in the lines? A. emotion B. Content 53. Baguio 65. Sociolinguistic Competence D. When the class is asked to listen to a set of instructions in English. give directions. the size of the class C. believes that language is ________________. Lonely C. Kindly bring them back tomorrow. Complementation 63. C. attitude 55. learners’ prior learning experiences D. B. An auxiliary verb goes with a main verb. The indirect object in the sentence: Carlo gave Toni a beautiful shawl from Baguio is ___________. Apart from drills. Prediction B. A. impressionism nd language EXCEPT? C. functional C. Hopeful B. Listening to every work 60. universal D. Please wait for me. with the result C. Identify the topic sentence B. what else would a learner need to use English well? A. physical state C. Which phrase would CORRECTLY complete the sentence. Social skills B. 62. Dyads C. of the result B. B. Repeating each sentence D. modernism D. useful B. Learners’ purpose for learning B. what other activities can a teacher make use of to develop accuracy among the learners? A. etc. C.

Belong to the language group B. Which do learners do in a suggestopedia learning activity? A. informal D. A means of making meaning B. Learners are in a relaxed and retaining position. sociolinguistic competence 67. an adverbial C. convey a message D. A functional communicative need refers to the desire to ____________. strategic D. a tool for communication meaning a highly structured system a vehicle for listening governed by rules 75. context clues D. The range of meaning between two opposite words can be done through _________. belong to the language group C. C. Learners share their feelings in small group Learners are engaged in reading. The ability to interpret elements of individual messages in terms of their interconnectedness is __________ competence. B. an adjectival 72. communication D. a nominal B. A. A. A. A. formal B. be understood 74. B. grammatical B. a verbal D. be understood 69. surveys D. 70. convey a message B. A. A functional communicative need refers to the desire to __________. he/she is using a _________ strategy. interviews B. Learners write. language use C. deductive . a means of learning 66. sociolinguistic C. Used for acquiring information C. how it differs from how it reentered where it comes from how it relates to other forms what function(s) it serves 71. What is the function of the first prepositional phrase in the sentence: A. The following are examples of fluency-based activities that encourage learners to develop their confidence EXCEPT_________. A Language learner who is able to paraphrase or coin a word when at a loss for a vocabulary word has ________. discourse competence D. inductive C. A. gestures C.A. the main activity. A. Strategic competence B. Express a feeling C. grammatical competence C. games 76. B. A. express a feeling D. The English for a Specific Purpose (ESP) movement views language as _________ A. When the teacher gives pointers on how to produce a critical sounds. The three important dimensions to consider when teaching a language form are what it looks like. A. C. an adjectival 73. C. cline 77. pictures B. when/how it is used and ____________. used for conversation D. D. D. learning B. A method of teaching where generalizations are drawn from several examples is __________. D. discourse 68. drills C.

Language device B. A. Which of the following phonemic transcription corresponds to a voiced palatal affricate? A. The type of noun and verb B. will enjoy D. Which verb will fit the sentence: Carmelo ________ playing the guitar as a hobby A. Which of the following theories of language learning emphasizes that a child can creatively construct his/her knowledge of language? A. fluency drills Fluency drills. /z/ B. B. Had-head D. What do normal persons possess that enable them to learn a language spontaneously? A. Which pair of word has the same vowel sound? A. enjoys C. Cognitivist theory B. language games. Sink-seek C. Pattern practice. D.78. enjoy 87. Interactionist theory 88. D. A. D. C. D. B. B. Law-caught B. B. city D. English teachers must have knowledge of phonetics because it ________________. C. C. C. The subject and adjective D. In which word is C pronounced as /k/ A. The type of verb 83. Which of these activities will encourage oral interaction among learners? A. A. Functional theory D. Language competence 86. What would determine the basic sentence patterns in English? A. has enjoyed B. century B. Which of the following is a factor in determining level of usage of language? . C. Enjoy 89. D. An example of learning strategy in learning a language is ___________. Fail-fell C. Grammar rules D. cold 85. B. Provides basis for correct pronunciation Provides precise description of the articulation of the English sounds Helps identify sounds Emphasizes the characteristic of the English language 84. Learning the synonym and antonym of a word Memorizing rules Referring to a dictionary Writing a dialogue 90. role play. The following are communicative approaches which can be utilized for communicative language teaching EXCEPT?______________________ A. /ch/ C. drills mini-men activities Simulations. Habit formation C. censure C. /c/ 79. Cooperative Language Learning Content-Based instruction Audio-lingual method Natural Approach 82. create meaning through interaction acquire native-like pronunciation develop perfect grammatical structures do pattern practice 81. The subject and predicate C. substitution drills Discussion session. /j/ D. The primary focus in Communicative Language Teaching is to help learners _____________. problem solving 80. problem solving.

