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OTTOMAN CULTURE AND HISTORY SUMMER SCHOOL 12-30 August 2013 Istanbul Academy of Sciences, Istanbul

Program: The Ottoman Culture and istory Summer School aims to !resent a general "ie# of the Ottoman $orld through a series of intensi"e seminars on Ottoman language and history% The Summer School #ill !ro"ide students the basics of Ottoman Tur&ish as #ell as a general sur"ey of Ottoman cultural, social and economic life% In addition to Ottoman Tur&ish courses, general seminars #ill include !resentations on Ottoman Art and Culture, Ottoman 'olitical istory,

Ottoman Social and (conomic )ife, Ottoman istory of Science and Thought%

Additional acti"ities #ill include #ee&ly historical tours in Istanbul and the former Ottoman ca!itals #here the students #ill ha"e o!!ortunity to obser"e the Ottoman monuments on site and to listen to lectures on Ottoman culture and architecture% Eligibility: The Summer School is o!en to undergraduate and graduate students #ho are interested in history and culture of the Ottoman (m!ire, *al&ans, and +iddle (ast% Participant : 20 Students #ith scholarshi!% The Scholarshi! #ill include accomodation ,double rooms-, meals ,brea&fast, lunch and dinner- and historic tours in .stanbul and former Ottoman ca!itals% Air!ort transfers #ill also be !ro"ided by the Summer School u!on re/uest% The scholarshi! for the summer school #ill not co"er tra"el e0!enses, health insurance fee of 1123 ,#hich is #ai"ed if students ha"e insurance co"erage #hich is also "alid in Tur&ey- and any e0tracirricular acti"ities you chose to !artici!ate in your free time% 4!on acce!tance to the summer school, students must also !ay a non-refundable registration fee of 1 30 to Istanbul Academy of Sciences 5oundation in ad"ance% Application: Students must be 16 years of age or older% A!!licants must submit the Ottoman Culture and istory Summer School a!!lication form ,a"ailable at the Summer School #eb !age-7 an official transcri!t7 and a letter of recommendation% Scanned A!!lication 5orms and other rele"ant documents can be submitted through e-mail to8

stanbul-T4>C(F #or #$rt%!r En&$iri! an" In'ormation: +ehmet +ert Sunar.bilgi9iba"%org Application D!a"lin!: 6 :uly. 2013 4!on acce!tance original documents must be submitted to the follo#ing address until the beginning of the summer school% Istanbul *ilimler A&ademisi . 'h%G%. Cat8 B +ecidiye&Dy.211 II 3I .212. . Ei?li.? +er&e@i.a&f< *=y=&dere Cad% >a?it ><@a So&% Ahmet (sin . 'rogram Coordinator e-mail8 msunar9yahoo%com 'hone8 H20 . Ao8 B.