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City of San Antonio 1.

Industry and size of the company THE City of San Antonio is part of Texas state with capital investment of more than US$2 Billion. The City of San Antonio is one of the fastest- rowin cities in the co!ntry nearly "o!#lin its pop!lation in the last $% years. 2. Why the legacy system, if any, needed to be replaced? &api" rowth ol" le acy systems challen e" the city's a#ility to (eep pace with expan"in #!siness nee"s. By implementin the SA)* E&) application+ San Antonio is ainin new visi#ility across "epartments an" reater efficiency in city operations. . What SA! solution "as chosen and "hat "as the implementation approach? To help "rive reater #!siness efficiencies across city operations+ a pro,ect team "evelope" a comprehensive set of re-!irements for a new .T platform. After interviewin m!ltiple ven"ors+ the team "eci"e" the hi hly inte rate" SA)* E&) application was the #est fit for San Antonio's nee"s. San Antonio rolle" o!t software s!pportin s!ch (ey operations as #!" et+ finance+ h!man reso!rces+ payroll+ an" proc!rement. SA) was selecte" on the followin #asis/ • S!perior inte ration of sol!tion components • Best fit for "epartmental an" citywi"e re-!irements • )rofessional wor(in relationship "!rin ven"or selection process • Stron references from other m!nicipalities SA) implementation approach was to )rovi"e s!pport for #etter "ecision ma(in .nte rate information from across city "epartments+ .mprove cycle times in (ey #!siness )rocesses+ &e"!ce n!m#er of man!al processes an" sha"ow systems+ Esta#lish an enterprise system of recor". #. What specific benefits "ere realized after SA! solution implementation 0ollowin #enefits were reali1e" after the SA) sol!tion implementation. • 2reater a!tomation an" stan"ar"i1ation in (ey #!siness processes • 0aster close of monthly an" ann!al #oo(s • 3ore acc!rate time reportin #ase" on act!al wor(in ho!rs • 0ewer off-cycle paychec(s • &e"!ce" payroll error rate • Hi her visi#ility of "ata The impact of acc!rate information+ a!tomate" processes+ an" a f!lly inte rate" #!siness process platform has #een "ramatic. 4The whole or ani1ational c!lt!re of

0or example+ more acc!rate time acco!ntin has res!lte" in fewer payroll errors an" off-cycle pay chec(s. City officials point to many specific #enefits.the city has chan e". &i oro!s control an" acco!nta#ility in #!siness processes an" cash mana ement also provi"e #etter re !latory compliance $. S!ch aspirations sho!l" help (eep the wheels of overnment t!rnin smoothly in this vi#rant city of reat missions.ects. In "hat area%aspect of business do you thin& company has got ma'imum benefits after SA! solution implementation? . An" consoli"ate" financial "ata helps re"!ce the time re-!ire" closin the monthly an" ann!al #oo(s. .ect plannin .n "ata -!ality aspect this city has ot maxim!m #enefits after the SA) sol!tion implementation. 3ore ro#!st reportin an" rea"y access to this acc!rate "ata has improve" #oth near-term "ecision ma(in an" lon -ran e pro. 5ow they have actiona#le insi ht into operations an" on oin pro.

4Altho! h this was a sta#le system that ha" serve" them well+ they starte" to notice more an" more "raw#ac(s. They performe" extensive tests+ an" met with the two potential implementation partners+ they wante" to #e a#sol!tely certain+ were ma(in the ri ht "ecision for o!r company. Industry and size of the company Hilti fo!n"e" in 6786.SC's proposal+ in partic!lar with re ar" to their !serfrien"ly interface to SA) )=3+ their "eep !n"erstan"in of company's nee"s+ an" their a#ility to c!stomi1e sol!tions were fit o!r re-!irements. After caref!l eval!ation of the existin environment+ the experts s! este" two possi#le sol!tions.B!siness experts+ process mana ers+ an" . ..SC was the #est fit. Hilti employs a lo#al wor(force of almost 29+999. >ith two phases alrea"y wrappe" !p+ .(ilti Corporation 1. Why the legacy system. To move with the times an" #oost efficiency+ they "eci"e" to replace it with a stan"ar"i1e" sol!tion. Hilti operate" a home rown pro"!ct "ata mana ement :). The first phase involve" intro"!cin an" pilotin SA) )=3 at two #!siness !nits for a perio" of ei ht months. The company pri"es itself on its hi hly innovative approach. 2. The next phase+ the most am#itio!s of the three+ was "esi ne" to roll o!t the f!nctionality across all "esi nate" #!siness !nits an" pro"!ction sites.t has evolve" from the small family enterprise to an international company+which operates in 629 co!ntries. Base" on o!r fin"in s an" the compellin presentations an" "isc!ssions+ they were convince" SA) )=3 in com#ination with . An" the aim of the final phase is to eval!ate chan es an" optimi1e an" enhance the new sol!tion where possi#le.3< sol!tion at seven international pro"!ction an" "evelopment sites.n 2969 it poste" reven!es of US$8 #illion. needed to be replaced? )ro"!ct "ata mana ement at the company was still #ase" on a le acy application. All parties a ree" on a three-phase implementation.T specialists. if any.t was str! lin to (eep !p with the latest technolo y "evelopments+ an" inte ration with new sol!tions wo!l" often prove tric(y. . . Hilti "esi ns+ "evelops+ man!fact!res+ an" mar(ets a wi"e portfolio of pro"!cts for "eployment in constr!ction an" civil en ineerin + incl!"in "evices for meas!rin an" "rillin + installation systems+ an" chemicals. Company was impresse" #y .T analysts to assess the company's re-!irements an" help fin" an answer to its challen es. What SA! solution "as chosen and "hat "as the implementation approach? Hilti calle" in in"epen"ent .

"hat details regarding effecti*e pro)ect management practices can you find in the case? 0ollowin "etails re ar"in the effective pro. 4SA) )=3 "ovetails with o!r CA. sol!tion so information s!ch as #ills of materials is transferre" a!tomatically+ re"!cin scope for error an" savin time an" effort.3 application+ as there was no interface #etween the two+? a""s Ba!m art.ect was implemente" in "ifferent phases which are really helpf!l for these types of t!ff pro. 4. • .SC allows !sers to choose #etween openin the c!rrent "oc!ment an" an ol"er+ less "ata-heavy version.ect was implemente" to wor( fast with reater efficiency an" to improve the comm!nication in "ifferent "epartment. • This pro.epen"in on in"ivi"!al tas(s+ not every staff mem#er nee"s access to all the chan es. Colla#oration #etween staff #ase" at "ifferent locations has improve" reatly #eca!se everyone has access to !pto-"ate+ consistent "ata within a sin le software sol!tion. • )roposal was re-!este" #efore the implementation of pro. This is especially !sef!l for wor(ers at remote locations+ s!ch as those in China. 0!rthermore+ an innovative feat!re "evelope" #y .ect/ • This pro.ecision was not ta(en #y sin le a!thority !nanimo!sly. 4. If you ta&e this SA! solution implementation as a pro)ect.ects. .ect mana ement are i"entifie" in this SA) implementation pro.#. Selectin a smaller file c!ts the time it ta(es to loa".n the past+ "ata from o!r CA.mplementation .f mo"ifications are ma"e to technical "rawin s+ for example+ they are save" centrally an" every#o"y can call !p the latest version. What specific benefits "ere realized after SA! solution implementation Since SA) )=3 went live at all Hilti en ineerin sites an" selecte" pro"!ction facilities aro!n" the worl"+ the company has #een reapin m!ltiple #enefits.ect.? $. . systems ha" to #e entere" man!ally to o!r ).