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Nov¡Bec 2u1S Euitoi Nancy BiPace Pfau Numbei 16


Naik youi calenuais now anu save the uate: Satuiuay, Becembei 8
, the
village of Shaion Spiings will piesent its 4
annual victoiian Bay. Nany new anu
exciting plans afoot - scheuule available at !"#$% '()*$" '+*,"-./0$1. So biing youi
fiienus, put on a victoiian Eia costume |oi not!j anu join in the fun! uieat activities
abounu foi the whole family! Beie's a photo fiom last yeai's victoiian Tea at the
Stone Bouse, an elegant affaii you won't want to miss.

!"#$%&' )*&+,! )- .##,/&+ 0123 4-5 $-6#5%+7 "5%+)%+7 $-!)!8

COBBLER NEWS by Katiina van Aisuale
This is a beautiful anu exciting time of yeai foi eveiyone in Shaion Spiings,
incluuing the family at Cobblei anu Company! }ust iecently we celebiateu the fifth
annual Baivest Festival, welcoming moie than ten thousanu people fiom all aiounu
the woilu to oui small town anu the wealth of talent available heie. Chiis 0ttman
fiom the Cheiiy valley Tinsel Company helu uemonstiations in fiont of oui builuing
on his technique of twisting tin to make beautiful icicle uecoiations anu othei
oinaments, anu we offeieu hot mulleu apple ciuei maue fiom mulling spices giown
by }ulie Beizog of the Elueibeiiy Beib Faim in Shaion Spiings. We all hau a
wonueiful weekenu anu woulu like to thank all of oui customeis foi theii
pationage, anu foi making it a uelightful anu memoiable time.
That being saiu, it's incieuible to think that the Chiistmas season is alieauy
almost heie! Be suie to visit oui iecently ieuecoiateu Chiistmas ioom, featuiing
unique oinaments anu uecoiations of all shapes anu sizes. Angelina uiu a wonueiful
job of ieuecoiating! You can catch a glimpse of the biightly lit Chiistmas tiees on
oui Facebook page, Cobblei & Company.
We also iecently heaiu fiom Samantha }ohnson, who is stuuying abioau in
Aigentina. She loves it! She's maue some ieally goou fiienus anu is uoing some
amazing things (such as hoiseback iiuing in the Anues mountains!), sent fai too
many pictuies }, anu says she can't wait to be back! It was fantastic to heai fiom Sam
anu we can't wait foi hei to be back, eithei.


Black Cat's holiuay tieats aie back with pumpkin spice cakes foi the Fall anu
fiuitcakes foi the holiuays. We have an exciting new piouuct: Figs pieseiveu in oui
Balsamic Biizzle, which just hit the shelves. We'ie also uoing special cooking classes
anu uinneis by Reseivation; although oui iegulai scheuule uoesn't begin till miu-
}anuaiy. 0ui Balloween iecipes, which have appeaieu on A0L, Kitchen Baily anu
Buffington Post, aie being publisheu online, moie uetails to follow. Nany aie gieat
to enjoy all Fall oi even yeai-iounu. We hope you've seen the Tv aus piouuceu by
the Black Cat, Cobblei, Spiing Bouse Spa - stay tuneu foi moie special views of all of
us in Shaion Spiings!


Anothei successful Baivest Festival was helu on Septembei 21 anu 22 with an
estimateu 1u,uuu visitois. We manageu to spenu an houi in the village Satuiuay
moining befoie tiaveling off to Euiope via the QN2 anu weie amazeu at the ciowus
alieauy choking the siuewalk at 1u AN --- incluuing a huge line of folks waiting to
have theii copy of !"#$%&&' )"**"$+* signeu by }osh anu Bient!
Beie's a view of one of oui newest venuois, Ben Ashby anu Beath Stiltnei of ,&%-
./0/1#2", theii Fall 2u1S euition has seveial wonueiful aiticles about Shaion
Spiings |a toui of the uaiunei Bouse anu a fun aiticle "The Bouse That Built the
Beekman Boys"!j Baiu copies aie available at Cobblei & Company oi check out the


