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Youth Training Sessions

Circuit Training for
Circuit training involves participation in a variety of activities. These activities are conducted at various locations (stations) around the field. The team is divided into an equal number of players for each station. When the circuit begins, all players attempt to perform their best at the tasks assigned to each station within a set time. Circuit training can be used to improve fitness (strength and conditioning circuits) or technique (exercise circuits) or both. Circuits can also be done individually, in pairs or in groups. In this edition of SoccerCoachingInternational's youth training sessions we will focus on combined circuits (fitness and technique) for individuals, pairs and groups. The 5 fun circuit training sessions presented will not only improve your players' fitness and technique, but also provides a unique way for coaches to achieve a number of objectives simultaneously. Players will enjoy the circuits as they enliven the training routine.

Circuit training for U12s
Training 1.1
Type: Group Focus: Technique Field size: half field divided into 4 areas of 15 x 20 meters Stations: 3 Number of groups: 3 Number of players per group: 4-10 Duration per station: 10 minutes, 1 minute for moving to the next station and water break Total duration: 44 minutes

Warm-up: Linked Tag
All players (all groups) 6 players are selected Of these 4 players + 2 nominated 'it' (red players) The other 2 players will try not to get tagged (white players) All other players pair and link up holding arms (blue players) The 4 players will be safe if they link up with a pair that is linked (the person on the opposite end of the link has to release and can get tagged)


No. 34 – August / September 2009

If there are too many players you can position another group on the other side (they shoot on the same goal) Station 2: Customs game . the 2 players are customs agents) .Divide the group into 2 teams . 2 players are positioned in this area (this is the customs area.1 cone marks the waiting area for the other players .Player 1 dribbles to penalty spot 1 and stops the ball with his foot and shoots on goal.6 cones mark another free area on the other side of the field .1 cone as a corner flag .).The customs agents have to try and steal the ball from the smugglers (by kicking it out of the customs area) .The first player to score from all 3 penalty spots wins . 5 for 2 team of 4.First player to reach 5 points wins Station 3: Junkyard game . etc.The customs agents score a point when they have managed to steal the ball .4 players are positioned in the 2 free areas (2 per area. 4 balls .1 small goal . . 34 – August / September 2009 29 .Use an odd number of balls (3 for 2 teams of 3.Give Youth Us Training Back Our Sessions Game youth players Station 1: Penalty Game . as illustrated) .3 penalty spots are marked out with a line created by 2 cones • 1st spot at 6 meters from the goal • 2nd spot at 7 meters from the goal • 3rd spot at 8 meters from the goal .The game start on the coach's sign and the players start passing the ball into the other team's yard .Each team is positioned on a half field .The smugglers score a point when they have managed to dribble around the cone and back to the free area . The team that has the fewest balls on their side when time is called gets a point No. when he scores he may take his ball and dribbles around the corner flag to the back of the queue and takes his next shot from penalty spot 2.All 4 players (ball smugglers) have a ball and must dribble into the customs area and dribble around their cone and back to the free area . 16 cones. If he misses he has to go back to penalty spot 1 .The objective is to have a clean yard when time is called by the coach.6 cones mark free area on 1 side of the field .6 players.4 cones make a square of 5x5 meters in the middle of the field.

but must look for another player to tag Station 1: Gate Dribbling Game .All players (all groups) . dribbling around the field).Make mini goals with cones for players to dribble through .Players play 1v1 against each other and score a point for every minigoal they dribble through . 34 – August / September 2009 . he tags another player by stealing their ball .Players pair up .Youth Training Sessions Circuit training for U14s Training 1. 1 minute for moving to next station and water break Total duration: 55 minutes Warm-up: Cone Tag . can save themselves by dribbling to a cone (only 1 player per cone) .Cones are set up in the area.The player who is 'it' does not have a ball. When a player looses possession he switches to defense as well 30 No.Player may only stay at a cone for 10 seconds. these cones are 'safe areas' .2 Type: Group Focus: Technique Field size: half field divided into 5 areas of 15 x 20 meters Stations: 4 Number of groups: 4 Number of players per group: 4-10 Duration per station: 10 minutes.One player is it (white) and chases the other players (red.Rules: after a player dribbles through a mini goal they leave the ball for the other player and start defending. 'it' player is not allowed to wait.

3v3. the other players are defenders Every time a goal is scored the ball will automatically go to the other side of the field and a transition takes place (attacker become defenders and vice versa) .Two teams of 2. 4v4 or 5v5 (depending on the number of players available) . Station 3: Transition game Two teams of 2.Youth Training Sessions Station 2: 3v1 knock the ball Four players.Teams can score by dribbling through a gate No. two cones. two balls One ball is placed on top of a cone in the middle Team objective: to hit the ball off the cone in the middle Defender tags player with ball to get out.The same for shots that go wide - Station 4: Scoring game . 3. 4 or 5 players 1 goal in the middle of the field Each team can only score on their designated side of the goal Defending team has 1 player in goal. 34 – August / September 2009 31 . 4 or 5 players .4-6 gates made with cones .Play is 2v2. 3.

Station 9: diagonal passes – a server is at the top cone of a triangle and plays push passes to the other cones – the player makes a return pass and then sprints to receive and return the next pass at the opposite cone (works on lateral movement & one touch diagonal passing) .Station 7: plyometric bounding through a second speed ladder .3 Circuit training for U16s Type: Individual Focus: Technique & Fitness Field size: half field divided into 11 areas Stations: 11 Number of players: 11 Total duration: 11 minutes Organization: .Station 11: 20 pushups 32 No. chest and play a pass back to the server after receiving – the last serve is a header back to the server .Station 5: strike at goal on the first touch on the volley (head or foot) – the run begins at the top of the penalty arc – a server next to one post serves the ball underhand .Station 1: 20 push-ups .Station 3: 5 times back and forth over hurdle (the height of the object to be hurdled will depend upon the fitness level of the players) .Station 4: speed ladder (execute a movement that impacts foot speed) .Station 10: juggle for one minute .Station: 8: receiving balls over a distance of 15 meters with 4 servers who toss the ball underhand as the player comes through– serve to receive with the foot.Station 2: Agility run over low hurdles.Youth Training Sessions Training 1. through zigzag poles and ending with agility rings the distance is 20 meters . 34 – August / September 2009 .Station 6: dribble through the maze of cones in the corner of the field – must dribble around every cone before you can move on . thigh.

4 Circuit training for U18s Type: Group Focus: Technique & Fitness Field size: half field divided into 11 areas Stations: 6 two-ways Number of players: 8-16 (2-4 players per starting cone) Number of groups: 4 (2 blue. which is the new starting cone area .Station 1: Players A1 plays a pass (i) to B1 . 34 – August / September 2009 33 .Station 5: At the low hurdles B1 double leg hops over them (vi) and then sprints to station 6 (vii).Station 4: B1 then sprints though the intersection while trying to avoid a collision with B2 (v) .Station 3: B1 sprints to the rings and skips through (iv) .Station 2: B1 makes a one touch return pass (ii) to A1 who stops the ball and then sprints (iii) to the end of the B line .The four groups gather at the 4 starting cones on 4 sides of the training area.A2 and B2 execute the same exercise on the opposite side (simultaneously with A1 and B1) No.Youth Training Sessions Training 1. . 2 red) Total duration: 30 minutes Organization: .