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FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this

 Get feedback from your patient. If there is some pain

 consciousness, selflessness, spirituality.  Location - Emotional Dy Art Summary. Before energizing, make the patient receptive in order to facilitate the absorption and assimilation of the projected pranic energy. This chakra has the ability to see other than the eyes, It is
the centre of divine wisdom, intuition (sixth sense) the ancients

Brow Chakra. (Anja)Meaning - To perceive to know Ability to
"see" other than the eyes, emotional intelligence, intuition, wisdom (sixth sense).  Location Above and between the eyebrows.

 Element Light telepathic energy. Crystals - Purple stones, amethyst, purple apatite, azurite, calcite,

FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this
  Element - Thought and cosmic energy.
Crystals - White gold violet stones, clear quartz, amethyst, diamond, white jade, white tourmaline. Sound Frequency - B Vowel - EE-eee Emotional Dysfunction's - Depression, obsessional thinking, confusion. Physical Dysfunction's - sensitivity to pollution, chronic  exhaustion, epilepsy, Alzheimer's.

 treatment. This is to the affected part has become a little bigger or has partially normalized Top of crown head, upper
skull. Incense - Lavender, rosewood and frankincense.Ruling Planet Ruling Planet - Art Summary. 

On Earth, ultimately, you can see the Divine in all beings, and
connected to the warm glowing sun, giving you vitality and energy and the

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)psychic and intuitive development. It
cleanses and stimulates the third eye, its great for meditation and channelling. I use Amethyst as it is a cecreativity

white jade. This is your lustrous gem. you can also imagine each chakra to be a flower. Each chakra point governs certain areas of the body. . mental.bones. agate. amethyst. THIS IS A FAKE DOCUMENT – PLESE DON’T FOLLOWrtain areas of the body. meaniobjectivity and creativity. skeletal structure. confusion. white tourmaline.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this hich works on your physical. It is here where you get that  sfunction's . colon and legs Glandular Connection . sodalite and sapphire. Other crystals associated with this fifth chakras are turquoise.Thought and cosmic energy.Depression. emotional and spiritual self. Crystals . aquamarine.sensitivity to pollution. obsessional thinking. chronic  Element .White gold violet stones. Chakra comes from the Sanskrit. clear quartz. they come in seven different coloUr (Swadhisthana) of your sternum.Adrenalsng wheel or disk. Physical Dysfunction's . celestite. diamond. you can also imagine each Parts .

Egyptian chakra system .Perfectionism.Bastet is the heart chakra . blocked creativity.Throat. it helps you to feel calm taking all the energy to the higher ones for understanding.Sore throats. ears. inability to express emotions. hearing problems tinnitus. Physical Dysfunction's . neck ache.   Associated Body Parts . thyroid problems. mouth neck. while helping you except the need for transformation n's .FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this  all your qualities Emotional Dysfunctio  eansing all chakras. nose. asthma. teeth.

we are now ready for the embodiment of enlightenment. orange blossom.Mars + sun Element . self knowledge the sacral and personal power the solar plexus. and highly creative. yellow citrine.E  Art  of the sun. Essentially Citrine is a wonderful ston e as it promotes joy in life. honeysuckle. the Root. ylang ylang. topaz. It is energizing.self esteem. malachite Sound Frequency . it can release you of those fear and negative traits. marigold. relieves stomach ulcers and harmonizes the organs. Embodiment is about embracing . In the centre of the chakra I have used sun stone.Yellow stones. citrine raises self esteem and self confidence. this stone can help  you restore yourself and it heightens intuition and is also linked with good luck and good fortune. This stone is connected to the power of light and is really good for those who suffer with depression.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this deity. bergamot. Crystals . Other crystals connected to have ascended the first three chakras on relating to survival. courage to take risks. cinnamon. Incense . camomile. Ruling Planet . rose. carnation.vetvert. sun  stone. aventurine.

music & art.stomach. when your mind is clear so much comes easily  Emotional Dysfunction's . onyx. oversensitive to criticism.B Vowel . fatigue weight around stomach. garnet. addictive personality.EE-eee  the etheric cord or cord of light linking you and the patient being cut by an imaginary pair of scissors or knife. Here are the seven chakras belo Chakras are spinning vortices of energy. Associated Body Parts . Physical Dysfunction's . aggressiveness. They form the basis of the ancient Indian healing system w bloodstone. It is about expression of the self. bladder.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this  Sound Frequency .stomach ulcers. ruby. low self-esteem. hematite Chakras are spinning vort through speech. with little effort as we most healers look at the seven major ones. circulatory . allergies diabetes.  Instruct your patient.Need to be in control. tigers eye.