Literacy album 92. Which of the following about decoding is most consistent with an integrated arts meaningful to teaching reading? A. B. Syntactic D. apron stories 100. Location 91. Decoding skills are not helpful to the reading process so students should learn to read by reading. New words should be introduced everyday so that students will learn more words. Journal D. For the development of multiple intelligences To give remedial instruction For them to fully understand the text To keep students engrossed in the text 96. Which of the following statements describes the approach in teaching word recognition? . A teacher regularly assesses the reading skills of students in the class. 93. Exploring B. Semantic B. The occasion C. D. read-aloud D. Portfolio B. Pragmatic C. Response log B. Syntactic B. The Hand of the Enemy 98. what are the students expected to do after reading the parts of the text assigned to them? A. Semantics D. To predict what will happen next To provide an ending To name the character To guess the title Which is an interactive activity for inferring character traits? A. Purpose D. word recognition 95. B. B. An accurate indicator of overall reading competency is ______________. C. A student uses phonetic spelling when writing many common single-syllable words. Which of the following assessment of results most clearly suggests the need for an instructional intervention to strengthen word identification skills? A. A student relies heavily on background knowledge to construct meaning from a text. Phonemic awareness C. Phonological 101. Which is the systematic collection of artifacts documenting students’ literacy development? A. Automatic decoding skills B. C. Which novel of Stevan Javellana tells of a woman torn between to love for her husband and obedience to deeply engrained native social conventions? A. D. Story map D. oral reading fluency D. D. Pragmatic C. The time B. Ven diagram C. boxboard stories B. 102. C. In which stage of the reading process does a reader set targets? A. Reading 97. D. Phoneme-grapheme relationships should be taught in a particular sequence. In the Directed Reading Thinking Activity. Sound-symbol relationships should be taught or reinforced within the context of meaningful literature. A student has trouble decoding common single-syllable with regular spelling. 94.A. What is one reason for giving post-reading activities to students? A. C. Extending C. Preparing to read D. Role playing 103. story collage Which cueing system is used when pronouncing words? A. Without Seeing the Dawn B. C. Reading log C. The Filipino Rebel 99. Phonological C. B. A student has trouble dividing spoken words into syllables or morphemes. The following are examples of storytelling techniques EXCEPT? A. A Child of Sorrow D. A. Which language is focused on VOCABULARY? A.

A. The different stages merge and repeat. C. Creative B. Relating factors stated in a passage to unstated factors. B. Focus on syllabication Word recognition is emphasized. Gesturing C. D. M planning questions 106. interpretive D. Teaching starts with relationship between sound and letters. C. Gesturing C. individuals 108. Evaluative B. Rassias method D. C. the teacher often works with A. C. Context clues B. C. Basal textbook D. Language process 109. The question “ What part of the story best describes th e main character? Test comprehension at the __________________ level. Repetition . Psycholinguistic B. generative-transformational What would be the last resort in unlocking difficulty words? A. Grammar-translation method B. D. During the practice stage. Dimensional intensive B. A. what skill is involved in making inferences? A. C. The arrangement implies that the different language arts develop separately 110. C. 104. listening. Evaluate C. interpretive Which of the following is NOT a strategy for unlocking difficulty? A. Volunteers help when others need it 107. Pictures 112. Which BEST describes the reading and the writing processes? A. B. D. A questioning technique where the questions are sequenced in such a way that it logically unfolds the story is _____________________. Pairs C. the highest level where the reader makes use of divergent skills to come up with new ideas is the _________ level. In the taxonomy of reading comprehension. 105. Children use different mental processes for reading. It uses systems to determine meaning. D. The whole class B. In reading. Directed-reading-thinking activity Interactive method Individualized method Language experience approach 113. during which no reading materials are used. dimensional ordinary Which behavior is NOT manifested by one who has INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE? A. is most closely associated with the ____________. Skills Monitoring C. small groups D. Looking up the meaning of unfamiliar words. The stages occur in sequence. Creative 111. A. gradual psychological unfolding D. The instructional procedure that makes use of children’s language and experience is A. talking and writing. The use of “prereading” period lasting several weeks. Which approach should be used for teaching reading? A. B. B. A. Enjoys cooperative game D.A. Translation C. Word games D. Pursues personal interests B. Making informed guesses regarding the outcome of a reading selection Relating information stated in different parts of the selection. literal D. integrative 114. Audio-lingual method 115.

