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Course Outline for Consumer Behavior

MBA 2K12, Fall 2013 Course Faculty: Ms. Fatima. Z. Nasir Office Assistant: Mr. Usman Aslam E-mail:

Consumer Behavior investigates the manner people interact with products and their marketing environment. This can include the purchase of products (a new stereo), the consumption of services (Disneyland), or the disposal of goods (eBay). Since we are all consumers in the market place in some form, consumer behavior can also tell us something about ourselves. For a marketer in particular and a manager in general it helps understand consumers in an insightful way to more effectively meet the needs of buyers, predict responses of the consumers, market and position products strategically and ultimately be more successful.

Course Objectives
During this course we will explore, many social, cultural and marketing factors that influence the selection and usage of products and services. To understand this process, you will be exposed to perspectives on consumer behavior from marketing, psychology, sociology and anthropology. You will also learn about, and try to use, some of the techniques that managers use to understand and influence consumers. We will realize how these techniques as consumers contribute to our daily lives and decision making.

Expectation from Students
• • • • • Punctuality is mandatory. You are responsible for keeping a track of your attendance on LMS. Should you have any issue regarding the same please contest within 24 hrs from the time of your class. Late submission for any assignment, class activity or presentation shall not be entertained. Please display a name sign in all lectures. Come to each class well prepared to be able to discuss and share insightful points with your fellows, as much of the learning will come from discussions during class.

Solomon (9th or 10th Edition) Assessment Criteria Mid term exam Final Term Exam Final project Quiz Assignments and activities Class Participation 20% 40% 15% 10% 10% 05% .Course Methodology • • • • • • Lectures Class Activities Interactive Sessions Group Tasks Project Announced & Unannounced Quizzes Text Book: “Consumer Behavior: Buying. Having and Being” by Michael R.

Weekly Course Content Week The Psychological Core 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The Decision Making Process 9 10 11 12 13 14 Culture and Consumer Behavior 15 16 17 18 Topic Consumer Behavior: An overview/Group Formation Consumers in the Market Place Consumer Perception Consumer Perception continues…. Consumer Learning and Memory Motivation and Values Personality & Lifestyles Personality & Lifestyles continues…….. Mid Term Examination Attitude/ Attitude Change Attitude/ Attitude Change continues…… Individual Decision Making Buying and disposing Group Influence & Opinion Leadership Impact of social class and culture on consumer behavior Final Group Presentation Final Group Presentation Final Examination .