!2,3$*4. "$356 ')1)"3() 7$(".$" ) *585"3 -*)29)35 $: ''0'; "$< ) .3925"3 )3 '3/ =$.5; ,.
5"#$%,"- ) .515.35* $: .392% ," >95"$. ?,*5.; ?*-5"3,")/ @5*5 ,. +)*3 $: ) A5335* .(5 (). <*,335"
3$ (5* :*,5"2. )3 0$BBA5* C 0$6

"Bi Eveiyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I just stait out by saying that I miss you all so much!!

Fiist of all I love living in the city. Theie is something to uo liteially eveiy
seconu of eveiy uay heie. When I heai people saying they'ie boieu oi have nothing
to uo I just can't even believe it because it's liteially impossible. Not only is theie a
museum oi shopping centei oi piotest going on at eveiy single coinei, but we aie
all stiategically placeu in homes iight on the main subway line so we can liteially get
to any othei pait of the city we want in twenty minutes oi way less.
The fiist big tiip I went on was to Nenuoza. 0ne uay we went hoiseback
iiuing in the Anues! It was liteially the coolest thing I've evei uone in my life. At
times the path foi the hoises' feet was a foot wiue anu at the euge of a cliff. I'm
afiaiu of height so that was pietty teiiifying but still so cool. Bowevei two of my
fiienus fell off theii hoises. That was kinu of a bummei!
Aftei the iiue they hau a huge ).)2$ foi us, which was amazing! It's just
liteially they hau just slaughteieu the cow that uay (which was actually kinu of
fieaky, they hau the skin of it hanging fiom a tiee) but it was just the best meat I
have evei hau in my entiie life. They gave us homemaue wine anu hau a bonfiie anu
we watcheu the sunset in the mountains. It was so amazing!
The next cool thing was the tiip we took to Tanuil. Ny fiienu Stacey's
boyfiienu is heie stuuying with us too anu he has a fiienu, Nico, who lives in this city
Tanuil about S houis away fiom BA. It was ieally cool to hang out with him because
he's a local anu he biought us to have uinnei with his family one night anu to a paity
with his fiienus the next. We hau to speak Spanish the whole time because none of
them speak English so it was ieally goou to piactice anu it just felt like we got a
bettei look at the cultuie!
I uon't know how much you know about Evita Peion, the foimei Fiist Lauy of
Aigentina, but I'm leaining a ton about hei iight now anu she's completely
fascinating. The countiy was so insanely in love (like when she uieu they tiieu to
have hei canonizeu) with hei because of all the social iefoim she pusheu anu
eveiything she uiu that she became a symbol foi the countiy. When she uieu people
went ciazy anu the goveinment ciasheu anu the new uictatoi hiu hei bouy anu it
got passeu aiounu foi fouiteen yeais, people woulu take it out of its casket anu
uiess it up anu uo cieepy cieepy things with it, it was buiieu in a bunch of uiffeient
places, it was so weiiu! But it's so inteiesting to leain about. The othei uay we went
to the Recoleta Cemeteiy which is wheie all the iichest people fiom Aigentina aie
buiieu (piesiuents, tango uanceis anu singeis, actois) anu saw hei family ciypt.
People still line up to leave floweis foi hei almost eveiy uay of the week. It's so

Local iesiuents Paul anu Phyllis van Ambuigh aie the subject of a iecently-
ieleaseu uocumentaiy calleu D(5 E,*.3 '5).$". The film intimately chionicles the
tiials of the van Ambuigh family aftei they leave comfoitable jobs to buy a
stiuggling uaiiy faim in Shaion Spiings. D(5 E,*.3 '5).$" hau a wiue ielease on
Septembei 17, anu is now available on viueo thiough, iTunes, vuuu,
Xbox, anu moie.
D(5 E,*.3 '5).$" is piouuceu by Ruuu Simmons, known foi his piouuctions
The Royal Tennenbaums anu BB0's Boaiuwalk Empiie. D(5 E,*.3 '5).$" is his
uiiectoiial uebut.
A local scieening of the film is in the woiks foi latei in the yeai. Noie
infoimation about the ielease can be founu at: http:¡¡¡new-

9-+:) /%!! 3.455 67389:33 34;7<)4=> Novembei Su
gieat shopping anu uining in the village that uay. The Ameiican
Botel will be open foi lunch fiom 11 AN. All the shops will also
be open as well as the Black Cat anu 2u4 Nain Bistio!

