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B.E./B.Tech. DEGREE EXAMINATION, Nov/Dec - 2011 Sixth Semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering EE 2027 — POWER SYSTEM TRANSIENTS (Regulation 2008) Time : Three hours Answer ALL questions PART A — (10 x 2 = 20 marks) Maximum : 100 marks


Define 'Power system transients',


What are the effects of lightning?


What is the need for resistance switching?


What is meant by abnormal switching transients?


State the parameters and the characteristics of the lightning strokes,


What is the significance of tower footing resistance?


What are the specifications of a travelling wave?


Write down the expressions for reflection coefficient and refraction coefficient.

com 9. Draw the Norton's equivalent circuit to model a capacitor in a network for EMTP calculation. 2 66183 . What is meant by kilometric fault? 10.

Vidyarthiplus..(10) (ii) Explain the interaction between lightning and power system. (16) 13.. (6) (ii) Explain the various tj^pes of power system transients illustration. (8) Or (b) What regulation restrikes. (ii) Explain the behavior of travelling waves at open circuited transmission PART B — (5 x 16 = 80 marks) 11. explain the two different theories of charge formation in the . (6) 14. (ii) Explain the significance of transient studies in power system planning.www. is and capacitance capacitance switching? switching Explain with the one effect and of source multiple (a) (i) With neat sketches. (a) (i) Explain load switching with equivalent circuit.. (6) (1 (Or) (b) (i) Explain Bewley's lattice diagrams with examples. (10) (ii) What are the factors contributing to good transmission line design? (6) (Or) (b) (i) Explain the mechanisms by which lightning strokes develop and induce over voltages on overhead power lines. (10) (8) 12. (a) (i) What are the sources and effects of transients on power systems? Explain the internal causes for transients. (a) (i) Describe the transient response of sj^stems with series and shunt distributed parameters. (12) 3 66183 www.. Or (10) (6) (b) (i) Describe briefly about double frequency transients.. (ii) Write a note on 'ferroresonance effect'. .

com .www.Vidyarthiplus. (ii) Explain the causes of transients on closing and reclosing of transmission lines. (4) (10) (6) (16) 4 66183 (ii) Describe briefly about standing waves and Standing Wave Ratio (SWR). (Or) (b) Explain in detail about the switching surges on an integrated power system. 15.Vidyarthiplus. (a) (i) Derive the expressions for response and recovery voltage of a shorted line.