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-------------| General Tips | --------------Don't fuss over your appearance and voice choice too much.

You can change it again before the tutorial is over. If you still don't like it, you can change it whenever you want after the game's halfway point (but you're stuck with it until then). -Mind reading is an experience debt - it does not take away from your current earned experience. Experience you gain in the future will go to paying off the debt first, then you can resume gaining exp towards your next level. Your current experience and experience debt are listed on your inventory screen. -The game is difficult for the first 12 levels almost regardless of what skills you choose. After reaching level 12, for a variety of reasons, the game becomes much easier. -The game becomes even easier still after acquiring your battle tower (roughly halfway through the game), due to the plentiful availability of potions and powerful creature parts. If potions and creature use aren't enough, consider retraining your skills at the skill trainer. If all else fails, you can bump the game's difficulty down a notch in the options menu. -Keep an eye out for unusual looking rocks and plants. You can harvest gems and ores used for enchanting or plants used for alchemy. -Don't feel pressured to save all the gems, ore, and herbs that you find. Save any Malachite Gems, but everything else becomes extremely easy to acquire in large quantities later on. -Divinity 2 has no fall damage, and virtual skydiving is a fun sport. -Food is plentiful in the early game, and can be used to regenerate hit points. Drinks will regenerate mana. These are excellent alternatives to potions until level 10 or so, when you have too many hit points and mana to rely on such weak sources of replenishment. -Disenchant any enchanted items before selling them. This is one of the best ways to learn a wide variety of enchanting formulas. Plus, it doesn't have an effect on the sale value of the item. -The small, green button just below and to the left of your inventory tabs will auto sort the current tab when pressed. -Healing may cost lots of mana, but don't life tap after using it. The life tap will end the regeneration effect of the healing spell. Wait for the regeneration to end, then life tap. -Use and abuse the quicksave feature. Bind a quicksave key to something nearby

and press it every few minutes and before difficult fights. It's good insurance in case the game crashes, or in case a particular fight is tougher than you thought it would be. -Make regular backup saves, too. Once you get in the habit of quicksaving, it's very easy to quicksave in a bad situation. Try making regular saves before entering new dungeons, before turning in difficult quests, and every time you gain a level. Saving before major boss encounters or game-changing events is a wise idea, too. -If you explore thoroughly, by the end of the game you should have around 65 skill points. If you're extremely thorough, you can have over 75. ----------| Item Tips | -----------Keep an eye out for equipment that gives a bonus to a skill, especially a skill you plan on taking. These bonuses are the only way to max many of the best skills in the game. -Most containers have randomly generated loot, which scales to your level. Not only does this mean the same container will have better items if you open it at level 15 instead of 5, but it also means you can save before opening a chest and reload if you don't like what's inside. The exact moment that the contents are determined occurs as you approach the container, not when you open it, so be careful if you try this trick. If you save too close to the container, reloading won't change its contents. -Locked chests work slightly differently. For those, loot is only generated if you can open the chest. If you don't have the key or your lockpick skill isn't high enough, the chest contents remain undetermined no matter how close you get. -Quest items are randomly generated, too, but have a much more consistent quality than container loot. Furthermore, the loot is generated when you turn in the quest, and not before. So, if a quest offers a particularly good quality set of reward choices, you can simply save before turning it in, then keep reloading until you find a reward you like. -Many boss enemies will also drop items of a consistent quality when killed, and this same reload trick works for them, too. Save right before dealing the killing blow, then if they don't drop an item you like, reload and kill them again. -For the most part, abusing the above tricks is a huge waste of time. There are less than a dozen places in the game where it might be worthwhile: malachite ore veins, and legendary or better quality quest rewards or item drops. For everything else, it's simply not worth the time. The Gremory chest is a notable exception, since it always contains a legendary quality item, unlike most chests which only have a small chance at containing a random heroic quality item at best. -Shops are actually quite a bit better than they first appear. They restock

their inventories to match you every time you gain a level. Merchants that sell magical and heroic goods are quite precious indeed and you should visit them every level to peruse their offerings for potential upgrades. Late in the game, you can gain access to merchants that regularly stock legendary quality items. Such shops are your best bet for finding equipment that surpasses the pre-defined sets in the game. -Don't let the quality of an item fool you. If the item level is high enough, an uncommon item may be far superior to even a legendary. The quality of an item only affects the number of properties, charm slots, and enchantments it can have. -Hit point regeneration is the best jewelry enchant by far. Stack as many regenerating items as you can, but don't waste your malachite gems enchanting it on new jewelry until you can enchant level 10 healing aura on an item that's really good even without it. -Life line is a surprisingly good armor enchant. The more hit points you have, the more you regenerate. Of course, protection enchants are good, too. -Increased damage and increased magical damage are the best weapon enchants. They add more damage to each swing than any other enchant without exception. If you have a weapon with a third enchanting slot, the last enchant is up to personal preference. -Gold is almost never a worthwhile quest reward. The items usually sell for more, even if you won't use them. -In the early game, it's not very important to maximize your exp. Once you get to Orobas Fjords, consider taking as many exp rewards as you can, unless an item being offered is very good for you (such as one that raises a skill). -After the halfway point of the game, it's nearly impossible to run out of gold. Just send your gem runner out for diamonds and your ore runner out for malachite ore a few times, and you'll have 10k worth of gems and ore to sell to a vendor before you know it. Repeat as needed. -In a similar manner, potions are infinite. Since herbs sell so poorly anyway, you can stock up on herbs for your favorite potions while your other runners line your pockets with gold. It's pretty hard to die when carrying 75 potions of greater rejuvenation. ------------------| Battle Tower Tips | -------------------Between the two necromancers, Jonelath is the superior choice. The armor bonuses they grant your creature are negligible, and you get more exp for completing Jonelath's quests. -For a skill trainer, choose Hermosa. Upgrading your Skill Training Area to the max level with Kenneth requires you to give up a book that gives you five skill points - the single biggest skill boost in the game. Hermosa only asks

------------| Dragon Tips | -------------Contrary to the loading tips. The more points you have in Fire Sphere and Firebreath. the better off you'll be. Unlike the workshop upgrade. If you choose Radcliff. -Upgrading your Alchemist will make all formulas cost one less of each ingredient. so unfortunately. A potion will never be completely free. on the other hand.5 times as effective as the next best one. -When you upgrade your workshop. all enchants requiring Malachite Gems still do so.a good sword. choose Wesson to gain more exp and two skill points instead of one. though they aren't the highest quality (and cheap ingredients make for plentiful better potions anyway). however. this can reduce certain ingredient costs to zero. all formulas for that type will cost one less of each to give up a sword . -Once fully equipped. -If you choose Allan as your alchemist. If you leave your tower before they've even finished running out. which grants you 5 int for free. -Dragon armor seems to have no effect on stats other than granting you a skill bonus. -Press the activate key (default 'E') while flying as a dragon to gain a quick speed boost. Take advantage of their speed to quickly stock up on valuable materials. Barbatos is the better choice. You can transform in and out of dragon form as often and as rapidly as you armor potion 1. will reward you with one more skill point and he reduces the ingredient cost of potions at the max Alchemy Garden level by 3 instead of Allan's 2. so even very low level potions will still require at least one ingredient. Lastly. This cannot reduce the cost below 1. Furthermore. he can make stat buffing potions for free. choosing Allan forces you to give up the Potion of Wisdom. Unless you really like Allan's personality. for sure. you must choose whether to upgrade weapons. you can have him make you the unique Allan Brew . You can do this once every two seconds. your runners will complete their errands as soon as you leave your Battle Tower and return. Barbatos. you can sacrifice the final upgrade (which isn't very useful) for two malachite gems (which are extremely useful). armour. If you intend to upgrade your Workshop to the maximum. These pieces tend to increase your best skills. Whichever you pick. -You only need one point of Dragon Spirit. but it's hardly five skill points. you'll have to leave one more time before they return. or jewelry. -The choice of enchanters is a tougher one. however. on the other hand. -You can find many unique pieces of dragon armor in the Flying Fortresses. such as Fire Sphere and . however. there seems to be no cooldown whatsoever on your dragon morph stone.

additional experience just means you'll get less exp from enemies even sooner (and it's a far greater difference than the piddly 2% per point granted by Wisdom). ---------------------| Flying Fortress Tips | ---------------------- . -Because of the way you gain experience. the game gets boring when you're level 37 anyway. You'll gain more exp overall than you would if you did your exploring beforehand. -Defensive buildings are the single exception to level scaling exp gain. -Unless you're in desperate need of a level. item rewards improve the higher the level you are. your Dragon skills are unlearned. you can expect to reach level 35. -For that reason. too. try to save as many buildings as you can until you've truly gotten as much exp as possible from killing enemies in human form. In most cases. blowing up buildings as a dragon always gives full exp. For that reason. and the experience you gain for each kill reduces with every level you gain. but it becomes exponentially more difficult (and wastes that much more of your time). Kill exp goes down as you level.Firebreath. -If you save most of your Orobas Fjords quests until after you've reached the highest level you can by other means. Frankly. -Do all these tips sound like a huge pain? Do you think they aren't worth the effort? Then finish the game at level 32 or 33 and be happy. because you can't take any damage outside of the final battle (which is still easy at that level). -Your wyvern friend is useless as anything except a distractionary meat bag. but quest rewards don't. Wisdom is at its best after you've killed plentiful enemies and are ready to turn in a large number of quests. It might even be possible to reach higher. do all of your mind reading before you go out exploring. for example) it's possible to reach level 37. too. you should hold onto quests. No matter how high your level. On the contrary. --------------| Leveling Tips | ---------------You gain most of your experience from killing monsters. but consider investing in Wisdom once you get to Orobas Fjords for that reason. Avoid it in the early game. -When you unlearn all of your skills at a trainer. the value of Wisdom is questionable. -If you truly go out of your way to level build as much as possible (abusing the respawning enemies in the chapel of Aleroth.

then move on to Nest Towers second. -Save Keara's fortress for last. since your mana regenerates quite quickly as a dragon. -Of the two that remain. but be careful! At the time of this writing. Heal up as a human. just mop up the flying enemies and ballistas in whatever order you see fit.-The easiest fortress to take down is Stone's. While it's near impossible to get all of them in a single play through of the game. -Dragon Commanders are extremely difficult to kill due to a full-life heal with a very short cooldown. armor. making this the single largest (reliable) source of malachite gems. -If you're taking a lot of damage and you can't heal it all. and jewelry. Broken Valley: -You can buy two gems from Merchant Lamotte in the Broken Valley village. A single point in the heal skill is very useful for this. There does seem to be a limit to their mana pool. -You receive two malachite gems as a reward for completing the quest 'The Horror of High Hall'. these rare and elusive gems are quite precious. using this list. If you read Beatrice's mind. Click the Trade button instead and you will be able to buy the gem. by a pretty big margin. -If you read the goblin Charlie's mind while on the quest 'Reaping the Seeds'. then take off as a dragon again. you encounter a traveling merchant by the name of Carleton. it's quite difficult. but it lasts for several heals. -The only other gem you can acquire before adventuring in Orobas Fjords comes from waking up the sleeping trio east of Lovis' tower. ---------------| Malachite Gems | ---------------Needed for the best enchants in the game. you should be able to get enough to comfortably enhance your favorite weapons. -Attack Wizard and Lightning Towers first. then focus your attacks on them until they finally go down. -Raze's fortress is the second easiest. there is a bug that causes you to be unable to buy from him if you open trade via dialogue. try thinning out nearby ballistas. If you can't outlast them. a small treasure chest appears in the nest on top of Yggdrasil. Flying enemies and buildings won't attack you while you're a human. Kali's fortress is probably the harder one. From there. He sells a malachite gem. find somewhere to land. the reward becomes four gems. Save them for last. and a . Orobas Fjords: -On the path leading to High Hall from the Depleted Ore Mine.

flat rock with two malachite veins on it. and each one isn't guaranteed to have even one gem (though forum rumors suggest up to four in a single vein). Doing so will bar you from ever getting a second upgrade for your workshop. -There is a second vein just behind the first. . it's probably not worth reloading as long as you get at least one.and those poor adventurers thought there was nothing of value in there. you'll get a "not enough room" error and fall into the lava. just past the three pedestals with the red. From there. If done correctly. After you finish plundering the first. -There are two malachite veins near the Patriarch. but it's probably worth the trade off unless you enchant a whole lot and hate utilizing your runners. you'll have to exploit a bug to get the above two veins. work your way . Simply hug the left wall as tightly as you can. turn around and walk onto the large rock to the left. when the game tries to auto-transform you into a dragon. The second is hidden behind some rocks on the western wall. You'll have to jump onto a rock to reach it. It's relatively hard to get these without triggering the combat. very near an empty wagon sitting just in front of the wooden platform you stand on when talking with the Patriarch. turn around and look up. When you're directly south of the large orb in the middle of the room. However. The first is along the right wall as you approach the stone platform. Then. -If you don't want to or can't reload. -There are two malachite veins in the Well Cave. -Two more malachite veins are in the Lost Tomb (the cave opened by the four treasure hunter's seals). after transforming out of your dragon form. you can trade the gem he asks for to a pair of goblins in exchange for two malachite gems. in the room where you fight Zagan. -If you chose Radcliff as your enchanter. you should jump out of the lava. The second is beneath the wooden platform on the left. it's easiest to just reload. jumping up onto tall rocks instead of going around when possible. but angled sharply to the right. If you save your game before approaching any given malachite vein. you can always reload until you get more gems. you should see a large. blue. You'll want to jump out into the cavern. First.. after which it's technically possible to still get the gems but rather difficult. -The first malachite vein you're likely to encounter is in the Depleted Ore Mine. and dark books on top. finish the combat and fly to the exit.malachite gem is inside. If you activate the combat by mistake. Malachite Veins: The rest of the malachite gems can be found randomly in malachite veins. There aren't many. strangely taking no damage. The first is along the eastern wall and is relatively easy to find..

will do anything for their master. ******************************************************************** * * * III. For the dead.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------The dead. including battle. Summon Ghost -----------You can summon a level * ghost for * seconds. The undead attack your foes with fireballs. and finally claim your gems. and this is arguably the weakest of them. i.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Ghosts are restless beings. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 90 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 1 | 4 | 9 | 11 | 14 | 17 | 19 | 22 | 24 | 27 | 30 | 32 | 35 | 37 | . It's a lot easier to just reload.e. What are they good for besides pushing up daisies? Those with a taste for the darker side of magic will answer that question with this particular spell. 30 seconds is still a long time to wait if you're depending on it. Best to avoid it. Ghosts will heal you. Its one saving grace is the "low" cooldown. but since the cooldown on a summon skill starts when the creature dies or its time runs out. Comments: Summons are fairly universally weak in this game.| | 60 | 70 | 80 | 90 |100 |110 |120 |130 |140 |150 |160 |170 |180 |190 | . in fact. instil us .| | 22 | 34 | 54 | 62 | 74 | 86 | 94 |106 |114 |126 |138 |146 |158 |166 | .around the orb with skillful acrobatics. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 30 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 1 | 4 | 8 | 11 | 14 | 17 | 19 | 22 | 24 | 27 | 30 | 32 | 35 | 37 | . regenerate your hitpoints. SKILLS * * * ******************************************************************** --------------| Priest Skills | --------------Summon Undead ------------You can summon a level * creature for * seconds. Terrible in appearance they haunt us. when brought back to life. Especially battle.| | 22 | 34 | 50 | 62 | 74 | 86 | 94 |106 |114 |126 |138 |146 |158 |166 | .| |180 |200 |220 |240 |260 |280 |300 |320 |340 |360 |380 |400 |420 |440 | .

trying to make that precision shot as a howling troll with murder in its eyes stampedes towards you . But this is something different. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 60 seconds -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 9 | 16 | 23 | 30 | 37 | | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16 | 18 | | 23 | 44 | 65 | 86 |107 | -----------------------Fear may paralyse you: block all functions. but the points are better spent on your own method of healing that doesn't rely on a creature that may or may not decide to heal you when you need it. should we not them to our aid in combat? And a wise thought it was. This is fear that strikes at the very core of one's being. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 30 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 40 | 45 | 50 | 55 | 60 | 65 | 70 | 75 | . Fear ---You inspire fear in all unfriendly creatures that are level * or lower and closer than * meters to you. Hide In Shadows --------------You can make yourself invisible for * seconds at a cost of * mana points per second. So why. and it's rare to be set upon by clusters of multiple melee.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Swinging broad axes donning heavy armour. but it's possible for enemies to be immune to it. In other words: you cast the spell and your enemies do a runner. some Mage must once have thought.| | 6 | 8 | 11 | 14 | 15 | 18 | 19 | 22 | 23 | 26 | 27 | 30 | 31 | 34 | . Comments: It can be good to get some distance from powerful melee.. catapults one into a sickening frenzy and leaves the victim with no other impulse but to flee. Comments: Potentially useful for its heal.| | 9 | 9 | 9 | 8 | 8 | 8 | 7 | 7 | 7 | 7 | 7 | 7 | 7 | 7 | . doing battle can be a gruelling . body and mind.with call then they numbing fear.. They run off for * seconds. Better to spend points on an area damage skill than to waste time and mana playing mystical yo-yo with your opponents. casting sorceries as the arrows whiz around your head. because ever since many a wizard has treated his foes to one final nightmare from which never woke.

when you can simply bypass your oblivious opponents? Comments: A single point is useful for escaping tight situations or setting yourself up in an advantageous position before battle. Comments: Useful to take on opponents well above your level. though. so you may not wish to depend on it. Because why would you go through the trouble of fighting. invisible to the naked eye. Comments: Summoning a variety of strange and dangerous creatures isn't a powerful enough ability. You can probably just stand by and watch the fight. But the Charm spell does not merely immobilize them by turning them into ladybirds: it turns them against each other. Avoiding entire fights as the description suggests is generally not It can help with tough fights when your opponents aren't immune. Summoning Mastery ensures that those you summon are even more potent than regularly summoned battle helpers. but they are immune for the toughest fights. More than that is not needed or even very helpful. Summon Mastery -------------Your summoned creatures receive a *% increase in power. so wounding or even killing your opposition before the effect wears off. It's a waste. Which is why some prefer to give it a miss once in a while. charming your opponents is aimed at lessening the number of hostiles that seek to plant their pointy ends into your skull. but it reduces the xp you get from the kill. as they become unified with the shadows. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: * seconds | | | | | | -----------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 3 | 13 | 19 | 25 | 31 | 37 | 20 | 25 | 35 | 50 | 60 | 42 | 66 | 90 |114 |138 | 30 | 25 | 20 | 20 | 20 | ------------------------ Much like the polymorph spell. -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | -----------------------As if summoning a variety of strange and dangerous creatures to your aid isn't a powerful enough ability already. Each creature must be charmed separately. even with this skill. but at least it's . Charm ----You can charm a total of * creatures up to level * for * seconds to fight at your side.

Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 1 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 13 | 16 | 19 | 21 | 23 | 25 | 27 | 29 | 31 | 33 | 35 | 37 | 39 | 41 | . Blind ----You can blind a creature up to level * for * seconds. Life Tap -------- . becaues he's in his sights again. and indomitable will stats suffer a * penalty for * seconds. Points are better spent elsewhere. heightened reflexes. so it's a bad idea to get used to using this skill. meaning that they become severely weakened and ready to be plucked . at his bewilderment.| |-20 |-23 |-26 |-29 |-32 |-35 |-38 |-41 |-44 |-47 |-50 |-53 |-56 |-59 | .only a waste of 5 points.| | 20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 40 | 45 | 50 | 55 | 60 | 65 | 70 | 75 | 80 | 85 | . laughing bound to be a tad enraged when he gets you away his vision. Curse ----You can curse all enemies of up to level * and up to * meters away from you.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------When you speak this spell. the toughest enemies are immune to it. the creatures close to you become cursed. about as Just don't stand around too long. leaving him effective as a pacifistic sparrow. Comments: Most enemies you'd really want to use this on are immune. and the curse doesn't seem to make you take all that much less damage when you're surrounded either.. The best way to do that is to not spend points on it.| | 11 | 14 | 16 | 18 | 19 | 21 | 22 | 24 | 26 | 27 | 29 | 30 | 32 | 34 | . Whatever suits your fancy.. Comments: Like with many neat-sounding priest skills. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 90 seconds -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 20 | 23 | 26 | 30 | 38 | | 60 | 80 |100 |120 |140 | | 17 | 23 | 29 | 35 | 41 | -----------------------To blind your enemy is to temporarily take stumbling in the dark: in combat. As a result their damage suffers a % penalty and their conditioned body. The weaker ones go down easily enough without cursing them. or decapitated.| | 10 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 15 | 15 | 15 | 15 | 15 | 20 | 20 | 20 | 20 | .

Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 30 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 20 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 35 | 36 | 37 | .| . If you have a ton of hit points and sometimes run out of mana. The problem is that your magical energies may start to run low.| | 98 |110 |114 |118 |126 |130 |134 |142 |146 |150 |158 |162 |166 | . Demons will taunt your enemies and engage in melee combat. This has not only made you famous for your mushroom soup. but also for the efficiency with which you make useful potions. Summon Demon -----------You can summon a level * demon for * seconds. Master Herbalist ---------------You need *% less of ingredients to create potions. making it probably the single best priest skill.| |180 |200 |220 |240 |260 |280 |300 |320 |340 |360 |380 |400 |420 | . so stay away from this skill unless you go through a *lot* of potions. Comments: A surprisingly effective way to replenish your mana if you're a pure caster.| . it takes you fewer specimens to cook a successful brew. Comments: Potion ingredients are ridiculously plentiful. it's still worth a single point.5 | 4 | ------------------------ As you become a powerful wizard. -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 15 | 30 | 45 | 60 | 80 | -----------------------Versed as you are in the powers and potentials of all plants and herbs that grow in Rivellon.unharmed and unthreatened. Even if you use 5 potions every combat. take this skill.| .You can sacrifice up to 10% of your health at a rate of * mana per hitpoint. The solution: simply transfer some of your life energy to your magical energy and you can keep enjoying the grisly spectacle you create. it's still probably not worth it. If you don't plan on ever meleeing under any circumstances.5 | 3 |3.| . Mana Cost: 0 Cooldown Time: 60 seconds | | -----------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 2 |2. you may find yourself in a situation in which you're casting all sorts of spells while you stay at a distance .

straight to the hellish dimensions whence your unholy ally came. this skill won't do much to lessen the impact. Hide In Shadows would be an excellent companion to this strategy. Comments: Even at only 5 points. torn to shreds. Way of the Wise Wizard ---------------------You get a bonus of * for magic armour rating. The effect lasts for a maximum of 90 seconds. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 1 seconds | | | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 4 | 4 | 4 | 4 | 5 | 5 | 5 | . since it gets in the enemies' faces and takes hits for you.| 6 | 8 | 12 | 16 | 19 | 22 | 24 | 27 | 29 | 32 | 35 | 37 | 40 | 42 | . Not only will the appearance of a Demon most likely leave your adversaries stranded with malodorous breeches.| 6 | 6 | 14 | 23 | 43 | 62 | 76 | 76 | 90 |146 |178 |161 |191 |212 | . which will enhance all the stats that pertain to it. this is the skill to use. This might even be a viable tactic if you want to focus numerous points on skills with long cooldowns and don't mind spending large portions of battle standing around and watching your allies do the work for you. Potions are far more effective. it's just not worthwhile. You might consider spending points here if you want your creature to be a mage or a ranger.-------------------------------------------------------------------------If ever you find yourself outnumbered in a fight. Comments: Probably the best summon. its claws will send them. In the rare fight where you take plentiful magic damage. and * for indomitable will. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 30 seconds -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 15 | 18 | 21 | 24 | 27 | | 15 | 18 | 21 | 24 | 27 | |-40 |-30 |-20 |-10 | 0 | | 19 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 25 | -----------------------Those who enjoy putting up an impenetrable shield of defensive magic will get the most out of their specialty by choosing this skill.| . ------------| Mage Skills | ------------Magic Missile ------------You can shoot * magic missiles that will find and damage enemies around you for * hit points. but a *% penalty for magic damage. and don't cost skill points.

It might be overkill. for. Comments: The only truly spammable skill in the pure mage's arsenal. providing a very nice boost in damage every 15 seconds. A very practical ability indeed. Like the fireball. two whirlwinds are always better than one. this skill is your only alternative. If you want to avoid melee and don't fancy a bow. It works quite well in combination with melee in the early game.| | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16 | 18 | . Highly consider explosive arrow instead (which does more damage for less mana if you don't mind equipping a bow). however.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Like a miniature Sun that burns the flesh from your enemies' bodies. it's a perfectly viable one. it's hard to go wrong with this. Fireball -------Hurl a fireball at a target. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 15 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 5 | 5 | 5 | 5 | 5 | 8 | 8 | 8 | 8 | 8 | 12 | 12 | 12 | 12 | . Comments: This skill would be excellent if the cooldown lowered as you put more points into it.| | 8 | 23 | 47 | 68 |195 |278 |342 |455 |540 |878 |1070|1208|1431|1592| . Whereas many a wizard will acknowledge this as a basic spell.| | 14 | 21 | 30 | 38 | 45 | 52 | 57 | 64 | 69 | 76 | 83 | 88 | 95 |100 | . It doesn't. making this a very poor choice. however. -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 90 | 80 | 70 | 60 | 50 | -----------------------Performing a whirlwind attack or casting a fire wall costs mana. which hurts it and everyone within a * meter range for * magic damage. you can hurl a single ball of fire towards an unfortunate foe from the tips of your fingers. the spell is as simple as it is lethal. but you have trained your spirit and therefore don't need to catch your mental breath as quickly as others might.-------------------------------------------------------------------------A magic missile is in essence a blast of raw magical energy that strikes the enemy in a few consecutive waves. Luckily. Unless there are multiple enemies. It can be good to supplement another damage skill. for then the missile automatically targets several opponents. Mana Efficiency --------------Your skills cost you only *% of the required mana. Comments: If you plan on using spells as your primary source of damage. if you use Mana Leech. as the saying goes. so inflicting additional damage. none will make the mistake of underestimating its deadly force. There's a *% chance they will catch fire. which will single-handedly take care of your mana concerns with one .

you won't use spells often enough to make it worth the points. Comments: Although quite spammy. Polymorph --------You can turn up to * of your enemies into a ladybird for * seconds. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: * seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | .| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Imagine. it has a chance of stunning that opponent for a while. Confusion --------Enemies struck by a magical attack have a *% chance of being stunned for * seconds. stripping him of effectiveness in battle. | | | -----------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5 | 7 | 9 | 12 | 15 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | ------------------------ This subtle but powerful skill adds a special ability to other sorceries you cast: each time one of your spells like Magic Blast or Fire Wall hits an opponent. the toughest enemies are immune to this spell. two fierce undead warriors sporting claws and jagged swords with your name on them. The targets must be struck by the spell individually. you have the polymorph spell at your disposal. Comments: Like its cousins charm. however points are likely better spent elsewhere lest you grow to rely on a skill that will fail you when you need it most. and fear. which will briefly transform those on its receiving end into harmless ladybirds. if you will.| | 0 | 0 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 4 | 4 | . This is sure to make your life easier and theirs briefer. blind.| | 10 | 15 | 15 | 15 | 20 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 35 | 40 | 45 | 45 | 50 | . but it can help lessen the damage from groups of normal enemies while you magic missile spam them. The stun won't work on any really tough enemies. Magic Blast . It does seem to be the most effective of the crowd control skills. Outside of that.| | 20 | 19 | 18 | 17 | 16 | 15 | 14 | 13 | 12 | 11 | 10 | 9 | 8 | 7 | . You can strike them * times before they change back. it's good in combination with magic missile.| | 30 | 42 | 58 | 70 | 78 | 90 | 98 |110 |118 |130 |138 |150 |158 |170 | .point. Facing two such savage adversaries at the same time might just be more than you can handle. Luckily.

Mana Leech ---------A successful melee hit on an enemy has a *% chance of draining *% of the damage done and adding it to your mana pool. but also gradually drain his magical energies from his body and perchance add them to your own with each hit you score. this skill will make you unstoppable. magic missiles. That might seem somewhat sadistic. but it gets the job done. as its name implies. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 15 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 3 | 3 | 3 | 4 | 4 | 4 | 4 | 5 | 5 | 5 | 5 | 5 | 6 | 6 | . Comments: Take one point in this if you melee at all. . Destruction ----------Your magical attacks do *% extra damage. Combined with an area damage skill. ---------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | | 80 | 81 | 82 | 83 | 84 | 85 | 86 | 87 | 88 | 89 | 90 | 91 | 92 | | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16 | 18 | 20 | 22 | 24 | 26 | 28 | 30 | 32 | 34 | ---------------------------------------------------------------With Mana Leech. you don't just wound your enemy as you hit him. and other wizard spells. thus making more than one point somewhat unnecessary.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Damning your opponent with a Magic Blast will surround him with many stablike thrusts of destructive magic. will add to the destruction caused by your fireballs.----------You can shoot * magic projectiles in rapid succession at a single target. Comments: At high levels. each doing * hitpoints of damage. this will kill anything in the game in a single use and you can use it as often as fireball.| | 20 | 28 | 45 |130 |166 |228 |277 |332 |391 |626 |713 |805 |902 |1062| . That single point will reliably keep your mana topped off whenever you need it. -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 18 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | -----------------------As if the ravaging powers of magic aren't terrible enough already this skill.| | 32 | 38 | 50 | 59 | 65 | 74 | 80 | 86 | 92 |101 |107 |113 |119 |128 | . even a little bit.

| .| .leaving your dazed opponents wondering why their blades don't seem to have had much effect! Comments: A single point is quite good in the early game. But not to worry.Comments: Take this if you use magic missile. Try trapping enemies on the wall itself to deal even more damage. but 5 points in Potion Efficiency might work better. Any enemy caught within the flames starts to burn for * points of damage per second. Healing ------You can heal yourself at a rate of * hitpoints per second. thus providing you with the best of both worlds by combining offence with defence in one single incantation.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Once released. for this simple healing spell will douse any wound like water would fire . fire wall. Fire Wall --------You can create a circle of fire on the ground around you for 5 seconds. It's a cheap way to make them ridiculously more effective. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 30 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 58 | 82 |100 |122 |132 |156 |234 |250 |286 |322 |340 |382 |424 | .| | 29 | 34 | 37 | 40 | 41 | 44 | 47 | 49 | 52 | 55 | 56 | 59 | 62 | . you will get hurt. and it becomes less useful the further you get (potions become more plentiful and powerful. .| . this great circle of red-hot flame will blacken anything caught in its blast and burn all who are foolish enough to enter its fulgent perimiter.| | 8 | 8 | 7 | 7 | 6 | 6 | 5 | 5 | 4 | 4 | 3 | 3 | 2 | . for * seconds.| . Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 10 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 15 | 18 | 22 | 24 | 29 | 32 | 41 | 42 | 56 | 60 | 83 | 88 |140 | . fireball. and other regen skills become useful in its stead). Comments: A better alternative to fire ball. or magic blast. with the solid drawback of needing to be close to your enemies to hit them with it.| . The damage might not seem like much and the cooldown is long. More than that isn't really necessary. but at high levels it will kill most normal enemies in a single hit. especially if you're a melee fighter.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------When in combat. You might put points into this if you're never going to melee.| |101 |116 |126 |136 |141 |151 |161 |166 |176 |186 |191 |201 |211 | .

