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LECTURE NO. P080 BY: PADRE 03/10/1971 RESCUE CASES Greetings, my children. I bring to each and everyone the Love of The Father. It is good that I talk about the rescue cases that we bring through. Sometimes there is a little misunderstanding and I have, too, heard the question, “Why is it that only some come through, why not all?” My children, remember that, within His kingdom, The Father has many mansions and there is a place for each and everyone. But as the mind, of which we speak so much, is the sole control of the human body in this world, then it is so that in the Spirit world the mind is purified Spirit – Spiritual mind. And even with all the doubts, all the material negativeness, those who have been able to take a little control of the mind and have, as you say, Spiritually educated it, will know and understand the truth. To the rescue cases that are brought through this Sanctuary, (and in the many Sanctuaries throughout your world where these cases are brought through mediums), this place is an outlet, it is the light which they seek. But just as it is in your material world, so it is with these cases. Someone will come to you with a problem, you will answer their questions but they will not believe you. Then they go to someone else who will give them a similar explanation and they will accept it as true. Do you understand this? (Answers of ‘Yes’). And so it is with the rescue cases that come over to Spirit. We talk to them but the mind is in one groove. They do not and will not accept that they are in the Spiritual world. They still say that because they can see, they can feel, they know that everything in Spirit is as solid as it is to you here. How can it be that they have passed into Spirit? The more we try to explain to then the less they understand. They do not want to know, so we leave them. As you know, we do not force, we do not lead, we only try to bring the inner Light, the Christ Spirit within, to the surface. In your time, it takes many, many months, sometimes perhaps many years before they desire to come to us and say, “Please, show me the way.” Then it is that we bring them back through the material medium, so that they make material contact and are brought back into their own vibration. Then they see the difference. Then they realise and understand. And with the teachings and the guidance from the one whom they contact, they fully accept that they are in Spirit and purely Spirit.

that has been perfected in only one thing. So it is that you make your body what it is. to them it is a pain and they still have it. It is Everlasting Life. there is pain. for it was Spirit and Spirit cannot be crushed. the Mind of God. But later they realise that pain is only material. that they may be cleared. So it is that you make your life what it is. “Alright”. There are those. This is the reason why we bring these cases through. the Universal Mind. He does not see your aches and pains. then you have the pain. what must I do?” Very well. They are all His children. is the creation thereby. through the Mind of God. they have found their loved ones. For. If they have suffered great pain before passing over. “I have this pain. remember. So then as you prepare your mind to build up the Spirit within. It is sick – it is healthy – it is strong. They have found their happiness. So it is that you work according to the outlay of the mind in this world of yours. It is purely the mind. In the case where we had the condition of crushed legs. so then do you build up the complete foundation of health. This is the reason why so much teaching of the mind is given in this Sanctuary. This you can apply to your work as well as your health. God sees only perfection. neither can Spirit be eliminated. it is negative. The mind that has been cleared. the power of the mind and how to use it. to help those who are sick and far away. . But there are many more whom we have to bring through the material machine to contact their own vibrations on this earth. it is an error of the mind. the Love of God and the complete understanding that The Father and I are One. Contacting this. according to your faith. there is sickness. according to the picture which you build up in your mind. there is this.2 For. so it is in Spirit. irrespective of colour or creed. that we can help and it is not necessary to bring them through the mediums. there is that. you can apply it to your home. So then it is the mind which is the main factor. that one that you send out into this universe. that is the picture on which the God Mind will work. And this is what is occurring with the cases that are coming through. my child. as the mind is controlled by you here in this world. You can also help others in the same way as it is done here in the Sanctuary in ‘absent’ healings. the thought of perfection. they still say that. Through the mind of man. He sees only perfection within each and every one of His children. too. And. my children. but you can ease this pain by contacting the Spirit within. in the mind. you say. the Christ Spirit. And as mind created all life so must mind create all conditions of life. Life Eternal. For mind is the acceptance of man. They still accept. There are many to whom we have been able to prove that they are Spirit. the main foundation of your whole existence. they were not crushed. the working of the mind.

too. with your loved ones and in your homes. You must spend half your time with The Father to clear this. by evil. We. ask that you will spread the knowledge and understanding of The Father and I are One to all those with whom you come in contact and to know that The Father’s Love abides with each one of you. . And those who go down into the lower regions and from where there is no return. that it shall bind man as one. May this Love spread throughout your universe that it shall bring a better understanding to humanity. It is so that their last night upon this earth is spent in prayer and a chaplain. my children. THE SANCTUARY OF TRUTH AND WISDOM Durban. And now. it cannot be so. And there are those who are condemned in your world. a big half. that they have arisen and desire that you shall send out thoughts of love and upliftment. WATCHWORD: THINK AND SPEAK IN POSITIVE PERFECTION. To know. The Son and The Holy Spirit. a minister. in every way. in Spirit. It passed over in fear. This is you and you cannot make retribution in a few short hours. South Africa Telephone: +27 31 564 2171 (fixed line) +27 82 561 3067 (mobile) USA/CANADA: 724 503 2725 Email: thesanctuaryoftruthandwisdom@gmail. that those who are in Spirit are ever near to you. the One Light of complete perfection. as one with The Father. the mind is clamouring for only one thing – that which is evil. will be with them to pray all through the night.3 And so you see. I am getting better and better. the Oneness of Divine Spirit.thesanctuaryoftruthandwisdom. my children. the conscience of mind. there are only hundreds that accept and to whom we can bring the Light. it passed over in violence. And when that spirit passed over. my children. And this will remain until such time as we are able to get them to come back to earth through a medium so that they can ask and find for themselves that they are Spiritually cleared and perfected. please remember that as a portion. how can this be eliminated in a few hours before the sentence of death is carried out? No. out of these millions and billions of spirits that come AFFIRMATION: Every day. of this life – the mind – is being controlled by violence. I bless you in the Name of The Father. That which they have destroyed in this material www. But. condemned to die as a punishment – a life for a life.

nobody needs a smile so much as those who have none left to give. It is rest to the weary. It creates happiness in the home. remember. daylight to the discouraged. begged.4 THE VALUE OF A SMILE A smile costs nothing. . sunshine to the sad and Nature’s antidote to trouble. it fosters good will and is the countersign of friends. It happens in a flash. but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. Yet it cannot be bought. but creates much. for it is something that is NO earthly good to anybody till it is given away. borrowed or stolen. And. It enriches those who receive without impoverishing those who give. None are so rich that they can get along without it and none are so poor but are richer for its benefits.