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BlackBerry to partner Indian handset makers Mi cromax, Spice and Zen for BBM

NEW DELHI !fter introd"cin# pop"lar BBM to !ndroid and i$S "sers, BlackBerry today said it %ill partner handset makers from India, like Micr omax, Spice and Zen, other nations to pre&install the pop"lar messa#in# app on their smartphones'

With the BBM app comin# pre&installed, "sers can directly en#a#e %ith ot her BBM "sers %itho"t ha(in# to do%nload the app or inc"rrin# do%nloa d char#es'

)BBM %ill soon come preinstalled on a (ariety of !ndroid&*ased smartph ones from leadin# $EMs across !frica, India, Indonesia, Latin !merica an d the Middle East,) BlackBerry said in a statement'

Be#innin# next month, !ndroid smartphones from Be, Bri#htstar, +elkon, E,E-+$SS, IM$, Micromax, Mito, Snexian, Spice, .E+N$, .i/hone and Ze n %ill incl"de BBM preinstalled, it added'

BBM %ill contin"e to *e a(aila*le as a free do%nload from !ndroid app s tores, incl"din# 0oo#le /lay'

)It is clear that smartphone c"stomers see BBM as a m"st ha(e app for a cti(e con(ersations' .he "ptake %e ha(e seen for BBM since the la"nch o n !ndroid and i/hone is ama1in#,) BlackBerry Exec"ti(e ,ice /resident 2B BM3 !ndre% Bockin# said'

BBM is already a(aila*le pre&loaded on Micromax4s +an(as ."r*o and %il l no% *e preloaded in the entire forthcomin# ran#e of +an(as phones'

BlackBerry today also la"nched its BBM +hannels, %hich %ill allo% *rand s to en#a#e %ith people and comm"nities'

.he platform %ill *e made a(aila*le for BlackBerry "sers on BlackBerry $ S 5 and a*o(e and BlackBerry 67 thro"#h BlackBerry World, a company st atement said'

Existin# BlackBerry "sers can "pdate to the latest (ersion of BBM to ha(e access to BBM +hannels, it added'

)BBM +hannels *"ilds on BBM4s stren#ths of en#a#ement and comm"nic ations and #i(es BBM "sers a rich comm"nity&*"ildin# tool that %ill allo% them to connect %ith *rands, infl"encers and people of shared interest s,) the statement said'

+hannel o%ners can post messa#es, share pict"res, start disc"ssions, pos t animated 0I8s and chat directly %ith s"*scri*ers'

BlackBerry had la"nched a limited *eta testin# for BBM +hannels *e#inni n# in May this year'

BBM +hannels for i/hone and !ndroid de(ices %ill la"nch in the comin# months, the statement said'

BlackBerry is *ettin# *i# on +hannels to rake it additional re(en"e in the comin# months' Brand o%ners, %ho %ill pay for "sin# +hannels, %ill #et t o connect %ith "sers and reach o"t to ne%er a"diences in ret"rn ne% on es'

.he +anadian firm has *een facin# stiff competition from other smartpho

ne makers like !pple and Sams"n# as sales ha(e declined o(er the past f e% months'

It is no% lookin# at monetisin# thro"#h options like +hannels and the BB M app across platforms 2i$S and !ndroid3'