---------------| Warrior Skills | ---------------Whirlwind --------You can perform a whirlwind attack that deals * bonus melee damage with a *% chance of knocking back your enemies.5|138. Strongly consider maxing it and keeping it up as much as you can. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 30 seconds -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | 60 | |-20 |-15 |-10 | -5 | 0 | |-20 |-15 |-10 | -5 | 0 | | 49 | 53 | 57 | 59 | 63 | -----------------------Those who revel in the joy of aggressive magic will get the most out of their specialty by choosing this skill.5|166 |211 |333. The effect lasts for a maximum of 90 seconds. making this extremely good for characters of all types.Way of the Battle Mage ---------------------You get a bonus of *% for magic damage.5| 83 |103. too. You can choose to skip it in favor of Battle Rage or Way of the Ranger if you're a pure warrior or ranger and have a good weapon without much magic damage. you unleash a hurricane of steel by making a full circle jump that tears through any number .5|451 |503. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: * seconds ---------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1| 2| 3| 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | |1. but a * point penalty for magic armor rating and a * point penalty for indomitable will. if you don't mind the maintenance (which is admittedly a severe annoyance). Comments: It affects magic damage on weapons. which will enhance all the stats that pertain to it.5| 6| 14| 20 |56.5|378.5| | | 10| 13| 16| 19 | 22 | 25 | 28 | 31 | 34 | 37 | 40 | 43 | 46 | 49 | | | 11| 15| 20| 24 | 28 | 32 | 35 | 39 | 42 | 46 | 50 | 52 | 56 | 59 | | | 5| 5| 5| 5 | 4 | 4 | 4 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------With the weapon you are wielding firmly clasped in your hands.

the very eye of the storm.6 |1. remain untouched.| . does not last long enough to be worth considering.2 |1. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 5 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 1 |1. Jump Attack ----------Your jump attacks do * extra damage. while you. One point is nearly mandatory simply for breaking apart crates and barrels with ease.8 | 2 |2. After that it's just a matter of having the good grace to make the kill quick and painless.4 |3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 9 | 20 | 32 | 45 |130 |185 |252 |332 |422 |667 |805 |954 |1120| . The knockback is amazing when combined with fire wall.2 |2. Rush Attack ----------You can rush to your enemy and strike with * times your normal damage and a *% chance of stunning. which causes severe wounds and most likely stuns him.| . only their bloody remains bear witness to the destruction.| | 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 40 | 45 | 50 | 55 | 60 | 65 | 70 | .can jump and fall to the ground with a great cleave of their weapon. The stun. instead of for one-time attacks on ranged attackers.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Those who have this skill in their repertoire . while helpful.6 | 15 | | 30 | 35 | 40 | 45 | 50 | 55 | 60 | 65 | 70 | 75 | 80 | 85 | 90 | 95 | 15 | | 4 | 6 | 8 | 9 | 11 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 18 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 15 | -------------------------------------------------------------------------During a rush attack you lash out at a single opponent.4 |1. but not very helpful. When your feet hit the ground again.of enemies around you.4 |2. and have a *% chance of knockdown. Points would be better spent on abilities that increase your damage more consistently. The attack works well as an initial assault on ranged enemies especially. it comes with the huge drawback of having to jump before every .all Dragon Slayers do . consider investing at least 11 points for the low cooldown. Comments: 1 point is essential for melee fighters. Unfortunately. Comments: The damage increase is decent. and if you find yourself using it a lot in combat.8 | 3 |3.6 |2. especially if your weapon isn't that great. Not only does it increase the pounding your enemy takes. The damage increase after that is nice. though not as nice as the cooldown reduction. Right? Comments: Surprisingly powerful. it has quite a chance of knocking him off his feet.2 |3.

it will take less duelling time for you to find a weak spot that will end the fight in the blink of an eye. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 5 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 10 | 13 | 16 | 19 | 22 | 25 | 28 | 31 | 34 | 37 | 40 | 43 | 46 | 49 | . An enemy must be seriously wounded before such a blow can be struck when you are still inexperienced in the one-hitonekill method. and a *% penalty for ranged damage. but the road to success is long. Comments: It can be helpful in the early game when your damage output is low. Fatality -------You can instantly kill enemies whose hitpoints are below a total of *%. Defensive Posture ----------------You get a bonus of * for melee armour rating. you might consider placing points into increasing that damage instead. it most often deals less damage than several other available skills (or even a normal attack. which just isn't any better than other things that work regardless of enemy health. Even then. This also combines particularly well with bleed. you can expect it to deal around 1500-2000 damage to enemies in the final area. too.attack to get the most out of the swing. The effect lasts for a maximum of * seconds. and helpful in the late game when you encounter more enemy healers and want to clear a space in front of you to rush attack the healer.| | 14 | 15 | 22 | 27 | 30 | 34 | 36 | 40 | 43 | 47 | 50 | 54 | 56 | 60 | . but a *% penalty for melee damage. But as you learn. Take this skill only if you really like jumping. if you spend your points right). so make sure to take a point of mana leech along with it. and * for ranged armour rating. it's not really worth the points unless you have real problems dealing damage.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------An instant kill is one of the greatest blows a warrior can learn to deliver. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 30 seconds -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 4 | 12 | 20 | 28 | 36 | |-20 |-15 |-10 | -5 | 0 | | 30 | 60 | 90 |120 |240 | | 27 | 39 | 51 | 63 | 75 | . There's a hidden mana cost. That being said. With it maxed. By the time this is usable.

but also gradually drain his life energy from his body and perchance add it to your own with each hit you score. invest points here before considering skills like Bleed and Death Blow. this skill will provisionally take away some of your offensive powers. Since it's particularly rare to take lots of melee damage (usually ranged and magic are more worrisome) the armour penalty isn't very concerning. but transfer them to your defensive energies. When in a jam.-----------------------A warrior needs to know when to attack with the ferociousness of the tiger and when to take a hedgehog-like defensive stance. The effect lasts 120 seconds. the boost to your defenses is pretty negligible (especially when compared to good armor enchants). and you can always turn the buff off by pressing the hotkey a second time if you're really taking a beating. Life Leech ---------A successful melee hit on an enemy has a *% chance of draining *% of the damage done and adding it to your hitpoints. If you don't mind the maintenance (which is incredibly irritating). Most likely any clear and present danger will soon be eliminated. Comments: Since it only requires 5 points to max. ---------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16 | 18 | 20 | 22 | 24 | 26 | 28 | 30 | 32 | 34 | | 7 | 9 | 11 | 13 | 15 | 18 | 20 | 22 | 24 | 26 | 28 | 30 | 32 | ---------------------------------------------------------------With Life Leech. Comments: Even at 5 points. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 30 seconds -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | 60 | | -4 |-12 |-20 |-28 |-36 | | 27 | 39 | 51 | 63 | 75 | -----------------------The Battle Rage skill does exactly what it describes: like a mad barbarian would seize upon a poorly protected convent. you launch yourself into the fray. . Battle Rage ----------You get a bonus of *% for melee damage. you don't just wound your enemy as you hit him. this skill is one of the most efficient ways of improving your melee damage. Points are better spent on healing skills since you're probably going to take a beating anyway. but do remember that this rage detracts from your defensive prowess for its duration. heeding not the danger it leaves you in. but a penalty of * for melee armour rating.

49 |. bleed attacks have a chance of causing wounds that keep bleeding: so damaging the victim over time until the bleeding stops or he has leaked to death. At 10 points. however. Bleed ----A successful melee hit has a *% chance of bleeding your enemy.42 |.6 |. take this skill. One of the best healing skills in the game due to the way it scales with damage. Only put points here if you have maxed another healing skill and are still having troubles surviving.56 | .| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Particularly vicious.Comments: Simply amazing.| | 10 | 11 | 13 | 14 | 17 | 20 | 25 | 33 | 50 |100 |100 |100 |100 |100 | . but it can increase survivability in combination with other healing skills. Thanks to rush attack. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 15 seconds . Points after 10. It lasts for * seconds and deals *% of the damage you did extra.53 |. If you're having trouble staying alive. Thousand Strikes ---------------You can attack your enemy in a series of fast blows for * times normal damage accompanied by a *% chance of knockdown.46 |. -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | |.39 |. It's not effective enough to be relied upon as a sole source of healing. The damage increase is noticeable and scales well with weapons and skill points. It only works on melee attacks. Comments: Less effective overall than Life Leech.25 |. the regenerate skill ensures the slow but steady revitalisation of your life energy. This process gains in speed as its practitioner learns to use it more effectively. so if you're not planning to melee. however.63 | . you should always have something nearby to beat on to regain hitpoints. -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 10 | 13 | 15 | 18 | 20 | 23 | 25 | 27 | 30 | 32 | 35 | 37 | 40 | 42 | .32 |. are better spent elsewhere.35 |.| | 10 | 9 | 8 | 7 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | .21 |. consider Potion Efficiency instead.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Forgoing the need of healing spells to patch up your wounds over time.| . Comments: Surprisingly effective at passively increasing your damage output at higher levels. Regenerate ---------Your health regenerates at a rate of *% per second.28 |. it's one of the best melee damage bonuses you can get.

which may critically hurt an opponent.2 |1.2 | .| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Those who benefit from this advantageous spell can gleefully watch as part of the damage an enemy causes is reflected back to him. this isn't a bad way to go (with an average heightened reflexes at high levels. This way the foes that oppose the hero may be slain by the force of the arms they themselves apply.5 |1. on the other hand.| . Fast and brutal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 20 | 28 | 36 | 44 | 52 | 60 | 68 | 76 | 84 | 92 |100 |108 |116 | . For rangers. Comments: Does a good bit of damage. | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 7 | 9 | 10 | 12 | 13 | 15 | 16 | 18 | 19 | 21 | . and the damage does not increase appreciably with more points spent.-------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 1 |1.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warriors adept in the Death Blow have spent part of their training concentrating on delivering devastating hits. If you're already maxing bleed and you want more passive damage.3 |1.7 |1.8 |1.6 |1. crits are everything. and this is one of the best skills you can buy. The mana cost is prohibitively high. Don't take it without also taking at least one point in Mana Leech.9 | 2 |2.| . Comments: Unless you have an abnormally high heightened reflexes. maxing this skill will increase your damage by around 10%).| |236 |272 |296 |320 |332 |356 |380 |392 |416 |440 |452 |476 |500 | .| | 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 40 | 45 | 50 | 55 | 60 | 65 | 70 | . Reflect ------You reflect *% of the damage done to you back to the enemy that inflicted it. but it's not really worth pumping many points into.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------With a combination of cat-like speed and accuracy. A point can be very helpful early on (if you've got the mana to even use it). you strike at your adversary with a series of vicious cuts: leaving him to incredulously stare at the bodily extensions on the ground before he has had the itme to realise where his bane came from.| .| . bleed is a better use of skill points.1 |1. it is one of the best melee attacks a warrior can master.1 |2. the greater their chances are of scoring blows that will knock their enemies six foot under in no time. The more skilful these hits become.4 |1. useful for overcoming enemy healing or taking out the leader in a group of enemies. however. .| . Death Blow ---------You have an extra *% chance of doing critical damage.

| | 4 | 6 | 8 | 9 | 11 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 18 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | . Enemies universally have significantly more hit points than you. Comments: A waste of points. they will keep inflicting pain as the venomous substance that entered their bodies courses ruinously through their veins.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------With this skill activated.| | 10 | 10 | 9 | 9 | 8 | 8 | 7 | 7 | 6 | 6 | 5 | 5 | 4 | 4 | . but it will still come as a surprise. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 5 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 1 | 2 | 4 | 5 | 16 | 23 | 33 | 43 | 60 | 98 |143 |161 |239 |265 | .| -------------------------------------------------------------------------One of the more crafty. Comments: It's not a bad a wonderful example of poetic justice. Ranger Surprise --------------Shoot an arrow that does no damage but gives your target a * point penalty to melee armour rating. especially early on. meaning to kill an enemy with this you'd have to let them kill you several times over.| | -5 |-10 |-15 |-20 |-25 |-30 |-35 |-40 |-45 |-50 |-55 |-60 |-65 |-70 | . It's a nasty surprise to be sure. .| | 4 | 6 | 8 | 9 | 11 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 18 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | . It just doesn't seem to pump out the damage that other available skills do. and a * point penalty to magic armour rating. abilities of the ranger is the coating of arrow tips in deadly poisons. and at the same time nasty. Not only will the arrows wound their targets. and this skill only reflects damage taken (after armor and level-based reductions). a * point penalty to ranged armour rating. --------------| Ranger Skills | --------------Poison Arrows ------------You can fire arrows that poison your enemy. but you'll probably want to drop it towards the end of the game. Stay away. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 3 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | |-30 |-35 |-40 |-45 |-50 |-55 |-60 |-65 |-70 |-75 |-80 |-85 |-90 |-95 | . an unfortunate creature you are hunting that has been struck by one of your arrows becomes weakened if you keep giving it your undivided attention until it stops moving. doing * damage per second for * seconds.

| | 14 | 18 | 22 | 27 | 30 | 34 | 36 | 40 | 43 | 47 | 50 | 54 | 56 | 60 | . you are able to shoot arrows with such precision and force that they stun any victim: leaving them immobile for a while. Ranger Stealth -------------When you approach an enemy with your bow. Points are better spent on an ability that more directly increases your damage. but must-have if your primary weapon is a bow. | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 40 | 45 | 50 | 55 | 60 | 65 | 70 | . Stronger enemies have a high tendency to resist this. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: * seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | .Comments: Waste of points. naturally inflicting even greater wounds. Stun Arrows ----------You can stun your enemy for * seconds. Scoring kills has never been easier. but also less necessary.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some rangers spend as much time training their strength as they do their agility. -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 14 | 22 | 28 | 34 | 40 | ------------------------ . Points are better spent on something to actually kill the target. don't expect that anyway if you're a bow user. Then again. Ranger Strength --------------Your ranged attacks do *% more damage. reducing its usefulness significantly. Its primary purpose is to increase the damage you deal to an enemy. Comments: The stun is very nice against weaker enemies. Don't expect to do decent damage without running dry on mana otherwise.| | 20 | 20 | 19 | 19 | 18 | 18 | 17 | 17 | 16 | 16 | 15 | 14 | 15 | 15 | . The result is that every arrow they fire flies with greater speed and power. you cna get *% closer to it than you normally would before it notices you. Comments: Not great. but enemies don't really seem to have much armor.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------Profiting from a temporary heightened concentration.

| | 29 | 35 | 41 | 45 | 49 | 53 | 57 | 61 | 65 | 69 | 73 | 77 | 81 | 85 | . you are able to squeeze every bit of energy from these treasured bottles. spend points on that instead. Comments: Its use is situational. that means you're a ranger and you probably do have points to spend. Comments: If you never plan on setting foot in melee. . though. Once you get explosive arrow.Like a true hunter of the dark. Comments: Two points is enough to make the early game much easier for all character types. But not all benefit from them to the maximum. It loses its usefulness in the late game. the more separate projectiles the original arrow will split into. Potion Efficiency ----------------The efficiency of potions is increased by *%. Your mana bar will thank you. ever. the ranger still has a chance that the victim of his arrow has no idea where the danger comes from . however.thus leaving him unexposed. before you have access to explosive arrow. spend 5 points in this skill. and other magical potions stuffed safely in his backpack.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------The splitting arrow has the magical property that it severs into different arrows after having been fired. so allowing the bowman to hit multiple targets at the same time. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 5 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | . There's a reason this is a ranger skill. and probably not worth the points unless you have plenty to spend. ------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | | 10 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | 55 | 60 | 65 | 70 | 75 | ------------------------------------------------Every adventurer has his trusted health. If you're even considering it. Invest in it early. Trained to get the most out of every drop. Even when he scores a hit. the ranger who is under this subtle spell's influence blends into his surroundings with chameleon-like ease. The more adept he becomes at the craft. mana. even for rangers. and you'll be able to survive difficult encounters on the virtue of healing potions alone. Splitting Arrows ---------------You can fire arrows that split and cause damage to * enemies at the same time.

knockdown. and low cooldown make for a skill you will want to press every 5 seconds as long as your mana holds out .| -------------------------------------------------------------------------You are highly trained in dodging the melee attacks with which your adversaries try to treat your inner organs to an outdoor holiday. you get a * point ranged armour rating and a * point heightened reflexes increase. but also tearing apart anyone caught near the blast.these arrows explode upon impact: not only turning the original recipient into a bloody jigsaw puzzle.| | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16 | 18 | 20 | 22 | 24 | 26 | 28 | 30 | 32 | 34 | .| | 29 | 34 | 37 | 40 | 41 | 44 | 47 | 49 | 52 | 55 | 56 | 59 | 62 | . low mana cost. It goes without saying that this is a highly useful ability for all who spend much time in the thick of battle. but a *% penalty for melee attacks and a * point penalty for melee armour rating.| . Explosive Arrows ---------------You can fire arrows that explode and deal * damage to enemies within a *meter radius of impact and have a *% chance of knockdown. Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 30 seconds . and the only reason to play a ranger yourself. Further points should be spent on healing skills. your bane in the hands of enemy rangers.| -------------------------------------------------------------------------The rarest of arrows are perhaps the most powerful ones.| | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | . The high damage.| . but extra points may be placed in here to improve survival.and absolutely frightning in the hands of a skilled archer .Evade ----You have a *% chance of evading melee attacks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16 | 18 | 20 | 22 | 24 | 26 | 28 | 30 | 32 | 34 | 36 | . your bow attacks do *% more damage. and highly recommended for all characters.| . Mana Cost: * Cooldown Time: 5 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | |260 |370 |456 |554 |606 |720 |844 |1170|1334|1514|1610|1804|2014| .even against single targets. Extremely dangerous in the hands of some bowstring-happy pyromaniac . wide area of effect.| . Way of the Ranger ----------------For up to 90 seconds. Comments: The single best skill in the game. Comments: One point is essential for a melee character.

that you practically can't win many fights with a bow alone unless you have high ranks in this. there are better ways to handle it than investing in mind read. do so after reaching Orobas Fjords. If you must take it. | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 0 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 40 | 45 | 50 | 55 | 60 | 65 | 70 | 75 |100 | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ability to read the minds of others is given to very few in Rivellon. In fact. The early game is hard enough without dumping all your points here. which will enhance all the stats that pertain to it. it probably won't be affected much anyway.because obviously it takes a little more experience to read the thoughts of.5|-166|-180|-211| |-50 | -47 |-44 |-41 |-38 | | 49 | 53 | 57 | 59 | 63 | -------------------------Thoes born for the bow will get the most out of their specialty by choosing this skill. either. | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 2 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16 | 18 | 20 | 22 | 24 | 26 | 28 | . It's not exactly a waste of points. the Arcane University's dean than those of Doris.| .-------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | |228 | 277 |332 |360 |422 | | 50 | 53 | 56 | 59 | 62 | |-114|-138. Comments: 100% discount is very nice. but comes available very late. ---------------------| Dragon Slayer Skills | ---------------------Mindread -------You get a debt discount of *% when reading someone's mind. and it's only 5 points. Powerful though this gift may be. in fact. the lavatory lady. Comments: Far more effective at increasing ranged damage than Ranger Strength. but there's no good reason to take it. and due to the way exp works. you shouldn't shy away from developing the skill . Take this if you use bows. say. Wisdom -----You gain *% more experience. If you're really that concerned about your character level. So effective. your max level won't be affected at all.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Having studied warfare not only as a series of forceful skills, moves and abilities, but also as an art, the insight you gain after every battle is greater than that of others. You therefore advance more quickly upon the ladder of veterancy and success. Comments: Almost certainly a waste in the early game, with the potential to become useful after reaching Orobas Fjords. If your intention is to set it and forget it, stay away from this skill. If you want to min-max your experience and reach the absolute highest level you can, see the Tips and Tricks section on leveling for more information. Lockpick -------You can lockpick locks of level * (and lower). | | -----------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | ------------------------

When you encounter a bolted door, a chest secured tightly by a big padlock, you itch to find out what is behind that door and in that chest. You konw you do. By adding this skill to your repertoire, your curiosity will soon be satisfied and perhaps your coin purse as well. Comments: It's of questionable value in the early game, and an utmost necessity later on. It's best to write down the locations of any locked chests you come across and wait to put points in this skill until level 10 or 11. Then, max this skill and go back to clean up everything you missed. As a bonus, since random loot scales to your level, the items you find in all those locked chests will be better than if you'd maxed this skill from the start. In the late game, this skill is required to obtain pieces of 3 out of 4 armor sets in the game, which are good enough in total to outclass all but the best set of equipment. It's worth taking for those alone. Encumbrance ----------Your backpack is limited to * items. -----------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | |100 |120 |140 |160 |180 | -----------------------Adventurers often have the tendency to accumulate loot with greater diligence than a squirrel that is storing nuts for the winter. It is therefore not a bad idea to train your back-pack-stuffing capabilities, because a good packer can carry around a lot more booty!

Comments: There's no need to save any ingredients aside from malachite gems in the early game, and pack space is only a problem if you're hoarding ingredients. A moderately bad waste of points in the early game, and criminally useless later on. Unarmed Expertise ----------------Your damage when fighting unarmed is increased by *%. | | ---------------------------------------------------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 5 | 15 | 29 | 54 | 67 | 81 | 94 |107 |121 |134 |138 |142 |146 | ----------------------------------------------------------------

Swords, axes, maces: you regard them all as silly extensions for the truest of melee weapons: your fists. Rather than presenting them with the taste of steel, you like to treat your opponents to your favourite home-made delicacy: a knuckle sandwich. Comments: Unarmed is the single worst weapon choice in the game, and even maxing this skill won't make up for its downfalls. Take this if you enjoy a serious challenge. Combine it with damage adding skills like whirlwind to offset its low damage. Bleed and Death Blow may be wise choices as well. Single-Handed Weapon Expertise -----------------------------Your damage when fighting with a single-handed weapon only is increased by *%. | | ---------------------------------------------------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 2 | 5 | 9 | 12 | 15 | 19 | 22 | 25 | 29 | 34 | 34 | 35 | 36 | ----------------------------------------------------------------

Following in the footsteps of an old battle tradition that believes in the unification of a warrior and his weapon, you opt to specialize in the wielding of a single one-handed weapon. Brandishing a light and highly manoeuverable piece of deadly craftsmanship, you learn to ply it to a state of perfection that goes beyond other combinations of armament. Comments: The fast attack speed more than makes up for the lack of damage. One of the more viable weapon choices you can make, and certainly good enough to beat the game with if you like the aesthetics. The skill itself, however, is rather lackluster. Your damage will improve more per point by investing in the bleed skill, and then you can always switch to another weapon type if you get bored. Put points here after bleed is maxed, but before investing in death blow. Dual-Wielding Expertise

----------------------When fighting with two weapons, your primary weapon does *% more damage; the off-hand weapon suffers a penalty of *% damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | | 1 | 3 | 5 | 7 | 9 | 11 | 13 | 15 | 17 | 19 | 21 | 23 | 25 | |-70 |-60 |-50 |-40 |-30 |-20 |-10 | 0 | 10 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | ---------------------------------------------------------------Not many make such a fierce impression on the battlefield as those who swing a blade in each hand, so engulfing their immediate vicinity in a red wave of extinction. But even though these fighters may look like frenzied, bloodcrazed savages, be not mistaken, for they are quite the opposite: cool-headed and disciplined. With good reason: wielding two weapons in combat demands intense training, and forgoing it has often led to unintended, self-inflicted facial reconstruction. Comments: The best damage improving skill in the game. Dual-wield has slow animations, but more than makes up for it with sheer power. As a dual-wield fighter, don't waste your time with damage adding skills like whirlwind and jump attack; focus instead on making each hit stronger with skills like bleed, death blow, and battle rage. Prefer weapons that increase melee or magic damage, and enchant them with the same, as the bonus seems to apply to swings with either hand. Until you reach rank 10 in this, place your stronger weapon in your main hand. From rank 10 onward, your stronger weapon should be placed in your off hand. Sword and Shield Expertise -------------------------When fighting with a weapon and shield, your weapon does *% more damage and you get *% higher armour rating from your shield. | | | ---------------------------------------------------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 0 | 7 | 14 | 21 | 28 | 35 | 42 | 49 | 56 | 63 | 70 | 77 | 84 | 5 | 8 | 11 | 14 | 17 | 20 | 23 | 26 | 29 | 32 | 34 | 36 | 38 | ----------------------------------------------------------------

Those who engage in battle with sword and shield are sometimes scoffed by others on the premise that they are archaic and unimaginative. But they never take such criticisms to heart because they know very well that their strategy, classical and rather standard though it may be, is still one of the best setups a warrior may use: it perfectly combines offence and defence and, like no other, offers excellent chances to emerge from each battle alive and well. Comments: The next best choice next to dual-wield. The armor of a shield is so negligible as to be worthless, and since this skill only increases the shield's base armor (not counting charm bonuses or enchants) the latter half of this skill is near completely useless. The damage increasing component, however, is more than twice as good as its shieldless counterpart, and your attacks are almost as fast. Two-Handed Weapon Expertise

but you'll still have to work at it a bit to get on top of the rocks. You intend to prove that by swinging about swords long as a troll's arm and hammers so ferocious they can reduce said creature's head to a bloody pulp with one wellplaced stroke. The only enemies you'll fight will be goblins spawned for practice combat. Approach from the north side for the easiest access. Don't sweat what you do here too much. The whole thing takes place in a small town with only a handful of NPCs and one quest. -There's another treasure hidden on the left (north) side of the building you see when first crossing the bridge in town. but may be redundant with high levels of whirlwind (untested on the 1. combat isn't pretty or subtle. entering the training area. while others drag on. -If you use the skill book in the area to learn lockpick. for you'll always leave a track of limbs that works even better than the traditional breadcrumbs. It combines well with jump attack and bleed. Its huge swing radius is a big plus.--------------------------When fighting with a two-handed weapon. Alternately. but its wide damage range means some fights will end quickly.3 patch may make it comparable to or better than dual-wielding. | | ---------------------------------------------------------------1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 1 | 4 | 7 | 10 | 13 | 16 | 19 | 22 | 25 | 28 | 31 | 34 | 37 | ---------------------------------------------------------------- No matter what some may say. FARGLOW * * * ******************************************************************** Farglow is the game's tutorial.3 patch). you can open the treasure chest next to Alberic. The advantages in battle are obvious. you can kill a LOT of goblins. ******************************************************************** * * * IV. The key for it can be found by reading Edmund's mind. although the 1. ------------| Main Quests | . you do *% more damage. Comments: Arguably one of the worst weapon choices you can make. then looking on the stones surrounding the campfire. and more than that: you can never get lost in the woods. ----------| Locations | ----------Farglow -------There's a skill book hidden on top of the large rocks north of the goblin camp. it really won't matter in the end.

...... Hjalmar .. Saving the Bacon ................ Into the Bandit's Den ............ The Fugitive .................................... BROKEN VALLEY VILLAGE * * * ******************************************************************** At last.............. Exploration is good.................... [BLTBB] [BLTJF] [BLBDH] [BLMUH] [BLCLS] [BLLAT] [BLCSD] [BLNDC] [BLCFO] [BLBSP] Main Quests: Chasing the Dragon .............. Hearttaker . you'll soon find yourself locked in a room with an enemy quite capable of killing you in two hits...... Derk's House .................... 200g + 1 (50xp.... Jackson Farm ..... Buad Blood .. High and Dry . [BSBOB] [BSPOF] [BSDTF] [BSRHT] [BSFOF] [BSNOC] [BSSTB] [BSBBB] [BSIBD] [BSHMR] [BSCLS] [BSHAD] [BSAPD] [BSSIC] ............... [BMCTD] To Lay a Ghost to Rest ......... [BMLGR] Side Quests: Band of Brutes ................ Chapel Dungeon .. the tutorial is over ............................ Aravir... Louis' Stash ..------------The Farglow Connection ---------------------Received From: Rhode Location: As soon as you start the game 1: Talk to Morgana (her location is on your map) 2: Talk to Isobel (on the bridge in town) 3: Talk to either Gawain........... Skeletons in the Closet ....... For a Pound of Flesh ......... If you rush headlong into the main quest......... or is it? While you have a lot more freedom in this area... Locations: The Black Boar . Feast or Famine ....... Dark Cave . Forgotten Outpost ............................................ or Alberic (their locations are on the map) Reward: 50 xp................. New Order or Champion Chaos? .................... Louis' Storage .. Secret Passage .................... Secret Dungeon ........... A Private Delivery ...................... This is also where the game teaches you to take the time for exploration............. Miller's House ............................. 200g) ******************************************************************** * * * V.......... you're still blocked from wandering too far... since skill points are few and far between still)........ The enemies are weak enough that you can kill them without using any skills (which is good...

