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Complete Briquette Press Manufacturing Process
Briquetting is the process of transformation of biomass waste to produce homogenous, uniformly sized solid pieces of high bulk density which can be directly used as a fuel. Biomass briquetting is the densification of loose biomass material to produce compact solid composites of fixed sizes with the application of high pressure. he complete process that takes place in the biomass briquetting plants is as shown in following diagram!
Raw 0aterials
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dryin g
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-amme r mill

Briquetti ng machine he briquetting plant manufacturing process is carried out at approximately ""#$C temperature and with high pressure. he ma%or raw materials needed for making briquettes are, rice husk, saw dust, wood, cotton stalk, coffee husk,groundnut shells, etc. he moisture content in these raw materials not more than &'("). If the materials ha*ing more than that of moisture, it would be first dried out in the dryer machine. he size of the raw materials should not be more than +', mm that is *alid for the briquette machine. -ence, the hammer mill is used to make the materials size equi*alent to the briquette press. 0oney briquette s

Jumbo 90 Briquette Machine

.umbo /# is the briquetting machine with superb quality and high capability of manufacturing well shaped biomass briquettes. his machine produces brickets with maximum speed and minimum power and labor requirements. Jumbo 90 briquette machine is made up with the latest technology which turns the

Radhe Industrial Corporation wastage into the briquettes. 4nother Briquetting machine with superb quality is a 2uper 5# Briquetting machine that specially designed for medium le*el industries. 4fter cooling, the complete biomass briquettes are produced with minimum efforts. his process is done without any binder. he briquetting plant manufacturing is the eco'friendly and cost'effecti*e process. 6owadays, briquettes are mostly used fuel in many industries for firing and heating purpose. -ence, this pro%ect is considered as the future plant of renewable energy.

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