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____ PC is a special type of notebook computer that allows you to write on the screen using a digital pen. a. Enabled b. Whiteboard c. Tablet d. Smart

2. Which of the following cannot be a wireless network a. W!" b. #!"

c. $!" d. !ll of the abo%e

e. None of these &. ____ is data that is organi'ed( has meaning( and is useful. a. Shareware b. )nput c. E*mail d. Information +. Which of the following is to be done by the auditor while internet banking ser%ices audit a. Tour the server room b. ,he user is not allowed to log * in after defined repeated failed attempts c. Contract clearly states the ser%ices that will be pro%ided by the %endor d. e. !ll of the abo%e "one of these

-. ,he components of the !.CS #oti%ational #odel are ____( ____( ____( and ____. a. Attention, Relevance, Challenge/Confidence, Satisfaction/Success

Security b. !uthentication c. )s owned by an indi%idual rather than a corporation or institution . Performs all of its in ut. !ttitude( . )s lightweight and portable c.etention( Challenge/Confidence( Satisfaction/Success c. 2ata transmission d. 1irewall is used in PC for a. a. Can be used for desktop publishing b.b. "one of these 3.ele%ance( Challenge/Confidence( Satisfaction/Success d. activities by itself rocessing. !ll of the abo%e e. "one of the abo%e 0. Willingness( . out ut and storage d. ! personal computer is defined by the fact that it ____.

Correction c. "one of these 12.What in a distributed database supports multi*user access a. Auditing b. )t can come with data b. #ultipoint c. Computation literacy b. Which of the following statement5s is true about computer %iruses a. a. Secondary 11. Concurrency control c. e. ____ is ha%ing the knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses.eplication . )ntegration literacy c. )t can be attached to a data record "one of these rogram 6. )nformation literacy d. !ll of the abo%e e. Editing d.4. Point"to" oint b.2ocumentation while de%eloping a software for a 8ank is re9uired for a. .! _______ connection pro%ides a dedicated link between two de%ices. Primary d. )t can be attached to a data file d. 2istribution design b. It can be attached to an e!ecutable c. Com uter literacy 17. a.

he _______ is the physical path o%er which a message tra%els. b. 1irst electronic chip flip flop c. "one of these 1&. ..:on . . Signal d.edundancy e. !ll the abo%e . c. $edium c.d. CS"E. "S1"E. ARPAN#T 1+. a. "one of these 1-.. Protocol b. !"S"E. Stored" rogram conce t d.on "eumann de%eloped < a.he first electronic computer b. d.his was the first network. a.

#esh b.Communication between a computer and a keyboard in%ol%es ______________ transmission. Performance b. "CP c. #ode of operation c. TCP/IP b.______ refers to the physical or logical arrangement of a network.2e%ices may be arranged in a _____ topology. 1easibility 13.Which topology re9uires a central controller or hub a. Simple= b. 8us d. !C# 27.10. a. . To ology d._______ is the protocol suite for the current )nternet. "one of the abo%e 21. a. 1ull*duple= d. 2ata flow b. a.1re9uency of failure and network reco%ery time after a failure are measures of the _______ of a network. . Security d. Star c. ?")@ d. !utomatic 16. a. >alf*duple= 14. Reliability c.

All of the above 22. ! $!" d. a. An internet c. a. .ing c.! ______ is a data communication system spanning states( countries( or the whole world. #!" b. &AN d. R%C c.________ is an idea or concept that is a precursor to an )nternet standard. a. $!" c. "one of the abo%e . #esh b. )2 d.a.________ is a collection of many separate networks. "one of the abo%e 2+. 8us d. ! W!" b. "one of the abo%e 2&. .C1 b.

. "one of the choices are correct . Physical b.CP/)P protocol suite are called _______ addresses. IP c. (ogical c. a. a..2-. Chec' node"to"node communication c. "one of the choices are correct 20.eport errors b.he logical addresses in the .he purpose of echo re9uest and echo reply is to _______. "one of the choices are correct 23. Port b.! _______ address is an internetwork address with uni%ersal Aurisdiction. a. Port d. Check group memberships d.. Email d.