Double your BitCoins without ever recruiting… Recruit others and the Sky’s the Limit… This Plan

is simplicity itself. It is very simple to understand and very simple to e plain to others so that they will !uickly and easily understand it too. 1. Join Merlin Now it"s FREE! 2. Send your first gift#s$. 3. Start receiving your gifts %ack in return. &erlin has five different 'Round Ta%les’ and( as new &em%ers )oin( their gifts are sent to the head of the ne t ta%le due to receive a gift. *ach ta%le receives a '+ift’ in rotation, -( .( /( 0 then 1. This means that each ta%le receives .23 of all +ifts #in 1$. "Hi Folks! Well, I am well & truly flabbergasted!.. Am I dreaming or is this for real?!.. Ha ing been on a trek through long and bum!y tri!s through numerous online businesses, "#", $ire%t &ales, gruelling networking & !romises of life %hanging in%omes, time away from my family, %onstantly losing rather than gaining... I ha e arri ed! At 'it%oins (ifting )"erlin*... I had used u! all my resour%es & re!eatedly thrown money away in the ho!e to "make" money. I %ouldn+t afford it ',- "erlin+s "agi% 'it%oins made absolute sense!.. and wasted no time in being !art of .eter Aldred+s wonderful %reation of gi ing !eo!le Wealth /m!owerment. I 0oined with only 1 'it%oin for 234 in 5une. With the a%t of gifting and hel!ing others, and sin%e the laun%h on the 1st 6%tober I have received 31 Bitcoins... that's over £2k worth in 2 days... 5ust like magi%... Ama7ing )%ool* 8e er, ha e I seen anything like this! All I now need to de%ide is, shall I withdraw as 9A&H? or shall I %ontinue on the 0ourney to %reate more money for me and my family? and "A9-,A##:" %hange our li es signifi%antly? Hmmm... I think you know what my de%ision is... -his is a lega%y friends... 'e !art of it... (et 'it%oin (ifting with "erlin..." 4 5iran( 65 7nce a &em%er reaches the head of their ta%le( they receive their gift and they then automatically re4)oin the same ta%le again( in the ne t availa%le free position( ready to go around again to receive their second gift. 7nce they have received their second gift then that position is

finished and leaves the game. They will have received twice their original stake %ack and they can then chose to keep the profit or %uy more positions to go around again. There are no limits to the num%er of positions that you can have at any one time as( %eing '&agic Ta%les’( they e pand and grow automatically to accommodate the ever4increasing num%er of people )oining. "I+d 0ust like to say I+m lo ing 'it%oins!! I started by in esting enough for 0ust 1 %oin but ha e already sent 1;.< %oins and received 43 coins back and banked 3 coins with .eter+s e=!ertise, great ad i%e and fantasti% %ontinual hel!. -his is my first e=!erien%e with 'it%oins and I admit was slightly wary and unsure, but ha ing seen the first >4 hours !erforman%e and what I+ e made on to! of my original in estment, I will most definitely be in esting in more %oins and signing u! as many !eo!le as !ossible ?* -hank you .eter" @ Lisa( Turkey 8ou will have pro%a%ly already spotted that( as the ta%les get %igger( there are then more and more people waiting to receive their gifts %ut( conversely( this also means that there are then more people in the programme introducing others and purchasing additional positions themselves which proportionately speeds up the rate at which each ta%le rotates and the gifts are sent and received. "I started "erlin on the 1st of 5une and sent 4 gifts. So far I've received 42 gifts back... how ama7ing+s that..?" 4 &ighty &ike( 65 7ur e perts have specifically and scientifically engineered &erlin’s &agic 9it:oins with this in mind, to keep a steady stream of gifts flowing to all the mem%ers( %ut also more than )ustly rewarding those who do introduce others since that is the very life4%lood and esscence of the programme. "I brought A bit%oins and gifted them and I ha e introdu%ed ; members so far sin%e 1st 5une >B1;, I have banked my intial investment of £ !4" and still have 21 bitcoins in the gift bank on table 1 and 1 !ostion on le el >, I %ouldn+t be ha!!ier with how I+m making money so easy..." 4 Leigh( 65 The uni!ue key that makes &erlin’s &agic 9it:oins so special is the very simple( yet very powerful( way in which it has %een structured to encourage everyone to introduce others. "6 er the last few years I ha e been in ol ed with hel!ing !eo!le understand the unfairness of the banking system, %onseCuently, before I re%ommended any alternati es to the mono!oly that they ha e o er us, I had to be sure about "erlin and, guess what. £1"4 was s#ccessf#lly converted into sterling in my bank acco#nt within 4 days of the !rogramme laun%hing..." ;ll &em%ers )oin &erlin’s &agic 9it:oins on Ta%le num%er one. "A year ago I+d ne er heard of digital %urren%y i.e. 'it%oins and the like, to me it was !urely alien howe er, after re iewing %ertain %redible media re iews I knew at last I was onto something totally uniCue and I ha e been !ro ed rightD $igital %urren%y is the new alternative to '$I%& '())*+',' How good is that!"