Jackson Farm [BLTJF] -----------Location: southeast of town. you can play in a scavenger hunt with a skill book as the prize. He'll tell you about the miller's hidden cellar and how he hides the key in his pot. talk to Stan and pick option 1. pluck the skill book from out of the fireplace. -There is a button on the wall almost directly across from the third door.----------| Locations | ----------The Black Boar [BLTBB] -------------Location: on the north side of town -If you have the lockpick skill. Chapel Dungeon [BLLAT] -------------Location: in the back of the chapel . Derk's House [BLBDH] -----------Location: on the south side of town -The key to Derk's cellar can be found by mindreading him and then searching for the key in the barn next to the bar. The next book is downstairs. Louis' Storage [BLCLS] -------------Location: beneath the church. -Press a hidden button in the southeast corner of Jackson's cellar to lower an iron cleaver with +1 evade in the center of the room. accessed by a cellar door from the outside -The first door can be opened by pressing a button on the wall next to the fire. Miller's House [BLMUH] -------------Location: in the middle of town. Finally. beneath plenty of lettuce. next to the barracks -The key to Miller Upton's cellar can be found in the kettle. on the bar itself. -The key to the last door can be found on a skeleton's corpse. across the stream -There are two keys hidden in Carl Jackson's house. It's a very good weapon for the beginning of the game. Pressing it opens a hidden passage with two treasure chests. Find the third on the second floor on top of a stack of books near the large table. The key to the small box on the shelf is hidden behind some crates and barrels. and the key to the cellar is up on the rafter. Start by reading the book behind the locked door on the third floor of the bar. -After finishing 'Band of Brutes'.

-The key for the locked chest lies on the altar in the center of the room. -There is a hidden pressure plate on the west side of the large room. next to the chapel) -Talk to Winthrop 2: Find Rhode in the barracks and talk to her Reward: 500xp. or inside after Band of Brutes) -Talk to Romon (outside. Secret Dungeon [BLCSD] -------------Location: inside a trap door near the Chapel Shrine -The key for the locked door is on a chair next to a goblin hut. during the quest 'Into the Bandit's Den' -The key to the locked cell door on the east wall near the barracks exit is on the ground in front of the other cell on the same wall. -After the locked door that Martis unlocks. 4 items) To Lay a Ghost to Rest [BMLGR] ---------------------Received From: Rhode Location: Barracks Requirement: Complete 'Chasing the Dragon' . Dark Cave [BLNDC] --------Location: west of the Secret Dungeon (and Chapel Shrine) -The key for the jewelry box is in the tub just across the hall (on the eastern side of the plus shaped room) Forgotten Outpost [BLCFO] ----------------Location: trap door hidden behind a bush near the Jackson Farm -The key to the locked chest is on a table in the northeast corner. ------------| Main Quests | ------------Chasing the Dragon [BMCTD] -----------------Received From: Rhode Location: As soon as you land in Broken Valley 1: Complete three of the following four things: -Complete the quest 'Band of Brutes' in the bar. Secret Passage [BLBSP] -------------Location: broken chapel. 480g. the apparent dead end straight ahead is actually a false wall that can be opened by pressing a hidden pressure plate to its left. A skill book is hidden inside. Stand a few steps from the wall and look for the 'use' message in the lower right. but it doesn't seem to unlock anything. -The goblin chief near the farm exit drops a key. facing south. and then talk to Jake -Talk to Ollie (outside of the bar. 480g + 1 (125xp.

2: Turn the hearts in to Richard Reward: 150xp and 50gp per heart -The gold reward increases to 150gp if you read Richard's mind. Reward: Gauntlets (+1 Ranger Strength) + 1 (450xp. Don't worry. 2: Ignore Keane's pleas and extort him anyway -You can refuse to extort Keane. 80g + 1 (80g. you miss out on some great gauntlets 3: Agree to not turn him in -If you insist on turning him in.1: Enter the door at the back of the chapel 2: Speak with and then defeat the Arben Ghost 3: Leave the chapel dungeon and speak with Rhode Reward: 1500xp. it's not a big deal if you don't get many. 160g.) Hearttaker [BSRHT] ---------Received From: Richard Location: Wandering between Folo's house and the blacksmith 1: Kill goblins until they drop hearts -They drop randomly. 4 items) ------------| Side Quests | ------------Band of Brutes [BSBOB] -------------Received From: Tim or Barmaid Elsa Location: The Black Boar 1: Talk to either Anthony or Merrill and pick option 2 for the second and third dialogue options 2: Talk to Tim Rewards: 113xp. He'll tell you the password to Locke's cart. so check back later 1: You must read David's mind to get this quest 2: Mention David is a deserter in dialogue. then threaten to turn him in -If you don't threaten to turn him in. 1 uncommon item) (note: You can turn David in to Richard now. 80g) Bonus: Locke lowers his prices The Fugitive [BSDTF] -----------Received From: David Location: The Black Boar 2F Requirements: Complete 'Band of Brutes' -He doesn't seem to appear right away. item) Bonus: Tim lowers his prices -several people re-enter the bar after this quest is complete For a Pound of Flesh [BSPOF] -------------------Received From: Locke Location: The Black Boar Requirement: Complete 'Band of Brutes' 1: Talk to Keane -He patrols on top of the wall between the barracks and the entrance gate. but you'll fail the quest. . 480g. 480g + 1 (375xp. David flees. even if he paid you not to. 3: Return to Locke Reward: 1 (188xp.

160g) -Solution 21: Refuse to help Folo 2: Tell Louis in the barracks about your decision Reward: 450xp. Feast or Famine [BSFOF] --------------Received From: Richard Requirement: Turn in at least one goblin heart 1: Talk to Lomax and make him disappear -He can be bribed for 100g. you can read his mind. 160g + 1 (uncommon item.-This quest never goes away. 160g + 1 (item. 240g) Bonus: You can get a stat point by mindreading Lomax after killing Richard. 320g) New Order or Champion Chaos? [BSNOC] ---------------------------Received From: Richard Requirement: Refuse to accept the 'Feast or Famine' quest 1: Seek out the New Order guards at Jackson's farm -Solution 12: Side with Richard and help him defeat the guards Reward: 1350xp. or you can kill him 2: Talk to Mouse and let him know the guards are gone 3: Return to Richard Reward: 450xp. 240g + 1 (2 uncommon items) -Solution 22: Side with the guards and help them kill Richard Reward: 1350xp + 1 (338xp. 160g + 1 (item. Saving the Bacon [BSSTB] ---------------Received From: Folo Location: on the pig farm at the back of town -Solution 11: Agree to save the pigs 2: Attempt to talk to Kevin on Jackson's Farm 3: Talk to Lomax and choose option 2 4: Return to Folo and inform him of the news Reward: 450xp. 160g) Buad Blood [BSBBB] ---------Received From: Miller Upton Location: Miller's house Requirement: Complete the following steps -Steal a key from the upstairs kettle. beneath some lettuce -Enter Miller Upton's basement -Talk with Abanayabar about Miller Upton's past -Talk to Upton and mention the name Buad 1: Talk with Linda 2: Talk with Rose (Folo's wife) 3: Travel to the ruined Chapel to the west of town and defeat Jesse 4: Return to the miller's house . You can keep turning in any hearts you find.

but it's not worth the cost. 1 other) Bonus: You can participate in the attack on the bandit camp by talking with Fenton just outside of it.-Solution 15: Help Antumbra kill Linda and Upton Reward: 450xp + 1 (rare item. 2: Fight your way to the final room and loot an object labeled 'Power Belt' Reward: 1 (450xp. 160g + 1 (rare item. 3 uncommon items) A Private Delivery [BSAPD] ------------------ . 160g + 1 (113xp. which you can't get by mind reading him later. 160g + 1 (2 uncommon items) Louis' Stash [BSCLS] -----------Received From: Merrill Location: Barracks 2F Requirement: Finish 'Band of Brutes' without badmouthing the drunks to Louis -You can inform Louis of Merrill's tipoff. Antumbra does not appear in Aleroth) -Solution 25: Help Linda and Upton defeat Antumbra Reward: 450xp. 320g. next to the graveyard. but this will fail the quest. Hjalmar [BSHMR] ------Part Of: 'A Hunting We Shall Go' 1: Kill Hjalmar in the nearby goblin village 2: Give Hjalmar's Mask to Captain Rodney Reward: 450xp. 160g + 1 (160g. 80g) High and Dry [BSHAD] -----------Received From: Quincy Location: by the guard tower just outside town -It's a good idea to read Quincy's mind when he calls out to you. 4: Return to Louis Reward: 450xp. so you may wish to hold onto this quest for awhile longer. 160g) (note: Despite what she says. 1: Travel to the ruined chapel west of the village 2: Fight your way into Martis' cell and convince him to escape with you 3: Lead him to the farm exit -You can now access the bandit camp (assuming you can get there). You lose access to them as soon as you turn this quest in. 1: Enter Louis' storage -The cellar door is on the side of the chapel. where several more quests await you. You gain a stat point by doing so. 1: Kill the goblins 2: Pick up the grappling hook 3: Talk to Peavey on the roof of the barracks Reward: 450xp. 3 uncommon items. 160g) Into the Bandit's Den [BSIBD] --------------------Received From: Louis Location: Barracks -You can solve this by reading Martis' mind.

320g) -Solution 31: Take the diary to Carl 2: Give Carl his diary back Reward: 450xp + 1 (uncommon item. The cramped quarters may make things difficult for rangers. 160g) Bonus: Jackson's Amulet (+1 evade) is on Carl's corpse -Solution 21: Take the diary to Carl 2: Extort him for gold Reward: 450xp. directions will often reference the giant tower . only to find brutal goblins. Reward: 450xp. make your way up Lovis' tower. BROKEN VALLEY * * * ******************************************************************** You're finally allowed to explore to your heart's content. 160g + 1 (uncommon item. expect battles to be on the tough side for a little while. but it's easier than bumping up against bandit rangers or black ring. try finding an entrance to the Derelict Tunnels (detailed below). You'll soon laugh at how weak these enemies are. skilled bandits. but for now. and unimaginably powerful black ring every way you turn. 160g + 1 (2 uncommon items). you should be perfectly capable of handling most things in the area. wicked skeletons. 160g) -Solution 41: Bring the diary to Captain Rodney in the barracks Reward: 450xp + 1 (magical item. 1: Take the letter to Derk -Derk will raise his prices if the seal is broken and lower them if it is not. After you've cleared out the tunnels. If you get frustrated. which are the weakest of the creatures you're now facing. By the time that's done.Received From: Dana Location: on Jackson's farm) -You can read the letter from your inventory and then talk to either Dana or Carl for two different and hilarious ways to fail this quest. Skeletons in the Closet [BSSIC] ----------------------Received From: Farmer Jackson's diary Location: hidden in his cellar -Solution 11: Take the diary to Carl 2: Threaten to turn him in 3: Kill him Reward: 225xp + 1 (uncommon item. 320g) ******************************************************************** * * * VI. Because this area is so huge. There are plentiful goblins and skeletons inside.

............................................. Bandit Camp ...... [VLDTP] [VLCCU] [VLCDL] [VLEDS] [VLHRS] [VLNMD] [VLNSD] [VLTBC] [VLMTD] [VQLFL] [VQLPT] [VQDNM] [VQTTT] [MQHEB] [VSTGH] [VSRLL] [VSHWS] [VSHLR] [VSYPK] [VSVPR] [VSJGN] [VSNVM] [VSHRO] [VSMOM] [VSLFW] [VSSIH] [VSBCT] [VSATF] [VSBDR] [VSTOD] [VSLLS] [VSICB] ................. These look like the place where you met Talana.......... In Cold Blood ................................ Hall of Echoes Bound ............... Dreavan's Storage ........... Side Quests: The Greater Hunter ......................................................... Robin's Storage . A Tale of Two Tomes ....... The Hunt For Red Ore .......... Hallorn .... A Hunting We Shall Go ................ a white rabbit will appear just downstream. you can certainly put a quick end to his worries..... Maxos' Temple ..................... Citadel Dungeon .. Yup'ik ............................ New Miner's Dig .. Daylight Robbery ... Couple Trouble ... Naberius' Storage ... Dragon No More .. a man named Casper is complaining about having been soul forged with a chicken... Vigor Mortis ................................ Lovis' Loot .......... Locations: Derelict Tunnels .................. -There is a fortune teller named Sosostra west and slightly south of the tower............................ against the cliffs.... Lost For Words ............................................... Paper Trail ....... and can be seen clearly on the map....... Method or Madness . The Temple of Doom ... An Axe to Find the center as well as the numerous waypoint shrines scattered around the region (such as the Village Shrine and the Chapel Shrine that you should have found in the previous area)... Lost Soul ......... ----------| Locations | -----------West of the tower is a mysterious shrine with a white chicken scurrying around in the middle.. Jagon ...... After she tells your fortune.... Viper ............ While you can't return his chicken to him....................... there's also the mention of a "mysterious shrine".. Citadel Chambers .................... Stuck in a Hole ......... Almost straight north of there.............. Main Quests: Looking for Lovis .... Follow it to a treasure chest. Occasionally.......................................

One is south of the Tribal Shrine. The third is hidden by the bandit camp (east of the Quarry Shrine) and the last can be found in the southeastern mysterious shrine (east of the South Valley shrine). You can toss in 10 gold. and the last is near the south valley shrine. you earn a quite nice one-handed sword for your troubles. -There is a wishing well near Dreaven. you can encounter a knight on a bridge to the far south. or 1000 gold and wish for either experience or a powerful item. -Four mysterious levers are hidden throughout the region. you encounter a trio sleeping on the ground. and finally re-load your quicksave. One is along the cliffs to the east of the Chapel Shrine. however. but more importantly. the third is west of Lovis' tower (on the western tip of the island with the mysterious shrine on it). you're attacked by a rhyming mage named Bellegar. there is a workaround. and Nightwinkle needs an apple. Mind reading each of them provides you with a clue as to what they need. -Seek out Dreavan to the west of Lovis' tower (slightly north of the West Valley Shrine) as early as you can. each time you open the enchant window. Namdar needs a health potion of any size. After he attacks you four times. giving any of the three what they need will cause the game controls to become unresponsive. all of the formulas in your inventory are removed and added to your list of known formulas. -Across the gap to the south of the mysterious shrine east of Lovis' tower. and another is in a chest at the nearby mysterious shrine. Furley needs an alcoholic beverage.-If you have Sosostra tell you a second fortune. then exit the game entirely. Here's the list of rewards: Item: 10g (common bracelet) 100g (bracelet with +1 unarmed expertise) 1000g (bracelet with +1 wisdom) Experience: 10g (500xp) 100g (1500xp) 1000g (5000xp) -Four pieces of parchment are hidden around the region. He can enchant your weapons. you can seek him out at the same shrine where you met Talana for the fifth and final challenge. This gives you access to the teleporter near the Chapel Shrine and the one between Lovis' tower and the bridge north of it. armour. -The first time you find each mysterious shrine. Anything you can do to free up inventory space at this point is a plus. Flipping all four levers makes a chest appear across the stream from Sosostra (the far western end of the map). and jewelry. Take all four to ZixZax and ask him to translate them. everything works as it should again. At the time of this writing. another is right next to the Tribal Shrine. 100 gold. If you agree to duel him. Do this once for each dreamer and you'll be rewarded with a rare and useful malachite gem! Derelict Tunnels [VLDTP] . If you quicksave after the controls have stopped working (make a backup save just in case!). and the option to give it to them if you have it in your inventory.

All are trap doors. -Not all of the pressure plates are bad! Some will summon treasure chests or heal you. Robin's Storage [VLHRS] --------------Location: hidden beneath a tree southwest of Lovis' tower -You must mind read Robin to gain access -The key to the chest is sitting on a shelf to the left of the door as you enter. Dreavan's Storage [VLEDS] ----------------Location: trap door in the shack next to Dreavan -You must mind read Dreavan to gain access -The key to the door is hidden behind a crate just to the right of the locked door. accessed by using his scrying stone -Activate both pedestals to drop platforms above the door.---------------Location: There are three entrances to this area. -There's a treasure chest hidden behind several crates in the room with Hallorn. regardless of which plate you actually step on. however. -There are three hidden talismans: one in the western dead end. . and finally choose to raise the Talisman of the South. and one on a goblin chair in the large room before the eastern exit. Citadel Chambers [VLCCU] ---------------Location: the top floor of Lovis' tower -Each alcove has a hidden button on the wall. -The third is right next to the Tribal Shrine. The first will always be a treasure chest. The same events happen in the same order. the second will damage you. but the only useful one lies in the room that's on fire. and so on. Pressing the button in that room will unlock the exit door and make Lovis' Scrying Stone appear. Choose to raise the Talisman of the East next. You may take one weapon before they climb out of reach again. Go into your inventory and use the Talisman of the West to start a dialogue. one in the southern dead end. Don't load if you step on a bad plate. -The second is straight north of Lovis' tower. A treasure chest with gold and a +2 wisdom amulet will appear. Jump on top of the platforms and press a button on the wall to lower a set of weapons to the ground. -The first entrance is on the ground slightly northwest of the base of Lovis' tower. Collect all three and approach the statue on the western wall near the southern exit of the central room (next to where you find the dusty tome that explains their significance). on the west side of the stream. Citadel Dungeon [VLCDL] --------------Location: the very bottom of Lovis' tower.

south of Sosostra -The key for the chest can be found on the body of the last creature you kill. -There is a skill book sitting on the chair. but the items they contain are usually not worth the effort. To avoid it. If you elect to keep it instead of putting it back. -The key to the door is hanging from the skeleton in the nearby cage. however. a ways south of the Tribal Shrine -If you take a weapon off of the table surrounded by four bandits. -There are three trials you must pass in the chamber with the way shrine. you can kill them all and nobody cares. -The first room inside the temple is filled with poison. they will confront you. and the last is hidden behind a rock in the NW corner. Simply walk down the river instead to avoid damage. -The key to the door blocking the expensive looking chest can only be gotten by mind reading Ragnar beforehand and then finding it on the dragon statue's left horn (to your right as you climb the ladder). Save before grabbing it. Take all three to the dragon statue by ZixZax and insert them into the mouths of the statues there to make a treasure chest appear. You will still take damage when jumping over the water. both on the right (one near the beginning. . another is hidden behind a tree in the NE corner. because you will probably die several times. the other at the end). Maxos' Temple [VLMTD] ------------Location: enclosed area to the northwest of the map -There are three crystals hidden outside Maxos' Temple. Bandit Camp [VLTBC] ----------Location: on the eastern edge of the map. One is hidden in some rocks behind the way shrine. follow the line of bodies and blood. Naberius' Storage [VLNSD] ----------------Location: accessed via the strange teleporter near the Chapel Shrine -You must collect four pieces of parchment and take them to ZixZax as detailed above in order to use the teleporter needed to reach this area. -There are two chests in the fiery area. You can get them by using high level health potions and simply running through.New Miner's Dig [VLNMD] --------------Location: southwest of Lovis' tower. -To open the first door. use the urn on the right side.

Wow! What a well hidden room! Flip the lever inside. flipping a second lever to gain access to the exit. it helps to break as many crates. 8: Flip the left lever twice. Use the book 'Dragon Lore' to reveal the hidden passage. -There does not seem to be any key to unlock the half-buried chest on the northern wall. activate the cup on the corner between the north and east alcoves. jump onto the platform that the current one is moving towards. -You cannot read the book downstairs in the library until you mind read The Librarian. keep in mind this tip: your character always moves forwards in mid-air. the middle lever once. then leap to the next platform and flip the lever. 1: Climb the ladder. When you're tired of searching and just want to proceed. -Head to the northwest of the four rooms and repeat the process with the western wall. -There is a key hidden on top after the maze (hanging above unlocks the half-buried chest this (nor have I been able to of the chandelier in the center of the room the pedestal). urns. 5: Flip the lever to activate a teleporter near the ground. -First enter the room on the left (southeast of the four rooms on your map. but I have not been able to duplicate find a chest which this key unlocks). -After clearing all three trials. -In the tall room with many platforms. and the nearest one with the intensely obvious "secret" passage shown on the map). Good kitty. so turn the camera towards walls to avoid jumping too far. Press the pressure plate on the eastern wall in front of where your map shows the "secret" passage to open a "secret" room. 6: Jump down and enter the teleporter. ignore everything and pick up the pumpkin on the left. (each lever affects the height of another platform . 4: Turn right and jump across the room to another platform. 2: Wait for the moving platform to draw close. then jump on it. and barrels as you can to strip away the amount of detail in the room. -In the mirror room. and the right lever once. -The key to the chest in the southernmost room is hidden behind a false wall in Amdusias' room. While jumping. 9: Hop across the platforms to another lever and flip it. 7: Find the three levers nearby and face out towards the rest of the room. start your ascent with the platform in the southeast corner. 3: From there. step on the teleporter in the central chamber to continue. or back the way you came if you accidentally overshot.-In the room filled with gold. If you need further help getting to the top of the room.the goal is to create a stairway up to the far end of the room). One reader reported that it above. see the step by step directions below. -The key to the chest in Benedict's room can be found lying in the open in the .

and from there jump onto a short series of adjacent platforms to reach a lever. -Take the right path when the path splits and climb down the ladder. -Past the gate. -3. press the plate closest to the locked gate in front of you. god of Dragons.. then climb the series of ladders there.. ------------| Main Quests | ------------Looking for Lovis [VQLFL] ----------------Received From: Zandalor Location: Mysterious shrine southwest of the village Requirement: Complete 'To Lay a Ghost to Rest' 1: Gain entry to Lovis' tower -Climb the ladders near the wrecked bridge jutting out of the northwest side of the tower -At the locked gate. Jump across the hall to another platform and follow the series of platforms once again to another lever that opens another gate. -Climb the wooden ramp on the left. press the fourth plate to open the gate. Ouroboros. Flip the lever to open the gate. Finally. 360g) Bonus: Lovis' Pendant (if you answered all questions correctly) Paper Trail [VQLPT] ----------Received From: Lord Lovis . making it easier to get back. The Battle of Ten Thousand in which he slew more than six hundred. Now is also a good time to complete 'Lovis' Loot'. queen of ancient Ferol. The Valley of Shrines Reward: 2250xp. but you may want to flip the lever off to the right first.same room. 720g + 1 (563xp. press the pressure plate (using the activate key. Jump inside the tower from there. Third. -1. At the top of the ladder. Then press the next nearest plate. 2: Walk all the way around the room and search the corpse partially buried in rubble for a Reveal Spell 3: Use the Reveal Spell 4: Flip the lever that appears 5: Activate the book on the pedestal next to Lovis' Throne 6: Answer the questions -3. jump onto another platform near the corpse. The door in front of you is where you want to go. not by stepping on it) beneath the gargoyle closest to the ladder. Ba'al. -1. the Arch Demon who raided this valley -2. Anastas. walk up the stone to the right of the way shrine.

but it doesn't always work. 320g. 375xp) Bonus: Orbis Arcesso. 3: Complete the quest 'A Tale of Two Tomes' 4: Once you have both the Phial and the book. then climb the stairs to the second floor and look for the book in the northwestern room. The book is inside the chest. 180g + 1 (1100xp. You will find the scales you need just in front of it. 2: Take the Phial of Blood from behind the false wall you just opened. 2: Take the key from the hidden room. travel down the west hallway and make a mad dash towards the Blood Altar. 5: Defeat Amdusias. -His explosive arrow makes him very difficult to defeat at a range. then climb the stairs to the second floor and look for the book in the northwestern room. You can try engaging him in melee to force him to draw his sword. 1080g + 1 (750xp. Pick them up. If he does draw it. other. a book vital to continuing through the main plot Hall of Echoes Bound [MQHEB] -------------------Received From: Book of The Dragon Location: On the blood altar Requirement: Defeat Amdusias 1: Continue the main quest line until finishing the quest 'Laiken in his Lair' 2: Complete the following four quests in any order -Revelation -X marks the Spot -Lock and Key -Come to No Harm . Dragon Skill Book + 1 (magical item. then immediately access your inventory and use the Orbis Arcesso (under the quest items tab). then use it to open the chest on the southeast section of the first floor. travel down the south hallway. 3: Return to The Librarian Reward: 1500xp.Location: Lovis' Tower 1: Enter the Maxos Temple -The temple entrance is in the enclosed area northwest of the tower Reward: 3000xp. travel down the south hallway. 180g) A Tale of Two Tomes [VQTTT] ------------------Received From: The Librarian Location: Library in Maxos' Temple 1: Use the book titled 'Dragon Lore' in Amdusias' room -From the Crypt Shrine. you can safely back away from him without having to deal with his lethal bow shots Reward: 1100xp. 540g) Dragon No More [VQDNM] -------------Received From: Pedestal Location: Just before the Library in Maxos' Temple 1: Use the book titled "Dragon Lore" in Amdusias' room -From the Crypt Shrine.

1 other) Hallorn [VSHLR] ------entire second half of the game. enchanted and charmed plentiful potions before finishing this . 2: Jump into the flaming room and press a hard to see button on the back wall (it's blocked somewhat by the treasure chest) 3: Pick up the scrying stone that appears outside of the room -Use the stone before giving it to Romon. 320g. Follow this all the way to the top of the tower and enter a door there. This does not fail the quest. 2 heroic items. 320g) Lovis' Loot [VSRLL] ----------Received From: Romon Location: Near the chapel 1: While climbing Lovis' tower. you are locked in the end sure you've finished everything else all of your equipment. 240g + 1 (3 rare items) A Hunting We Shall Go [VSHWS] --------------------Received From: Wanted board Location: Barracks 1: Complete the following five quests in any order -Hjalmar -Hallorn -Yup'ik -Viper -Jagon Reward: 1500xp. after the gate opened by pressing pressure plates on gargoyle statues.3: Travel to the Hall of Echoes (the door is marked on your map) 4: Use the Note from Maxos in your inventory to reveal the entrance 5: Enter the Hall of Echoes Rewards: 22500xp. 4: Return the stone to Romon Rewards: 1350xp. take the left of the two paths. 960g. 1920g + 1 (5625xp. Make you want to do. magical gauntlets + 1 (rare item. Jurak's Armour + 2 (1920g. and stocked up on quest! ------------| Side Quests | ------------The Greater Hunter [VSTGH] -----------------Received From: Brave Sir Robin Location: The Black Boar 2F Requirement: Complete 'Band of Brutes' 1: Visit a second mysterious shrine 2: Kill the summoned demon and loot its claw 3: Return to Brave Sir Robin Reward: 1500xp. 960g) Note: This is the main quest for the completed. 375xp. Once game dungeon and can never return.

375xp) Lost For Words [VSLFW] -------------- . Ring (+1 confusion) -or. 320g) Method or Madness [VSMOM] ----------------Received From: Eugene Location: the far southeast of the valley.Axe + 1 (heroic item. and which to save 3: Return to Eugene with the potion Rewards: 1500xp. 320g + 1 (2 uncommon items) Vigor Mortis [VSNVM] -----------Received From: Naberius Location: Dark Cave 1: Travel to the New Miner's Dig to the far west of Lovis' tower (nestled against the southern cliff. 240g. 320g + 1 (375xp. 320g + 1 (2 uncommon items) Viper [VSVPR] ----Part Of: 'A Hunting We Shall Go' 1: Kill Viper east of the South Valley Shrine 2: Give Viper's sword to Captain Rodney Reward: 1500xp. 240g + Shall Go' Derelict Tunnels to Captain Rodney 1 (2 uncommon items) Yup'ik [VSYPK] -----Part Of: 'A Hunting We Shall Go' 1: Kill Yup'ik in the goblin camp south of the mine -Alternately. 960g + 1 (4 items) The Hunt For Red Ore [VSHRO] -------------------Received From: Dreavan Location: West of Lovis' tower. look north of the mysterious shrine found east of the South Valley Shrine. near the bandit camp 1: Talk to Doctor Needleman in the village (The Black Boar 2F) 2: Choose which personality to kill. 2: Give Yup'ik's staff to Captain Rodney Reward: 1500xp.Part Of: 'A Hunting We 1: Kill Hallorn in the 2: Give Hallorn's Ring Reward: 1350xp. north of the West Valley Shrine 1: Obtain Red Ore (the Derelict Tunnels are a good source) 2: Talk to Dreavan Rewards: 1500xp. 320g + 1 (2 uncommon items) Jagon [VSJGN] ----Part Of: 'A Hunting We Shall Go' 1: Complete the quest 'The Temple of Doom' 2: Give Jagon's Necklace to Captain Rodney Reward: 1500xp. across the stream from Sosostra) 2: Kill all the creatures inside and loot the crystal skull 3: Return to Naberius Reward: 1500xp.

320g) Daylight Robbery [VSBDR] ---------------Received From: Ragnar (or you can stumble upon Jenae randomly) Location: Ragnar is in the Bandit Camp. then walk over) 3: Give the rum to Christopher 4: Return to Sybille and Clement Reward: 1500xp. 320g) -Solution 21: Ally with Jenae and defeat Filip Reward: 1500xp. Jenae is southwest of Lovis' tower -Solution 11: Ally with Filip and defeat Jenae Reward: 1500xp + 1 (rare item. 360g + 1 (3 legendary items) Stuck in a Hole [VSSIH] --------------Received From: Rothman Location: far southeast in the valley. rare sword. rare bow + 1 (375xp. 320g) An Axe to Find [VSATF] -------------Received From: Tagos Location: Bandit Camp Requirement: Must be completed before 'Into the Bandit's Den' 1: Travel to the wrecked caravan. near the bridge where you can fight Seth 2: Retrieve Tagos' axe and bring it back to him -Solution 13: Return the axe Reward: 1500xp + 1 (375xp.Received From: George Gremory Location: far south. near the South Valley Shrine 1: Talk to ZixZax and receive the translation dictionary 2: Return to George Gremory with the book 3: Defeat the Demon and speak to George Gremory again afterwards Reward: 2200xp. 240g) Couple Trouble [VSBCT] -------------Received From: Sybille and Clement Location: Bandit Camp Requirement: Must be completed before 'Into the Bandit's Den' 1: Read Christopher's mind 2: Steal the bottle of Rimmer's Rum from the cliff above the gate (climb the ladder behind the gate. 320g + 1 (rare item. but ropes are everywhere 2: Kill the troll Reward: Rothman's Bow (+1 wisdom) + 1 (1500xp. 320g) -Solution 23: Decide to keep the axe. 320g) (note: even if you received the quest from Ragnar. near the mysterious shrine 1: Find a rope and bring it to Rothman -the nearest are in the bandit camp. then defeat Tagos Reward: 1 (1500xp. siding with Filip does not .

