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Background of the Study

IA. History MANILA, Philippines — Good nutrition is easily achieved by eating the right kinds of food and eating them in the right proportions. It requires implementing a wellbalanced diet and avoiding the tendencies of overeating.If one wants to have a healthy body, one must know the right nutrients that the body needs. Healthful diets help children grow, develop, and do well in school. They enable people of all ages to work productively and feel their best. Nutrition has a direct effect on overall health. A bad diet will provide too few calories, not enough vitamins and minerals. What people eat can also help reduce the risk of diseases such as heart ailments, certain cancers, diabetes, stroke, and osteoporosis. Overeating and malnutrition are two things which can both lead to poor health. Eating right can reduce the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and diabetes.A healthy diet will give your body the right amount of energy, enough raw materials and all the little helpers you need to stay healthy. In a 17-country research done by a British organization, Oxfam International, the Philippines was found to be one of two countries, the other being India, which were most concerned about nutrition. The survey said nutrition was among the top consideration of 63 percent of Filipino respondents in choosing the food they eat. Healthy eating habits are beneficial to the nation’s well-being and now that Filipinos have a better idea of how nutrition is beneficial to their health, the next steps will allow the population to better their lives. ABS’ Salute was founded by three women partners namely Giah Bolina, Nina Pagkaliwagan and Ma. Ivy Leland Opulencia. The reason behind why they chose this kind of business is that they foreseen potential market because people nowadays are health conscious. They want to engage a business that caters both the consumers’ interest in fitness and healthy foods.

more people are health conscious and are looking for healthy alternatives from the food they eat to the activities they engage to. replete with its original recipes which are healthy and flavorsome like fresh grilled sandwiches. IC. To increase the customers by 30% in every quarter of a given year. fresh juices. It offers fitness services for those people who want to become physically fit and a café that offers a comfortable. Concept ABS’ Salute is a fitness club and a café concept. weightlifting. Overall Objectives The ABS’ Salute aims to provide the best fitness activities it could offer. Current Conditions Today. To become the number one fitness gym along with a health oriented café for all the health conscious people. It also offers beverages that are healthy at the same time refreshing like milk teas. Specific Objectives    To acquire 200+ members of the fitness gym and additional customers of the café by the end of the first year of operation. they engage to more physical activities like going to the gym to exercise. IE. It attempts to offer healthy foods and beverages which will be helpful to health conscious people. pastas. yoga and more. It also aspires to become the number one fitness center and café for the upcoming years. upscale ambience. They are more particular to the food they eat and the food establishment they go to. and coffees. aerobics. Most people nowadays are also more active. ID. salads. .IB.

Rosa has been one of the fastestgrowing cities in one of the fastest-growing areas in the Philippines over the past years. Rosa features master-planned communities. Sta. A robust economy. The city is known for its excellent educational institutions. Rosa is a dynamic city located in the rapidly growing Northern part of Laguna. Rosa has all of the amenities necessary for ensuring a quality lifestyle. From a residential perspective. attractive residential developments. A long term plan aimed to expand and open an establishment every two years. beautiful neighborhoods. older residences in tree-lined neighborhoods and affordable starter housing. They will be competing against other segments within the industry such as fast food as well as more traditional sit down restaurants. The city's population grew (%) percent during the 1990s. Sta. The fact that Sta. exciting commercial and business growth. Rosa is part of a vibrant suburban area makes it a very attractive place to live and establish a business. luxury executive homes. Rosa is the most convenient and ideal location if you want to be near the metro as well as the province since its only 30 minutes away from Manila.  To offer high quality services and products with a great ambience at reasonable prices. (Branch out) II. easy access to freeways and a diversified economic base. . dynamic neighborhoods and abundant civic pride combined with outstanding city services – Sta. ABS’ Salute will be operating within the fast-casual niche of the Café and fitness industry. Market Analysis/Market Research Sta. Sta.