compact discs B. The following are examples of multimedia instructional materials EXCEPT? A. 125. C. D. 121. Materials design reflects the “learning by doing” philosophy This implies that instructional materials should ______ A. B. Require group presentations C. C. Which of the following is an example of limitations of press freedom? A. The close technique would be LEADT useful for testing a student’s ability to ________. D. Of the different principles of effective teaching of reading. 119. agenda setting D. Advertisement D. trade books D. which is IMPROPERLY stated? A. A. encourage journal writing 123. Channel 127. Syntactic D. film clips C. Source B. Which of the following is NOT a basic component of the communication process? A.B. Integration 116. Use socio-cultural clues in learning vocabulary Comprehend a reading passage Use structural clues in determining meaning Project expectations about the outcome of a situation. green marketing 124. Effective teachers use the four cueing system to support students. Frayer model B. Promote silent reading B. Message C. Law on national security C. stimulate interaction D. Which is a statement of fact? A. A. Inclusion of evaluation 122. A. Media plays an important role in conflict resolution because __________________. Semantic wmapping D. Photography is a process based on light. they can propose solutions to conflict. Effective teachers use instructional approaches on how children learn. Graphophonics B. Effective teachers select appropriate reading materials. Thinking tree 117. Goals and objectives D. Photography is an expensive hobby C. Textbooks used C. Grade/Year Level B. Which cueing system is used in rhyming words? A. they are the primary source of information regarding conflicts. they do balance reporting. Semantic 118. C. video tapes 126. What is the prime consideration to ensure the relevance of instructional materials to the curriculum? A. gatekeeping C. B. Control of what is disseminated B. Word games C. The following are examples of graphic organizers EXCEPT ____________. Effective teachers go out of the structured classrooms to create community of readers 120. Pragmatic C. sales advertising B. D. B. Meaningful use D. Retrieval of information . they have access to both parties. A current practice among advertisers to design products that make public environmentally sensitive is called? A. B. Photography is difficult to learn.

LCD D. tabloids 136. what other defense can he guve aside from newsworthiness? A. electronic B. The question of ethics C. Feature Films B. Internal evaluation D. B. D. Learning text and tasks B. Instructional materials are considered authentic when A. E-mails C. OHP B. Which of these equipment can a teacher use to project images on white screen? A. presentational 137. Access to information 128. Stage plays 134. Activities are teacher made B. C. Disservice to public interest 139. C. D. environmental journalism D. Which of the following should be included in instructional materials? A. The materials are genuine C. Reference materials C. External evaluation What is one possible disadvantage of using computer-assisted instruction? A. B. Telegrams. A. yellow journalism B. newsletters B. broadsheets C. Physical evaluation 132. What describes flexi-materials? A. Photography D. Victim’s consent B. When a news reporter is accused of invasion of privacy. developmental journalism 129. Television 138. What type of evaluation is dome when a learner reads to the fromt and back covers and the directory pages of a book? A.D. Content evaluation B. The texts promote language learning in various contexts . gazettes D. C. newspapers. advocacy journalism 130. Which of the following belongs to mass communication? A. B. Teaching strategies D. D. A. Half-size newspapers that often resort to sensational publication are called ___________ A. Impartial reporting C. Sense of decency D. Honest reporting D. Simulation Filling in a blank application form Small group discussion Role playing 135. It results in passive learning Materials are either too easy or too difficult Materials are difficult to prepare Teachers become too dependent on the programmed instruction 133. The right to privacy of victim B. Materials instruction 140. mechanical D. The journalistic practice of using sensational headlines and stunt reporting is called ______. Which is an example of a learning task having a direct authentically? A. Disc Player C. External evaluation 131. C. representational C. and magazines are examples of _________ media. For classroom use only Encourage teachers to add to the given text Require teachers to create more materials Allow for flexibility in terms or presentation C. Which of the following can be the basis of making TV stations answer for airing clips of beheadings? A.

D. D. Classroom task are said to have direct authenticity when they _________________. A. C. Drills are properly sequenced 141. A. Curriculum D. Course outline C. Which is the correct oredering of the reading process? A. D. Layout and design D. A technique use in the Natural Approach is ______________. Subject and content 148. E. Journals D. Suggestopedia C. Which are considered authentic materials? A. Textbooks C. C. If instructional materials are concept –related. A. Learning competencies 143. Drills are properly sequenced The texts promote language learning in various contexts Activities are teacher made The materials are genuine 150. Advertisements B. C. Total Physical Response B. Task-Based Language Teaching 146. Which should NOT be incorporated in instructional materials? A. Sequencing of materials C. A-B-C-D-E B. Language type C. B. Syllabus B. B. B-E-A-C-D D. D. D. Layout and design D. objectives topics to be taught and the requirements? A. Drilling D. D-E-B-A-C A. B. Which of the following is an example of an authentic task? A. 142. C. Structuring of materials B. inquiry –related and learner-centered. C.D. C-A-E-B-D 149. promote interest in the language provide opportunities for the learners to use the language replicate communicative behavior observed in the real world are done by the learners themselves 145. Encouraging learners to monitor their own learning Engaging interaction Fostering competition between and among learners Evaluating the effectiveness of classroom task Which contains the course description. Teaching style B. Transfer of learning GOOD LUCK!!!!!! . what principle of materials production is achieved? A. Learning how to use a public phone Organizing a student club Engaging in group discussion Watching a video presentation 144. Instructional materials are considered authentic when ________________. B. Which is NOT a consideration in evaluating instructional materials? A. B. Pamphlets 147. Reading Exploring Preparing to read Television Responding C.