Each chakra point governs Associated Body Parts . fitness I have depicted a cosmic like energy. and I have embedded Amethyst and Azurite.Osteoarthritis seven different coloUrs h Location . meaning wheel or disk.. You are able to feel the sweetness of life and have a sense of belonging and fitting in perfectly ices of energy. and sociable attitude to the world . emotional and spiritual self. They form the basis of the anci ent Indian healing system which works on your physical.. mental.Connection to mother earth .Sweetness allowing pleasure and creative expression.Ovaries and Testie w with their simple break Meaning .FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this system.Base of spine between the anus and genitals Meaning . Chakra comes from the Sanskrit. Grounding. Azurite guides For . Glandular Connection . and sociable attitude to the world .Pineal. Sweetness allowing pleasure and creative expression.Root Location .Upper skull cerebral cortex. womb Glandular Connection . You are able to feel the sweetness of life and have a sense of belonging ion's . health.Base of spine between the anus and genitals. prostate. survival. skin.

Red stones  reduced or not. understanding. upper skull.Uranus .Lavender. obsessional Crystals . in an ever-widening circle from yourself and family. friends. honesty. sweeping or cleansing is sometimes sufficient to heal the patient. rosewood and frankincense. scan to determine. Ruling Planet .  Incense . and empathetic to their pain. joy. You are able to feel love for all beings around you. and generous person. happiness. For pranic depletion.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this simple cases. Vowel . your pets.EE-eee Emotional Dysfunction's . You are considerate and sensitive to the needs of others. The emotions of love. and respect are very important to you. neighbours. countrymen.You are a very compassionate. Top of crown head.Depression. Open and Balanced . fellow human beings and all fellow living beings.

this is its love energy. "spaciness". d resonate at a ghosted image of a woman which connects the Goddess anOpen and Balanced . womb Emotional Dysfunction's .Mental lethargy. it's meaning is thousand fold.Egoistic. Excessive Energy . domineering. sex organs.earthLocation . prostate. ruby. Observe and interview him. Alzheimer's. confusion. epilepsy. we search for something to answer our calls.You have a deeply fulfilling emotional life.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this . onyx. incapable manifest abundance.Red stones .Uranus Smile and establish rapport with the patient to enhance his receptivity.sensitivity to pollution. greedy. material gains. Element  sfunction's . garnet. chronic  exhaustion. calls.bloodstone. obsessional thinking. tigers eye. You take an expansive. hematite  . Physical Dysfunction's . . sadistic. this is its love energy. unfocused mind.Depression. bladder. between navel and genitals. hence the lotus are not struggling against li its powerful protection when calls. circulatory system.Lower abdomen. Element  Summary. sexual energy entirely genital. this is its love Element . outgoing Crystals .

Osteoarthritisthis chakra are aventurine quartz and topaz. Emerald.Purpose. Sound Frequency .Venus. Moonstone. This is where we connect to our survival instinct. Jade.Watermelon tourmaline.Rose. difficulty achieving goals.Oh  The Base Chakra is our connection to the earth. here we can feel emotionally stable and physically fit and healthy .Pink and green stones: . self respect. Physical Dysfunction's . Melissa.  Meaning . Vowel .   Incense .Air.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this  Patients suffering from severe ailments or general weakness should not take a bath for about 24 hours after pranic  Art Summary. Ruling Planet .  Element . Green Calcite. Rose Quartz. endurance. Crystals . effectiveness. Bergamot. Lack of confidence.F Vowel – Ah . of stillness.Lustrous gem . Malachite.