The only way to get positions on the higher ta%les( which travel faster and faster the higher up you go( is %y introducing other people to the programme. <hen you introduce your first new person you are rewarded with one additional =R** position on ta%le num%er two. Introduce a further two people( making three in total( and you will then receive another =R** position on ta%le num%er three. Introduce another two people( making five in total( and you will then receive a further =R** additional position on ta%le num%er four. 8ou then need to introduce three more people( making eight in total( to achieve the ultimate position, a seat on &erlin’s head ta%le( ta%le num%er five. ;LL of these additional seats are =R** as &erlin"s +ifts to you> 7nce you have introduced eight new people( you will then have one position on all four of the higher ta%les and you will then %e eligi%le to receive four additional gifts as each of them moves forward and reaches the head of their respective ta%le. Introduce one more new person and you will then receive an additional position on Ta%le .. Introduce two more and you will then receive an additional position on Ta%le /( and so on. There are no limits to the num%er of people that you introduce and no limits to the num%er of additional =R** positions that you can receive on the higher ta%les. Sit down and do the maths yourself and you will soon %egin to see that this is a very Powerful and 6ni!ue System. There are fewer people on Ta%le . so it rotates faster than Ta%le -. This means that each &em%er on Ta%le . receives their gift much !uicker than on Ta%le -. Similarly( Ta%les /( 0 and 1 have progressively fewer people on them so they rotate at progressively faster speeds. =or e ample( Ta%le 1 will rotate appro imately /2 #8*S T?IRT8$ times faster than Ta%le -. @ow work out which Ta%le you need to %e on to reap the ma imum rewards. ;s mentioned at the very %eginning of this e planation( this programme really is simplicity itself. It is afforda%le. It doesn’t make unrealistic earnings claims that people cannot relate to. ;@87@* can do it. +iven five minutes even a young child can understand e actly how &erlin’s &agic 9it:oins works> <e do not know yet if the timing is right for you to )oin &erlin’s &agic 9it:oins now or later as only you will know that for sure. <hat we do know is that if you do not try it you will never

know what would have happened if you did( and we always hate looking %ack and kicking ourselves( wondering 'what if’( don’t you..A If you have seen something of interest here then we recommend that the sooner you get started the sooner you’ll start eceiving your first gifts from &erlin…

MERLIN'S MAGIC BITCOINS WEALTH EMPOWERMENT - Directors Cut - Discover the Secret of Health Wealth & Happiness with Merlin s Magic !itcoins Wealth "mpowerment #rogramme. Merlin s Magic

!itCoins is a private members gifting club. $t consists of a co-operative of philanthropic li%emin&e& people whose prime focus is on helping to empower other members b' the giving an& receiving of gifts to one another. Membership of Merlin s Magic !itCoins is strictl' b' personal invitation of an e(isting member onl'. Many people have called thi the Pe!"ect Oppo!t#nity ). * nominal investment can pa' 'ou bac% man' times - without limits. +. * small amount of effort an& 'ou can increase 'our return &ramaticall'. ,. * large initial effort an& 'ou will receive rewar&s be'on& 'our &reams. -nce 'ou are on one of Merlin s Magic .ables 'ou start receiving won&erful ta(-free gifts. /ou can then choose to %eep 'our profit or reinvest some of it to go aroun& again. .here are no limits to the number of positions that 'ou have in the s'stem at an' one time an& there are no limits to the number of gifts that 'ou can receive. .here are five Magic .ables in total. .he more people 'ou intro&uce then the more Merlin rewar&s 'ou. $ntro&uce 0ust 1 people an& 'ou will have a position on *22 3$4" .ables at no e(tra costs to 'ou. .he 3inal .able is reserve& for high achieving members who have intro&uce& 1 Members. m' 3urther 5ewar&s .here are e(tra bonuses such as "4"6 M-5" 35"" #-S$.$-6S on the Magic .ables for Members who continue to intro&uce more new people. 5emember ). .here are no time limits on 'our activit'. +. /our Membership is active imme&iatel' - 'ou &o not have to intro&uce new people if 'ou &on t want to. ,. .here are no other charges or on-going monthl' costs or fees. 7. .here are no pro&ucts to bu' or stoc% to hol&. 8. -nce the 9ifts start arriving 'ou ll not want to stop receiving them: #2;S /-;5 35"" personalise& automatic self-replicating website< e(actl' li%e this one< for 'ou to refer people too.

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