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APPROVED B Mohammad Al Fouzan

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Mohammad Ali Consultant HR & Personal Affairs Manager

Executive Director

2)1*. +hen hiring any new employees the H &anager shall abide by the competence levels described for the concerned 'ob as per the $o"petence s%eet &'R(. 5. no. the person in charge of the hiring process shall obtain the ED formal approval indicating other reasons for acceptance. %-2 The H &anager is responsible for ensuring that the recruitment process conforms to (umerical )ata#s customer requirements.1 *.2.1. the concerned employee#s superior may nominate any of his subordinates to attend training li$ewise.2.Doc.2.2)2* to the H department. ! ! Title: Recruitment. Ref. +raining nee s &no"inations*: !ny employee may nominate himself to attend internal or e"ternal training by submitting an e"plo!ee training for" &'R(.2.2 *. The -) shall add his remar$s on the same form and then submits it to the .age 2 of 3 . Definitions 3-1 Internal training: !ll training activities prepared for and conducted by the company personnel. competence levels.2)1*. QP6.f the new employee#s qualifications do not match the competence level described for his specific 'ob in the $o"petence s%eet &'R(.2.1 *. Responsibilities %-1 The H &anager is responsible for maintaining all training records. 2-2 This procedure applies to the process of identifying competence levels within the company.3 I entif!ing co"petence le#els: The H &anager shall identify the competence level for employees directly or indirectly affecting the quality of the product within the company and shall record the data in the $o"petence s%eet &'R(. Competence. 4. Evaluation & Training 1. 3.2.2)1*. Purpose 1.rocurement for approval.3 .2)1* to his direct superior to write his remar$s. Scope 2-1 This procedure applies to all training activities within the company and the employee needs affecting product quality.2. 5. 2.2. 2-3 This procedure applies to all recruitment activities conducted by the H department.1. training requirements and their implementation so as to enhance competence.2. Operation 5.2 *. 3-2 External training: !ll training activities conducted by an e"ternal entity whether within the company or within the e"ternal entity#s premises li$ewise. The employee#s superior shall forward the e"plo!ee training for" &'R(.1 *.1 This procedure aims at describing the recruitment process.2 *. . employee records of all pro'ects and () personnel. %-3 The H &anager is responsible for ensuring that all employee annual appraisal processes are performed and reported on and that all records are updated accordingly.1.2 Issue Rev.

2. the H &anager shall send an internal memo to the employee#s managers. .%. ! ! *. no.3 .2.%.2 Issue Rev.*.2)4* accordingly. recruitment agencies maybe contacted after approval as suppliers as per 0. The H department shall begin by contacting e"-employees of () of qualifications matching those required by the customer.f the training program isn#t approved by the -) the H &anager shall retain the e"plo!ee training for" &'R(. Recruit"ent: !fter contract award.% *.2. pro'ect managers or pro'ect supervisors instructing them to perform evaluations for their subordinates.2)2* and forwards the form to the H &anager to add it to the e"plo!ee training log &'R(.f the training form is approved by the . and update the annual training plan &'R(. E"plo!ee e#aluation: 3efore employee contract renewal in two months.2.Doc.2)(*.3.* Title: Recruitment. the contract responsible shall conduct a meeting with the -) to finali5e H requirements for the pro'ect.5 *. The superiors shall conduct their subordinates# evaluations and suggest necessary training /as needed2 and shall forward the forms to the H within a month of receiving the internal memo.% 5. Ref.*.2.nnual training plan: The H &anager set the annual training plan based upon the employee evaluations. Evaluation & Training *.%.3 5.1 *.2)4* and if training is cancelled or postponed the reasons must be identified.age 3 of 3 . .2. if not'ect &anager and the H &anager shall conduct interviews with the short listed candidates and shall record the results in the $an i ate assess"ent s%eet &'R(.2)5*.%. . The -).rocurement )epartment.3.2-%2.2)2* and shall inform the concerned manager accordingly.2.which shall include fields addressing the fields described in the 'ob descriptions provided by the customer /as applicable2 .1 *.2 *.4 *.2.2)3*. The H &anager shall retain a copy of all training certificates /e"ternal 4 internal training2 in the concerned employee#s file.1 *.2.*. approved training requests. .f training is conducted the concerned manager shall conduct post training evaluation for the concerned employee using the e"plo!ee training for" &'R(.2 *.1 5. The superiors shall perform the employee evaluation using the perfor"ance e#aluation for" &'R(. Competence.3.3 *. The H &anager shall coordinate with the concerned manager so as to conduct the required training.2.2.2-%2 and then coordinates with the concerned department heads for conducting the training.%.2. !fter every training program is conducted the H &anager shall update the annual training plan &'R(. 6.3 *. the H &anager shall add the training program to the annual training plan /0 1.2 *. . newly hired personnel and other annual plans using the annual training plan /0 1. QP6.

nnual training plan Perfor"ance e#aluation for" $an i ate assess"ent s%eet . .2)2 'R (.2.!nnual 1* 9 . Evaluation & Training (. Relate /)1 /)2 /)3 /)4 /)5 /)( ocu"ents 'R (.2)( $o"petence s%eet E"plo!ee training for" E"plo!ee training log . no.age % of 3 .Doc.2)1 'R (.2.2)4 'R (.ngoing 0uarterly 789 /.2.2)3 'R (.PI 1or"ula +arget 1re2uenc! of "easure"ent <emi. Ref.e! Perfor"ance In icator Ob0ecti#e .!nnual !chieve the planned training 4 the effectiveness of it !chieve the required <audi5ation 9 from the total staff Hire the requested adequate candidates within 3 month 789 (umber of achieved training3 number of planned training : 188 (umber of <audis =number of target <audis : 188 (umber of recruited staff= total number of required recruited staff : 188 .ngoing <emi.2.2.2. Competence.2)5 'R (. QP6.2. ! ! Title: Recruitment.ngoing .2 Issue Rev.