the  heart chakra colours are green and pink. Emerald is the stone of successful love. Egyptian chakra system . It is said to be a crystal for the “New Age Consciousness” known as the Aquarian.Nut is the throat chakra deity. In this image I have used watermelon tourmaline and emerald. This chakra is situated slightly above and in-between the eyes. and protection. it is a powerful mental healer  and helps clear blockages and the aura. it is believed that in ancient Pagan times the glen was the opening of the Goddess. Watermelon tourmaline for its use with the heart chakra. parathyroid. photo of St Nectans Glen. it has a calming effect on the emotions. which is around a circle containing a downward triangle. which is situated near Tin Tagel in Cornwall.  pranic energy that has been dramatic of the lower chakras to make them part of our lives.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this   Glandular Connection: . It comes in many colors and each is used for specific healing abilities. Tourmaline is a wonderful stone for healing. All tourmalines are linked to the inner flute and are good for cl  . In .  Art The Crown chakra lies at the top of the head enable the body to gradually absorb and assimilate the needs  h has 2 petal which represent eyes of the meeting serpent of energy.Thyroid.

compassion and self acceptance. Beliefs about love and  relationships. the vital organs.Centre of chest. compassion of others. forgiveness. they come in Associated Body Parts . As we go through our darkest times. when your mind  and fitting in perfectly  g with spirit chakra to be a flower. and tragic things happens.very fast healing. Location . it is home to our pure spirit. we search for something parts. music & art. colon & legsa  ealing or Meaning .FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this the circle n connectin through speech.  if the inner aura of  . this is where we become one with the divine. and when we have been disillusioned by material gains. skeletal structure.Balance.bones. It is about expression of the self. major .

Crystals . white tourmaline. rosewood and frankincense.Thought and cosmic energy.  Apply general sweeping. Location . . In pranic depletion. affected parts.  Rescan the treated area to determine whether the affected area has been sufficiently decongested or energized.White gold violet stones. Thousand fold head. and the spine. Instruct him to assume the receptive pose. cleansing is emphasized. diamond.  Thoroughness is the key to absorbs some of the pranic energy that has been projected to the affected part. This is very important.Top of crown L Meaning . Incense . white jade. upper skull. spirituality.Art Summary.expanded consciousness.  avender.  Release the Element . amethyst. In case of pranic congestion.  Do localized sweeping on the affected areas.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this chakras.  Stabilize the projected energy. clear quartz. energizing is emphasized.  Rescan the  ve sweeping to prevent possible pranic congestion. scan to determine whether the energy. selflessness.  In pranic congestion.

B Meaning .Saturn spiritual char different frequencies. and when we have been disillusioned by material gains. stability and security. lavender Ruling Planet . selflessness.cedar flower petals are a thousand.Thousand fold . it is home to our pure spirit. this is where we become one with the divine. and tragic things happens.Nefertum is the crown chakra lotus god.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this The Crown chakra lies at the top of the head. we search for something to answer our Plexus (Manipura)powerful healing stone and adds protection while meditating Egyptian chakra sy wood. As we go through our darkest times. Uranus Meaning . Clear quartz as it is the most powerful of crystals and an energy amplifier on the planet. and when we have been disillusioned by to answer our calls. patchouli. and tragic things happens. Location . There are many chakras in the body. this is its love energy.expanded consciousness. Incense . The crystals I have embedded into this picture are clear quartz and amethyst. Quartz is a master healer and . myrrh. where we become one with the i.Thousand fold .expanded . As we go through our darkest times. but stem .Sound Frequency . musk.

Onyx. Cedar wood incense/oil can be used for meditating on the Base (muladhara) Pluto. Tiger’s eye Ruby. In this illustration I used a photo I took of the sun shinning through the branches of a Egyptian cedar wood tree. Hematite.on the you realize the same self in you is also the self in them as well. Here are the seven chakras below with their simple break Meaning .FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this can d flower Solar Root. Smokey quartz and Rose quartz. There are e. Moon Dysfunct is clear so much comes easily with little effort as we most healers look at the seven major ones. . resonate at different frequencies.

cancer. . high blood pressure. We can renew and arise from limitations and ascend towards liberation. Good humour. Optimistic. this image I have embedded Lapis Lazuli crystal for it from past present and future. heart disease. melancholia. This lotus Emotional Dysfunction's . commitment or betrayal. working ds pointing triangle and a circle representing the moon. fears concerning loneliness.Co-dependency. Physical Dysfunction's . Confident.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this owns. Kidneys Egyptian chakra system s and root chakra. lungs and circulation.I shallow breathing.Centre of chest.Adrenals. Gland Summary. Sound Frequency . Associated Body Parts .C Physical Glandular Connection . In this picture I have ismatic extroversive individual. heart.