(McDonalds. ArmyNavy.  Café and pastry shop: For customers who likes pastries.  but people are often willing to sacrifice quality for convenience. Competitive Factors Competition comes from major chains and from various independents. The food product is not competitive. Shakey’s. Crisostomo’s. Robinson’s supermarket and South supermarket) Metro Gym: located at Paseo Uno Sta. Jollibee) Sit down dining: For customers that have the time to have a leisurely meal. Conti’s Restaurant and pastry shop. Food service takes longer and the menu options are more extensive. ABS’ Salute faces competition from a variety of competitors:  Fast foods: Offers the convenience of fast service. Rosa Laguna. the only Gym located in the area. cakes and coffee while relaxing in a comfortable spot. . (Pig Out. (Starbucks. Sea Food Island)  Sandwich/burger and Pizza shops: Considered to be part of the fast food segment.(Rustan’s. Location: The fitness center/café is located near to work or home. Big 30 and Yellow Cab). they are direct competitors of ABS’ Salute as their food product is healthier than the fried alternatives of fast food. Bread Talk)    Grocery markets: Serving prepared foods. Conti’s. This competition comes primarily during lunch hours. (Brother’s Burger.IIA. Italianis.

Marketing Orientation For people on-the-go that have tight budgets who wants a fast. convenient and reasonably priced meals with good quality. IIC. Chinese Panda’s products and services provides fast. Strategies The marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness regarding the offered products. a strategic alliance with other businesses which has the same demographic market as to ABS’ salute and work toward building strong customer loyalty. Health conscious individuals Coffee/ Tea lovers People that have less time to prepare meals. By using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter . Market Segmentation ABS’ Salute will focus on two customer groups:     Yuppies or young professionals. Marketing alliance:  Having a strategic alliance specifically a promotional alliance with Fitness First Customer awareness:    By Word-of-mouth advertisements By distribution of flyers.IIB. people going out to dinner to eliminate the need to prepare a meal and offers time to catch up witheach other. convenient and good quality of products in a more ideal location to dine with regard to health and sanitation. develop the customer base and further develop its products.

Punch cards: After 10 meals purchased. The strategy of the sales effort will be to convert potential and first-time customers into long-term customers. Flyers: Passed around to local businesses with coupons attached to introduce the community to ABS’ Salute and creating an economic incentive to try it. It is also the most cost efficient way to advertise. All employees go through a comprehensive training process that includes training on how to offer the customer .   Membership cards: Members of the Fitness center are entitled to get discounts and freebies when purchasing from the café. healthy fast-casual alternative café and fitness center. Social media: Facebook and Twitter will play a big role in promoting the business in the web. Punch cards are an effective way of increasing sales from a specific customer. and freebies Credit tab ―Frequent buyer card‖ IID. the 11th will be free. The message will be that ABS’ Salute is a convenient. ABS’ Salute will employ several marketing outlets:    Print media advertising: Magazines like FHM. People love getting something beyond what they pay for and the punch card provides this. This will be accomplished using several techniques. up-to-date. Marketing Strategy The goal of the marketing strategy will be to raise awareness levels regarding ABS’ Salute and the offerings and value. it gives the feeling of value with the free entree. They are effective because they provide the customer with a sense of additional value. Esquire. Cosmopolitan.Customer retention:    Giving incentives to loyal customers like discount vouchers.  Concentrating on the customer's experience: Customers will not come back if they are not happy with their dining experience. a monthly lifestyle/entertainment magazine.

Rosa during the early part of the week. all of which are unlikely: Potential Problem   Overly aggressive and debilitating actions by competitors. Solution:  More aggressive promotional campaigns.the finest experience.  Keeping close relationship with partners: Utilize the downtown hotel/convention business through developing and maintaining close relationships with the planners of upcoming conventions and their respective attendees in order to create a "private function/party" option for corporations visiting Sta. Having to liquidate equipment to cover liabilities. A similar business establishment opens in the area and pulls customers from us. The employees are empowered to resolve issues and are encouraged to seek assistance from the manager for a conflict that they are unable to resolve. IIF. Contingency Plan The company has planned for several undesirable scenarios. Worst Case Risks May Include   Determining that the business cannot support itself. . as well as encouraging individual visits by conventioneers later in the week.