Thankfully. The battle at the end of this area can be quite difficult if you're unprepared.) The Temple of Doom [VSTOD] -----------------Received From: Leda Location: Bandit Camp 1: Enter the temple 2: Follow the path of corpses and blood to avoid poison. so search carefully Reward: 1 (1650xp. which contains legendary quality armour In Cold Blood [VSICB] ------------Received From: Abalam Location: Wandering the dormitory in Maxos' Temple 1: Continue through the main plot until completing 'Dragon No More' 2: Loot Lovis' Soul Stone off of Amdusias 3: Use the soul stone from the quests tab in your inventory -this will cause you to fail 'Lost Soul' 4: Return to Abalam -He does not have a question mark over his head. you might want to focus on combat skills now instead. now might be a good time to start. the dragon elves aren't that hard and they're plentiful enough to give you a quick couple of levels. where they become downright easy. but the experience rewards are fantastic. 1 other) Bonus: Unlocks the chest to the left. 360g + 1 (360g. making your way to the next room 3: Climb up the Dragon Statue 4: Wade through the water channel and jump up onto the cliffs at the end 5: Enter the cave behind the waterfall 6: Defeat Jagon 7: Enter the green portal and talk with Laiken Reward: 1 (1500xp. You can have it maxed out before you finish the island. Sentinel Island isn't very long. 240g) Lost Soul [VSLLS] --------Received From: Lord Lovis Location: Lovis' Tower 1: Continue through the main plot until completing 'Dragon No More' 2: Loot Lovis' Soul Stone off of Amdusias 3: Return to Lovis (this will cause you to fail 'In Cold Blood') Reward: the quest. If you haven't been leveling lockpicking yet. Use the difficulty of the bandits leading up to the tower to gauge whether you're . If you've been pumping your wisdom and mind read skills. SENTINEL ISLAND * * * ******************************************************************** Along with a new area comes the customary bump in difficulty. 3 magical items. 360g) ******************************************************************** * * * VII. nor does Ragnar become hostile. allowing you to claim all the lost loot you left behind in Broken Valley.

................... The nest on the very top contains a treasure chest................. -If you jump off the wyvern's nest at the right angle...................... Breaking an Entry ... Locations: Vacca's Cave ........ Laiken in his Lair ................... The Gardener ... around to find a couple abandoned camps and three treasure also a lootable corpse next to a ladder on top of the door when first arriving on the island........................... If you wait until after the quest to try stealing it. Sparring Partner ... but if you decide to pilfer it... you raised ridge that's difficult to get onto via other means.. it will be gone (presumably........................ Bandit Barracks ..........going to be capable of lasting through a difficult fight................ Main Quests: The Prophecy ............ however the chest is also pickable............... When you're ready to leave....... you can get back onto the island by swimming towards Vacca's cave..................... Vacca's Cave [SLDVC] -----------Location: near the island's northwestern coast -There is a key on a rock behind the chest near Vacca's Gem.............. Dive off the side into the water and swim into a hole under the island to find it..... What's in a Name? ......... can land on a Follow the ridge chests. Legend of the Ancient Mariner ........... ----------| Locations | -----------There's a secret cave hidden beneath the windy peninsula with the unmarked tombstone... Enchanted I'm sure ... The Second Coming .. Vacca picked it up).. Caught Undead ....... make sure you sell it before talking with Vacca again or he gets very angry................. Laiken's Study .......... The Old Ghost and the Sea .. Ghostbuster .. ..... There's you came out of [SLDVC] [SLLLS] [SLTBB] [SLLBT] [SQITP] [SQTSP] [SQEIS] [SQATG] [SQNCU] [SQHMO] [SQCIW] [SQTSC] [SQBAE] [SQWIN] [SQLIL] [SSSTN] [SSOGS] [WYGC?] [SSLAM] [SSWOW] [SSHSR] -There's another wyvern nest on an island to the southwest..... It opens the chest on the northern wall................. Sibling Rivalry ... The Writing on the Whale .. Candles in the Wind ..... -Vacca's Gem is quite valuable... Side Quests: From Soup To Nuts .... Man Overboard . Battle Tower ...

Use the second barrel of gunpowder to open this area. starting with the elevator -The key to the second floor door is on the Abomination Master in the basement -You must read Erlking's mind to access a hidden book on his bookshelf -The locked chest on the third floor can be opened with the key found at the end of the cavern opened with the second barrel of gunpowder. press the button on the left wall -The cell doors open by pressing a button to the left of the locked door -You can see an obvious secret passage in the cells on the southern wall. -Light the candles on the northeast and southeast sections of the third floor to access a hidden treasure chest. near the explosives. There's more than one passage that needs clearing. 1 other) Sparring Partner [SQTSP] ---------------Part Of: The Prophecy . This leads you to a key which opens the chest in back. Battle Tower [SLLBT] -----------Location: past the Bandit Barracks.Laiken's Study [SLLLS] -------------Location: slightly north of the Sea Side Shrine -The key to the locked chest is found on the corpse of the Abomination Master you fight after finding Sassan's Ring. 3 heroic items. ------------| Main Quests | ------------The Prophecy [SQITP] -----------Received From: Island Location: Sentinel Island entrance 1: Finish the four following sub-quests -The locations of each candidate are marked on your map -Reading their minds may help you make up yours -See the section on Battle Tower tips for more information Reward: 3750xp + 1 (938xp. the map shows a secondary cavern branching off of the main cavern to the west. -Take both explosives. -The next button is on the right as you face the other obvious false wall. -The dangling corpses are lootable (here and elsewhere) Bandit Barracks [SLTBB] --------------Location: turn left at the fork in the path after passing the barrier -To open the door. -Past the first cave in. Start from the southeastern cell and toggle a button on the wooden beam on the left next to the back wall. You'll find a key at the end.

1: Choose a trainer at the Trainer Totem. -Reading Kenneth's and Hermosa's mind may help -If you tell Kenneth where to find his rival, he will challenge her Reward: 750xp, 400g + 1 (rare item, 188xp) (note: Choosing Kenneth will fail the 'Man Overboard' quest if you have not already finished it. Although untested, it may be possible to make your game unbeatable if you haven't even acquired the quest yet, so make sure you save Elfrith before proceeding!) Enchanted I'm sure [SQEIS] -----------------Part Of: The Prophecy 1: Choose an enchanter at the Enchanter Totem. -If you speak to Radcliff, he will tell he wants to have a contest -If you tell Wesson about this, the two will compete at enchanting Reward: 750xp, 400g + 1 (rare item, 188xp) The Gardener [SQATG] -----------Part Of: The Prophecy 1: Choose an alchemist at the Alchemist Totem. -Each candidate has an opinion of the other, but they never interact Reward: 750xp, 400g + 4 (7 other, 188xp) Caught Undead [SQNCU] ------------Part Of: The Prophecy 1: Choose a necromancer at the Necromancer Totem -You can tell Igor to poison Jonelath, if you want -You can then tell Jonelath that Igor is planning to poison him Reward: 750xp, 400g + 1 (body part, 188xp) Man Overboard [SQHMO] ------------Received From: Hermosa Location: Shipwreck camp 1: Travel south (directly west of Kenneth's camp) to find Elfrith 2: Defeat the Dragon Elves 3: Return to the shipwreck colony Reward: 1875xp, 400g + 1 (rare item, 400g) Candles in the Wind [SQCIW] ------------------Received From: Tombstone Location: far west, north of Jonah, south of Vacca 1: Finish the quest 'Man Overboard' and receive the Arcane Notebook 2: Stand near the Tombstone and use the Arcane Notebook from your inventory 3: Use all 3 candles Reward: 1 (1875xp, 400g) The Second Coming [SQTSC] ----------------Received From: Sassan Ghost Location: next to the tombstone Requirement: Complete 'Candles in the Wind' 1: Enter Laiken's study on the northern beach, next to the Sea Side Shrine 2: Find Sassan's Jewellery Box and loot Sassan's Ring from it

3: Deafeat Sassan's abominations 4: Return to Sassan Ghost Reward: 1 (2250xp, 1320g) Breaking an Entry [SQBAE] ----------------Received From: Sassan Location: next to the tombstone Requirement: Complete 'The Second Coming' 1: Follow Sassan to the barrier -You must follow her. Warping causes her to wait by the tombstone. 2: Fight your way to the Bandit Barracks (it's marked on your map) 3: Pick up the explosives in the secret passage to the far south 4: Go to the caved in section and use the explosives from your inventory -Run around the corner after placing them, otherwise you die Reward: 1 (1500xp, 440g) What's in a Name? [SQWIN] ----------------Received From: Sassan Location: Entrance to Battle Tower 1: Travel to the basement and kill the Abomination Master for a key 2: Travel to the second floor and use that key to open the door 3: Read Erlking's mind 4: Read Gothe's ballads on the bookshelf to open a secret room 5: Travel to the third floor and kill the Abomination Master there for a key 6: Use the key on a chest in Erlking's secret room for the Soul Forge Contract 7: Travel to the fourth floor and speak with Sassan Reward: 1 (1875xp, 440g) Note: Heed Talana's warning! Once you enter the summoning chamber, you will be forever unable to complete any unfinished quests or grab any missed loot on Sentinel Island or in Broken Valley. There are two exceptions to this: you can complete 'Legend Of The Ancient Mariner' later on, and you will eventually be able to access the mine currently guarded by level 27 black ring soldiers. Now is also a good time to explore Orobas Fjords through Broken Valley's southern exit. That's where you'll be going next, and if you don't uncover the Grand Knight Shrine now, you'll be ambushed by goblins when you teleport to it later. Exploring much beyond that isn't really necessary. Laiken in his Lair [SQLIL] -----------------Received From: Razakel Location: Summoning chamber in Battle Tower 1: Reach the throne room 2: Kill either Laiken or Razakel Reward: 3750xp + 1 (938xp, 1320g) ------------| Side Quests | -------------

From Soup To Nuts [SSSTN] ----------------Received From: Hermit Location: Cave near the island entrance 1: Travel up the wyvern nest to the north and steal the egg from the top -If you don't have Wyvern Fat, try finishing the 'Ghostbuster' quest first. -If you do have it, the game will prompt you to use it when needed. -There's no need to rush. The Wyvern Fat lasts for 5+ minutes. 2: Return to the Hermit Reward: 1875xp, 400g + 1 (other, 469xp) Bonus: Mister Shiny, which opens the chest near Jonah The Old Ghost and the Sea [SSOGS] ------------------------Received From: Jonah Location: on the western shore 1: Talk to Catherine (on the northeastern shore) 2: Return to Jonah Reward: 1875xp + 1 (magical item, 469xp). Bonus: Jonah's journal Ghostbuster [WYGC?] ----------Received From: Vacca Location: Cave in the northwest of the island 1: Enter the cellar door (it's right there in Vacca's cave) 2: Kill all of the ghosts in the cave. You'll get a message when done. 3: Return to Vacca -If you have Vacca's Gem in your posession, you will be forced to return it or kill Vacca, which fails the quest. Go sell the gem first to avoid this. Reward: 1875xp, 400g + 1 (469xp, 400g, 3 rare items, 1 other) Bonus: Wyvern Fat Legend of the Ancient Mariner [SSLAM] ----------------------------Received From: Turgoyn Location: Shipwreck camp 1: Continue through the plot until finishing the quest 'Laiken in his Lair' 2: Once you can, teleport to the Battle Tower Shrine 3: Fly southeast of your battle tower to the ship tangled in a tree, then transform back into a human while over the ship 4: Jump down into the ship and loot the treasure chest for the Ancient Journal -You can use the journal from your inventory, gaining 2 skill points, but dooming yourself to fail the quest as soon as you return to Turgoyn. 5: Return to Turgoyn Reward: 1 (3750xp, rare item, 440g) The Writing on the Whale [SSWOW] -----------------------Received From: Catherine Location: the island's northeastern shore 1: Finish the quest 'The Old Ghost and the Sea' 2: Return to Catherine with Jonah's journal Reward: 1875xp, 400g + 1 (rare item, 400g)

They are very difficult to defeat if you fight both at once! Rewards: 1 (1875xp. or the nearby Old Cave. point for giving directions to . try clearing out the Depleted Ore Mine on the northern side of the channel to the east. fighting groups of imps the entire way. even if you decide to rush. You can gain a very small amount of extra exp by swimming to the beach in the south and killing a handful of black ring there. By the time you finish. this is the final section of the game. though you have less control over the items you receive. which usually include a healer and several shamans. abuse your runners to make infinite potions and simply lay waste to them while chain chugging the biggest healing potions you can make. it has a series of linked cliffs. Orobas Fjords doesn't shrines. Instead. 1 other) ******************************************************************** * * * VIII. Mark them on since they make the most reliable reference have an abundance of waypoint teleporters placed on high your map wherever you find them. If they're too troublesome for you. each labeled 'Camp' something. you fail the quest 6: Return to whoever you sided with Reward: 1875xp. though the sheer level of the more powerful enemies you can now find will prevent you from finishing too quickly. OROBAS FJORDS * * * ******************************************************************** Believe it or not. take down the barrier at Camp Eagle's Nest and follow the path past the mine all the way to High Hall and the Champion Harbour. but at some point you're going to have to start laying waste to the level 21+ groups of imps. Before exploring the Primordial Cave that Talana won't shut up about. -Solution 21: Choose a sister to side with 2: Talk to whoever you sided with 3: Retrieve whatever she asks you to -The Wolfsbane Poison is on a shipwreck to the northeast (near Allan) -The Fake Red Ore is on a shipwreck on the eastern shore (near the camp) 4: Return to whoever you sided with 5: Talk to the other sister -if you reveal the scheme. Once that's done.Sibling Rivalry [SSHSR] --------------Received From: Adah and Mahalath Location: Hidden cavern beneath the western peninsula -Solution 11: Tell them you are the most powerful 2: Kill both of them -Make use of Hide in Shadows to try and separate them before fighting. Unlike Broken Valley. since there are precious few level 18 enemies for you to level up off of. Breaking into the Fjords can be difficult. 400g + 1 (3 magical items. 400g) -The exp and rewards gained from slaughtering both sisters and their armies far exceed doing this quest the normal way. level 24 skeletons won't seem so scary anymore.

.... Apprentice and Adversary ... Aleroth Chapel ................................ Orobas' Lair .............................. Sight for Sore Eyes ........ Delicate Affairs ................................... Depleted Ore Mine ...................................... Allan Brew Confidential .......................... Imp's Lair ............. Mysterious Cave .... Champion Harbour ... Camp Eagle's Nest . Red Hammer Tribe .. The Second Hungry Statue ......... Side Quests: Out on a Limb ............................................... Grave Robbers ......................................... Locations: Teleporters ...................... Borrowed Book ............. along with where each can eventually teleport to........................ A Hunting We Shall Go Again ............ Primordial Cave . High Hall Mines ...... Battle Tower . Orobas Fjords ......... Camp Valour .......... X marks the Spot ............ Dear John ................................................................................many locations. Alutiiq .. A complete list of teleporters can be found below................ The Book of the Dead .... The Third Hungry Statue ............... Chalice of the Dragon .............. Old Cave ....................................... [OLTLG] [OLDBT] [OLOFO] [OLPWC] [OLBOC] [OLCEN] [OLDOM] [OLBDC] [OLDCC] [OLBMC] [OLACH] [OLHHV] [OLHHM] [OLHWC] [OLGIL] [OLBLT] [OLMCV] [OLOLO] [OLRHT] [OLZAC] [OQRMN] [OQRTS] [OQFHS] [OQSHS] [OQTHS] [OQXMS] [OQCNH] [OSOOL] [OSBOD] [OSABC] [OSBBB] [OSAAA] [OSHDJ] [OSRDA] [OSWSS] [OSROA] [OSCSU] [OSBGR] [OSSSE] [OSDTH] [OSPOD] [OSCOD] [OSORA] [OSASR] [OSTHP] [OSHGA] [OSATQ] [OSBNB] [OSRGN] ....... On The Road Again .... A Puff of Drudanae ...................... Well Cave .......... Come to no Harm ......................................... Red Ore Alert .......... Reaping the Seeds ......................................................... Main Quests: Revelation ............................................. Barnabus ........... A Shaman's Ransom . Dragon Cliff .. Dark Cave . The First Hungry Statue .................. High Hall ....... Lost Tomb . Short Supply ........................... Down the Hatch ................................ Between a Troll and a Hard Place ............ Ragon . Stood Up ........

High Hall. The Horror of High Hall ................ ----------| Locations | ----------Teleporters [OLTLG] ----------- [OSMOR] [OSARK] [OSTIS] [OSROW] [OSMDD] [OSHHH] [OSDOC] [OSMAG] Tiberius Location: east of the Grand Knight Shrine Connections: Sentinel View........ Death of a Champion ... Harbour.................................. Freedom Harbour Location: on top of the building in Champion Harbour Connections: Tiberius Pompous .... Eagle's Nest Sentinel View Location: west side of the island in the eastern channel Connections: Eagle's Nest Eagle's Nest Location: far south of the Grand Knight Shrine Connections: Sentinel View... David.... Tiberius David Location: east of Camp Eagle's Nest Connections: Eagle's Nest Dragon Cliff Location: north side of the channel to the east Connections: High Hall.............................Moor ..... The Runes of Wrath ...... Much Ado About Goblins . David Courage Location: east of Dragon Cliff Castle Connections: Eagle's Nest Freedom Location: north of Camp Courage Connections: Harbour High Hall Location: in High Hall Connections: Harbour Overlook Location: overlooking Champion Harbour from the northwest Connections: Courage. Sentinel View.................. Thorn in the Side ... Alrik ... Divine Descendant .. Harbour........

From there. open the chest in the skill training area. but pickable) treasure chest. next to the dragon skill book. south of Champion Harbour Connections: Harbour Victory Location: south of Camp Valour Connections: Harbour Red Hammer Tribe Location: southwest of the Red Hammer Shrine Connections: Victory Battle Tower [OLDBT] -----------Location: you start there. The dialogue don't have an effect on anything (except perhaps to add a particularly lackluster ring to your inventory). just off the map. then the workshop. guarded by level 19 black ring. -There is a key on the beach far south of where you entered. -To get past the barrier shield. High Hall Valour Location: on the eastern cliff. Use that key to open the chest on the necromancy ring. lies a tiny island with a (locked. -Just south of the two women. but you don't need to in order to find the key). and a fifth skill point by reading the mind of Sassan nearby. a treasure chest hides near a waterfall. these are general tips about the outdoor areas -There are two women arguing about a ring on the beach across from where you enter. -You can find a fifth dragon skill book in the master's quarters. Overlook. It's directly below Camp Eagle's Nest (a guard inside will tell you about it after you read his mind. you must travel to Camp Eagle's Nest by taking the Camp Sentinel View teleporter (located on the cliffs on the west . -Directly south of your battle tower. Orobas Fjords [OLOFO] ------------Location: everywhere. and can warp back with your dragon stone -There are four dragon skill books near each of your four servants. which contains another key.Location: in the Slayer Camp Connections: Penitence Penitence Location: through the Camp Pompous teleporter Connections: Pompous. and four skill points to be gained by reading your servants' minds. and finally in the master's quarters (down the elevator from the throne room). -A sequence of treasure chests can be opened starting by finding the first key in the alchemy garden.

If you haven't read the minds of all three Gremory family members yet. He sells a malachite gem. -There are two malachite veins just south of the Grand Chamber (where you talk with the Patriarch). Hit 'Trade' to ensure you can buy. A few moments of fire breath should be enough to take each one out. you will find the Gremory family chest hidden in the uppermost of the two holes. -There's a key hidden on a shelf straight south of the locked chest it opens. though. There's also a dragon skill book along the eastern wall. you're confronted by a maze filled with a multitude of rather deadly fireballs. Dolgan has to die either way. next to a treasure chest. Primordial Cave [OLPWC] --------------Location: behind the waterfall to the north -There's a chicken rune in the chamber to the far south. More importantly. The second is hidden behind a large rock next to an empty wagon near the western . You can find a lever handle (needed at the maze's exit to the northeast) in the far northwest of the maze. a dragon skill book hides in the same room. You can choose to solve their dispute for 2500 exp. To disable it. -You encounter a barrier after flying south from the Champion Harbour. You can either drop the shield surrounding the nest tower by killing Dolgan or you can use fire spheres to take the nest tower out. so you might as well just kill him. -After the statues. -You must finish the quest 'Reaping the Seeds' to get past the three statues on the second floor. -Down the path from the mine. don't bother. you will encounter Carleton. It's for a side quest in High Hall. but how exactly you can access it is unknown. but he can bug out if you enter his shop through dialogue instead of hitting the trade button. and peruse his heroic quality equipment for upgrades while you're at it. -The map obviously shows a hidden passage to the west. you will encounter two soldiers: Webster and Julian. or antagonize and kill them for a likely similar level of exp and a small bit of loot. The first is on the eastern wall in plain sight. -If you search the cliffs at the bend in the river before the entrance to Rivertown Gorge. a traveling merchant.side of the elongated island situated in the middle of the channel). -The next barrier is powered by another four electrified ballistas and an electrified nest tower. find and destroy the four goblin ballistas surrounded by a bright blue electricity effect. -Slightly further down the path.

one of them sells quite a large amount of heroic quality items. Inside. To damage it. -The third and final teleporter in the main room (very high up. you must navigate a platform maze to disable a generator. Camp Eagle's Nest [OLCEN] ----------------Location: on a cliff far south of the Grand Knight Shrine -The lever that disables the barrier is upstairs (along with two others that disable various anti-dragon zones). next to a dragon skeleton) leads to a dungeon where you'll find the Book of the Dead for Igor's quest. Make sure to save far enough away from the veins so that you can reload if you don't get any malachite gems. -The nest tower is invulnerable at first. then climb another ladder 6: time your next jump carefully . -When you go upstairs. which update every time you gain a level. you can transform into a dragon inside the cave. 1: leap across a series of falling platforms 2: climb the ladder 3: use the moving platform to access a lever that activates a teleporter 4: Drop down and take the teleporter 5: navigate several more moving platforms. then jump against the wall and fall onto it. At the T intersection. you find two black ring that surrender to you . It unlocks the treasure chest in the other generator room. The chest contains a skill book. -Accessing Barnabus requires taking the teleporter on the northeast side of the bottom of the room. -There's a dragon skill book sitting in the open on Barnabus' platform. Old Cave [OLBOC] -------Location: up the waterfall to the east.wall. referenced below. -There is a locked treasure chest in the same room as the generator. See below for step-by-step directions. you must first flip the lever at the end of the dungeon accessed through the middle-height teleporter on the southeast side of the main room. Killing him would deprive you one of the few shops left . -There is also a key hidden in this area. but the key is located through the portal further down. carefully inspect the fiery grate to find it. Good kitty. on the south side of the room.the next platform also sinks 7: jump from the sinking platform to another moving platform 8: jump up to another teleporter and step inside 9: hop down a series of platforms in the corners of the room 10: flip the lever 11: wait for a moving platform to emerge from by the door. -The key to the chest near the Book of the Dead is in a broken coffin one room prior. by the end of the stream -When there's room.

you hit the platform above and fall. Good kitty. 7: jump to the top platform and press the button 8: Quickly drop down and open the treasure chest for your prize. and the dark book by one candle. Each pedestal is marked by a certain number of candles: the red book sits next to five lit candles. -Save before approaching the malachite vein near the books mentioned above. 1: start from the platform nearest the button 2: jump on the platforms in order. Place each books on the pedestal on the second floor with the same numbers of candles to make a treasure chest appear. -You can free the champion in the jail on the first floor if you found the key from the beach below. but you must jump from the far left side or else you'll hit the above platform and fall all the way down. If you need help navigating it. a blue this point in the game. It's much higher level than anything else in the dungeon. and one with quite a good selection of items. in the first group of bandits you kill. -On the third floor there are three pedestals holding a red book. If this happens. enabling you to slowly climb. 5: flip the lever to create two more platforms -These platforms will disappear if you take too long. . jumping back across to the first platform after reaching the third 3: The platforms rise with each successive jump. and a dark book. drops a key that can be used to open the door to the east. 4: The last jump will take you back to the first platform. She will reward you with a key that opens the chest upstairs. 6: jump towards the first platform from the very edge -If you jump from too far back. and reload if it doesn't have any malachite gems for you. -Sometimes a platform bugs out and fails to raise up appropriately. see the step-by-step instructions below. -Sura. Dark Cave [OLBDC] --------Location: between Camp Eagle's Nest and Camp David -The key on the ground next to the priest's corpse doesn't seem to open anything. -Beware the level 27 beholder mage on the second floor. Depleted Ore Mine [OLDOM] ----------------Location: along the beach on the north side of the eastern channel -There's a platform puzzle in the southwest corner. the blue book next to three candles. just jump to the previous platform and back again and it should correct itself. -If you fall. just press the glowing button to start again.

-Choice 1: Oppose the bandit for good. or use it to help yourself to some treasure for evil -Choice 3a: Transfer one vitality and spirit for good. look for the door next to the elevator on the . you wind up with a random legendary item. is 3-1-4-2. Dragon Cliff [OLDCC] -----------Location: on the north side of the eastern channel -There is a chest on top of the western tower that contains a key required to open the chest on top of the eastern tower. but it's easy to find better. -There's a dragon skill book on the table near Ragon. you make a series of good or evil choices. with the plate furthest from the chest being 1 and nearest being 4. The weapons are good. It's not as reliable as a quest reward. Champion Harbour [OLACH] ---------------Location: it's the massive harbour to the northeast -The giant platform with the zeppelin ramp on it is actually the roof of a huge building. you're rewarded with your choice of a bow. but it's a nice bonus. or hammer. Regardless of what you pick. just as it turns northeast -In this cave. If you don't choose all good or all evil. 'Borrowed Book'. -If you can't reach the chest on top of the eastern tower. The correct order. If you choose either all good or all evil choices. Mysterious Cave [OLBMC] --------------Location: south of the path leading to High Hall. This is needed for Barbatos' quest. you end up at Camp Overlook afterwards. two handed sword. To go inside. abuse your dragon transformation to simply drop right on top of it. or side with him for evil (and earn a bag of loot) -Choice 2a: Give Peppin a stat point for good. or don't for evil -Choice 2b: Use the key to free the lady for good. or suggest a way to torture him for evil -Choice 3c: Flip the 'life' lever for good or the 'death' lever for evil -The monsters in this cave have a high chance to drop a random legendary item.-You must solve a pressure plate puzzle in the east to open the passage to the west. -Use each dragon statue until it stops moving when you use it to reveal the Master's Spell Book to the north. or don't for evil -Choice 3b: Kill the man for good.

but it'll still probably take a couple tries. Well Cave [OLHWC] --------Location: next to the High Hall teleporter -The key to the locked door on the elevator's second floor can be found in the room far to the south on the first floor. You can't disable the nearby barrier from the side the Runekeeper is on. High Hall [OLHHV] --------Location: at the end of the long path winding its way northeast -The key to the chest in Beatrice's house is on the shelf to the left of it. It's easiest to jump there straight from the wooden platform. -You must kill the Troll Runekeeper to acquire the Magical Runes you need to disable the barriers. This key opens the chest near Aurelius' shack. -The key to the chest next to the lava pit is hanging from a cage over the lava. -A key is hidden inside of a grain sack in the northeast corner. . You can reach it by jumping onto the pillar. High Hall Mines [OLHHM] --------------Location: on the northeastern side of High Hall -There's a dragon skill book on the wooden platform next to the lava pit. -There's a skill book on a table in the southeast corner of Mundus' room. the elevator in this cave is operated by levers just off the actual elevator platform. -There is a stat book sitting on a table inside the shack where Aurelius sits. next to the key mentioned above. inside the fenced-in area near Irwin. -Unlike other elevators. -The lever handle needed to repair the down lever on the second floor is in the chest behind the locked door. Also note that you can't enter this house until Gobie gives you the key as part of the 'Divine Descendant' quest. which contains the Chainmail Dragon Tail Piece. so start by disabling the barrier to the southwest. and each miss will likely result in your death.bottom floor. You can pick it up by walking very close to the wall and aiming the camera upward. -There's a dragon skill book on the table in the back of Kezzz's room. -The key on the ground near the north wall in Gobie's house opens the chest near the southern exit. instead of buttons on the platform itself.

next to Jedediah -There is a dragon skill book on the ground near the north wall. but extensive searching has failed to uncover its location. south of Champion Harbour -You must read Moor's mind and search for the key in the wyvern nest on the cliff overlooking the shack in order to unlock the chest next to the shack. One is hidden behind some crates to the north. two apples. kill the Imp Boss quickly to avoid dying from fire damage.-To exit after the cave in. Camp Valour [OLMCV] ----------Location: on the eastern cliff. near the top of the room. -Forum rumor has it that there's a malachite vein hidden in here. There's a dragon skill book and a crystal dragon helmet in the chest. Imp's Lair [OLGIL] ---------Location: along the cliffs east of Camp David -The key to the door in back is on the corpse of one of the imps. -Save before going through the door. -You must answer several questions before you can open Orobas' chest. head to the exit in the northwest. . so you can reload if it doesn't contain any malachite gems. -There's a dragon skill book east of the broken coffin. -There are two more levers that you can flip to make platforms appear to help you get to the treasure chest. and four lit candles (option 2). one droxlerite (option 3). -There's a skill book on a bench behind the door. Orobas' Lair [OLOLO] -----------Location: Dragon Cliff Castle. There are three stone skulls (option 6). the other is on the wooden platform just up the stairs next to the crates. one health potion. -Save before approaching the malachite ore vein. Lost Tomb [OLBLT] --------Location: along the cliffs to the east of the Imp's Lair -Flipping the lever on the south side of the platform makes a treasure chest appear up above. Once through. Red Hammer Tribe [OLRHT] ---------------Location: southwest of the Red Hammer Shrine -You can only open the door in the east by finishing the quest Groth gives you when you first try to open it.

on the north side of the room. 480g). east of Dragon Cliff Castle Requirement: Accept 'Reaping the Seeds' 1: Turn into a dragon and kill the three wyverns 2: Talk to Jievaras Reward: 1 (4500xp. Magic Seed The Third Hungry Statue [OQTHS] ----------------------Received From: Irminsul Location: across the water to the east of the Red Hammer Shrine . 560g) The First Hungry Statue [OQFHS] ----------------------Received From: Jievaras Location: near Camp Courage. 480g). -There's a chest hidden on a shelf about halfway down the western side of the cave.-There's a dragon skill book sitting on the ground near Groth. ------------| Main Quests | ------------Revelation [OQRMN] ---------Part of: Hall of Echoes Bound 1: Pick up the note from Maxos (on a table opposite the bed from Sassan) Reward: 3750xp. 660g) Reaping the Seeds [OQRTS] ----------------Received From: Statue Location: Primordial Cave 1: Acquire three Magic Seeds from the below three quests in any order -The First Hungry Statue -The Second Hungry Statue -The Third Hungry Statue 2: Talk to each of the magic statues and give them the seeds Rewards: 1 (6000xp. 1320g + 1 (938xp. -There are two keys on a bench near Groth that open the two chests near Svadilfari. Aleroth Chapel [OLZAC] --------------There's a Dragon Skill Book on the desk upstairs. Magic Seed The Second Hungry Statue [OQSHS] -----------------------Received From: Yggdragsil Location: On the small island near the entrance to Orobas Fjords Requirement: Accept 'Reaping the Seeds' 1: Kill Charlie (he's on the northern end of the island) 2: Talk to Yggdrasil Reward: 1 (4500xp. You can reach it through creative jumping.