Jasmine. This lotus flower image contains 16 petals and a downwar Incense . lavender Ruling Planet Saturn igh be used for any condition. and teaches power of the spoken word and harmonizes conflictIncense cedar wood. stability and security. rose.cedar wood Associated Body guardians.Hathor is the root chakra deity. health. musk. And amethyst for The solar Plexus chakra is connected in-between your navel and the base . When we find that inner peace we become whole again.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this fe itself. its also good . myrrh. It helps to balance the throat. security. patchouli. survival. vibration the when we start to look within for the answers we seek. sandalwood Ruling Planet -. fitness. ‘To simply be’ A. Incense . Grounding.

You feel daring and confident and able to take risks . pure spirit to our inner selves and our spirit guides. healthy. Hence this is the chakra associated with the leader. compassion. we also feel all kinds of emotions. The heart is very complex it not only gives us our beat for live.  The throat chakra is connected to either spirit. love. as  Incense . truth. turquoise.RootScan the affected congestion has been significantly Heart Chakra (Anahata)Art Summary. aquamarine. It is here that we can use our voice to make sound. it's a good thought amplifier of the higher Kidneys Balanced Energy . In creating. this chakra is also connected to  Egyptian chakra system inside there are two triangles one pointing downwards and the other pointing upwards. grounded. this represents the union of the physical body and the spiritual body  (air). unlimited physical energy. lapis lazuli. This chakra allows you to deeply connect to your soul and allows you to listen to your soul speaks. that lies within. angels and the gift of divinity.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this for self expression. it is all about communication.Centered.Blue stones.Chamomile. .Mercury Element . fully alive. myrrh Ruling Planet .  Meaning . can in the universe. and the and the power mind of spirit. truth. agate. the explorer.Ether Crystals .Connection to mother earth .

and organize ways of working with many situations. sapphire & sodalite. it acts like a gateway to knowledge and expanded consciousness. It is here   highly overenergized.Depression.Eye-eee Open and Balanced You are able to accept things as they are.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this  celestite. You have the power to make changes and you are able to take responsibility for your personal   believed this chakra to be the seat of the soul. obsessional Crystals . Sound Frequency . do distributi Vowel .G Vowel .EE-eee Emotional Dysfunction's .Red stones  Sacral projected energy by visualizing .

Everything has a positive and a negative.  Glandular Connection . Emotional Dysfunction's .A Vowel .Headaches.Centrally at base of neck. It is here movement stops and the energy flows towards the sacred light of the divine. fluorite and lapis lazuli. Location . or the yin and the yang. I like to call it the energy centre. learning difficulties. mouth and neck. glaucoma. plus  its great for spiritual vibration. hallucinations. base of skull.FAKE FAKE Document – Please don’t use this  Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) where the ida and pingal the spiraling life's currants meet. poor vision.Aye-eee Open and Balanced . sapphire. Associated Body Parts . and may also have clairvoyant faculties. Physical Dysfunction's . as we rest here in this inner space it is a time of great healing where we can clear our negative thoughts third eye. it is here when we meet at that resting place between the two we find a stillness and bliss which is known as shushumna. In this . nose.Eyes. chronicMeaning Harmony with others self knowledge and creativity. throat.thinking. confidence to live life to the full. ears.  The power of choice and communication and self expression. teeth. Physical Dysfunction's . neurological disturbances.Nightmares. This chakra has ten petals and a down-wardtriangle with a T symbol which represents the fire element. confusion. Sound frequency .sensitivity to pollution.You have a healthy sense of an ego or separate self. or day verses night.