For further improvement of the business. Research and Development Researches will be conducted for the succeeding years to determine what goods and services will be added to the business. This is to enhance the establishment’s goods and services because people’s minds are dynamic which means they often look for something new. As part of a marketing agreement with Studioplex merchants. what products are preferred by potential and existing and which of the existing products need improvement.Future researches will determine if the business needs to add variations in the exercises it offers. Development and Production IIIA. furniture.      Industrial stoves Blenders Industrial oven Coffee machines Refrigerators . these shortcomings will be sufficed. and sculpture to be featured at café. Production Requirements ABS’salute will buy from a select group of coffee farmers in Batangas for th e supply of coffee beans and tea. the business will prominently feature their products in exchange for these discounted fixtures and equipment. More nutritious foods are also needed by the business in order for it to expand its product line. By the help of the health conscious individuals. the Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle will be adopted in order address the future concerns that the establishments would be struggling in the future. The cafe will receive substantial discounts from artists and artisans participating in the manufacture of signature pieces of dinnerware. lighting. Negotiations are also underway to establish direct relationships with seafood suppliers on the Port of Batangas. Direct sales relationships will also be established with fresh produce and meat distributors based at Padre Garcia Batangas. IIIB.III.

refrigerator and freezer. and kitchen utensils etc. oven. coffee machine. decors. Our personal trainers provide the knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing a fitness program.           Treadmills Stepmills Steppers Upright and recumbent bikes Elliptical trainers Stairmaster Rower Bodytrek Gravitron Cross aerobic trainers. another area to be visited is the Batangas Port for the ideal place to purchase tuna and other sea foods that the establishment will need. This is to avoid excessive transportation expense. and umbrellas for the outside dining area.   Freezers Kitchen utensils Tables and chairs ABS' salute membership services are the following: ABS’ salute has a professional personal training staff. Each trainer is AFLCA certified and has standard first aid and CPR. Beyond that each trainer has specific qualifications and training that enables them to provide each client with an individually designed program. Raw food materials will be provided and supplied by Monterey meat shop. blenders. . The establishment will also need tables and chairs. The café will need kitchen equipment like stoves.

ABS’salute will have a strategic alliance with the said company.IIIC.Service/ Production Process ABS’salute fitness center and café will do an interaction process whereby the people from the two business segments would work together as one. The café would also serve the customers from the fitness center by having a receptionist assisting and covering all the customers’ order. IV. Structure of Business Leland Opulencia Marketing Manager Giah Bolina Operations Manager Nina Pagkaliwagan Financial Manager ` Fitness Trainer Cook Expediter Barista Miscellaneous . The expediter’s role is to see to it that the food to be served is cooked evenly and is free from any contamination. ABS’ salute’s supplies and training personnel for the fitness center will come from Fitness First Gym. While the trainers for weight lifting will be assisting the customers everyday of the week. Yoga and aerobics class will be done twice a week. The food and beverages will be inspected by an expediter before it is out of the kitchen to be served to the customers both in fitness center and café. Organization and Management IVA.

A barista will be hired for the café. . In the miscellaneous personnel. An expediter is also necessary for the business. and cleaning Barista – coffee and tea preparation Expediter – Food inspection In the business. another is for the reception lounge of the fitness center. Two waiters for the café. bussing. there are three fitness trainers. one busboy for the café. one trainer is for yoga and the other two are gym instructors specifically for body building. a dishwasher and a janitor for the center. Other Personnel      Fitness Trainer – Fitness center Cook – Food preparation and cooking Miscellaneous – Dishwashing. Key Personnel    Leland Opulencia – Marketing manager Nina Pagkaliwagan – Financial manager Giah Bolina– Operations manager The three of them are also in charge of recruiting employees as well as research and development. Two cooks will be hired to accommodate multiple customers simultaneously especially during peak hours. IVC. six people will be dispensed.IVB.

000 0 average gross sales Sales Forecast Year 2014 2015 2016 Average gross sales 3. expense forecasts.V.690.000 250. ABS’ Salute will address break-even analysis.000 50. Sales Forecast Sales will gradually increase with profitability being reached by the beginning of year two.000 400.000 300.059.000 .000 4. sales forecasts. 450.000 100. 4280.000 200.000 350. Financial Data This section will offer a financial overview of ABS’ Salute as it relates to the marketing activities.000 4.000 150. and how they link to the marketing strategy.

00 P200.00 P500.00 P 2.000.000.Pre-operating Expenses         Total Overall Salary: Commercial Space Rental: Building Establishment: Fitness Club Equipment: Café Equipment: Raw Materials: Transportation: Electricity Expenses: P216.00 P700.00 P100.00 P300.00 P15. P800. 000.000.00 .000. 831.000.