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Costa Coffee

Targeting Costa Coffee:
• While evaluating their consumer market the conclusion was that the ideal consumer’s economic profile will be
– Upper Middle Class – Privileged Class

• While the age demographics will be:
– Students and oungsters – Professionals – !amilies – Mature Consumers

• "ender and #thnic$%eligious &ackground was researched to have minimal or no effect on the choices concerning coffee made b' consumers and their patronage of coffee houses(

“THE PERFECT CUP” IN FOUR “M” 1. Miscela Blend: Costa has a uni)ue blend we call the Mocha *talia 2. Macinatura: Grind: #ver' cup of Costa is made from freshl' ground beans+ ground to the e,act consistenc' to ensuring perfect e,traction of flavors aroma( We use the !errari of grinders.the Ma//er0to ensure the 1Perfect Cup2 3. Macchina: Machine: Costa shops use speciall' designed *talian espresso machines( The' have been tuned - perfected over the last twent' 'ears to achieve high volumes of perfect espresso 3the heart of ever' coffee drink4 4. Manna:

along with the theme of Costa which insinuates relaxing colors and chilling tones along with service which is excellent as is the coffee (reach. reputation is everything . continuity) ost awareness will be through word of mouth . without creating a marcom strateg' that is aligned with their overall strategic marketing direction( Target market strategy: To maximise on brand name (signature) Costa signifies luxury. excellence in Coffee. frequency.tensive .Hand: the skill of the &arista influences the 1Perfect Cup2 So the' undergo e.intensive training at our Coffee 5cadem' to reach the e.cellence that’s Costa The marketing communication strategy for its products %aising awareness of 'our product in 'our target market is where sales begin6 and this is where marketing communications activities begin the selling process( With toda'7s multiple channels for content to reach potential customers6 the art and science of marketing communications has become increasingl' important( 8owever6 no compan' can be sure the' are using the most efficient media mi. all over the world.

it aims to encourage consumers to pick up a card in stores( eteorite will also be respon&sible for handling the C3 strategy for the scheme( Cardholders will receive tactical communications throughout the year. said: +-n a competitive market. Costa.s prepay %tore . which had been in use for the past three years( To support the launch. gives customers five points for every )* spent in its stores. online and in&store activity( /sing the headline +0ove free coffee1 2oin the club. head of marketing /4 at Costa Coffee. which Costa is launching tomorrow (Thursday). with every point worth *p( The company will also offer extra +reward opportunities. it is vital that we show our coffee&lovers 6ust how much we value their custom(. in support of Costa.!ew etropolitan stores: fulfil specific needs of city customers "something a little different from Costa# (new slogan) !ew look stores rivalling retro starbucks $ifi %pecial express queues Costa sa's it is opening the new. eteorite..s overall positioning +$e make it better.( 4evin 5ydes.ed atmosphere with /oned seating areas( The coffee&shop chain is increasing the pressure on rivals %tarbucks and Caff' !ero with the launch of a nationwide points&based programme( (sales promotion) The Coffee Club loyalty card.look stores following consumer research6 which found cit' customers wanted high speed of service6 e.s loyalty offering( .press till areas for customers in a hurr'6 and a more rela. 3ival %tarbucks runs a card&based customer loyalty programme.alue Card. has created a recruitment campaign that spans direct mail. throughout the year via +bonus&point. drink and other merchandise( The scheme replaces Costa. which allows users to load amounts onto it of between )7 to )*78 to spend in participating stores globally( -t has also begun providing free wi&fi access to cardholders( The decision is the latest in a series of strategic changes intended to reinforce the coffee chain.s lead agency. promotions( Costa claims it is the first points&based loyalty scheme in the coffee industry( -t allows consumers to collect and redeem points on all its food.

said: +This signals the increasing maturity of the industry. the time for implementation of their chosen knowledge management tools would take longer than usual. Since their income is relatively higher than most coffee brewing companies.lectronic loyalty cards also provide an opportunity to engage in rich dialogue with customers and track their behaviour(. then the pursuit of these promotional campaigns will be beneficial for the company in the long run. ut since the goal of Costa Coffee is towards a long!term dominance and stability in the brewing industry. .2effrey 9oung. managing director of :llegra %trategies. which has become so significant these tools have become vital to ongoing success( . aside from being expensive. certain points have to be taken into consideration by Costa Coffee regarding knowledge management tools. However.