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Vietnamese - English Translation

Class 11E12. Group 5 Nguyễn Thị Nguyệt Nguyễn Thị Nụ Hoàng Thị Hồng Phương Nguyễn Thị Hồng Quỳnh 4.2. Regulations of M.A thesis research outline 4.2.1. M.A program No. 1 thesis topic registration Form: Electronic publishing in A4 size paper. Content: M.A program No.1 thesis topic registration Quantity: ● 01 printed copy with signature ● 01 soft copy sent via email ● 01 online application on specialized website. Submission procedure: Candidates have to submit the hard copy and send the soft copy to the Training Bureau of the Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies, and register on the specialized website. Submission deadline: Candidates have to register thesis topics before the stipulated deadline for each course. After 10 days overdue for the deadlines, any candidate cannot register the thesis topic will be considered willingly quitting working on thesis. After being submitted, topics will be transferred to the Specialized Board for examining. Receiving thesis topic examination result: When the examination is fully completed, the result will go up on the Faculty’s noticeboard and be sent to candidates via email. ● For candidates whose thesis topics are approved: Candidates receive the result at the Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies and forward it to the science staff that Specialized Board has introduced. 1

After choosing a new topic.1 thesis topic registration form.A program No. 2 . candidates have to hand in the Letter of Confirmation in editing the thesis title (including documents sent via email and registered on website) to the Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies for ULIS to issue the resolution on recognizing the thesis title and appoint thesis supervisor.A program No. The Faculty of Postgraduate and Graduate Studies will arrange and inform candidates the schedule on instructing how to choose new thesis topic and the submission deadlines for Letter of Confirmation in editing the thesis title and The second M.Candidates have to work and reach an agreement with the science staff on the official title of the thesis.1 thesis topic registration form to the Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies so that the new thesis topic will be examined by the Specialized Board. Within 1 week after receiving the thesis examination result. ● For candidates whose thesis topics haven’t been approved: Candidates go to the Specialized Board to absorb the instruction on choosing new thesis topic. candidates have to submit The second M.