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previous paper ka.. 20. When inorder traversing a tree resulted E A C K F H D B G; the preorder trav ersal would return a. b. c. d.


******************************************************************************** ********************************* ** Answers according to me and preffered from net. correct if something is wrong and incomplete. **25 questions Max. Marks 50.0 --> 40 min **2 mark for correct and -1 for wrong **25 Multiple-Choice Questions 1. Which of the following data structures are indexed structures? a. linear arrays b. linked lists c. both of above d. none of above Ans: a) 2. In MS-DOS 5.0, which is the number that acts as a code to uniquely identify the software product? A. B. C. D. E. Ans: d) MS DOS MS DOS 5.0 None of the above

3. In virtual memory systems, Dynamic address translation A. B. C. D. E. Ans: a) is the hardware necessary to implement paging stores pages at a specific location on disk is useless when swapping is used is part of the operating system paging algorithm None of the above

4. What will be the output of the program? class PassS { public static void main(String []args) { PassS p= new PassS(); p.start(); } void start()

of process c) ststem exceed no. A fork system call will fail. E. System. that performs the intent of ins tructions fetched from memory. There must be mechanism to delete and/or insert elements in list d. .println(s1+" "+s2). The Memory Buffer Register (MBR) A.. d) a and c e) b and c f) a and b Ans: e) 8.println(p+" ").. of process in something something. return s. D..out. C. The list must be sorted b.{ String s1="slide".. b) system exceed no. if a) yaad nahi. b) c) d) yaad nahi. String s2= fax(s1).out. None of the above Ans: d) 6. there should be the direct access to the middle element in any sublist c. Which of the following is not the required condition for binary search algorithm ? a.. } } a) slidestream b)slide stream c)slidestream slide stream d)slidestream slide Ans: c) 5. System. contains a copy of the designated memory location specified by the MAR after a "read" or the new contents of the memory prior to a "write".. } String fax(String s) { String p= s +"stream". contains the address of the memory location that is to be read from or stored into. is a hardware memory device which denotes the location of the current instruc tion being executed. Interprocess communication a) synchronization something.. is a group of electrical circuits (hardware). none of above Ans: c) 7. B.

a) time sharing b) muti-tasking c) muti-user d) all above Ans: d) 14.Black b. d. Ans: a) a coaxial cable a dedicated line a ground station All of the above None of the above 10. how many words of 3 consonants and 2 vowel can be formed a) 210 b) 1050 c) 25200 d) 21400 e) none Ans: c) 13. E. To connect a computer with a device in the same room. E. Unix Operating System is an ____. network layer c. C. he drags it one mile due north back to his cabin where he started that morning. a. B. none of above Ans: a) . you might be likely to use A.Gray Ans: c) 11.9. A.What color is the beer.After shooting the Beer. In OSI network architecture. session layer b. A hunter leaves his cabin early in the morning and walks one mile due south.Here he sees a Beer and starts chasing it for one mile due east before he is able to shoot the Beer. D.White. Out of 7 consonants and 4 vowels. B. Ans: d) Network database Relational database Distributed database Hierarchical database None of the above 12. the dialogue control and token management are respo nsibility of a. but a child record type can have only one parent. data link layer e. transport layer d. D. In a _____ a parent record type can be linked to one or more "child" record type s.Brown c. C.

large-capacity disk UDP VMTP X. LOC(Array[5])=Base(Array[5])+(5-lower bound).25 SMTP None of the above . D. B. cursor = cursor->link( ). cursor++. Which of the following TCP/IP protocol allows an application program on one mach ine to send a datagram to an application program on another machine? A. E. Ans: d) 17. the data is used as an address d) the data are accessed sequentially e) None of the above Ans: c) 19. Ans: a) 16. C. C. Ans: a) 20. What statement changes cursor so that i t points to the next node? A. where w is the number of words per memory cell for the array d. Suppose cursor points to a node in a linked list (using the node definition with member functions called data and link). D. LOC(Array[5]=Base(Array)+w(5-lower bound). cursor += link( ). where w is the number of words per memory cell for the array b. None of above Ans: a) 18. he memory address of fifth element of an array can be calculated by the formula a. Which of the following hardware components is the most important to the operatio n of a database management system? A.e. B. a) random collision b) sequential collision c) index collision d) yaad nahi. where w is the number of words per memory cell for the array c. B. C. cursor = link( ).15. Which of the following methods of collision processing has some of their address never be used. Which of the following refers to the associative memory? a) the address of the data is generated by the CPU b) the address of the data is supplied by the users c) there is no need for an address i.. LOC(Array[5])=Base(Array[4])+(5-Upper bound). high-resolution video display printer high speed.

plotter edit?hl=en_US . the creation of a new process D.psexam. the creation of a new job C. Carrier is yaad nhi. None of the above Ans: c) ******************************************************************************** ********************************* c: http://answers..crazyengineers. network layer b. data link layer c. transport layer d.indiabix. none of above Ans: a) 22. . In OSI network architecture. session layer operating system: Look at this series: DS: http://www. (1/4)..D. What number should come next? -algorithms-multiple-choice-questions-mcqs-objective-set-2. (1/2). (1/3) C. increasing the priority of a task E. mouse. A file containing multiple indices to the data is called a/an a) index file b) sequential file c) index sequential file d) none Ans: c) 24.. Ans: c) 21. the dispatching of a task B.html networking: https://docs.. the routing is performed by a. (2/8) Ans: b) B. D.45712/ http://www. Fork is A. 25. (1/8) (1/16) 23.

com/logical-reasoning/number-series/ dbms: http://www.indiabix. general: http://www.