MAUCHLINE WARE by Sanuia Nanko

Nauchline Waie is so nameu because it was manufactuieu mainly in anu
aiounu the village of Nauchline in Ayishiie, Scotlanu. Nauchline Waie
(pionounceu Noch'lin Waie) is an ochie-coloieu woou often uecoiateu with scenes
of touiist sites. It was geneially maue of sycamoie woou, which has a veiy close
giain. The pale coloi maue an excellent backgiounu foi coloieu paints oi pen anu
ink woik, anu latei tiansfei-piinteu waie. The piecise uate of the fiist tiansfei-
piinteu waies isn't known, but the companies manufactuieu them fiom the eaily
18Sus until 19SS. Skilleu ciaftsman auoineu the finisheu aiticles with tiansfeis
piioi to coating them with seveial layeis of slow uiying vainish. This lengthy anu
caieful piocess accounts foi the extieme uuiability of these piouucts, many of
which have suiviveu in neai mint conuition touay.

Nauchline Waie pieces weie a populai souvenii anu favoieu by affluent
victoiians since each piece was uecoiateu with a view associateu with the place of
puichase. Some of the moie populai Nauchline Waie souveniis incluue match
boxes, book maiks, playing caiu containeis, stamp boxes, lettei openeis, egg cups,
pin cushions, cosmetic boxes uesigneu foi face powuei, iouge, colu cieam anu lip
cieam, anu occasionally jeweliy, such as eaiiings, biacelets, anu biooches. The
items shown in this photogiaph, which aie souveniis fiom Shaion Spiings' eailiei
heyuay, incluue a beei foam sciapei, napkin iing, uaining egg with thieau anu
thimble insiue, whistle, small box, bookmaik, anu miniatuie book. The images aie
the Nansion Bouse, Inhalation Bathhouse, Nagnesia Temple anu Lowei Bathhouse,
all tienuy places of this time peiiou.

Touay the piices foi these items aveiage between $7S to $2uu uepenuing on
the size, conuition, anu collectible appeal.