Levelling the head its wielder hoists its high because it is his will to fill a well-known hole he's oft filled before. What are we?" 4. a hole in its front end.the songs of man. wolfs down words. the devourer is none the wiser. then talk to him again downstairs 5: Help him close the last three portals in the main room Reward: 11250xp. 960g) ------------| Side Quests | ------------Out on a Limb [OSOOL] ------------Received From: Jonelath Location: Necromancy Ring 1: Find the New Miner's Dig just southeast of the Red Hammer Shrine. hangs below the belt. 1920g + 1 (2812xp. A bookworm Reward: 1 (4500xp. then talk to him again 4: Help him close the second portal. 1560g + 1 (1875xp. It's very near the wrecked zeppelin in the water. 560g) . 560g. 520g).Requirement: Accept 'Reaping the Seeds' 1: Answer his riddle -"Strange creatures. 3: Return to Jonelath Rewards: 6000xp. skill book + 1 (1500xp. since you get more when you return to Jonelath. skill book + 1 (4 body parts) -The rewards here are probably a bug. A weird diet that may seem . We sail on ships crowded with kin. What is it?" 2: A key -"It eats tales. across the water. Amphora -"It swings by his thigh. though we have mouths and broad bellies. we cannot speak. 600g. Magic Seed X marks the Spot [OQXMS] ---------------Part of: Hall of Echoes Bound 1: You finish this quest when you talk to the Patriarch and ask him where the Hall of Echoes is Rewards: 7500xp. stiffset and stout it swivels about. after the feast. 780g) Come to no Harm [OQCNH] --------------Part Of: Hall of Echoes Bound 1: Find Zandalor in Aleroth 2: Agree to help him close the portals 3: Help him close the first portal. 2: Make your way to the bottom of the cave and defeat the 'Ultimate Creature Boss' Rewards: 6000xp. What is it?" 1.and yet. his chants of glory .

duel. or mindread him -you can also persuade him. 520g.Bonus: Your Necromancy Ring can be upgraded The Book of the Dead [OSBOD] -------------------Received From: Igor Location: Necromancy Ring 1: Travel to the Old Cave (hidden in the cliffs to the east of the entrance to Orobas Fjords. Black Rose. 520g) Bonus: Your Alchemy Garden can be upgraded Apprentice and Adversary [OSAAA] -----------------------Received From: Kenneth Location: Skill Training Area 1: Reach the Slayer camp (a short walk from the harbour) 2: Convince Montagu to let you see Saul -you can bribe. 5: Talk to Allan again after he finishes brewing (it only takes him a moment) Reward: 4500xp + 2 (520g. 5: Turn all of the dragon statues until they won't turn any more 6: Take the Master's Spell Book from the ground at the north end of the cavern 7: Return to Barbatos Reward: 4500xp. 4: Give the Dragon Nail to Allan. 2: Give the herbs to Allan. 520g) Bonus: Your Necromancy Ring can be upgraded Allan Brew Confidential [OSABC] ----------------------Received From: Allan Location: Alchemy Garden 1: Retrieve one each of Whisperwood. and Holy Basil. Fly up the waterfall and follow the stream) 2: Enter the uppermost teleporter (next to the dragon skeleton) and proceed through the dungeon. The Book of the Dead lies in the room at the far end of the dungeon. threaten. 3: Return to Igor Reward: 4500xp. Earth Root. sitting on a bench nearby . 1 skill book + 1 (1125xp. 6 formulas) Bonus: Allan Brew. if you've accepted 'Thorn in the Side' 3: Take the key for Saul's cell. 1 skill book + 1 (1125xp. 520g. 3: Retrieve one Dragon Nail. and your Alchemy Garden can be upgraded Borrowed Book [OSBBB] ------------Received From: Barbatos Location: Alchemy Garden 1: Travel to the Dark Cave just east of Camp Eagle's Nest 2: Loot the key from Sura and use it to open the door to the east 3: Solve the pressure plate puzzle by stepping on them in the order 3-1-4-2 (with 4 being closest to the chest) 4: Defeat Ragon on the west side of the dungeon.

1 other) 3: Return to Radcliff Reward: 1 (6000xp. Short Supply [OSWSS] -----------Recieved From: Wesson Location: Workshop 1: Travel to the mine in Orobas Fjords and kill Alutiiq. 600g) Bonus: Your workshop can be upgraded twice -If you sold the stone for gems. as described in the . and your workshop can only be upgraded once. 3 heroic items.-You may kill Saul and finish the 'Thorn in the Side' quest. 6: Talk to Saul -Once he goes through the teleporter. 520g) Bonus: Your Skill Training Area can be upgraded Delicate Affairs [OSRDA] ---------------Received From: Radcliff Location: Workshop 1: Find the shipwreck -First. fly to the entrance to Rivertown Gorge. 520g + 2 (1125xp. rewarding you with your choice of 4500xp or 520g. Your Skill Training Area can still be upgraded. 1 skill book + 1 (1125xp. you can't choose a skill book. Reward: 6000xp. you fail the quest 'Thorn in the Side' if you've accepted it. 600g. 7: Return to Kenneth Reward: 4500xp. 1 other) Bonus: Your Skill Training Area can be upgraded Dear John [OSHDJ] --------Received From: Hermosa Location: Skill Training Area 1: Travel to the Champion Harbour and go inside 2: Talk to Morgan and give him the necklace 3: Return to Hermosa with the book Reward: 4500xp. 600g. 520g. Telling Kenneth that Saul has died finishes this quest. 2 malachite gems + 1 (1500xp. 3 heroic items. 5: Activate the teleporter control panel and set the destination to High Hall -You cannot do this unless you have already been to High Hall and investigated the teleporter there. skill book. 520g. 4: Open Saul's cell and choose the second dialogue option. but don't enter -Look for a wrecked ship next to a giant rock at the top of a waterfall -Find the chest on top of the giant rock 2: Loot the goblin stone from the chest -You receive an additional reward now if you decide to sell the goblins the stone.

-Jack Bolton's corpse is slightly east of the Camp Freedom teleporter. -Arthur Gremory is inside the Imp's Lair. It's just across the water to the east of the much more prominent entrance portal to Stone's Flying Fortress. open the chest downstairs. 1 skill book + 1 (1125xp. 2000g) Stood Up [OSCSU] -------Received From: Crabbe Location: Path near the exit to Broken Valley Requirement: Complete 'Red Ore Alert' 1: Find at least three different zeppelin parts and give them to Zeppelin Master Page (see 'On The Road Again') 2: Reload the area (enter and exit the 'Red Ore Alert' (right below this one) 2: Using the key from Alutiiq. 480g) Red Ore Alert [OSROA] ------------Received From: Crabbe Location: Path near the exit to Broken Valley 1: Travel to the mine he describes (it's on the northern side of the cliffs when you first enter the channel to the east) 2: Once inside the mine. travel down the cavern to the south until you can hook around to the east and travel north again 3: Kill Alutiiq 4: Return to Crabbe Reward: 1 (4500xp. Just jump off the cliff to the right and follow the channel to its end. 2000g) Grave Robbers [OSBGR] ------------Received From: Laura or Arthur Gremory Location: See the notes for step 1 1: Find the other three note recipients in any order -Laura is on a high up cliff east of the Grand Knight Shrine. located along the right cliff after you power down the barrier. or warp to your battle tower and back) 3: Talk to Crabbe (standing on the ramp leading to the zeppelin) Reward: 2000g + 1 (6000xp. which overlooks Champion . between the Primordial Cave and the Old Cave. 480g. -Jimmy Dean's corpse is east of Camp Overlook. behind the nearby door 3: Return Wesson's goods to him Rewards: 4500xp. Jump off the end of the channel to land on a wyvern nest where you'll find the corpse.

you can read Tilian's mind and use the information to convince him to give you the key. 1 other) . 480g + 1 (1125xp. 480g. Reward: 7500xp + 1 (1560g. -You can simply trade Lord Arben's sword for it. 480g. then kill him (and the other Slayers) and loot the key. 560g) Bonus: extra loot. 3: Loot the chalice from the chest up the ramp in the back Reward: 4500xp. 2: Talk to Laura in front of the cave 3: Lead Arthur and Laura deeper into the cave Reward: 1 (6000xp. 3 magical items. 3 magical items. 520g) A Puff of Drudanae [OSPOD] -----------------Part of: Down the Hatch 1: Travel to High Hall 2: Read Nicolas' mind 3: Enter the house behind him and take the key from beneath his pillow 4: Enter the trap door at the foot of his bed 5: Take the Drudanae sitting nearby Reward: 4500xp. 480g + 1 (1125xp. as detailed in the 'Lost Tomb' section Sight for Sore Eyes [OSSSE] ------------------Received From: Simeon Location: Camp Tiberius 1: Find two malachite gems -See the malachite gem section under Tips and Tricks for locations 2: Return to Simeon and give him the gems. This can be done in several ways -You can tell Tilian you're going to free Orobas. 1 other) Chalice of the Dragon [OSCOD] --------------------Part of: Down the Hatch 1: Travel to the Slayer camp near the Champion Harbour 2: Acquire a key from Tilian.Harbour from the northwest. -Lastly. 2 legendary items) Bonus: 2 skill points Down the Hatch [OSDTH] -------------Received From: Jedediah Location: Dragon Cliff Castle 1: Complete 'A Puff of Drudanae' and 'Chalice of the Dragon' in any order 2: Talk with Jedediah 3: Enter the door and find Orobas 4: Return to Jedediah Reward: 1 (6000xp.

480g. 480g + 2 (1125xp. southwest of the Red Hammer Shrine 2: Find and kill Svadilfari in the cave 3: Exit the cave and finish killing Svadilfari 4: Return to Aurelius with Svadilfari's head Reward: 6000xp.On The Road Again [OSORA] ----------------Received From: Zeppelin Master Page Location: On top of Champion Harbour 1: Retrieve the nine zeppelin parts (three of each) scattered about the fjord -Crystal 1: on the tiny island just south of the entrance to the fjords. you only receive your choice of 4500xp or 480g. just northeast of the entrance to Keara's Flying Fortress -Compass 3: on a cliff just before the bend on the way to Rivertown Gorge 2: Return to Zeppelin Master Page Reward: 6000xp. 2000g) Between a Troll and a Hard Place [OSTHP] -------------------------------Received From: Brutus Location: Inside of Champion Harbour 1: Complete the quest 'The Runes of Wrath' 2: Return to Brutus Reward: 4500xp. 2000g + 1 (1500xp. 1500xp) A Shaman's Ransom [OSASR] ----------------Received From: Aurelius Location: Inside of Champion Harbour 1: Travel to the Red Hammer Tribe. 3 heroic items. 560g + 1 (1120g. climb up the ladder and retrieve it from on top of Yggdrasil -Crystal 2: on a low cliff east of Camp Sentinel View. across the water from Camp David -Crystal 3: on a cliff in the middle of the bend just before the entrance to Rivertown Gorge -Rudder 1: a short ways east of the Camp Freedom teleporter -Rudder 2: halfway between the Imps' Lair and Camp David -Rudder 3: on a low southwest cliff near the exit to Rivertown Gorge -Compass 1: on the cliff directly opposite Rudder 1 -Compass 2: high up above Moor's shack. 1 other) -If any of the champions died. A Hunting We Shall Go Again [OSHGA] --------------------------Received From: Wanted sign next to Sejanus inside Champion Harbour 1: Complete the following five quests in any order -Alutiiq .

520g) Thorn in the Side [OSTIS] ----------------Received From: Tilian Location: Slayer camp east of Champion Harbour 1: Convince Montagu to let you see Saul -You can bribe. 520g. 520g) Moor [OSMOR] ---Part Of: A Hunting We Shall Go Again 1: Travel to Camp Valour. threaten. 1 other) Alutiiq [OSATQ] ------Part Of: A Hunting We Shall Go Again 1: Travel to the Depleted Ore Mine. or mindread him. 3 legendary items. 520g) Barnabus [OSBNB] -------Part Of: A Hunting We Shall Go Again 1: Travel to the Old Cave east of the Primordial Cave 2: Disable the generator found through the bottom teleporter -If you need help. then take his hammer 4: Return to Sejanus Reward: 1 (4500xp. southeast of Champion Harbour 2: Kill Moor and loot his ledger 3: Return to Sejanus Reward: 1 (4500xp. . 520g. just north of Camp Sentinel View 2: Find and kill Alutiiq. see the 'Old Cave' section 3: Kill Barnabus. duel. Tiberius' bow + 2 (1125xp. persuade. 4 being closest to the chest) 4: Kill Ragon and take his ring 5: Return to Sejanus Reward: 1 (4500xp. 520g) Alrik [OSARK] ----Part Of: A Hunting We Shall Go Again 1: Travel to the imp camp on the western cliff just south of the harbour 2: Kill Alrik and loot his necklace 3: Return to Sejanus Reward: 1 (4500xp. then take his mask 3: Return to Sejanus Reward: 1 (4500xp. 520g) Ragon [OSRGN] ----Part Of: A Hunting We Shall Go Again 1: Travel to the Dark Cave.-Barnabus -Ragon -Moor -Alrik Reward: 4500xp. along the cliffs just east of Camp Eagle's Nest 2: Loot the key from Sura to gain access to the eastern section 3: Solve the pressure plate puzzle (3-1-4-2.

2: Take the key for Saul's cell. the rune is located in the Primordial Cave Reward: 6750xp. sitting on a bench nearby 3: Release Saul and choose the first dialogue option. 560g) The Runes of Wrath [OSROW] -----------------Received From: Quintus Location: High Hall -You can ask Quintus to send his soldiers in to help you. 560g + 1 (1500xp. your reward for 'Between a Troll and a Hard Place' will suffer. 960g) -Solution 31: Read Mona or Eamon's mind and convince them to leave Reward: 1 (4500xp. 1 other) Divine Descendant [OSMDD] ----------------Received From: Gobie Location: East side of High Hall Requirement: Complete 'The Runes of Wrath' -Solution 11: Tell Gobie you will kill the ghost for him 2: Enter Gobie's house 3: Talk with the Ghost 4: Return to Gobie Reward: 4500xp. too Reward: 4500xp. though. 720g + 2 (3 legendary items. 960g) -Solution 21: Read Mona or 2: Accuse Eamon 3: Tell him you Reward: 4500xp. Unless you're trying to get them killed. 960g + 1 (1125xp. then return to Quintus -If you don't have it. then return to Quintus -You can read his mind and destroy his friendship rune -Just killing him the old-fashioned way works. 960g. 480g + 1 (1125xp + 3 magical items + 1 other) -Solution 25: Give Mundus the chicken rune. Bonus: 500g Eamon's mind of scamming want half the profits 960g + 1 (1125xp. but if even one dies. then kill him 4: Return to Tilian Reward: 6000xp. it's very difficult for them to die. 1: Enter the mine 2: Kill the Troll Runekeeper to the southeast and loot two Magical Runes 3: Travel around to the southwest and deactivate the barrier by placing a rune on the stone to the left 4: Take the elevator up -Solution 15: Kill Mundus.) .

FLYING FORTRESSES * * * ******************************************************************** You've leveled up a bit from exploring the Fjords and now you're ready to take on the toughest challenges in the game. 1: Enter the Well Cave. 2 or 4 malachite gems + 1 (1 other. 500g + 1 (2 magical items) ******************************************************************** * * * IX. Doing this rewards you with two additional malachite gems upon completing the quest. Don't . 1 heroic item) Death of a Champion [OSDOC] ------------------Received From: Svadilfari Location: Red Hammer Tribe 1: Travel to the Champion Harbour and give Aurelius the Fake Svadilfari Head -this will fail the quest 'A Shaman's Ransom' 2: Return to Svadilfari Reward 1 (6000xp. 2000g) Much Ado About Goblins [OSMAG] ---------------------Received From: Groth Location: Behind the locked door inside the Red Hammer Tribe 1: Travel to High Hall and talk with Gwyn near the entrance 2: Return to Groth Reward: 4500xp. Make sure you read the Tips and Tricks section on Flying Fortresses to make this task a little easier on you.-Solution 41: Pay Eamon for Gobie Reward: 1 (4500xp.) The Horror of High Hall [OSHHH] ----------------------Received From: Beatrice Location: northwest area of High Hall Requirement: Complete 'The Runes of Wrath' -It is important to read Beatrice's mind and confront her with what you learn. 960g. 480g. next to the teleporter 2: Encounter Kezzz to the far south of the cave and take the key from the room he was in 3: Travel to the second floor and recover the lever from the chest behind the locked door 4: Use the lever to fix the elevator and take it down another floor 5: Find and kill Zagan 6: Return to Beatrice Reward: 4500xp.

................ Close to the Bone ........... for example)....... Hall of Echoes ............. Black Ring's Ring . -Inside Stone's Greenery.................. either . Raze's Flying Fortress ..... -The teleporter to the east of the fortress leads to Stone's Greenery............. Wisdom in a Bottle ..... Broken Valley ...... By the Book ............................. You can place any two buds in the fountain and earn a different reward depending on [FSRLL] [FSBRR] [FSWIB] [FSAAA] [FSBTB] [FSMFM] [FSWRR] [FSCTB] .............. downstairs from there...... An Alchemist's Apparel . then jump off the eastern end of the island and fall onto the island with the generator.. Locations: Stone's Flying Fortress ......... [FLSTF] [FLRAF] [FLKAF] [FLKEF] [FLBVF] [FLBVM] [FLHOE] Main Quests: A Guild without a Master.......................... Broken Valley Mine's possible to render some quests impossible if you kill the quest target before having the quest (if you employ Jonelath. ----------| Locations | ----------Stone's Flying Fortress [FLSTF] ----------------------Location: on the northeastern end of the island in the eastern channel -You must destroy generators to remove the anti-dragon barriers around the fortress...... straight forward (northeast) from the entrance... -The final generator is just north of the second... [FQGWM] Lock and Key... but reaching it is somewhat less straightforward.. -The first generator is towards the south....... The safest way is to land near the northwestern teleporter..... -The second generator can only be reached by traveling through a small dungeon accessed by the teleporter on the northwest end of the fortress.. A necromancer and his creature stand in the way of the generator on the other side..forget to grab your servants' second quests... Raging Raze ................ [FQLAK] Side Quests: Risk Life for Limb .... you find several herb buds in a treasure chest and..... Keara's Flying Fortress ... Kali's Flying Fortress ..... a small fountain next to some research notes..... Murder for Myrthos ...................

Unfortunately. even though you have buds left over. -The first two can be reached as a dragon (one to the southeast and one to the west). at its southeastern end. two levels up. 4: The earrings are on the same platform as the gauntlets and cuirass. on an island to the . HB = Holy Basil): OT+BW: Bow OT+MS: Nothing OT+FB: 1k Exp OT+HB: 5 stat points BR+MS: 1 skill point BR+FB: a broom (cannot be looted) BR+HB: Axe MS+FB: Sword MS+HB: Hammer -The ten piece Archmage set is hidden in treasure chests around the fortress. It's just south of the ramp leading up to the top level. The rewards include weaponry (which is quite good quality. 8: The necklace is on the east side of a small platform overlooking Stone's Greenery from the north. on the northwest side. FB = Fanny Blossom. Raze's Flying Fortress [FLRAF] ---------------------Location: southwest of Champion Harbour. BR = Black Rose. exp. but one level up. but there are better). The exact list of rewards is as follows (OT = Oak Tears. right next to the first generator. but at the very top. 3: The gauntlets are just a couple tents south of the cuirass. -The last generator is inside the anti-dragon zone.which two buds were chosen. 1: The ring is straight northeast of the entrance. 2: The cuirass is slightly northeast of the last (northernmost) generator. 9: The bracelet is on the northeastern side of the lower tier of the large platform beneath Stone's Greenery. although you will receive one herb of whichever bud you placed in first. or a skill point. MS = Moon Shine. stat points. in addition to other rewards. the fountain stops working after you place your first two. 7: The helmet is hidden on a tiny platform south of Stone's Greenery. 10: The warhammer is northwest of the entrance. 5: The belt is on the same platform as the gauntlets. The order of the buds does not matter (the same reward results regardless). cuirass. 6: The leggings are on the same platform as the last several pieces. almost inside the anti-dragon zone -You must destroy three generators to take down the anti-dragon zone. and earrings.

2: The ring is on the southeastern island. north and a bit east of the belt. forcing you to flip them again. . He sometimes likes to flip them back. 8: The helmet is on the lower level of the large island to the northwest. 10: The necklace is on the southwest side of the second highest level of the huge island to the north. 4: The gauntlets are on the southeasternmost of the trio of mid-level islands to the west. 1: The belt is to the far south. right next to the helmet. on the lowest platform. 7: The bow is hidden on a small island to the northeast. 3: The cuirass is on the southwestern island. Kali's Flying Fortress [FLKAF] ---------------------Location: inside Rivertown Gorge -The anti-dragon zone on the southern islands can be disabled by destroying the 17 generators on the northern islands. 5: The leggings are on the island just south of the crashed zeppelin (just west of the gauntlets). -In order to kill Raze. straight out from the entrance. 6: The bracelet is on the northernmost of the trio of mid-level islands to the east. -Raze drops a dragon skill book.northeast that's partially inside and partially outside of the zone. right next to the earrings. north and a bit west of the belt. a cuirass needed for Wesson's second quest. -The locked door inside the fortress headquarters can be opened with the key in the room to the northeast. You must land on this island and destroy the generator as a human. -The ten piece Hunter's set is hidden in treasure chests around the fortress. and Ulthring's Leggings (if you read his mind). slightly below and to the east of a larger island. though. 9: The earrings are on the lower level of the large island to the northwest. -There are five generators on the very highest ring of outer islands (one on each island except the northern one). near the crashed zeppelin. you must flip the levers in the northeast and southeast corners of his room.

-You can melt the ice wall by pressing a button on the wall in the nearby . The teleporter near the exit leads back to wherever you came from (or to itself. -The key to Kali's room in the west is in a treasure chest down a hallway to the east. -The last three generators are hidden on small islands that lurk beneath the larger outer islands (one to the north. Be careful when attacking it: it's actually inside the anti-dragon zone. southwest. -The last is a nest tower to the northeas). Reading Keara's mind provides the vital hint you need to solve it yourself. on one of the lower levels. 8: The earrings are on the mid-level eastern platform. 9: The helmet is on the mid-level northern platform. -The teleporters all lead to the same teleporter near the exit. 3: The sword is on the large southeastern island. Keara's Flying Fortress [FLKEF] ----------------------Location: south of Champion Harbour -You must destroy six things to disable the anti-dragon zone. -The ten piece Scorpion set is hidden in treasure chests around the fortress. 1: The necklace is on the northernmost isle in the top ring. 10: The cuirass is on the western side of the top level platform. and the last four are on the large southern island. -The inside of the fortress is a maze. -Inside the fortress headquarters. 5: The bracelet is on the large southwestern island. if you've not used any teleporters yet). and southeast). 4: The ring is on the large southern island. -Two are wizard towers (northwest and east). and one to the southeast). -Three of them are three lightning towers (west. there are levers down the east and west hallways that must be flipped to proceed. but it doesn't seem to unlock anything. -There is a locked chest to the west. The first six pieces are on the northern islands. 2: The leggings are on the large northern island. 6: The gauntlets are on the large western island. but the key is nowhere to be found. 7: The belt is on the mid-level southern platform. -The middle island has three generators near its center.-Six generators sit on the large outer islands (one on each). -A mysterious key is in the eastern alcove just before the first door. one to the southwest.

nor Waste. -Another lever can be found just southeast of Lord Lovis' tower. Find and use a teleporter after you land. -Statue 3's hints: Mayhem is alone in his room. Geshniz's Headquarters can be accessed via the teleporter on this platform. -Next. disable the barrier by landing on a platform on the west side of Maxos' temple and flipping the lever in the northwest corner (2). -Keara drops a dragon skill book. nor Havoc. -The last anti-dragon zone can be disabled by flipping a lever not too far west of the zone itself (like the others. 4 is Havoc.hallway. Waste is in the same room as Mayhem. just north of the still active zone). allowing you to pass unharmed. two statues in the room to the northwest . You can mind read him to . Pressing it again will turn off the flame. speak with the door at the exit to proceed to Keara. you'll need to find a generator just west of the mine and flip a nearby lever in human form. Devastation is in the same room as Chaos. -After identifying the statues. I am neither Mayhem. Havoc is in this room. and one in the northeast corner (3) . -Doctor Needleman is sitting on top of Lovis' on the south wall (4) and one on the west wall (5). -There's one statue near the entrance (1). 3 is Chaos. -1 is Devastation. and 5 is Mayhem. -Statue 1's hints: Mayhem is not in the same room as Havoc. nor in Waste's. 2 is Waste. then locate and flip the lever at the top of the new area to disable all but one remaining anti-dragon zone. -Statue 4's hints: I am neither Chaos. it's found inside of a thick-walled fort easily visible on the map). -The next zone to disable requires you to land in the area only accessible after flipping the prior lever (west of Lord Lovis' tower. -Statue 5's hints: I am in the same room as Waste. -Statue 2's hints: I am either Devastation or Chaos.and two statues in the room to the southwest . Broken Valley [FLBVF] ------------Location: Broken Valley -To disable the anti-dragon zone around the mine. Chaos is neither in my room.

Find his storage south of the tower. -The key to the chest on the middle floor of the mine office is sitting on the left side of a desk on the top floor. -You find a potion of wisdom on Geshniz's corpse. it's marked on your map -Kill all the Nest Dais to drop the barrier -Fly into the giant orb to proceed to the next area -You must defeat seven sets of opponents in the arena to proceed. Unfortunately. so you may wish to make sure they're useful to you by saving before Ba'al dies and reloading if you don't get anything useful. press the button inside the room to both untrap yourself and open another secret room with more treasure. doing so will prevent you from upgrading your alchemy garden a second time. you trap yourself in the room. Instead. -Ba'al drops two Unique quality items when you kill him.gain his storage password. and epic quality items. so don't waste your time trying for a good drop. These are the best items you can get. . You can drink it to gain 5 int. They drop legendary. Broken Valley Mine [FLBVM] -----------------Location: southeast side of Broken Valley -The key to the northern section can be acquired by killing Amon in the eastern side of the mine. -The key to the locked door to the easternmost room is on the ground nearby. try standing on the table). -Inside the secret room. unique. however. Hall of Echoes [FLHOE] -------------Location: by the time you can enter. try trapping yourself in the room intentionally by pressing again the same switch you used to open the room in the first place (if you're having problems finding a good place to stand. but if you've chosen Allan as your alchemist. The key to the door inside is hidden beneath a few barrels to the right of the door. another button is hidden behind some crates on the left. right next to the portal to Stone's Flying Fortress. but the level of the items is extremely random (level 2 items can and do sometimes drop). -A hidden button conceals a secret room at the end of the western branch off the southern path. -The lever handle used to activate the broken lever in the easternmost room is found in a chest up against the cave-in to the far south. Once you're trapped. If you press it. It's extremely unlikely for any of them to be better than what you have at this point. Facing south from the far end of the room. the button is hidden behind the curtains to the left. the loot you find isn't really worth the mind reading cost. and you cannot go back to get them enchanted.

Good luck! ------------| Main Quests | ------------A Guild without a Master [FQGWM] -----------------------Received From: Williams Location: Broken Valley Mine Office 1: Defeat all the black ring in the building -You fail the quest if the guild master dies Rewards: 1500xp. 560g. 900g) ------------| Side Quests | ------------Risk Life for Limb [FSRLL] -----------------Received From: Jonelath Location: Necromancy Ring Requirement: Complete 'Out on a Limb' 1: Travel to Stone's Flying Fortress 2: Take the teleporter in the northwest. 320g + 1 (rare item. you won't get the body part. step through the teleporter to the east to proceed. 560g) Bonus: You can upgrade your Necromancy Ring Black Ring's Ring [FSBRR] . skill book + 1 (1500xp. and thus can't finish upgrading your necromancy ring. 1800g + 1 (2812xp. 4: Return to Jonelath Rewards: 6000xp. the final battle begins.-After defeating the last opponent. -Regardless of how you proceed through the dialogue. -Fly through another giant orb to reach the final area. then travel through to dungeon's other exit 3: Defeat Xanlosch and Isabelle Reward: 1 (4 body parts) -If you don't have this quest when you complete this step. 375xp) Lock and Key [FQLAK] -----------Part of: Hall of Echoes Bound 1: Gain access to the mine in Broken Valley by completing the quest 'A Guild without a Master' 2: Enter the mine and gain access to the northern area 3: Defeat Ba'al and take the Hall of Echoes Sigil Rewards: 11250xp. 320g.

