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Group 1 fazlur nafees towsef yasin aaqib group 2 arisha salman tehseen shahid naveed amir group 3 feroz akif irshad gufran aamir. S

Assignment no 1 caselet 1

caselet 2

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caselet 3

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group 4 caselet pranav atul sneha . N sneha . P group 5 zulfikar seema adnaan noman niyaz group 6 aniket lubna. S fazal karim rohaan caselet


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caselet 6

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group 7 caselet 1 abutalha 2 saiprasad 3 rais


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group 12 caselet arafat salman. A atif shadab tejashree jawwad group 13 caselet ismail pradeep narendra zeeshan


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s Imrana baig group 23 Hashim Salim Anas Haseeb Krutish 21 1 2 3 4 5 22 1 2 3 4 23 1 2 3 4 5 .killedar owais group 22 Abid Abbas.hassan Shahid.4 saima 5 farzana group 21 Arshad Mihika Emad Nida.

He was unsure of the difference between a project and ongoing operation. Hence exchange rate gains prominence. But the manager found Amul is considered one of the successful co-operative societies in india. Writ Vikas kapoor joined CS constructions as a trainee. It is important to keep this in mind while designing an ethics progr .Assignment no 2 ( below question should be solved in groups) Employee participation is the greatest incentive that can be offered to the employee. Comment Employees at standard pharmaceuticals received bonus and remuneration as per industry standards. Justify your Answer value managerial styles and culture of an organization affect its reward systems. Control styles in an organizations are subject to variations. Do you agree. Explain the operation of this co-operative society The cash flow in multinational enterprises is denominated in several currencies.

Di The general manager of vasu group of Industries was worried about the ethical violations taking place in the organization.organizations should present facts in a fair and open manner while designing reward systems or dealing with stakeholders. Th Just in time is an effective technique for delivering the right quantity of goods at the right time . Discuss the implications of ju Adaptive organizations can cope with enviornment pressures. Analysis revealed bottlenecks in the company The president of small manufacturing company is concerned that his Plant manager is unresponsive to customer needs. The p . Once a leading manufacturer of detergents is incurring losses. What are the factors that drive the need for an adaptive organ Ujwal industries.

To stay ahead and compete in the changing business environ The management of peerless a company specialising in unbreakble bottles and containers has notice that some of the contain The management of Hidustan Chemicals had a problem. It is becoming difficult for the com Perfect computers was successful in the computer manufacturing business . There was a conflict between employees of the R&D and finance de Primetime Products the manufacturer of household appliances is facing a difficult situation. The firm decided to expand its related business l . Most of the employees come from nearby village Wintel industries has been manufacturing polymers since 1954.A manager of an automobile manufacturing unit wants to reduce costs and implement effective feed forward control system venture petro-chemicals has a large manufacturing unit in Madhya Pradesh.

A co-operative society which manufactured milk products faced a problem. The expenditure o Vishal Group of Industries was started in 1975 with 50 employees. The company initially manufactured electronic component . Managers involved in planning no longer showed The finance department of a cigarette manufacturing firm was under pressure from the top management.

and ongoing operation. Help vikas identify the difference between the two.ustify your Answer But the manager found that there was no corresponding increase in the productivity of the employees. . The Hr manager suggested the imp o-operative society gains prominence. Write a note on importance of exchange rates of MNE. How do the external and internal control styles affect the ethics program in an organization. esigning an ethics program .

This is due to lack of co-ordination among various departments. The controller suggested th o customer needs. d for an adaptive organization. Explain with an example how adaptive organizations are generally successful. The plant is treated as a cost center. lenecks in the companys production process. Discuss the importance of fairness in designing control systems in the organization. The controller suggested that the organization use control system to design ethics programs. Discuss how the contro ss the implications of just in time for managerial control. From time to time the company recieves large and potentially profitable rush orde .ng with stakeholders.

printers. The control system is no . It p nging business environment the management has decided to itself more adaptive to environmental changes. The controller has suggested tha nd its related business like laptops. The company has decided to fund a development program for employee welfare. Discuss w ome from nearby villages that had no basic facilities. The latter complaint that the R&D employees took lightly the financial implications of the project they h ming difficult for the company to manage 50 different divisions and looking after its overall performance.orward control systems. He plans to conduct a study to identify companies that have been effective in achieving these controls. The production manager has been given the task of implementing preventive controls. What are the reasons for th hat some of the containers have defects. How sho he R&D and finance department. scanners. However the firm is not able to achieve the same success.

The co-ooperative faced the threat of closure. The management realized that the reason was lack d electronic components for air cooler. Th . The expenditure on marketing and advertising was more than budgeted amount. Later it started manufacturing coolers which required the company to acquire additional costs. However some employees were not happy with the ent.ning no longer showed much interest .

.The Hr manager suggested the implementation of informal rewards. do you think such rewards will help in increasing personnel expertise an organization.

ments. However the plant manager is unwilling to modify schedules to accommodate such orders. Discu nd potentially profitable rush orders. What is l . Discuss how the control systems support the ethics programme. The controller suggested the compny use on line spread sheets for each department / business unit to improve co-ordination.programs.

achieving these controls. The control system is not aligned to the strategy for individual businesses. Do you think such restructuring w success. rogram for employee welfare. It plans to have a monetory systems to keep the track of the progress of the development programs. What are the reasons for these decisions. The controller has suggested that the organization be structured on the basis of divisional autonomy . Discuss with the help of an example why the manager is considering feedforward and feedback control. . How should the managment realign its resources in order to make itself more adaptive to ting preventive controls. What steps should the managment take to reduce the conflicts. implications of the project they handled. what anges. What type of control system should the firm adopt to . How should he proceed to implement this control.

They blamed it on non participation by the employees. Do you think realized that the reason was lack of budgetary control.mployees were not happy with the way the co-operative functioned. it planned to have effective budgetary control. To avoid such cost overruns. The organization hired new employees for its various units. The mangers realized that tracking information . What ny to acquire additional costs.

. justify your increasing personnel expertise.

. What is lacking in the organization and how can it be corrected through proper application of control systems. ommodate such orders. Discuss whether the use of information technology will help to speed up the companys production process.nit to improve co-ordination.

Do you think such restructuring will enable the firm to gain control over its various departments. l system should the firm adopt to achieve the same success in its new business. what are the various ways by which the company can monitor the progress of development of monitoring pr er to make itself more adaptive to environmental changes. the development programs. .rd and feedback control.

Will mere involvement of the employees help in running a co-operative. realized that tracking information at various units was a major problem. The CEO planned to implement MIS in the organization. What steps should the finance department take. effective budgetary control. Do you think they were right. How can .n by the employees.


he companys production process. . application of control systems.

.of development of monitoring program.

How can MIS help Vishal Industries in tracking the information available in the various units of the organization. t MIS in the organization. .ing a co-operative.




.various units of the organization.