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1. _____ Easter, kids receive lots of chocolate Easter eggs in USA. A On B At C In D By 2.

I wish you _____ me how to make such a sauce last time. A teach B taught C have taught D had taught . !ow much money did he "orrow _____ the "ank# A to B of C off D from $. %!ow much sugar is left#% %_____.% A None B Nothing C Not some D Not one &. _____ ended after $ years in 1'1(. A World War First B World War I C First World War D World War the First ). *y "rother loves music very much and has _____ of ta+es. A a large collection B large collection C much collections D many collection ,. -e couldn.t enter the court. /he +olice _____ let us in. A shall not B won't C shouldn't D wouldn't (. %!ave you ever +layed tennis#% %0es, I _____ +layed it.% A have B have ever C have been D had been '. 1ane didn.t go _____ this morning. She was at home. A somewhere B anywhere C no where D some lace 12. If I _____ you, I wouldn.t do that. A am B was C were D had been 11. -e don.t travel to any country _____ crime rate is known to "e very high. A which B whose C that which D that 12. 3y my &2th "irthday, I _____ in my current +rofession for over 22 years. A will be B will have been C would be D would have been 1 . 4inally 1ohn "ought a _____ sedan. A green new !"## four$door B !"## green new four$door C new green !"## four$door D new four$door green !"## 1$. *y father taught me "asic accounting and _____. A to ty e B how to ty e C how to ty ing D ty ing 1&. _____ my childhood, I studied in 5aris. A During

%!ello7 _____ 1ohn Smith s+eaking. /he children _____ do their homework while watching /6 yesterday. A were learning B were being taught C were being teaching D were being learned 1'..% A I'm B &his is C &here is D 'ere is 22. A was able to B were able to C would D could have 1(. It is sometimes very difficult _____ in a second language. 1ane. A over the bac( B in the bac( C bac( D on the bac( 22. A green B are green C was green D has been green 1. A borned B born C was borned D was born . *y sister lived in 4rance for two years and my niece _____ there. and her eyes _____. she _____ +ermission. /he English students _____ "y that eccentric teacher at that time. A more good B most good C best D most best 2 . _____ "reaking his leg. A so B because C thus D whence 2&. If 1ane asks her ever tasted.B %ver C When D While 1). A may have gotten B might have gotten C might get D maybe get 2$. /he hero rode through the village _____ of a large white horse. !e fell from the to+ of the metal staircase. /his is the _____ curry sauce I.s hair is "rown. A to ma(e oneself understood B for oneself to be understanding C understanding oneself D to understand oneself 21.