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TRUE OR FALSE. Write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false.

_________ 1. Never divide a name or abbreviations. _________2. If a word has only one syllable, you still have to divide it. _________ 3. When expressing numbers, if the number is 10 below, it should be spelled out. _________ 4. Number that starts as a word in a sentence regardless if below 10 or not should be in words. ________ 5. If the word is a long one, divide it at the middle or towards the end of it. ________ 6. Never divide a word by its syllable. ________ 7. If a word has a double consonant at the middle, divide it on its first syllable. ________ 8. If you are not sure of the word division, just guess it. ________ 9. When a date is written the use of suffixes like –st, -nd, -rd, -th should never be used if the day comes before the month. ________ 10. When numbers are used as a street number, it should be written in numerals. II. PUNCTUATION. Insert the proper punctuation marks.

11. We had a great time in France the kids really enjoyed it 12. Some people work best in the mornings others do better in the evenings 13. What are you doing next weekend 14. Mother had to go into hospital she had heart problems 15. Did you understand why I was upset 16. It is a fine idea let us hope that it is going to work 17. We will be arriving on Monday morning at least I think so 18. A textbook can be a wall between teacher and class 19. The girls father sat in a corner 20. In the words of Murphys Law Anything that can go wrong will go wrong III. CAPITALIZATION. Circle each letter that should be capitalized in the sentence.

21. i told dad that i had basketball practice after school today. 22. my aunt jill is visiting from texas this week. 23. my favorite time of the year is fall. 24. i have a volleyball game at boston middle school next thursday. 25. dear ms. smith, 26. i have to take science and history 101 in order to graduate. 27. my sister is planning on attending purdue university next year. 28. yours truly, 29. kyle is going to stay with his grandma and grandpa this summer. 30. my aunt jan works at a correctional facility in kokomo.

IV. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40.

SUBJECT AND VERB AGREEMENT. Encircle the correct form of the verb. Plants and flowers (is, are) featured on the cover of this month’s magazine. The author and illustrator of the magazine (is, are) the same person. In the early 1800’s slaveholding and slave trading (was, were) widespread. Neither the large universities nor the local college (was, were) accepting applications from African Americans. Just laws and strict enforcement of them (was, were) needed) Also described in the magazine (is, are) experiments and discoveries. Red beans and rice (is, are) a great meal. Neither poverty nor difficult hardship ( were, was) an issue for determined men. Sara or Savannah (do, does) not like to do extra homework. Either the mouse or the cats (is, are) making late night noises.