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If + Present


When we talk about things that
are possible in the future.

Shall we go to the beach?
If we go now, it won’t be so
We can go if it doesn’t rain


If + Past Simple
Simple Conditional
When we talk about the present
and imagine something different
from the real situation now or
an unlikely situation in the future
I’m so tired.
If I weren’t so tired, I would
give you a hand.
I’d go for a walk if I could

If + Past Perfect
Perfect Conditional
When we talk about the past
and imagine something different
from the real situation then or an
impossible situation in the past.
She got up late
If she had got up earlier, she
would have arrived on time.
She would have had time for
a shower if she had got up early


I work ten hours a day.
If I (have) _________________________ more free time, I (practise) ____________________
some sport.

2.- Jane’s always late for school.
If she (be) ___________________ punctual, the teacher (not punish) ___________________
her almost every day.
3.- She’ll probably go to the Old Students’ Party.
If she (go) _________________________, she (meet) _________________________ her old
school mates.
4.- You should carry an umbrella.
You (get) _________________________ wet if you (not carry) _____________________ one.
5.- Did you say Susan is moving to Australia?
She (miss) _________________________ her London friends if she (leave) ________________
6.- We didn’t pay the phone bill.
If we (pay) ___________________ it, they (not cut) _________________________ the line off.
7.- Their dog died.
The dog (not die) ___________________ if they (take) ______________________ it to the vet.
8.- You’re eating too much.
You (have) _____________________ an indigestion if you (eat) _________________ like that.
9.- He always stays at home.
If he (go) _________________________ out more often, he (have) _______________ a better
social life.
10.- She’s saving money.
If she (save) ___________________ enough, she (buy) ______________________ a new car.

.. it (not break) ____________________________ down.Mary wants to be healthy. He (feel) ____________________ better if he (go) _________________ out from time to time. 20.I live far away from my school. don’t you? If you (see) ____________________ him tomorrow.. 14.... If you (go) _________________________ there.11.You see Tom at work every day. 24.He does nothing but work all the time.Her girlfriend left him after an argument. 25. (tell) ______________________ him what has happened.. 13.. 21..His car broke down in the middle of the highway.I hope he phones me again. If I (live) ______________________ nearer.That dress is so beautiful! You (look) ___________________ gorgeous at the reception if you (wear) ______________ it. you (see) _____________________ her.He knows very few people in this town... 12. He (not get) ________________________ angry with me if I (not be) ___________________ so rude. _____ 16... I (not go) ______________________ by bus. If he (ring) ____________________ me up. 23. If he (take) ____________________ it to the garage before the journey.Mary’s at Peter’s party. 17.I can’t cook at all.. If she (close) _______________________ it. 22. If I (can) ________________________ cook. My dog is very sociable. He (not stay) ____________________________ at home most of the time watching TV if he (have) ___________________________________ someone to go out with.. She (not be)__________________________ sick all over my car back seats if she (not drink) ______________________________ so much. the dog (not run) ____________________ away. 18. They (get) _____________________ married if she (not leave) _____________________ him. 19. 15.Sally drank a lot at the party. It (not bite) _____________________ you if you (come) __________________ into my house.She left the front door open. She (not smoke) __________________________ so much if she (worry) _________________ so much about her health as she says. I (invite) ____________________________ my friends for dinner at home. I (apologise) _____________________________ .Don’t worry.I’m sorry I shouted at my friend.

Goes/will meet 4. Will have/eat 9.Lived/wouldn’t go 13. Will get/ don’t carry 5.Go/will see 14. Were/wouldn’t punish 3.Would have got/hadn’t left 12.Rings/will apologise .Wouldn’t have been/hadn’t drunk 19.Saves/will buy 11.Will look/wear 23.1. Wouldn’t have died/had taken 8.Had taken/wouldn’t have broken 16. Went/would have 10.Wouldn’t smoke/worried 24.Had closed/wouldn’t have run 18. Will miss/leaves 6.See/tell 22.Wouldn’t stay/had 20. Had/would practise 2.Won’t bite/come 15.Would feel/went 17. Had paid/wouldn’t have cut 7.Could/would invite 21.Wouldn’t have got/hadn’t been 25.