600g. 1 skill book + 1 (1500xp.----------------Received From: Igor Location: Necromancy Ring Requirement: Complete 'The Book of the Dead' 1: Travel to Stone's Flying Fortress and make your way inside 2: Defeat Stone 3: Travel through the southern exit and kill Stone 4: Loot Stone's ring and return it to Igor Reward: 6000xp. but failing the quest. 600g) Bonus: You can upgrade your Alchemy Garden An Alchemist's Apparel [FSAAA] ---------------------Received From: Barbatos Location: Alchemy Garden Requirement: Complete 'Borrowed Book' 1: Find the teleporter where the village used to be in Broken Valley 2: Kill Rayhun and loot his amulet 3: Return to Barbatos Reward: 6000xp. Reward: 1 (6000xp. Skill Book. 600g. 1 skill book + 1 (1500xp. 600g) Bonus: You can upgrade your Skill Training Area Murder for Myrthos [FSMFM] -----------------Received From: Hermosa Location: Skill Training Area Requirement: Complete 'Dear John' 1: Enter Rivertown Gorge) 2: Use the teleporter on top of the southern island 3: Kill Kali and loot Myrthos 4: Return the sword to Hermosa . 3: Return to Allan Reward: 6000xp. gaining 5 skill points. 600g) Bonus: You can upgrade your Alchemy Garden By the Book [FSBTB] ----------Received From: Kenneth Location: Skill Training Area Requirement: Complete 'Apprentice and Adversary' 1: Enter Rivertown Gorge 2: Use the teleporter on top of the southern island 3: Defeat Kali 4: Return 'The Demon Wars' to Kenneth -You can read the book instead of giving it to Kenneth. 1 skill book Bonus: You can upgrade your Necromancy Ring Wisdom in a Bottle [FSWIB] -----------------Received From: Allan Location: Alchemy Garden Requirement: Complete 'Allan Brew Confidential' 1: Travel to Broken Valley and take the teleporter west of Maxos' temple 2: Kill Geshniz and take the Potion of Wisdom -You can drink the potion to gain 5 int. but you'll fail the quest. 600g.

Limited 2 .Substantial 6 . 600g) Bonus: You can upgrade your Workshop Close to the Bone [FSCTB] ----------------Received From: Velanir Location: Keara's Flying Fortress headquarters 1: Solve Keara's maze 2: Speak with Keara about Velanir 3: Pass Velanir's message on to her 4: Tell her Velanir will wait for her in the Hall of Echoes (option 2) Rewards: 7500xp. 1 other) -There are many other ways to end the quest.Extreme 10 . ******************************************************************** * * * X. 3 legendary items. 600g. 600g. but the rest only result in your choice between 7500xp and 600g.Minor 3 .Lesser 4 . 600g) Bonus: You can upgrade your Skill Training Area Raging Raze [FSWRR] ----------Recieved From: Wesson Location: Workshop Requirement: Complete 'Short Supply' 1: Travel to Raze's Flying Fortress (southwest of Champion Harbour) 2: Make your way inside the fortress headquarters 3: Kill Raze 4: Return to Wesson with the cuirass Reward: 6000xp.Advanced 8 . 600g. 1 skill book + 1 (1500xp.Moderate 5 .Ultimate --------------| Abbreviations | --------------RO = Red Ore GO = Gold Ore VS = Venom Stone .Greater 7 . 1 skill book + 1 (1500xp. 600g + 1 (1875xp. depending on which dialogue options you choose.Reward: 6000xp. FORMULAS * * * ******************************************************************** ---------------| Names by Level | ---------------1 .Major 9 .

5: 9/24 . 1x VS 3: 7/12 . 1x BR. 3x RO 9: 13/48 . 3x RO 10: 15/54 . 1x RO 6: 10/15 . 1: 5/2 . 2x Fossil.3x Crystal.3x Crystal. 2x GO. 2x BR.2x Amber. 2x Droxlerite. 1x BR. 3x RO 9: 13/21 . 3x VS 7: 11/36 . 2x Fossil. 1x Iron. 2x RO 8: 12/42 . 3x RO.3x Aquamarine. 1x Droxlerite. 3x RO. 2x Fossil.3x Amber. 1x Droxlerite. 4x RO.1x Aquamarine. 1x VS 2: 6/6 .2x Aquamarine. 1x Fossil. 2x RO 7: 11/36 . 2x Droxlerite. 1: 5/5 .2x Crystal. 4: 8/18 . 1x Iron 2: 6/7 .2x Aquamarine. 2x Droxlerite. 4x RO Poison -----*% chance of poisoning your enemy on a successful hit doing * damage over 1 second.1x Amber.1x Crystal. 1x MO. 1x Droxlerite.1x Aquamarine.MO = Malachite Ore BR = Black Rock MG = Malachite Gem --------------------| Weapon Enchantments | --------------------Life Leech ---------*% chance of converting *% of damage done into hitpoints.2x Amber. 2x GO. 2x Droxlerite.3x Amber.4x Aquamarine. 2x BR.2x Crystal.3x Aquamarine. 4x RO Mana Leech ---------- . 1x Droxlerite. 2x Droxlerite. 1x GO. 2x VS VS VS VS Fire Curse ---------*% chance of igniting your enemy on a successful hit doing * damage over 1 second. 4x 9: 13/48 . 2x RO. 1x RO 5: 9/24 . 2x Iron. 1x Droxlerite. 1x GO. 5x VS 10: 15/54 . 3x RO 10: 15/25 .4x Crystal. 2x GO.2x Crystal.3x Amber. 1x Fossil 4: 8/18 . 2x RO 8: 12/19 . 1x RO 6: 10/30 . 2x RO 7: 11/17 . 1x RO. 1x Iron 2: 6/6 .1x Aquamarine. 5x 2x VS 1x RO. 2x RO.2x Aquamarine.3x Crystal.1x Amber. 1x Fossil 4: 8/11 .2x Amber. 1x GO. 1x BR. 2x BR. 1x Droxlerite.1x Crystal.4x Amber. 1x MO. 2x Droxlerite. 3x VS 6: 10/30 .1x Crystal. 2x Iron 3: 7/9 . 4x 8: 12/42 . 1: 5/2 .3x Aquamarine. 1x MO. 1x RO 5: 9/13 . 2x Iron 3: 7/12 .1x Amber.

2x BR. 1x Droxlerite. 2x Fossil. 3x RO 10: 15/12 . 1x Droxlerite.3x Emerald. 1x Droxlerite. 1x RO 6: 10/7 . 2x GO.1x Emerald.3x Diamond. 1x BR.2x Moonstone.2x Moonstone. 1x BR. 2x RO 7: 11/8 . 1x BR. 2x Droxlerite. 1x Iron 2: 3 . 1x RO 2x Obsidian. 2x BR. 1x RO 5: 12 .1x Emerald.2x Emerald. 2x Iron 3: 7/4 .3x Diamond. 4x RO Butcher ------Butcher increases your critical hit damage by * 1: 1 2: 2 3: 3 4: 4 5: 5 6: 6 7: 7 8: 8 9: 9 10: 11 1x Obsidian.3x Moonstone.1x Diamond. 1x GO.4x Moonstone.4x Emerald. 1x Droxlerite. 2x GO. 1x GO. 1x Iron 2: 3 . 1x Fossil 2x Obsidian. 1x MG.2x Diamond. 2x Droxlerite. 1x MO. 1x RO 2x Obsidian. 1: 1 . 1x Droxlerite. 3x RO 9: 24 . 1x Iron 2: 6/3 .1x Moonstone. 1x Fossil 4: 9 .1x Moonstone. 1x GO. 2x RO 7: 18 .4x Diamond. 1x BR. 2x Fossil.1x Diamond. 1x MO.*% chance of converting *% of damage done into spirit points 1: 5/2 . 1x MO.2x Moonstone. 2x Droxlerite.1x Emerald. 2x RO 8: 21 . 3x RO 9: 13/10 . 2x Droxlerite. 4x RO Increased Damage ---------------Increases your normal damage by *.3x Moonstone. 2x BR.2x Diamond. 3x RO 10: 27 . 2x Droxlerite. 2x Iron 1x Obsidian. 1x RO 5: 12 . 1x Iron 1x Obsidian. 2x Iron 3: 6 . 3x RO . 2x RO 8: 12/9 . 1x Fossil 4: 9 . 2x GO.2x Emerald. 2x RO 3x Obsidian. 2x Iron 3: 6 . 2x Fossil. 3x RO 3x Obsidian. 2x Fossil.1x Diamond. 1x Droxlerite.3x Moonstone.1x MG. 4x Obsidian. 1x MO.2x Diamond. 1x Droxlerite. 1x GO. 2x RO 7: 18 .2x Emerald. 2x BR.3x Emerald. 2x Droxlerite.3x Diamond. 3x RO 10: 27 . 1x RO 6: 15 . 4x RO .1x Moonstone. 2x GO. 1x MG. 1x Fossil 4: 8/5 . 2x RO 8: 21 . 4x RO Increased Magical Damage -----------------------Increases your magical damage by * 1: 1 . 2x RO 3x Obsidian. 2x Droxlerite. 3x RO 9: 24 . 2x Droxlerite.3x Emerald. 1x RO 5: 9/6 . 1x RO 6: 15 . 1x Droxlerite.

1x BR.1x Quartz. 2x Fossil. 2x VS 8: 9 . 2x VS 8: 21 . 1x Iron 2: 3 . 1x Droxlerite. 1x MO.3x Pyrite. 1x Droxlerite. 1x GO.2x Pyrite. 2x Iron 3: 6 . 1x Iron 2: 3 . 4x VS Melee Protection ---------------Increases your melee armour rating with * 1: 2 . 2x Iron 3: 4 . 2x GO.2x Pyrite. 1x Fossil 4: 9 . 1x MO.2x Pearl. 4x Pearl.3x Pearl.1x Quartz. 1x VS 6: 15 .1x MG. 1x Droxlerite.2x Pyrite. 3x VS 10: 11 . 2x Droxlerite. 3x VS 9: 10 .2x Opal. 1x Fossil 4: 5 . 2x Fossil.3x Pearl.2x Opal. 2x BR.1x Opal.1x Opal. 2x Droxlerite. 2x VS 7: 8 . 4x Pyrite. 1x VS 5: 12 . 2x VS 7: 18 . 2x GO. 2x Droxlerite. 1x GO.1x Pyrite.1x Opal.1x MG. 1x Iron 2: 3 . 4x Opal. 2x VS 7: 18 . 4x VS Life Line --------Increases your hitpoints by * 1: 1 . 3x VS 9: 24 .3x Pyrite.2x Opal.1x Quartz. 1x Fossil .1x Pyrite. 1x Droxlerite.1x MG.3x Opal. 1x GO. 1x VS 5: 6 . 2x Fossil. 1x Droxlerite. 1x Iron 2: 3 .2x Pearl.3x Pearl.1x Pyrite. 2x Iron 3: 4 . 2x BR.2x Pearl. 4x VS Ranged Protection ----------------Increases your ranged armour rating with * 1: 2 . 2x Droxlerite.3x Opal. 1x BR.1x Pearl.3x Pyrite. 2x GO. 3x VS 10: 27 . 1x VS 6: 15 . 1x MO. 2x VS 8: 21 . 1x VS 6: 7 .1x Pearl. 1x Droxlerite. 1x BR. 3x VS 9: 24 .---------------| Armor Enchants | ---------------Increased Mana -------------Increases your mana by * 1: 1 . 2x Iron 3: 6 . 2x Droxlerite. 1x Droxlerite. 3x VS 10: 27 .1x Pearl. 2x BR.3x Opal. 1x VS 5: 12 . 1x Fossil 4: 9 . 2x Droxlerite.

4x Quartz.2x Spinel. 1x VS 5: 6 . 2: 12/23 .1x MG. 1x Droxlerite. 2x GO.3x Quartz. 2x Droxlerite. 1x MO. 1x GO. 2x Droxlerite. 4x -----------------| Jewelry Enchants | 1x Iron 2x Iron 1x Droxlerite. 1x VS 6: 10/30 . Fossil Fossil. 4x VS Magic Protection ---------------Increases your magic armour rating with * 1: 2 . 1x BR. 2x VS 1x Droxlerite. 1x VS 6: 7 . 1x Droxlerite.2x Topaz.3x Topaz. 4x VS . 2x 5: 6 .2x Quartz. 3x 9: 10 . 1x GO.4: 5 . 1x VS 5: 9/24 .3x Spinel. 1x VS 6: 7 .1x Ruby. 2x Droxlerite.1x Spinel. 4x Ruby. 1x Iron 2: 6/6 . 3x VS 9: 10 .2x Spinel. 1x GO. 1x VS 2x GO.1x Ruby. 1: 5/2 . 1x BR. 2x VS 7: 8 . 9: 25/44 .1x Spinel. 4x VS Retribution Aura ---------------*% chance of automatic retaliations against those that harm you for *% of the damage done to you. 1: 10/20 . 2x Droxlerite. 2x Droxlerite.2x Quartz. 1x Iron 2: 3 .1x MG.3x Ruby. 2x VS 8: 9 .3x Quartz.2x Quartz. 2x Iron 3: 4 .2x Topaz.1x Topaz. 1x Droxlerite. 1x Fossil 4: 8/18 . 2x Fossil. 2x BR. 2x GO. 2x BR. 2x VS 7: 11/36 .2x Ruby. 3x VS Spinel. 5: 18/32 . 1x MO.1x MG. 1x BR.3x Topaz. 1x 4: 5 .2x Spinel.1x Spinel.3x Spinel.3x Spinel. 3: 14/26 .2x Topaz. 2x Droxlerite.3x Ruby. 1x Fossil 2x Fossil. 4: 16/29 . 2x BR. 10: 30/47 . 3x VS 10: 11 .1x Topaz. 2x 8: 9 . 3x VS 10: 15/54 . 2x VS 8: 12/42 . 2x Iron 3: 7/12 . 2x Fossil. 1x Droxlerite. 8: 24/41 .3x Ruby. 2x Droxlerite.1x Topaz. 2x GO. 4x Topaz. 3x VS 9: 13/48 . 1x VS VS VS 4x VS Magic Damage Aura ----------------Enemies that harm you with magic have a *% chance of suffering 1 shock of * magic damge.3x Topaz. 2x BR.3x Quartz. 2x Droxlerite. 6: 20/35 . 1x GO. 1x BR.1x Ruby. 3x VS 10: 1x MG. 1x MO. 1x Droxlerite. 7: 22/38 .2x Ruby. 1x VS 2x VS 3x VS 1x MO.2x Ruby. 2x VS 7: 8 .

1x RO 6: 10/30 .1x Tiger's Eye.-----------------Spontaneous Combustion ---------------------*% chance of igniting enemies that are close doing * damage over 1 second 1: 5/2 .3x Spinel.075 . 2x GO. 3x GO 5: 0.1x MG. 1x RO 5: 9/24 . 3x RO 9: 13/48 .1x Spinel. 2x GO 3: 0.125 . 1x BR. 6: 20/35 .2x Tiger's Eye. 5x GO 8: 0. 3: 14/26 . 2x Sapphire.1x Spinel. 2x Sapphire. 1x GO. 1x Sapphire.2x Spinel.1x MG.15 . 2x RO 7: 11/36 .1 . 2x BR. 3x Sapphire.3x Spinel.1x MG. 4x GO 6: 0. 8: 24/41 .1x Diamond.2x Diamond. 2x Fossil.25 . 6x GO 10: 0. 5: 18/32 .175 .2x Diamond. 2x GO 6/6 .4x Diamond. 2x GO 7/12 .225 . 3x GO . 1x Droxlerite.1x MG. 3x Sapphire.1x Spinel. 4x 2x GO 2x GO 3x GO 3x GO 4x GO 4x GO 5x GO 5x GO 6x GO Spinel.1x Tiger's Eye. 2x Droxlerite.025 . 1x Sapphire.2x Spinel. 7x GO Static Charge Aura -----------------Enemies that harm you with weapons or magic have a *% chance of suffering 1 shock of * magic damage. 2x RO 8: 12/42 . 4x RO Healing Aura -----------Heals you slowly with * per second 1: 0.1x Tiger's Eye. 7x GO Retribution Aura ---------------*% chance of automatic retaliations against those that harm you for *% of the damage done to you. 3x GO 8/18 . 2x Iron 3: 7/12 . 3x Sapphire.3x Diamond. 2x Droxlerite. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5/2 . 2x Sapphire.1x MG. 1x Droxlerite.2 . 10: 30/47 .1x MG.1x MG. 1x Fossil 4: 8/18 .2x Spinel.3x Diamond.1x MG. 3x RO 10: 15/54 . 3x GO 4: 0. 2x Sapphire. 1: 10/20 .3x Spinel. 2x GO 2: 0. 4x Sapphire.1x MG.3x Diamond. 4x GO 7: 0.1x Diamond.2x Diamond.05 .1x Diamond. 1x MO. 2: 12/23 . 9: 25/44 . 4: 16/29 . 5x GO 9: 0. 1x Iron 2: 6/6 .1x MG. 7: 22/38 .1x MG.

1x Aquamarine.3x Topaz. 6x GO.2x Aquamarine. 2x VS 5: 9/24 .1x Topaz. 5x GO 8: 12/42 . 4x GO 6: 10/30 .2x Topaz. 4x GO. 4x Topaz. 4x VS 9: 13/48 .2x Topaz.1x MG.2x Topaz.2x Tiger's Eye.2x Tiger's Eye. 1x VS 2: 6/6 . 1: 5/2 .2x Topaz. 7x GO Damage Aura ----------Enemies that harm you with weapons have a *% chance of suffering 1 shock of * magic damage.4x Aquamarine.2x Aquamarine. 7x GO Poison Aura ----------Enemies that approach have a *% chance of suffering * poison damage over 1 second. 3x GO.5: 9/24 .1x Topaz. 5x GO 9: 13/48 . 2x GO 3: 7/12 . 7x GO. 2x GO 2: 6/6 .3x Aquamarine. 5x GO 9: 13/48 . 5x VS 10: 15/54 .1x Aquamarine.3x Tiger's Eye.3x Tiger's Eye.1x MG.1x MG. 4x GO 7: 11/36 .3x Tiger's Eye. 1x VS 3: 7/12 . 5x GO 9: 13/48 . 4x GO.3x Topaz.3x Aquamarine. 4x VS 8: 12/42 .1x Aquamarine. 2x VS 4: 8/18 . 3x VS 6: 10/30 . 6x GO 10: 15/54 . 2x GO 3: 7/12 . 1x Droxlerite. 5x GO. 2x GO. 3x GO 4: 8/18 . 6x GO 10: 15/54 . 1: 5/2 .3x Topaz.2x Topaz. 3x GO. 3x GO 4: 8/18 .3x Topaz.3x Aquamarine.1x Topaz. 2x VS 8: 12/42 .1x Topaz.1x Topaz. 4x Topaz. 1x MG. 6x GO 10: 15/54 . 5x VS ----------------| Potion Formulas | .2x Topaz. 4x Tiger's Eye. 5x GO. 2x GO.3x Topaz. 4x GO 6: 10/30 . 4x GO 7: 11/36 . 7x GO Magic Damage Aura ----------------Enemies that harm you with magic have a *% chance of suffering 1 shock of * magic damage. 3x GO 5: 9/24 . 5x GO 8: 12/42 . 1: 5/2 .3x Topaz. 3x GO 5: 9/24 . 4x GO 6: 10/30 . 4x GO 7: 11/36 . 2x GO 2: 6/6 . 3x VS 7: 11/36 .2x Aquamarine.1x Topaz.

1x Dragon Nail. 3x Earth Root.3x Black Rose. 1: 62 .2x Fanny Blossom. 2x Fanny Blossom. 2x Earth Root. 2x Fanny Blossom Rejuvenation -----------Regenerates * spirit and hitpoints over 5 seconds.3x Dragon Nail. 3x Ginseng 5: 172 .2x Dragon Nail.2x Earth Root 3: 112 .2x Dragon Nail.2x Black Rose.5x Earth Root.1x Farhangite 5 .2x Farhangite 8 . 4x Ginseng 8: 262 .2x Earth Root. 2x Earth Root 4: 142 . 3x Ginseng 7: 278 .1x Ginseng 2: 98 . 3x Earth Root 5: 172 . 3x Earth Root. 1: 74 .1x Earth Root 2: 82 .3x Black Rose. 4x Ginseng 8: 314 .5x Earth Root. 5x Earth Root 9: 292 .2x Ginseng 3: 134 . 1x Fanny Blossom.3x Dragon Nail.2x Black Rose. 3x Ginseng 7: 232 . 5x Ginseng Strength -------Increases your strength by * for 180 seconds.4x Earth Root.3x Dragon Nail. 5x Ginseng 9: 292 . 3x Earth Root 7: 232 .4x Earth Root. 5x Ginseng 9: 350 .----------------Healing ------Heals * hitpoints over 5 seconds.2x Black Rose.1x Dragon Nail.1x Earth Root. 1: 62 . 4x Earth Root 8: 262 .1x Dragon Nail.3x Black Rose. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 3 . 4x Earth Root. 4x Earth Root. 3x Ginseng 5: 206 . 3x Farhangite 14 . 4x Ginseng 6: 202 . 2x Ginseng 4: 142 .2x Dragon Nail. 3x Farhangite . 1x Fanny Blossom 10: 322 .1x Black Rose.2x Black Rose.3x Black Rose. 1x Ginseng 2: 82 . 4x Earth Root 6: 202 . 4x Ginseng 6: 242 .1x Black Rose. 4x Ginseng 10: 386 .1x Fanny Blossom.1x Dragon Nail. 5x Ginseng Revitalising -----------Regenerates * spirit over 5 seconds. 4x Farhangite 17 . 2x Farhangite 11 . 5x Earth Root. 4x Ginseng 10: 322 .1x Black Rose. 2x Ginseng 3: 112 .1x Black Rose. 2x Ginseng 4: 170 .

4x Fatfern 6: 17 . 5x Stardust 9: 26 .3x Black Rose.3x Black Rose.2x Fanny Blossom. 3x Whisperwood 5: 12 .1x Stardust 2: 5 .3x Dragon Nail. 5x Farhangite Dexterity --------Increases your dexterity by * for 180 seconds. 5x Whisperwood 9: 20 .1x Black Rose.3x Dragon Nail. 4x Farhangite 8: 23 .1x Fanny Blossom. .2x Fanny Blossom. -It grants you 36 to all armour ratings. 4x Fatfern 10: 29 . 3x Fatfern 7: 20 .1x Black Rose.1x Whisperwood 2: 6 . 2x Fatfern 4: 11 .2x Fanny Blossom.2x Whisperwood 3: 8 . 2x Stardust 4: 11 . 4x Whisperwood 10: 23 . 4x Stardust 6: 17 .1x Fanny Blossom.2x Black Rose. 4x Stardust 8: 23 . 1: 3 .3x Dragon Nail. 4x Stardust 10: 29 .1x Dragon Nail.7: 20 . 3x Fatfern 5: 14 .1x Dragon Nail.1x Fanny Blossom. 3x Stardust 7: 20 .2x Dragon Nail. 1: 4 .2x Fanny Blossom. making it quite better than a Potion of Ultimate Full Resistance.2x Dragon Nail. 4x Whisperwood 8: 18 . 5x Stardust Full Armour Rating -----------------Increases all your armour ratings with * for 180 seconds. 3x Stardust 5: 14 . 4x Fatfern 8: 23 . 2x Whisperwood 4: 10 .2x Black Rose. 1: 3 .3x Black Rose.3x Dragon Nail.1x Fanny Blossom.1x Dragon Nail.1x Black Rose.1x Fatfern 2: 5 . 4x Farhangite 10: 29 . 4x Whisperwood 6: 14 .2x Dragon Nail. 5x Farhangite 9: 26 . 5x Fatfern 9: 26 . 5x Fatfern Intelligence -----------Increases your intelligence by * for 180 seconds. 3x Whisperwood 7: 16 . 5x Whisperwood Allan Brew ---------The infamous Allan brew.2x Dragon Nail.2x Black Rose.2x Stardust 3: 8 .2x Fatfern 3: 8 .

I've divided mind reads in each area into four categories: recommended. save before trying it out. contrary to the game's description of the skill. The skill only reduces the cost. When Tim from The Black Boar thinks about the purse of gold he hid next to the chapel. questionable. you can read every character's mind regardless of skill level. 4x Earth Root. it's probably just text. Recommended: Usually grants stat bonuses. these are probably worth the cost. Lastly. Some mind reads that look like they're only text actually have an effect. the mind read option may be different.if it's really expensive. which is plentiful. access to multiple treasure chests or skill books. 4x Whisperwood ******************************************************************** * * * XI. -------------| Instructions | -------------This section requires a little more explanation than the others. If you're on the fence. you can't just load your game and go find the gold. for example. MIND READING * * * ******************************************************************** You can read the minds of almost every NPC in the game. or if you've cleared out most of an area and the exp debt is quite steep. --------| Farglow | --------- . Mind reads in the first three categories all have effects of differing usefulness (or uselessness. 4x Holy Basil. They grant gold. If you have ranks in mind read. Write these down and cross them off as you find them (note: some are mutually exclusive).1: 4x Black Rose. or otherwise justifies its cost. Questionable: These tend to grant single items that may or may not be useful to your character. This will be fixed in a later version). Nothing you miss from avoiding these mind reads can't be gotten in some other way. chances are you cannot find that item without first reading the NPC's mind. and text only. Sometimes. you can read the same character's mind multiple times. If it's really cheap. Not Recommended: These are almost never worth the cost. as the case often is). Depending on when and where you encounter them. The cost will hint to you the usefulness of the mind read . then see if the item is an upgrade for you. it probably does something nice. If an NPC mentions an item. Sometimes questionable mind reads grant discounts that you might find useful. 4x Dragon Nail. then don't bother. but not always. while the latter category is exactly as it sounds. not recommended. for the most part. (Note: I'm aware the costs of the first several mind reads are not listed. It won't even be there until you read Tim's mind. If you don't.

Sonja is so curious to see what's in that chest of mine. Not even Morgana can read my mind! Sarah: Were that my husband was a Slayer. This list is simply for completion's sake. Slayer. Gawain: Only the divine could read my thoughts. --------------| Broken Valley | --------------- . Text Only --------Isobel: Hahaha! Nice try.Reading the minds of the Farglow residents is so cheap. Marius: No need to pry into my thoughts! I'll tell you all you want to know when asked. I'm a bit too advanced for your level! Alberic: Look: another new-born tries the new gimmick on me. but who cam blame me? It's not like I'm vending on Rivertown Market. I can't decide. you may as well read them all. Edmund: Hehe. Tiresias: What was the most fun? Man or woman. Not Recommended --------------Gerald: My prices may be steep. makes Gerald lower his prices and give you 50 gold. Recommended ----------Barbara: Poor Gerald! He's such a voracious reader and has read every book in town! Next time I travel to the city. when chosen. Sonja: Hihi! It always tickles a bit when you newfangled mind readers try that. not a layabout! I'd probably be rich then. but you can get out of my head now. I must remember to bring him back some new ones! -Adds a dialogue option to Gerald that. Rhode: We don't have time for mind games. -The key to the chest appears next to the goblin campfire. -Gerald lowers his prices. Little does she know I hid the key near her little goblin campsite in the arena. Slayer! Aravir: No go. Ha! Ha! Ha! I should place a 'No Trespassing' sign on my brain or something. Slayer. And he didn't even have the Dragon skill.

But he is so tense.. it was worth it! -Derk lowers his prices.. A drink would do . George Gremory [1200]: The Gremory family jewels are safe in the Orobas Fjords. a key appears in the barn next to the bar. -You gain 1 stat point. Furley [400]: Furley is dreaming about a beautiful woman. -You gain one stat point. They are sitting in a tavern and he wants to seduce her. yes. David [120]: I desert and flee to this little village only to find a Champion here!And not any Champion. Ddraigfyre. then kill Linda during the quest 'Buad Blood'. Dragon? I'll give you some. so spend them wisely. -The coin purse appears in the chapel. Stupid bipeds! -Allows access into Buad's storage later on. Why did I have to choose such a difficult password? -Enables access to his storage room (found much later) Derk: I think I lost my cellar key last time I saw Dana in Tim's barn. The wyverns will protect them for us and who ventures into their nests anyway? -One of three mindreads needed to open the Gremory chest in Orobas Fjords. You can pick it up and either return it for 100xp or open it for 100g.Recommended ----------Naberius (in the Dark Cave): Drogf. -You gain one stat point.. Who chooses the word "Illuminatus" as a storage password? Humans.. -You gain 2 skill points. So many of them in there. If you return it.. why did I have to lose my coin purse in the chapel? I just hope I can sneak back in before Father Dominic 'collects' it. Linda [40]: Oh. that's it! It's only storage. ZixZax [800]: Searching ZixZax's memories for powers. behind the stairs to the left of the altar. Brave Sir Robin [400]: Better check my storage for rats.. But oh. -You can access Robin's Storage later on. you can find it on her corpse and then open it for 100g. Quincy (on the guard tower): You have gained new insights. Dragfir. but Richard! He'll kill me if he should find out! -Starts quest 'The Fugitive' Lomax (after killing Richard) [400]: You have gained new insights. Toshan [400]: You have gained new insights. Dreavan [800]: I'm going to change my storage password to something a little less easy to guess than 'Dreavan'.. I use them as a password. He needs something to steady his nerves. -You can access the storage cellar just inside his house. Abanayabar [200]: Buad's such a weird man sometimes. Also. and the woman is getting bored..

