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(In line with the discussions in the 24th TCC/27th NRPC held on 29-30 Novembe 20!2"

hjhjhhjjvbvbvbvhejwfhwehfhHjhjh Ewu ejfsdfhfjhfjhfhfuehhhhfhwehwehfhfehfwfhJsjksjdskj_sdasdasdsa a. outage to the OCC. b. Single phase Auto reclose in all EHV lines at 220kV and above shall be kept in service c. Availability of alternate path for inco ing!outgoing feeder shall be ensured in substation having breaker and half sche e particularly after opening or tripping of feeder in the sa e dia. d. for operation code fro e. Efforts shall be the "#$%C!S$%C argins in the syste in the syste to be ade to create ade&uate

able to sustain the ne't credible "() contingency in real(ti e even *hen the antecedent net*ork is depleted. +nder depleted net*ork conditions the po*er flo* on the re aining tie lines of a control area shall be the subsyste is able to survive the loss of the tie line. aintained at a level such that

). Voltage control related a. S,+s!S$%C shall coordinate to s*itch off shunt capacitor banks during high voltages. ,he clear directions *ould be issued to all field stations i reactive po*er is being in-ected at ediately. ,hey shall particularly e'a ine the reactive energy account to identify the locations *here ore than )0./ of the no inal voltage. b. S,+s!S$%Cs shall opti i0e the transfor er tap position at 220!).2 kV1 220!22 kV level such that the voltage at EHV level is controlled. c. 3herever possible1 the line reactor ay be used as a bus reactor *hen the line is not in service. ,he utilities shall e'a ine the feasibility of providing line side isolator to facilitate utili0ation of the line reactor as bus reactor. d. 4enerating Stations shall absorb reactive po*er as per their capability curve to the e'tent possible. 4as 5o*er Stations shall e'a ine the possibility of operating the gas turbine as synchronous condenser by de(clutching generator fro e. S$%Cs shall f. the turbine.

onitor the reactive po*er absorption!generation by generating units

*ithin their control area. Hydro stations having synchronous condenser facility 6vi0 5ong1 ,ehri1 $ar-i1 +ri1 #S%7 shall carry out a trial operation before )8th %ece ber 20)2 and shall infor co petent staff shall be ensured round the clock particularly during the night shift. the respective S$%Cs!"#$%C. ,he readiness of the facility and availability of the

9re&uency control related a. .S related a.GUIDELINES FOR GRID OPERATION DURING WINTER MONTHS (In line with the discussions in the 24th TCC/27th NRPC held on 29-30 Novembe 20!2" g. S$%Cs!"#$%C shall send operational feedback to syste planners *ith regard to providing the line side isolators to facilitate utili0ation of line reactor as bus reactor *hen line is out of service. 9ilter banks of HV%C #ihand(%adri :ipole1 :alia(:hi*adi and . ay be given standing instructions to back do*n generation essage fro the "#$%C!S$%Cs.+s shall ensure that the dra*al is the deviation shall be c.+s *ould also install *eather stations 6te perature!hu idity transducers7 in their syste and onitor these para eters for fog onitoring.anual substitution correct digital status shall also be ensured. h.elephone and . SCA%A!E.+s shall ensure that +9# and df!dt relays at the designated substations are functional and the load shedding through these relays is ade&uate. .he *eather data available in the "#(SCA%A!E. %4 sets shall be kept operational <ndian . b. .S shall be ensured at all the stations.etrological %epart ent shall be utili0ed to onitor ini i0ed.. . 4enerating Stations i d. A ready reckoner of . S$%Cs!S. Staff in the real(ti e operation shall be aug ented particularly in the night shift. 2.undra(. c.S and the precipitation!fog forecasts available fro the *eather status. 5ri ary response fro .hese para eters can also unication and be used for de and forecasting purposes as *ell. Availability of real(ti e data at the control roo have been integrated. All S$%Cs!S.he tele etry of SCA%A!E. the generating stations should be available. Healthiness of Au'iliary po*er supply!battery back(up for co as *ell as ade&uate fuel reserves *ould be kept. S. b. . . <t *ill help in aintained close to the schedule and ediately after receipt of nor al operation and increase the probability of survival of islands if for ed. b. =. 8.obile nu bers of all key personnel shall be prepared and kept readily available at all control centres( substations1 generating stations1 S$%Cs1 "#$%C.ahendragarh shall be s*itched off for voltage control to the e'tent possible. d.anpo*er related a. $ike*ise feedback shall also be sent *ith regard to the re&uire ent of synchronous condenser facility at all hydro po*er stations co ing up in future. #eporting of an event shall be ensured for stations that ay be done if re&uired.

b. Analysis report of the event supported by %#!E$!relay flags shall be for*arded to "#$%C!"#5C *ithin 2= hours of the incident in line *ith the a ended <E4C. 2. c.he e'ercise for shall have at least one person *ho is *ell conversant to coordinate the activities related to black start of the unit. ock black start shall be conducted by generating stations as per the schedule approved by the "#5C. Any grid incident!disturbance shall be inti ated by the concerned utility!S$%C to "#$%C i ediately say *ithin )0 inutes of the event in line *ith the <E4C. :lack start related a. . b.GUIDELINES FOR GRID OPERATION DURING WINTER MONTHS (In line with the discussions in the 24th TCC/27th NRPC held on 29-30 Novembe 20!2" a. . 4enerating Stations having black start facility shall ensure healthiness of %4 set *ith ade&uate fuel reserves. Every shift at the generating station control roo c. Every grid incident shall be analysed by the entities and suitable corrective actions *ould be taken pro ptly.