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“A Vow to Cherish”


Rachel laxamana, rn, man




November 18, 2013

try to tell to your parents/family that you love them and make it a habit. played by Megan Paul. In the movie.Today. I just encouraged them to not leave their loved one who is sick and still. This is directed by John Schmidt starring Barbara Babcock as Ellen Brighton and Ken Howard. we watched a movie entitled “A Vow to Cherish”. Alexander. you just remember this promise and pray that anything will be fine. This illustrates the devotion of a husband to his wife through sickness and health. Also in the family is their youngest daughter Terri. In this movie. while Ellen is a very dedicated elementary school teacher who diagnosed with Dementia. I will just pause for a while. played by David Denman. Another thing is that. my family is the best gift from God and if I am in that situation. In this film. give importance to them. I learned how important the family unit is and with Jesus as the foundation and the love for one another. John turns to the friend of the family and accountability partner. the most important thing is. Among the characters mentioned above. “A Vow to Cherish” is a film that every married couple/family should wat ch. and their son Kyle. For me. Even though he became unfaithful to his family. the part that really touches my life is when John renews his vows to his emotionless wife. played by Ossie Davis. I’ll never leave them and I’ll take care of them forever even they are sick or not. It shows the true spirit of what being committed to one another and to God is all about. The Brighton family has a very blessed life. I should not be worry because He is always at my side to help and guide me. For the teenagers today. marriage is a lifelong promise and commitment to a person you love to always be faithful. all things are possible. who played the role as John Brighton. 2013. This is a great film to be shared with the family as it teaches the Biblical value of marriage and family. For the family of these patients. With his faith shattered and his marriage in difficulty. all of them experience inner struggles and cope with extremely hard decisions but the role of Ken Howard as John Brighton made the most impact in my life.    . he apologized what he has done to God and he didn’t leave his sick wife. If you have a deep faith to God. When tragedy like this comes. he just showed his deep faith and love for his wife and for his belief in Christ. played by David Morin. a family can get through anything. kind and selfless. Even though the road gets rough at times. Another scene that is very touching is when Ellen recognizes the face of her daughter and they are saying “I love you” to each other. saying these words is slightly awkward but as early as now. Terri is going through a difficult time trying to cope with her mother’s illness and the lack of her father’s attention. Back at home. John owns a very successful business with his selfish brother Phil. Lastly. pray and saying that God is bigger than my problems. John is falling for another woman he met while jogging named Julia Sinclair played by Donna Bullock. They are happily married couple whose devotion to one another is as strong as their devotion to God. I’ll provide spiritual and emotional support. I will give time on taking care of them. November 18. Ellen. In the movie. in good and in bad times. I learned that if I will be handling patients with this kind of illness.