-The shield can be found (much. Christopher (before entering camp) [100]: You have gained new insights. I forgot my belt under my bed in the barracks again. Christopher (inside camp) [800]: I'm bored and sober. Winthrop: The drill sergeant will kill me if he finds out I lost my mace. -The mace can be found next to the haystack behind the pig pen on the farm. Namdar [400]: Namdar is having a horrible nightmare.wonders! -Allows you to give Furley a drink in dialogue. -You gain 1 stat point. -Allows you to find Rimmer's Rum on the cliff above the gate (climb the ladder and walk over). Arben Ghost: The ghost of Arben thinks of his shield: how it was lost in combat with Orobas and how it must still be there in the crypt the Dragon fled into. trying to run away from a giant troll. how could she forget a big red apple? -Allows you to give Nightwinkle an apple in dialogue. but I won't drink one sip of the stale ale they serve here. Ah.. much later) . but he falls and twists his ankle. Filip [800]: You have gained new insights. but the terrified Namdar just can't run fast enough. -You gain 1 stat point. -Allows you to give Namdar a health potion in dialogue. I remember holding on to it before I reached the place. Jenae [800]: You have gained new insights. I'd kill for a bottle of Rimmer's Rum. -You gain 1 stat point. If only he could heal his wound. -The belt can be found in the barracks. Nightwinkle [400]: Nightwinkle is dreaming about an alchemy contest she desperately wants to win. Tagos [800]: You have gained new insights. It must have slipped from my hand near old Jackson's farm. -You gain 1 stat point.. The fuming troll is getting closer and closer. Panic sets in as she realises she is lacking a critical ingredient for her potion! Of all things. Questionable -----------Peavey (in jail) [133]: Jail! In jail! Now I'll never be able to enjoy my little treasure I buried near the old teleporter statue! -A small treasure chest appears to the left of the Village Shrine Arnold: Blast. He is in a dark cave.

if you don't mind. -Allows you to find the key inside the temple. -The chest to the right of his throne unlocks. Locke: I will buy with them. Lord Lovis [800]: My thoughts are my own. Richard: These peasants are so gullible. -Locke lowers his prices. To think the key to the biggest prize of all lies there for the taking on the Dragon statue's head. more gold! Gold is all that man thinks of. and so following. walk with them. Also spawns a sack of gold in the bushes next to the chapel. sell with them. Seth [800]: In Seth's mind is only the image of his sword Brightblade and how he'll vanquish you with it. talk with them. -Tim lowers his prices. Willy [400]: Soon I'll be even richer! Though I should remove my stash from among them no-good goblins by the mines. Noryfundus [400]: Hehehe. Locke's Cart [120]: Gold. Carlin [133]: Carlin's skull is empty: and so you find nothing to read. As long as at the close of the day I am richer than I was at dawn. You'll find the chest next to my throne unlocked.Talana: Slayerbane! My cleaver! Lost in flight. Ragnar [400]: I'd get my fair share of the loot if it didn't mean having to run that blasted trial. but who'd want those? . Some fake enchantments are all I need to get rich. -Seth drops the sword when you defeat him. Consider it a little reward for the amusement you bring. business is slower than an octogenarian slug! -Lamotte lowers his prices. -Carlin lowers his prices. It's on the dragon's left horn (on your right as you climb the ladder). Certainly the earrings are real. But it's nice to see the art of mind reading is still popular among the educated few. -You can open Locke's cart. The hearts they fetch me are worth three times as much back home! -You can sell the goblin hearts to Richard for more money. Mara [133]: Best make sure the Seekers don't spot me! -Mara lowers her prices. -You can find Willy's stash in the southeast of Broken Valley. Not Recommended --------------Tim: Nobody will look for a sack of gold in a bush by the chapel. May the creature that finds my weapon use it to strike down Rhode in agony! -You can find the sword on the narrow cliff path northwest of the tower. Merchant Lamotte: Boy.

dull blade if I tell them the password -Allows you access to the bandit camp. If I didn't know any better I'd swear they were Black Ring. Jake: I wonder if the Dragon is attracted to something in that eerie tower. Doctor Needleman: *You receive a nasty little shock!* Yes! The device works! Nice try.. -Martis lowers his prices. 'Into the Bandit's Den'. Martis [1050]: Luckily these New Order spot the entrance at the left of the mines. perhaps! Barmaid Elsa: I serve gallons of beer to mindless guards all day! I should really go to Aleroth and make a new career. Now that would be poetic justice! Merrill: I think I've had just one mug too many! Anthony: One more for the road.-Noryfundus lowers his prices... We need to destroy this Dragon Knight as soon as possible. types must be blind as bats not to But Jagon will skin me alive with a is 'Beetroot'! and enables you to finish the quest Martis (after escaping) [33]: I wonder what Jagon will think of this Slayer. Text Only --------Rhode: Do your job quickly and do it well.. Marius: You heard the lady: now hop to it! Elisabeth [33]: I wonder if the Lieutenant knows everybody thinks he's as popular as an open sewer in the summer. Stan: Laurel? Ollie: Hardy? Jack: Those men at the mine. Keane [33]: Let's hope the goblins will end up cutting out Richard's heart. Slayer! Romon: Not a week goes by without that little pest Geoff confessing some petty theft or prank! Sue: Peggy acts like she's a natural blonde! Who does she think she's fooling? . Viper [400]: The guard is getting hot on my heels! Time to move and take my collection of precious stones with me! -You can find the stones after you kill him.

They think they're so much better than everybody else! Carl Jackson [33]: Right good day fer farmin' this! Right good day anyday! Dana [40]: Why must Carl keep that key up on a beam? I can never reach it! Wait a minute.. Martis (from inside his cell) [33]: Who the hell is this character? Mouse [33]: Next time I'll make sure I'm the one strutting about town and Richard can get the ants out of his armour in the woods! Richard (after killing Lomax) [133]: Ha! The New Order will have to work overtime if it seeks to replace the number that met me and chose to try and .. who ran business from an alley.. Maybe that's why! Miller Upton [40]: I shouldn't hide the key in that kettle anymore. Wellesly [33]: I bet my great-great-great-grandfather was a guard as well! Rose [33]: I wonder if Folo loves them blasted pigs more than me. Lomax [40]: Oh. Nearly choked on it last time Linda made soup. Elisabeth. Sean [33]: There once was a girl named Sally. her clients were happy.. my Bessy! Phoebe [33]: Just five more hours and my shift is over. Pretty much the same down here. Always snappy.' they said! 'See the world. Jesse [33]: Just our luck to have Slayers snooping around! Louis [33]: If I catch those bandits. I'm sure to make Captain! Palmer [33]: What do I really guard in here but dust? Peavey [33]: Joining the guards was the worst idea I ever had! And now look at what's happened! Quincy (in barracks)[33]: If Peavey thinks I'll visit him in jail. he's quite wrong! Captain Rodney [33]: 'Join the guards.' they said! Meanwhile I see nothing but these barracks' walls and the administrative papers they keep throwing my way! Jailer Cessnock [33]: In a cell. He certainly sees more of them. if only I could win your heart! Lomax (during quest 'Save the Bacon') [33]: Slayers. out of a cell. Folo: Bessy! My poor pig! She was too young to die.. until she presented the tally....Peggy: Sue flirts with every man in town! She's so slutty.

young man.. ready to engage our foe. then. Dragon! Hallorn [400]: Must remember to bring Jagon the treasure! Casper [100]: 'Your heartbeat. Fenton [100]: Here we are. will considerably quicken when I tell you you have with a Soul Forge been stricken: a Soul Forge with a chicken!' Curse him! If I catch him I'll use my mother's best recipe on him! Eugene [100]: Shut up! Shut up! No. I shall guide you well. Coward! Jagon [400]: Lord Laiken will reward me well for the head of a Slayer! Laiken [175]: Soon I shall unlock the powers of the Dragon Stone and I will be a Dragon Knight in reality as well as in role. such grace! *By reading the librarian's mind you learn to understand a new alphabet. --------------| Maxos' Temple | --------------Recommended ----------The Librarian [800]: Such beauty that ancient alphabet has. No.. Questionable ------------ . which may come in handy.. I shall not fear.prove their mettle! Zandalor: I cannot believe it! Here is hope. no you shut up! No you're talking to yourself! Sosostra [100]: Your future lies in your palm.' Martis (in camp) [33]: I wonder what Jagon will think of this Slayer.* -You can read the book downstairs in the same room. not in my head. and Louis is nowhere to be seen.. Hope to destroy Damian. I must flee or I'll die here! Rothman [100]: Rothman is frantically praying to the Divine and promises always to attend church if he makes it out of the pit alive. Kagar [100]: Though I walk in the Vale of Echoes. Leda [400]: To survive the temple is to know the motto: 'All are equal in death and in its black eternity even the poorest shall walk the same path as kings. which gives you 2 stat points. Rory [120]: The mine is overrun and my secret pension is gone! Unless they don't find the hidden wall in the little office.

I will rule the valley. but is the tyrant's lackey as guilty as the tyrant? Amdusias (human) [400]: When I find a way to break the curse I will find Maxos and rip off his head! ----------------| Sentinel Island | ----------------Recommended ----------Island (as you enter) [1400]: You wish to know my thoughts? Your mind would melt were I to show you all. -You gain 1 stat point. Until that time. Text only --------Sassan [400]: They see only stone in the maze. -Allows you to read Gothe's ballads on Erlking's bookshelf. even where there is no stone! Abalam [100]: Are we innocent? No. Sassan (in Bandit Barracks) [700]: I wonder if Erlking still keeps his writings around. because your betterment suits my purposes. -Gain a skill point. And with a dignified password too: duchess. Catherine [2100]: It is good to know the Gremory family jewels are protected. No one would suspect my password is "Lovis". Island (after choosing servants) [1400]: Aren't we hungry for my power! Good! You'll need it in this cheerless palace and I give it to you freely. Questionable ------------ . which give you 2 stat points when read. -The second of three mindreads required to open the Gremory family treasure. Effect . Pays for itself immediately. my armour lies safe at least. -Allows you to find Erlking's writings in his room.You gain 1 stat point.Amdusias (dragon) [400]: Once I figure out how to switch to human form at will. There was some interesting magic to be found in them. Sassan (after defeating Razakel) [1400]: You have gained new insights. -Gain a level (however much xp you need). But I'll bestow you with a fraction. Erlking [700]: I think I'll read some more of Gothe's ballads tonight. -Allows you to open the chest in Amdusias' room. required for the quest 'What's in a Name?' Sassan (after killing Sassan) [1400]: You have gained new insights.

I could pick up those Desert Roots I saw earlier. Text Only --------Wesson [700]: I hope my shop is all right. What a waste. Jonah [700]: I wonder what it is Laiken dropped when he last came here. The hermit also lowers his prices..Hermit [700]: Beneath the doggy with the arrow by the sea! Hehe. but what of magical resistance? It will be my speciality. and then. kill them and then. I guess his bow is still in his chest with the secret compartment. though! -Allows you to find a treasure chest on top of a whale skull just south of the shipwreck colony. Laiken [1400]: First I kill them. Barbatos [700]: How dare this nincompoop try and trick the greatest potionmaker in Rivellon? Radcliff [700]: Blast this being stuck on some backward patch of island! I'd have won this year's weapon enchantment competition again. which causes him to lower his prices again. ah yes. Vacca [700]: It's been a long time since that crazy hermit went wyvern shooting. That Vacca fellow took it to his cave. Razakel [1400]: Now that I'm in Rivellon I should pay old Barnabus a visit. then I get it from the chest. then. . Not Recommended --------------Sam [700]: If only I was still allowed to leave the camp. to be able to taste a sweet cup of tea again! -Sam lowers his prices. it can begin. Elfrith [700]: I can see something shiny over on that whale's skull! There's no way I'm venturing far from the camp again. -Allows you to take the hermit's bow from his chest. Jonelath [700]: My experiments are nearly finished! Soon my creatures will no longer be harmed by blade or axe! Igor [700]: Master Jonelath always talks of weapon resistance.. -You can find an extra hammer on Barnabus' corpse when you kill him. Probably lies there by his books. that's for sure.. Yum. Also allows you to trade him an Earth Root. silly doggy! Hehehe! -Allows you to find a +1 confusion axe in the mouth of the eastern of the two statues northeast of the Sea Side Shrine. I'll teach him what happens when you borrow a Demon's warhammer and not return it. -Allows you to find Laiken's sword in his treasure chest. he ate it. My armours are of unrivalled quality and thieves must have noticed our absence.. -Makes a small chest appear in Vacca's cave for the looting.

Does Laiken even remember us? Adah (when delivering the poisoned Dragon Elf) [700]: What if I just tell Mahalath that Laiken prefers my warriors? He's the only one she listens to. -Gain 1 skill point. -Gain 1 skill point .Hermosa [700]: No one can teach combat skills like me. Allan [700]: I am such a terrible liar! Divine grant the Dragon Knight doesn't notice! Turgoyn [175]: That cannonball with the bathing twins motif will cost a fortune. Sassan (in summoning room) [175]: If I can't stop them. Another secret switch perhaps? Grimm [175]: To be home again. Radcliff/Wesson [1400]: You have gained new insights. -Gain 1 skill point Kenneth/Hermosa [1400]: You have gained new insights. but I saw someone inside. I don't think it will ever happen. -Gain 1 skill point. Sassan [1400]: You have gained new insights.. -Gain 1 skill point Allan/Barbatos [1400]: You have gained new insights. Razakel will! And master will piece me together once more! --------------| Orobas Fjords | --------------Jonelath/Igor [1400]: You have gained new insights. Elijah [700]: That one cell has a broken door. but I must have it! Adah/Mahalath [175]: We have been down here so long. but how can I say that without sounding desperate? Kenneth [700]: The Slayers back at the camp must already miss my magic training programme.. Mahalath (when delivering the Fake Red Ore) [700]: When will those lazy bandits finally deliver my ore? Sassan Ghost [175]: At last! Hope for salvation! Sassan (in Laiken's study) [175]: Mayhaps I'll see her living again myself and make her a piecemeal puppet as well.

I'll be the belle of the ball! -You can find a gold bag containing a random gem and a random piece of jewelry in the back of the cave. . we can still have her later! -Beird lowers his prices. Even if they find it and even if they know the password. -The third mindread required to open the Gremory family chest. nobody will look there. Moor [1200]: Blasted wyvern stole my key! Must be in a nearby nest. -Gain 1 skill point. Questionable -----------Beird [1200]: As long as the Dragon doesn't find the girl. -Allows you to open Gwyn's chest nearby. -Gain 3200 exp Lister (in front of mine) [2400]: You have gained new insights. Sejanus [1200]: Where did I leave my stash again? In that corner among the big mushrooms. the goddess in my Star Stone! -You can find a malachite gem in the small chest on top of the tree Nicolas [1200]: Is hiding a key under your pillow a good idea? Yeah. -Gain 2 skill points. earning two additional malachite gems! Arthur Gremory [3600]: Arthur gleefully pictures thieves opening the Gremory treasure chest. they'll still be burnt to cinders unless they press the secret button on the back of it first. perhaps. assured no one can guess the password to his chest: Rumpelstiltskin. Abram [1200]: Soon as it turns its back on me. Also allows you to find the key to his cellar. -Nicolas lowers his prices. Ragon [1200]: With my latest jewelry. -You can find the key in the somewhat hidden nest on the cliff very high up above Moor's shack. but Zagan needs to be appeased! -Doubles the reward for the quest 'The Horror of High Hall'. I'll slit its throat! -Opens a new dialogue option that makes Abram lower his prices. Ba'al [3400]: You have gained new insights.Laura [2400]: You have gained new insights. My cellar is safe. This also opens a dialogue option. Charlie [3600]: She is beautiful and mine alone. Gwyn [1200]: Gwyn is laughing to himself. -Allows you to loot a hidden coin purse in the far southwest corner of the room. Beatrice [3600]: I hate to send such a warrior to all-but-certain death.

With sharp pangs of pain you hasten to leave this great ocean of knowledge. I'll have that Dragon armour remodelled so I can wear it in combat. why would that help against spirits? -Irwin lowers his prices. . you find more than normal. Irwin [1200]: Maybe I could make silver swords! Naah. Artemas [1200]: Smile upon me favourably Ouroboros. But then I'll have to break through that bloody ice wall first somehow. -When you loot Red Ore. Raze [3600]: These Boots of Ulthring are not warm enough. now and in the afterlife. your Dragon form will be the stronger for it. Kali [3600]: May Ulthring's Helmet protect me! -You find Ulthring's Helmet after defeating Kali. but not without a much desired effect: You can feel that. Velanir [1200]: If ever I get out of here I mustn't forget to bring my axe. my kind master. yes. but uncomfortable! Maybe I should give them to Isabelle. Obviously. -Allows you to find Velanir's axe in the chest beyond the ice wall. -You can find a Chainmail Dragon Helmet in a chest near the exit Xanlosch [3600]: Ulthring's gauntlets are powerful. -Artemas lowers his prices. Stone [3600]: The Cuirass of Ulthring will protect me! His spirit will guide me. I need new ones! -You find Ulthring's Leggings after defeating Raze. -You gain 3 dragon skill points. Not Recommended --------------Crabbe [1200]: Crabbe's mind is filled with facts and figures about all kinds of stones and ores. Leon [1200]: I just can't get rid of that damned smell of fish! -Leon lowers his prices. -You can find Svadilfari's Dragon Armour in a chest at the top of the stairs Patriarch [3600]: The Patriarch's mind is a whirl of power too strong and overwhelming to grasp. you'll be able to find this precious commodity more quickly and easily. no matter how infinitely small a part of it you have understood. No doubt from now on. -You find Ulthring's gauntlets after defeating Xanlosch.Svadilfari [3600]: When the time comes. But he doubts you carry anything as unique as his prize piece: a Dragon helmet. Sepp [2400]: You have gained new insights. and upon Orobas. Zagan [2400]: Zagan likes what he sees: your outfit will look well in his collection of armours and weapons. it isn't worth it. but red ore specifically. -Gain 1500 experience. god of Dragons. -You can find Ulthring's Cuirass after killing Stone.

-You can find several formulas in a small chest at the back of the room Rayhun [2400]: Delightful! Now I can add this variety to my unrivalled collection of rare ingredients! -You can find several ingredients in a small chest on a chair at the back of the room.. Such stories I could tell! Kirill [175]: I'll write a requiem for Laiken. which he repeats over and over again. Grimm [175]: I hope my dear brother and I will be reunited someday. next to a portal to Stone's Flying Fortress. Then again.Tilian [1200]: They handled the chalice like a common pitcher during that drunken party last week. not like that time our tricks went awry and we had to run for our lives. He thinks of nothing but getting to safety . Montagu [1200]: I must find the time to get that Drudanae to Locke soon. They're hardly rare. . Those youngsters treat an almost holy relic with apalling disregard! -One way to solve 'Chalice of the Dragon'. his secret storage. that collection of formulas is mine and mine alone. otherwise these trolls would be out of control! -Opens a dialogue option that Allows you to destroy the friendship rune Mona [1200]: I hope this Gobie is gullible enough to believe us. -Opens an additional dialogue option Eamon [1200]: I hope this stupid peasant pays us before he realises this is all a scam. What is strange is that safety seems to be strongly linked to his own name: Needleman. located on a cliff south of the tower.. -Opens an additional dialogue option Doctor Needleman [800]: Needleman's mind is in as acute a state as his body. I had better not mess with a Dragon Knight! Harry [175]: That alchemist has it easy! We do the dangerous gathering and he just boils our spoils in a kettle. Text Only --------Tom [175]: How come Sassan got pretty again all of a sudden? Dick [175]: Sometimes I just want to run off and stay away. which will probably be the most cheerful piece I've ever written. -Allows you to threaten him into letting you pass Mundus [2400]: It's a good thing I painted that Friendship Rune on the portal. -Allows you to access Needleman's Storage. Geshniz [2400]: I don't care how Rayhun threatens.. apparently..

Velanir. So romantic.. Saul [300]: I can't believe they'd actually think it was Tilian who was speaking the truth! How dumb are they? Quintus [300]: Quintus can't stop thinking of trolls.Hermaphroditus [175]: Why be satisfied with the pleasures of one when you can have those of the both of them? Cadby (300): Ew.. Tibus [300]: Just ye wait. Ghost [300]: My throat is sore from all this boo-ing! Groth [300]: The name of Groth shall be famous and goblins respected as writers! Keara (at entrance) [2400]: Little does the Dragon know all the statues lie! Hahaha! Keara (at the end) [1200]: Oh.. away from all these wyverns and goblins. the dome of stars above me. so scared. perhaps? Morgan [300]: Where is the time I was still known as Jack Quick-Sable.. Aleroth. You tore him apart with your bare hands and offered me his head.. Lucky it's laundry day. we'll show ye who's the strongest. Broken Valley.... scourge of the western seas? Aurelius [300]: My worth to the Champions shall be as great as my ambition: the death of Svadilfari... and of course: Black Ring. Jedediah [300]: Jedediah's mind is filled with images of Dragons blurred into a phantasmagorical vision of reverence in which the towers of Dragon Cliff Castle stand more prominent than anything else. How I miss you. but. Williams [400]: Am I lucky they never asked for the number combination of the treasure chest in the mine office! I'd have cracked immediately. goblins. again. trolls. Brutus [300]: Brutus' head is filled with worry only. Olivia [300]: The nightmares. will the nightmares ever cease? Simeon [300]: And when I can see once more. which annoys him tremendously. Mullet [300]: Dad could have called me Sue and I'd have liked it better than Mullet! Zeppelin Master Page [300]: I should just move to a safer place. I remember our walks in the woods. Gobie [300]: So scared. Dragon.. and the time that insolent youth threw me a kiss. Maybe I can .. no longer will I have to behold in awe my inner self alone.

. -You gain 2 skill points. Bandit Barracks .... but I'm making a good profit! -Pilcher lowers his prices Zarniyar [1200]: I'll be able to retire early at this rate! -Zarniyar lowers his prices Augustus [2400]: You have gained new insights...... Battle Tower . ******************************************************************** * * * XII.... -Mercator lowers his prices --------------| Hall of Echoes | ---------------You can mind read a total of five NPCs in the Hall of Echoes........................ Bandit Camp ..... but you can never be too strong.... but I will not name them due to spoilers...... Each one simply has the text "You have gained new insights" and grants you one skill point................... So here. Questionable -----------Mercator [1200]: Stupid woman! I'd give her a piece of my mind if I weren't a gentleman. INDEX * * * ******************************************************************** ----------| Locations | ----------Aleroth Chapel ... Deodatus [2400]: The items those fiends dropped will make for interesting research.. or sales...still save what's left when these monsters are gone! --------| Aleroth | --------Recommended ----------Pilcher [1200]: A disaster......... certainly.... -Allows you to buy from Deodatus............. take some of my powers.. Zandalor [2400]: We are close to our goal.. [OLZAC] [SLTBB] [VLTBC] [OLDBT] [SLLBT] .. Battle Tower ... -You gain 1 stat point.

..... The Black Boar .............. New Miner's Dig .. Secret Dungeon ................ Camp Valour ................... Orobas Fjords .................... Dark Cave ... Shaman's Ransom ....................................................... Primordial Cave ........ Citadel Chambers ...... Hunting We Shall Go ......................... Derk's House ... Kali's Flying Fortress ....... Derelict Tunnels ........ High Hall Mines ... Teleporters ...... Old Cave ........................................................................................................ Dark Cave .... Robin's Storage ............. Keara's Flying Fortress ....................................... Stone's Flying Fortress ................... Maxos' Temple ........................ Camp Eagle's Nest .. Depleted Ore Mine ............... Citadel Dungeon ..... Raze's Flying Fortress .................. Private Delivery ........................ Hunting We Shall Go Again . Louis' Storage ......................................... Mysterious Cave . Jackson Farm ................ -------| Quests | -------A A A A A A A Guild without a Master................................. Puff of Drudanae ...................................... Dreavan's Storage ...................... Vacca's Cave ........... Miller's House .......... High Hall . Hall of Echoes ............ Laiken's Study ............ Imp's Lair .................. Forgotten Outpost ....... Orobas' Lair ......................................................................Broken Valley ....... Secret Passage .......... Champion Harbour ........... Naberius' Storage .. Dragon Cliff ........................... [FLBVF] [FLBVM] [OLCEN] [OLMCV] [OLACH] [BLLAT] [VLCCU] [VLCDL] [BLNDC] [OLBDC] [OLDOM] [VLDTP] [BLBDH] [OLDCC] [VLEDS] [BLCFO] [FLHOE] [OLHHV] [OLHHM] [OLGIL] [BLTJF] [FLKAF] [FLKEF] [SLLLS] [OLBLT] [BLCLS] [VLMTD] [BLMUH] [OLBMC] [VLNSD] [VLNMD] [OLBOC] [OLOFO] [OLOLO] [OLPWC] [FLRAF] [OLRHT] [VLHRS] [BLCSD] [BLBSP] [FLSTF] [OLTLG] [BLTBB] [SLDVC] [OLHWC] [FQGWM] [VSHWS] [OSHGA] [BSAPD] [OSPOD] [OSASR] [VQTTT] ................ Lost Tomb .. Well Cave ...................................... Broken Valley Mine ........................................... Chapel Dungeon . Red Hammer Tribe ..... Tale of Two Tomes .........

.......... Chalice of the Dragon .......... Looking for Lovis .................. In Cold Blood ..... Louis' Stash ............. Breaking an Entry .. Band of Brutes ... [OSABC] [OSARK] [OSATQ] [VSATF] [OSAAA] [BSBOB] [OSBNB] [OSTHP] [OSBBB] [SQBAE] [BSBBB] [SQCIW] [SQNCU] [OSCOD] [BMCTD] [OQCNH] [VSBCT] [VSBDR] [OSHDJ] [OSDOC] [OSRDA] [OSMDD] [OSDTH] [VQDNM] [SQEIS] [BSFOF] [BSPOF] [SSSTN] [WYGC?] [OSBGR] [MQHEB] [VSHLR] [BSRHT] [BSHAD] [BSHMR] [VSICB] [BSIBD] [VSJGN] [SQLIL] [SSLAM] [FQLAK] [VQLFL] [VSLFW] [VSLLS] [BSCLS] [VSRLL] [SQHMO] [VSMOM] [OSMOR] [OSMAG] [BSNOC] [OSORA] [OSOOL] [VQLPT] [OSRGN] [OQRTS] [OSROA] ...... Come to no Harm ... Man Overboard .. An Axe to Find .................................... Reaping the Seeds ........................................................................................... Lovis' Loot ...... Jagon ...................Allan Brew Confidential ... Legend of the Ancient Mariner ....................... Daylight Robbery ............. Grave Robbers .... Chasing the Dragon ....................................................... Between a Troll and a Hard Place ............. Alrik ... Candles in the Wind ............ Lost Soul ................ Death of a Champion .................................................. Ghostbuster ......................... Apprentice and Adversary ........................................ New Order or Champion Chaos? . Borrowed Book ................................ Out on a Limb .................. Lock and Key............. Dear John . Enchanted I'm sure .............................. From Soup To Nuts ..... Much Ado About Goblins ............. Couple Trouble .......... Paper Trail ...... For a Pound of Flesh .................................. Barnabus .................................................................... Hall of Echoes Bound .......... Red Ore Alert ....... Hallorn .............................. Delicate Affairs ...................... Alutiiq .......................... Divine Descendant ............ Lost For Words .. High and Dry ... Hearttaker . Caught Undead ...... Feast or Famine ............... On The Road Again ...................... Down the Hatch ................................ Moor ............................ Ragon .................. Into the Bandit's Den .... Hjalmar ........................... Dragon No More ............ Laiken in his Lair ........................................... Method or Madness .... Buad Blood ....

.................................... Stood Up ............... The Old Ghost and the Sea ............................... Skeletons in the Closet ........... Sparring Partner ........................................... What's in a Name? ............................ The Prophecy ....... The Greater Hunter ............................. The Book of the Dead ........... [OQRMN] [BSSTB] [OSWSS] [SSHSR] [OSSSE] [BSSIC] [SQTSP] [OSCSU] [VSSIH] [OSBOD] [OQFHS] [BSDTF] [SQATG] [VSTGH] [OSHHH] [VSHRO] [SSOGS] [SQITP] [OSROW] [SQTSC] [OQSHS] [VSTOD] [OQTHS] [SSWOW] [OSTIS] [BMLGR] [VSNVM] [VSVPR] [SQWIN] [OQXMS] [VSYPK] .......................................... Short Supply ..... Vigor Mortis .... Saving the Bacon ............... The Horror of High Hall ....... Viper ... The Hunt For Red Ore .... The Gardener ..................... Yup'ik ... The Writing on the Whale .. Sibling Rivalry ............... The Fugitive ....... The Runes of Wrath ..........Revelation ........................ Thorn in the Side . Sight for Sore Eyes .................................................... To Lay a Ghost to Rest ....... X marks the Spot .......... The First Hungry Statue ......... The Temple of Doom ..... The Third Hungry Statue ....................... Stuck in a Hole .......... The Second Hungry Statue ........ The Second Coming ........

Order of the Viper Cuirass Mindread Bulbas. Unlock the Top Room. It has the bracers. take the Anti-Demon Grip Spell. Mindread Nericon. The helmet is inside the chest that appeared on the desk. Go into the area that just opened and they are in the chest. the Champion in The Circle of Trust Inn. He will leave to door so you can now go in. On the chest at the top of the chamber there is a button on the side of it. Order of the Viper Order of the Viper Helmet Mindread Hannibal inside The Phoenix Inn.Set of Armour Locations Dragon Wizard Dragon Wizard Earrings When talking to Ursula in the library of The Prancing Seahorse. Dragon Wizard Helmet After completing side quest: Fat Chance. Order of the Viper Bracers Inside the cellar of The Playhouse press the button on the wall to the left of the desk. Gula will give you the key to his chest. Unlock the Wooden Chest. its under the bridge in Lanilor Lane. mindread her and the earrings are yours. Mindread Byron to give you the option to tell him that Champions are making fun of Seekers. Dragon Wizard Cuirass You must have read the Elven Alphabet found in the library of The Prancing Seahorse. mindread Ricky the bartender to reveal the key to the Top Room. Go to the second floor of The Circle of Trust Inn. Dragon Wizard Leggings Inside the library of The Prancing Seahorse. Drop down onto the platform that appeared under the west side of the one you are on and jump to the chest. Move the left picture up once and the right picture up twice. After killing Laeniel take the key that is on the table by the door. Order of the Viper Belt . Then. go into the back room. Go to the Cosy Dwelling on Lanilor Lane. the tree at the entrance to Crows Nest. Unlock the room on the second floor. When you try leaving the room you will have to kill Halliwell and take his key to Laeniels room. Ask about his armor and he will give it to you. Dragon Wizard Bracers Go to the North chamber in The Temple of Nimir.

go upstairs and talk to Benard upstairs about the chest in the basement to get the key.Sold to you by Brancussi if you sided with the Assassins during side quest: A Swindler Swindled. NPCs Mindreads Abbott . There is a key in the first torch on the left where you find Abbott. and then to the one with the chest. . Go down to the healers in Mardaneus Plaza and talk to Peter to get the password to unlock the basement door. I saw something glistening in that torch. jump to the ones on the wall. The one in the back contains the Order of the Viper Leggings.Looted off Brancussi after killing him during side quest: A Swindler Swindled. Pass the first two traps. There are two chests in the storage room. Order of the Viper Leggings The Sewer Entrance is directly in front of you when you enter the Crows Nest. but Im afraid to burn my fingers.During side quest: Beauty and the Beast the belt is looted from the bag after killing Luxurious. It unlocks the Iron Gate to the West Chamber. turn off the poison by jumping onto three platforms to pull a lever.In the Forgotten Crypt after you pass two traps and turn off the poison. Another is on the fourth column on the right. Mindread him to find out about the secret buttons near the torches to get into the storage room. Shadow Archer Cuirass . Another on the fourth column on the left. Shadow Archer Bracelet In the Forgotten Crypt in Crows Nest. It opens the small chest on the desk. Defeat him and take his Sewer Hatch Key. There is a key by a skeleton in the hall going South. . Inside you will find the helmet. Shadow Archer Shadow Archer Bracers Mindread Decimus. The second chest has the leggings. Shadow Archer Leggings During side quest: Old Dog or New Tricks? choose Minius to go to The Temple of Nimir. There is a Lever on the second column on the left from the Sewer Entrance. Then. guy in bed closest to the exit of The Healers House. Talk to Dwayne. Shadow Archer Helmet After defeating the Engineer go to the Eastern most part of that platform.

