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By Naxidez N. Ebarle, OIC-National Director

I have just realized that we need to do MORE, for the PSALM Ministry to run another fifty years or until the Day of His Return. We need to do much, much MORE to strengthen our partnership, improve our management systems, provide more logistics and work like FORMOSAN TERMITES in invading the Student world, and fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ! Yes, we need to work MORE like Formosan termites , though working behind the scene, they never stop looking for new opportunities. They infect other termites to do the same. Having the very nature of these Formosan termites, we can invade the network of every person you make connections with. You know Zacch? He was so interested in seeing Jesus that he had to climb a tree. Jesus felt the same way. Jesus invaded the network of Zacchaeus. How? He spent time with him and built a lasting relationship with Zacch and am pretty sure that his all other friends got connected with the Savior, too! And the followers of Jesus multiplied exponentially. But from the standpoint of Christian Educators, we have observed that this is how the young people have become today. The young people enrolled in the different colleges and universities have become a culture that listen with their eyes and think with their feelings. They have been so absorbed with self that even one’s self-worth is measured by what he has – ipod, ipad, notebook - or how “tekky” he could be! Students nowadays have self-centered or self-seeking lifestyle that even their priorities and concerns are geared towards selfgratification. They have passive faith. They know they have responsibility and they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. But they are indifferent to the Great Commission. They do not participate. They do not share the Gospel to family and friends. And if ever they are present in fellowships and Bible Study Groups, it is maybe because there is no other choice or there is peer pressure or perhaps, they get so conscious of what others may think or say about them. Their involvement is never INTENTIONAL, and so is their giving of tithes and offering! They are closed to the aspects of God’s Will for their lives. So rigid are they in their thinking and so myopic in their perspective that they limit God, putting Him in a box for the sake of convenience. My friends, this is the very reason why PSALM exists. This is where the PSALM Ministry comes into play. This is what we in PSALM can do and will do for the Master! For a true PSALMIST, that is you and me, aims at letting others see what God is doing. By the way these are the marks of a true PSALMIST. A True PSALMIST  introduces the students to the family of God, speaks boldly about Jesus Christ and leads them to the saving knowledge of our Savior in great confidence.  helps others to move out of this narrow perspective by teaching the Word of God through the Caring Circle Lessons, by exemplifying humility through servant leadership and by staying focused on God’s Will for his life.  personally and intentionally involves himself in the Great Commission by worshipping the Lord, praying, witnessing and discipling others and by giving his time, talent and treasure. And a true PSALMIST and a LIFETOUCHER that he is, he is  flexible or pro-active and assertive; enthusiastic in performing the doing of it.  confident to be a blessing to the world and others by denying self.  open and willing to “tend the flock” no matter what the cost may be.  active in his faith and able to explain this faith and his reason for living.  global in his perspective and does things with eternity in view.  committed, creative, competent, compassionate, and Christ-like in attitude. Such evidence will find and make its mark in these traits, characteristics and capacities which have to be acquired by each and everyone of us , by patient endeavor (walking in faith and working by grace), by following good example( imitating Christ ) and sound instruction (reading His Word and applying it in our lives), and by being INTENTIONAL in helping PSALM climb greater heights beginning today. And the secret ingredient to all these is our OBEDIENCE to the GOD who called us to SERVE with all our heart, soul and mind. WHEN ALL IS DONE, THEN WE SHALL BECOME WHAT GOD WANTS US TO BE : TO BE THE SALT AND LIGHT OF THE EARTH. Being that, we can raise the bar together and carry PSALM to the next level. There is no point remaining in the valley or stopping by on a plateau. May I also take this opportunity to thank all of you, for standing in the Gap for PSALM, for gladly sharing your resources to support the ministry, for giving encouragement to our workers who have sacrificed their profession for the sake of the Lord, for believing in us and for inspiring me personally in many a thousand ways. To every PSALMIST, I enjoin you to rejoice with us, for TODAY marks another milestone in the life of PSALM. Blessings!