The committee, heaueu by Nayoi Boug Plummei, has been supei busy these
past few months planning, iaising funus, applying foi giants, anu aiianging foi a
layei of topsoil to be installeu befoie wintei sets in with hopes foi a lovely gieen
lawn next spiing. A "put the paik to beu" uay will be announceu shoitly to get all
the lovely new Auiionuack chaiis unuei covei anu plant some uaffouil bulbs |the
one flowei guaianteeu not to be eaten by the ueei!j
Neanwhile eveiyone is inviteu to be pait of the paik by puichasing paveis.
Theie aie two sizes: 8x8 foi $7S on which S lines of text can be placeu oi 4x8 foi
$Su with S lines of text. Ny chiluien anu gianuchiluien aie uelighteu that theii
names will be featuieu in the paik - that's this yeai's big Boliuay gift! Foims aie
available at: The Ameiican Botel, the village 0ffice, the Cobblei Shop, the Libiaiy,
Post 0ffice, anu Bank; oi you can senu a stampeu, self-auuiesseu envelope to:
Chalybeate Paik Funu, P0 Box 217, Shaion Spiings, NY 1S4S9. 0i bettei yet, clip the
attachment on the next page anu senu oi biing it in!
This paik is impoitant to us as a symbol of oui Spa eia. Shaion Spiings has
been a centei foi healing ovei many centuiies beginning with the Native Ameiicans
who consiueieu the spiings sacieu. In the 19
centuiy, iesiuents of Euiopean
uescent cieateu a health spa centeiing aiounu the sulphui, magnesia, eye-watei,
anu Chalybeate |iionj spiings with activities piesciibeu by iesiuent physicians to
cuie many ailments. These activities incluueu bathing in the wateis, uiinking fiom
the vaiious spiings, walking, hiking, iiuing, anu swimming.
The piesent Chalybeate temple was built in 191u; Aithui Smith auueu the
heateu Swimming Pool anu bath house¡changing house to the paik in the 192u's.
Foi a small fee |1u cents foi chiluien in 1946j a visitoi coulu obtain access to the
piopeity to change in the bathhouse, swim in the heateu pool, anu enjoy a uiink
fiom the Chalybeate temple |watei so iich in iion it appaiently tuineu youi teeth
The pool was closeu shoitly aftei WWII. By 19Su the Beiman family hau
puichaseu the piopeity anu conveiteu the builuings into apaitments calleu
"Beiman's Little village". Even the Changing Bouse anu temple weie encloseu anu
tuineu into apaitments. Buiing these yeais access to the piopeity was limiteu to
people who ienteu fiom the Beimans.
By the 199u's Beiman hau abanuoneu the piopeity, anu many builuings
weie consiueieu in such uisiepaii that they weie uemolisheu. The temple anu the
Changing Bouse aie now in the piocess of ienovation to iestoie to the village some
aspect of its legacy as a healing spa. At this time the Chalybeate is the only spiing in
the village that iemains open to the public because the sulphui, magnesia, anu eye
wateis aie in piivate hanus anu closeu. Theiefoie, the iestoiation of the Chalybeate
Paik is vitally impoitant to the village of Shaion Spiings.

Pere ls a greaL opporLunlLy Lo help resLore ChalybeaLe Þark and geL a
greaL hollday glû!
Cherry valley MonumenLs has oñered Lhe Þark Commluee a greaL
opporLunlLy Lo purchase pavers for paLhways ln Lhe Þark. Þavers wlll be
engraved and oñered ln 2 slzes. 8x8 for $73.00 (6-llne lnscrlpuon) or 4x8
for $30.00 (3-llne lnscrlpuon). !"" $"%"$&" '($ )"*+,-&.
1hlnk of how wonderful lL wlll be for you and/or your loved ones Lo be
lmmorLallzed ln Lhe Þark.
We encourage you Lo ñll ouL Lhe order form on Lhe reverse slde of Lhls
ßyer and lf you have any quesuons or need addluonal lnformauon,
please call Lhe vlllage omce aL 318.284.2623 or send an e-mall Lo

WlLh Lhanks and appreclauon for your supporL and commlLmenL Lo our
/0" 10+-23"+*" 4+$5 6"&*($+*,(7 1(88,**""




!"#$% '%($% )'%*
☐4x8 Qty._____ ☐8x8 Qty._____
!"#$% 9' 2(: +$" ($)"$,7; 8($" *0+7 (7" *2<" ($ =:+7*,*2 (' <+%"$> <-"+&" 8+5" ?(<,"& *( ,7),?+*"
,7&?$,<*,(7& 2(: @,&0 '($ $'() <+%"$
! +,-.%+!/+', 0'$- 1$%$ !

Lach 4x8 paver may have a 3-llne, 8x8 paver may have 6-llnes, each wlLh 13 characLers per llne, lnscrlpuon
Þlease !%+,/ Lhe leuers for each llne of your lnscrlpuon ln Lhe spaces provlded
name: _________________________________________ Þhone &/or e-mall: _____________________________
Make checks payable Lo Lhe 0)'123$'#$ 4'-5 6$,#"-'#/"+ 7.+89 Þlease reLurn your order & LoLal paymenL Lo Lhe vlllage of Sharon
Sprlngs, ÞC 8ox 217, Sharon Sprlngs, n? 13439