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From the Editor’s Pen
Every living PSALMist once had a dream, the dream to know Christ and make Him known. Years passed, some grew tired and stopped dreaming. Others felt discouraged and kept the dream dormant. Few nurtured this dream and painfully took a step toward its fulfillment. The mantra “once a PSALMist, always a PSALMist” seemed not true to all anymore. The humble beginning of PSALM reminds us that a dream of one person is enough to awaken the Sleeping Giant - the Student World. Yet this godly dream did not only start to unfold through one man. It has drawn people together regardless of their attainments, denominational boundaries and preferences. Four decades had passed, the dream of every PSALMist stood its ground. It fought through all odds and insurmountable challenges of the present. This strengthened further our resolve, “He who began a good work in us will FINISH it.” As we enter the 44th year of our existence, I invite all PSALMists from every part of the globe to pause and remember the time when you were with PSALM. Yes, all those memories and trainings. Remember all your prayers and cries. Above all, remember how many lives have been changed by the Lord through your lives and through this ministry. Imagine how many families are transformed and how many hopeless youth are now living with hope and joy. It is all because the Lord has honored our dream. What a glorious day it’s going to be when all of us will once again dream and make every effort to fulfill that dream! Imagine what impact we can make in the Philippines and the world if all of us will unite and move together with one purpose and a clear direction! I desire that one day all of us can say “only one life and it will soon be past; what is done for Christ through PSALM will last.”

The Editorial Team
Editor-in-Chief: Christer T. Luchavez Associate | Managing Editor: Nova Eloise A. Enerio Staff Writers: Jessica G. Guingao Del Jane C. Nillos Jason C. Gamalo Elvie Jane M. Ungos Sharon S. Peñafiel Ronald S. Enriquez Febbie Ken A. Masong Angelo S. Fariñas
Lay-out Artists:

Jason C. Gamalo Jun Marc L. Dapitan Adviser : Gay Nuñez Ebarle

This is the DREAM…never let it go!

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