Alvaro . Wouldnt be the first sucker to fall for my schemes. Alfred . Agnus . It unlocks the chest on the table. Ill stop the Engineer even if it means my death! At least my sacrifice will give my ally a chance. Even if you dont buy her what she wants you can still take everything from her. Perhaps I left that script in the secret part of the cellar.Before you come out of the Sewers from Crows Nest Lowers prices. opal.Backstage of The Playhouse. and malachite. if you mindread her you can tell her that her thoughts betray her. . . If I keep up the act Ill break even a Dragons heart and that jewel will be mine. Lets you know that there is a button beside the desk in the cellar.Reveals a key in the first torch on the right. It contains the Shadow Archer Bracelet.After you come out of the Sewers from Crows Nest Damned One be damned! How could I be so careless? If I had known a Dragon Knight would show up.After you talk to Skulk for the third time. Just a couple more softies and I can live the life of a noblewoman! You can buy her what she wants from Tiffany. the jewellery dealer in the Great Market. Items are: pyrite. . secret anyone can push the button by the desk. and then make her give you everything she has. It would be entertaining to find out what it is. {Behrlihn} .If you take Toms finger when you meet him in Crows Nest you can walk into Luxurius Manor.Inside Alzbetas Emporium. and you will meet him. Alzbeta .Lady standing next to Tiffany. Id have hidden my diary! Uncle Carl warned me about that! .There is dark delight in this house. Well.

Gain new incites. . pierce his tongue with bone splinters from his own legs and put his head on a stake.Champion standing in front of the shrine in Lanilor Lane. Acumen is the key.Ah. a leader of Champions. Aquila . that she is the food critic. then spends hours pestering Alzbeta. What a critic must do to stay incognito! Lets you tell Bourdain. My father Richard wants me to marry a valiant man.Champion you talk to once you enter Aleroth. Means that Ashraf/Pumpkin is in Alzebtas Emporium. {Behrlihn} .Necromancer standing across from the shrine on Lanilor Lane. To be a fly on the wall when it happens! Ashrafs Door . a Champion! But Tom is is valiant in his own right. Ashraf really has to choose: he dotes over Ursula all the time. isnt he? Anona . I cant believe I have to pretend these two dimwits are my friends.Door on the first floor of The Prancing Seahorse. Intelligence is increased..Met after freeing her from her cell in side quest: Beauty and the Beast. Little does he know the Black Ring will gouge out his eyes. Astridax . Augustus .Anne . None so shrewd or I can coax them to minister to my every demand.Lady sitting closest to the kitchen in The Phoenix Inn. the chef in The Phoenix Inn.

During side quest: Old Dog or New Tricks?. . I know it would be useless to drink it without papillae. That lets you get to the chest in the corner.In second cell in Wild Willows Manor. Should I part with it in this heros favour? Gives you the option to ask him about his armour. I noticed a button hidden at the back of a chest. I wonder what it does? Lets you know that there is a button on the side of the chest at the top of the chamber. I will surely need my Order of the Viper armour to survive.Champion standing outside The Prancing Seahorse with Minius after you have gotten the side quest: Old Dog or New Tricks? Thank the Divine they havent notice my wound. up goes the wall? Down.Skeleton/Enchanter in The Phoenix Inn. just to remind me of foregone days. but Ill be damned if I let another die in my stead. In turn he gives you Order of the Viper Cuirass. Up. Baldini . Balbus . Bedwyr . It reveals a platform just under the west side of the platform you are on.Champion sitting in The Circle of Trust Inn. What to do? If the Black Ring attack. I may need a healer. down go the funny pills! Reveals a switch on the door frame in the Medicine Room.Aulus . But the Dragon Knight could put it to better use than I. Bedlam . When I was all the way up there where the flower grows. Lets you tell him that he is wounded and Minius should go to The Temple of Nimir. but still I should like an amphora of High Hall wine.In the corner of The Temple of Nimir. It contains the Dragon Wizard Bracers.

Ghost in Great Market.Inside Willys House if you sided with the Assassins during side quest: A Swindler Swindled. Caracalla . Divine. Bert . Bernard . Bourdain . those are what this city needs.Champion standing in front of Sir Gulas House. Making him and the other guard walk away from the door. Lets you tell him that Champions are making fun of Seekers.Chef inside The Phoenix Inn. {Behrlihn} . . Lowers prices.Seeker standing guard in front of Halliwells room on top floor of The Circle of Trust Inn. Byron . essential! Allows entry into Sir Gulas House after talking to Bernard. upstairs inside The Healers House. no one is as dextrous as I am with knife and fork and spoon! Brancussi .Guy in room upstairs in The Healers House.There must be some way to gain entry to this place! It is crucial. All these damned Champions. No wonder Aleroth is going to the dogs! Seekers. Dexterity increase.Gives side quest: Mind Over Matter. Ha. Gives side quest: Mind Over Matter. about Gula eating the food. if only I still had a copy of The Saucy Lass from Rivertown.

Herbalist and illusionist inside Chez Chanelle.In front of burning house in Crows Nest. Claire . She said Id give power to those that eat me. Master Herbalist raised by one point.Guy in bed closest to the exit in The Healers House. Chanelle . just leave it be! Survival of the fittest. Carrot .What a pompous buffoon! Pray he finds the way to the Hall of Echoes soon so his petty memories may be devoured. Gives side quest: Mind Over Matter. The ease with which I brew potions! I am truly a great herbalist. {Behrlihn} Pathetic woman! If she cant be bothered to help her infant herself. but Ill be damned if I let anyone know.{Berhrlihn} . . and all I can think about is the little zeppelin I used to play with as a child.Bum sitting by crates in Mardaneus Plaza. Reveals a key under the plant that unlocks the hatch right behind Sir Gulas House. Thinks I didnt see her put it among the flowers. Decimus . which you can tell Bernard in the Healers House. Darvesh .On table in the back of The Circle of Trust Inn. We all might die soon. Praise the Divine I know where his maid keeps the key to Gulas kitchen or Id starve. Also lets you know that he is stealing food. Casca .Champion standing at the gate to Crows Nest.

who gives strength through blood! I wonder what powers it would grant a feeble human such as this. Means that if you drink his blood after killing him you get a small increase on some of your stats. Dwayne .Necromancer in basement of The Circle of Trust Inn. deadly and obedient to a fault! This is what my army will need. Keep in mind that his blood is used for breaking the curse on Kelton in side quest: Something Rotten. Hail Abraxas. {Berhlihn} . Dr.What a creature! Look at it: strong. So Bloody annoying to have to press those secret buttons near the torches every time I want to get into the storage room! Lets you know that there are three switches to press to open up the storage room. Another is on the fourth column on the right. Another on the fourth column on the left. There are two chests in the storage room.Demon that appears after lighting the candles in the Top Room of The Phoenix Inn. Gives side quest: Mind Over Matter.Champion standing next to the caged undead in the Great Market. If I could just get my hands on a new sort of limb! I ran out of goblin and Dragon Elf combinations ages ago. Ezaazh .In the Sewers in Crows Nest. Flora .Bernard put some of my stuff in a chest downstairs: says its safe. West . vicious. There is a Lever on the second column on the left from the Sewer Entrance. But I really hope he didnt misplace my Shadow Archers Gloves.Female Champion sitting at the bar in The Phoenix Inn. Dorus . . The one in the back contains the Order of the Viper Leggings.

His renewed life is worthless mine is not! Halliwell .Never mind how obnoxious he looks! He knows things and we must know them too! . What is Gardner going to do in the emergency barracks? Hit on female Champions? Theyll have his privates for breakfast! Means that Gardner/Carrot is on the first floor of The Circle of Trust Inn. {Behrlihn} . {Behrlihn] . Gula .Door on second floor of The Prancing Seahorse.Dear gods. First Ill return his key.Looks like he wont be winning any beauty contests. Gardners Door . Lowers prices. on the left. then we will sacrifice his house-mates Tom and Hansel! .Weapon and fish dealer in Great Market. It was a unique jewel! Gives side quest: Mind Over Matter.Armor dealer in Great Market. Gina .After you gain entry to Sir Gulas House.After completing side quest: Fat Chance. Lowers prices. but there is more to him than meets the eye! He is of importance! .Guy you run into on your way to Mardaneus Plaza. Ill quickly dispatch of this insect and warn Laeniel weve been found. this one. I cant believe I lost my pearl necklace. Gofannon .He was trapped in a body as I am trapped in a cave.You encounter him again when you try leaving his room on the second floor of The Circle of Trust Inn. {Behrlihn} .

I hope my creations never end up in some other healers hands. in back of the room. First grave. blue paned by entrance to room. to the left of where Jake is. Lowers prices. Ivy . The Dark Knight rides his steed towards the tower. Laeniel is really starting to scare me.Met during side quest: The Murders in the Rue Lanilor. or theyll figure out the recipe and have no use for me anymore. To think I found this ancient formula for healing potions by sheer luck. Hansel . After all this time I still remember the secret of the paintings in the room upstairs. I dont even understand that language he speaks and the chanting: what is that all about? Heleon . Means that the paintings in the Top Room of The Phoenix Inn: left one goes up once. I cannot be defeated long as my minions lie living in graves. Thirst grave. right one goes up twice. Your time has come.Old man standing in front of caged undead. Horace .Hannibal .Gem dealer is Great Market.Ghost inside The Phoenix Inn. . center doesnt move. And what living thing would think to fiddle with graves? Hehehe! Lets you know that if you kill all four people in the graves in that room.Herb and plant dealer in Great Market. you will then be able to kill him. poor prisoner. Second grave. Jake . Lowers prices.Healer waving you down on Lanilor Lane.

- Inside Wild Willows Manor. {Behrlihn} - I love this place, it reeks, it reminds me of tears, screams, pain, mutilation. Lets not leave just yet.

- Magic dealer in Great Market. Lowers prices.

- Met after killing Dwayne is the Sewers in Crows Nest. Healing skill iis raised one point. Poor Otto, he is behond even my healing prowess now.

- Goblin dealer on Lanilor Lane. Lowers prices.

- Skeleton in The Healers House basement. {Demon} - Get out oh his head, meatling. This soul is mine to feast on!

- Guy being attacked by guards on your way to Mardaneus Plaza. Say that you will interrogate him. Why didnt I just burn these damned letters? Now the whole plan might be in jeopardy.

- Pig in room 101 of Madam Eves. You can see flashes in Kevins mind that depict the murder of Folo, but from a low height. During the struggle Folo was repeatedly stabbed with a weapon that was afterwards flung under the bed.

Reveals the Enigmatic Blade under the bed.

- Inside the room on the second floor of the Cosy Dwelling. You must have defeited Halliwell to get the key to unlock the door. Summon Demon skill raised one point. I am a summoning master! Demons obey my command!

Madam Eve
- Inside Madam Eves. Charm skill increased by one. How easy it is to seduce for one with my charm.

- In the room blocked by the barrier of the backstage in The Playhouse. {Behrlihn} - Eternity as a ghost among amateur players in a mediocre play. This death is remarkably like life.

- In the basement of The Circle of Trust Inn. Where could I have lost my coin? The only one ever struck with the profile of Bellegar on It! Gives side quest: Mind Over Matter.

- Inside the locked room of the South chamber in the Temple of Nimir, if you chose him to go to the temple during side quest: Old Dog or New Tricks?. To unlock the room you have to pull the levers in this order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 1. I wonder what that key is for. But I dont want to take it from a skeletons hand. Those catacombs give me the creeps. Lets you know that there is a key in the hand of a skeleton in the hall that goes south. It unlocks the Iron Gate to the West chamber. In the second chest are the Shadow Archer Leggings.

- Guy in suit of armour in the Black Market. He is also the man that is on the wanted poster part of side quest: A Hunting We Shall Go Once More. Lockpick raised by one. Deodatus is a fool if he thinks the treasury is safe! No lock so difficult that I cant break it.

- In Wild Willows Manor. After raising the wall by standing on one pressure plate with somebody else standing on the other. Mana Leech skill raised by one point. I drained almost all the powers from that filthy kidnapper and still he bested me! - After returning the cup to Gulas Archeological Site. {Behrlihn} - Well done, you saved a goblin. Since when is cannon fodder treated with such considerations?

- Tree at entrance to Crows Nest. You must have read the Elven Alphabet found in the library of The Prancing Seahorse. Perhaps you search my thoughts for power, or wealth. How about I grant you the Dragon Wizards Armour? Gives you the Dragon Wizard Cuirass.

- Man standing in front of hatch across Madam Eves. Where is that bloody Dormen? Ive been waiting for the merchandise for a week now! Verdistis is rather far away, but the blasted lazy bones should have made it before that wizard fellow put up the shield! By telling him that you are Dormen he will give you access to the Black Market.

- By the shrine in Crows Nest.

Such vermin should be rounded up and burned. {Behrlihn} .Inside Alzbetas Emporium. Miserably. Might as welll try to teach a rabbit the value of dinner table etiquette and achieve more beneficial results. . {Behrlihn} .{Behrlihn} . Pumpkin .Another healer doing his best for a dying soldier while Damian hovers above. Blast! Halliwell will kill me when he finds out I lost the key to the top chamber. Must have lost it under the bridge. How I abhor it! Ricky .Healer in Mardaneus Plaza. Noa . I hope no one knows what power one may receive when they eat me in this pumpkin form! Purvis . Servus .Inside the entrance to The Ministry.Guy sitting closest to the door inside The Phoenix Inn.Bartender inside The Phoenix Inn. A black heart. Reveals key under the bridge in Lanilor Lane. {Behrlihn} . but a weak will. To think I traveled all the way from Verdistis to taste the Chefs Coq Bourre! Ransid .There is a mystery here that needs solving! We must make it into the library! Peter .Bum sitting outside Chez Chanelle.Woman that approaches you when you first walk into The Prancing Seahorse.This fellow is about to fail.

{Behrlihn} . Jango dances tango.Champion standing in front of room 103 of Madam Eves. talks of butterflies to the key..You encounter him after you meet Tom on the East side of Crows Nest.Third encounter is after you free Abbott and follow him to the last trap. you can still turn off the trap by letting Abbott sacrifice himself. If you cant do all three.I sense something behind this door! Find a way in! You must! Skulk . Sheridan .First encounter is when you enter the Forgotten Crypt. Snister . All three mindreads are the password to turn off the last trap. faex et sentina poenam in magos prophanos bene constitutam .Before you complete side quest: Damsel in Distress. pro scelerato mentis ausu jure meretur.In first cell in Wild Willows Manor. Haec blasphema et execranda hujus mundi . This joker has another thing coming if she thinks shes a match for me and my enchanted bracelet! Teddy . Stupid. What a loon! . Damn this filthy place. Taurus . Just cook whatever it is you have so I can go home.Guy sitting by the kitchen in The Phoenix Inn. Left it on my bed. Here I am on guard without my good war hammer.Second encounter is after you pass the first trap.

yet so strengthening. {Behrlihn} . but still I dare not try and save her! Tomato . Tom . Valeri .Drain the knowledge from him. How clever of me to enchant earrings.Door on second floor of The Prancing Seahorse. Lowers prices. I hope no one knows Im a super tomato or they might get it into their heads to eat me! Ursula . Sad how Thomas spends so much time with a chap he doesnt even like.Man examining the runes on the wall after you pull a lever that activates the runes on Lanilor Lane.You encounter him on the East side of Crows Nest.Thaddeus . Taures was right: I am a coward. Dragon! This is what we seek! Thomas Door . The love of my life is in mortal danger. .Jewellery dealer in Great Market. Just because Hansel serves a decent glass of whisky. Good heavens. on the right. Subtle.Enters library in The Prancing Seahorse after Ursula leaves or is killed. Means that Hansel/Apple is in the Cosy Dwelling on the second floor. You will get the Dragon Wizard Earrings.Tomato in first bedroom on second floor in Cosy Dwelling.In library of The Prancing Seahorse. Tiffany .

in Crows Nest. {Behrlihn} . Virginius . there is a key under the bodies that unlocks the golden chest in the corner. or right door.If I could only add that rare Raccoon Rune to my collection. and come back out you will be able to get the key.The citizens corpse in the little alcove to the left of the shrine on Lanilor Lane has the key to the wooden chest by him. Willy . Then go straight back and you will be able to get to the chests. . go into a building. lute. if I could find one. You will use it during side quest: Bartender.The key on the floor in the South-East corner of the main floor in The Healers House unlocks the wooden chest in the North-West corner of the room. . .In the House of Secrets. and lute again. Again.You run into him as you are leaving the Great Market going to Lanilor Lane. Gives side quest: Mind Over Matter. But would that be safe without a compass? I really need one. . Inside the second chest are the Shadow Archer Leggings.If you find some alcohol at any point in the game keep it.The healer and guard arguing about whether the bodies should be burned or studied. When all this fighting is over Im going on a walking tour through the Dark Forest.You can see his next move coming a mile away! Tips .The key on the table at the end of Lanilor Lane unlocks the Iron Chest next to the entrance to The Temple of Nimir. . After you take the two keys from the chest pick the left. after killing the Assassins in Willys House during side quest: A Swindler Swindled. . If you let the bodies be burned. Hahaha! How on earth could you fall for that? {Behrlihn} . harp. .Champion standing at steps in front of Caracallas.After reading Alzbetas diary play the harp. center.This chap seems to be thinking about a trick he once played on you.If you chose Minius to go to the Temple of Nimir there is a key by a skeleton in the hall that goes south that unlocks the Iron Gate to the West chamber. .

It unlocks the door on the second floor of the Cosy Dwelling. and use the teleport. Nericon. The only way to make them leave is to mindread them and tell them that some Champions are making fun of the Seekers. Use the teleports if Ursula isnt near you and kill her. If you decide to fight her you will be transported to an island. . . Examine it. Take the portal back to the library. You know need to find five wizards that know which orb to put on which rune. and then 8. Kill everything you can. 6. Halliwell will come in after you when you try to leave. Clue 4 Complete Side Quest: Nericons Wrath/Dead Rising. Confront Ursula. check the book by the barrier. Go through the door where barrier has disappeared. On the second floor talk to the Seekers. After defeating him take Halliwells Pendant. The number combination is 1. is Gardner. Clue 1 In the library in The Prancing Seahorse is an Anti-Demon Grip Spell on the desk and the Elven Alphabet on a pile of books by the desk. After Ursula is defeated or let go. If you have the Vegetable Spell. If you accidentally eat one of them. You will then be able to get into Halliwells room. in Mardaneus Plaza. is Ashraf. Unlock the doors and pull the levers.Carrot on table in the back of The Circle of Trust Inn. examine it.Main Quest To Find a Wizard . Also take his Laeniel Room Key. . pull the lever. Thaddeus enters the library.Pumpkin on a table in Alzbetas Emporium. He will then tell you about the Wizard Wars and some about how to find Behrlihn. Open the chest and take the Vegetable Spell. If you let Ursula go she gives you a sword. Ask him about Rhode. Its only useful after you meet the tree.Apple on a table on the second floor in Cosy Dwelling is Thomas. Take the Anti-Demon Grip Spell to The Circle of Trust Inn. Clue 2 Complete Side Quest: The Murders in the Rue Lanilor. Clue 3 Complete Side Quest: An Appetite for Murder and then Fat Chance. Keep going down. then walk onto the broken bridge and walk off on the East side.

Lets just say justice is served. left. jump onto the bed with the canopy to get to the platforms leading to the Blue Moon orb. . Take off your helmet and take the White Snow orb off the alter in the West side of the room. left. South-East. and right. Enter the Antediluvian Vault. Dont worry about attacking him. Moss Rat on Death. Put on the helmet. In the room with the eight runes on the floor put the White Snow orb on the Mountain rune. I wont tell you what happens to him. and take the helmet off. Put your helmet back on. Whether you choose Bellegar or Bihrlihn you will still get the Eye of the Patriarch as a power you can use in your dragon form while escorting the zeppellin. and take the new path to the Violet Blast orb. Walk up the to locked door. second lever till the torch is blue. and then pull the lever past the last bed. Bellegar stops you again. If you follow his advice and leave Berhlihn alone he will give you Bellegars Device. and Fire God on Snake. Take the Helmet of Secrets from the chest. Go in the room on your right. After he retreats go further into the vault. Get off that path and go through the doorway. Pull the lever on the North side of the room on the upper floor. then onto the platform on the wall. jump onto the two glowing platforms. Get back on the floor and take the stairs down. and North-East. turn around.Clue 5 Complete Side Quest: Rune Handles. Antediluvian Vault Bellegar will challenge you to a fight. and third till the torch is red. just concentrate on his summons. Go back to the main room and into the doorway in the West. If you side if Behrlihn the vault will open and Willy shows up. The Champion Academey. take off your helmet. put on your helmet. Walk to the center of the room. put on your helmet. Go back to the main room. North-West. Take the Fire God orb off the desk. Before you go through the next doorway. stand next to the last couch. Leave the room and pull the first lever till the torch turns green. walk through. Violet Blast on Gold. Champion Academy In Source Square go through the door where Skulk was. Theofolus comes out and you have to kill him. jump onto the glowing platform. put your helmet on. Go to the west side of the second floor. Take off your helmet and take the platforms to the Moss Rat orb in the cage. then to the one on the wall. Stay on the East wall. then take your helmet off and jump onto the floating platforms. and right into a room with a lot of beds. Stand on the pressure plates in this order: South-West. up the stairs. Walk across the planks and jump over the holes in the floor. Go down the stairs in the North-East corner. then the one on the wall. At the first intersection go straight. Blue Moon on Sheild. Then go downstairs and pull the next lever.

On Lanilor Lane next to The Playhouse.You will be transported to Augustus.Inside Wild Willows Manor in Crows Nest. Do not forget to use your powers. Mysus . Carmina . Mindread him to convince him to let you in. Talk to him to claim your reward for killing the people on the wanted lists by the door. A Swindler Swindled Willy . Follow the arrowed path. . After the first section of islands you can tell the zeppelin to attack a target you choose with one of your hotkeys.Champion sitting at a table in The Circle of Trust Inn. Final Battle Once the zeppelin hits the main tower you are confronted by Ygerna who must DIE! If you sided with Bihrlihn. Kill everybody and take his Book of Contacts.You run into him when you first enter Lanilor Lane. WARNING! Doing this will start the end of the game and you will not be able to go back to Aleroth. Use that on the nests and when you are surround by ballista towers. he is there too. oops. Step on the pressure plate and then head towards the entrance. talk to Nerk. The end. When you are ready to continue let Augustus know. especially the Eye of the Patriarch. Go for the big ones first. Tell him you have the power to destroy the Black Ring. If you load from that save and the zeppelin is almost destroyed.Inside Decimus House in Crows Nest. because the game will periodically autosave. Destroy everything in your way as quickly as possible. Side Quests A Hunting We Shall Go Once More Balbus . Make a save before you tell Augustus you are ready. Zeppelin Escort You must know escort the zeppelin in dragon form. Talk to Mysus and tell him his time is up. Jango . Make a save before you tell Augustss you are ready.

You can let Alzbeta alone for a discount. Otherwise turn her into Bernard. up the next and pull the lever. Jump to the platform that is on the North wall. Go to his house and agree to get rid of the Assassins in his house. Mindread him to find the key to Gulas Kitchen. you will find Baldini. The Sewer Entrance is directly in front of you when you enter the Crows Nest. Mindread him to find out about the secret buttons near the torches to get into the storage room. in the top chamber.You can get some money out of Willy three times: when you first enter Lanilor Lane. The key to the Jewel Box opposite the baby is in the previous room in the North-West corner on the floor. . Go up the next ladder. Burns Claire . Take the ladder to the Sewer Hatch Exit. then when you go to the end of Lanilor Lane. He will give you access to Sir Gulas House. Another is on the fourth column on the right. and finally when you are about to walk past Heleon. the letters are on the desk in the South-West corner of the room. and pull the lever. Defeat him and take his Sewer Hatch Key. You will also get the Shadow Archer Cuirass by checking the bag that appeared after killing Brancussi. Willy . Look at the chest above you and jump. Pick a side. An Appetite for Murder Bernard . then to the West. Go into the Sewer Entrance in Crows Nest. Another on the fourth column on the left. down another. Jump to the platform in the North-East corner.In front of the burning house in Crows Nest When you are inside run into the room on the West side of the ground floor. Baldinis Bouquet Inside The Temple of Nimir. Then. There is a Lever on the second column on the left from the Sewer Entrance. up the ladder. Assassins . ignoring everything that attacks you and grab the baby in the next room on the South side. Talk to Dwayne. Go upstairs. jump to the platform in the West. Get back on the ground and use the teleport. He will ask you to get the flower that doesnt exist that is at the top of the chamber and take it to Chanelle. Go to Mardaneus Plaza and talk to Darvesh about the missing the top floor of the Healers House. Behrlihn says you should pay him a visit. climb up the ladders that you just lowered. As soon as they are dead the fire is out and Willy comes out of the back room with another scam.Brancussi will sell you his wares along with the Shadow Archer Cuirass. And It Burns. The chest in the back has the Order of the Viper Leggings.He will set the house on fire and you have to kill the assassins. Go up the ladder behind him. Burns.

Give it to Captain Balbus. and then tell Jango that no one leaves this place unless in a coffin. Examine the corpse and take the Doctors Note and Supply Room Key. Make your way back to the entrance and you run into Jango. Take it back to Baldini. Follow him to a locked door.Pick the flower. He wants some alcohol. Read the book and go back to the Crows Nest and talk to the tree. Place the cup on the Pedestal in the back of the room. Back in Wild Willows Manor. Go into the room in the North-West corner. Bartender Pass the gate and go in the room on the right and take the Doctors Note and read it. In the room to the left on the South wall is Bedlam. Enter the Crows Nest and the tree will start talking to you in an old Elven language. Give her the flower. Once you are inside Gulas Archeological Site. Read the note. Take Queen Ormhildrs Cup. Go to Lanilor Lane and enter Chez Chanelle. Then go into Gulas Archeological Site. Check it and talk to Najaad. Take the Medicine Room Key on the floor. The perfume is finished. Take the key at the bottom of the steps. Read the note. Walk off the Eastern edge. Mindread him. and then go back to Chanelle. Go through the next gate and open the door in the South.Standing in front of the gate to Crows Nest When you approach Casca. Give Najaad some alcohol after unlocking his cell. It is on top of a stack of books in the South-West corner of the library. take his key. Bark Up the Right Tree Lieutenant Casca . Ask Chanelle if she knows a Baldini. go through the door in front of you. . Go back towards the entrance and into the Supply Room. into another building. If you need a key talk to Heleon in Lanilor Lane. Ask him to help you with the pressure plates. Examine the Necromancers Corpse and take the Troll Cell Key. Is a button on the back side of the chest. Kill him and take his Bracelet. one of his men will go into the Crows Nest and get struck down. and the Crystall Skull. jump to the next platform. The book you are looking for is Elven Alphabet. Go back to the room where Bedlam is and open the Medicine Room. Talk to Teddy. Press the Lever on the door frame. Inside that chest you will find the Dragon Wizard Bracers. You have to gain access to the library in The Prancing Seahorse. Starts Side Quest: Herbal Medicine. Start walking towards the entrance. Necromancers Notes. and ask him to help with the pressure plates. walk out the Chez Chanelle. Tell him you will get his potions. If you kill him.

Servus House is the first door on the left. Examine the corpse and take the Teleport Stone. Brothers In Arms Eareb/Nathirap . . and be let in. Go up the street and talk to Aquila and tell him about the goblin brothers. In the south of the room you will find Luxurius and Anne. then left. right. show the finger to Alvaro. The last one is on a post by the fountain. Take the door to the left to Luxurius House. After Luxurius is dead take his Jail Key. Beauty and the Beast Tom . Talk to him Damsel in Distress Servus . Green. and free Anne. Return to Servus. Take the Private Chamber Key from the chest. After Anne leaves turn around and press the button between the two candle stand on the fountain. Place the stone on the teleport. As if he has any traditional goblin weaponry. In the bedroom on the second level is a chest. The next is behind the candle stand next to Annes cell. One is on the side of the round table to the left of the bed.Inside The Ministry by the entrance. pull the lever till the third kettle drops. In the next room. Go in and kill everything. . Take the key and go into the West room downstairs. Go back to Eareb and Nathirap and give them the weapons and armour. Wait for both of them to walk up to Aquila. Go into the Sewers. Blue. There is nothing special in it though. Tom and Anne are in the Cosy Dwelling. Then go out to Lanilor Lane. Once you enter the Crows Nest. Blue. Its at your feet.Standing next to Willys House on Lanilor Lane. There are two chests in this room. Leave that room and turn right. Mindread her and tell her that Tom sent you. If you Mindread him he will lower his prices. On the pillar to the left of the room with the teleport there is a switch. the Order of the Viper Belt. Open the door to the Private Chamber. Inside the house go to the second floor. Show the finger to Luxurius and he will unlock the chest in the room.Without taking his finger you need to search Taurus House on Lanilor Lane. The color of the statues from left to right is: Red. Take a left and then another left. Go farther up the street and talk to Kaan. You now have to press three more buttons.Found past Decimus House. -If you take his finger you can walk into Luxurius Manor.Return to Najaad and let him out.

If you mindread him you will be given the Side Quest: Mind Over Matter. Fat Chance Gula . Complete Side Quest: Nericons Wrath. Go to Mardaneus Plaza and mindread Darvesh to reveal Under the bridge in Lanilor Lane on the West side is a Back Door Key sitting under a plant. In one of the urns is another key.Healers in Mardaneus Plaza. Take the key that is at the bottom of the steps in one of the urns. Inside The Ministry after that. Everybodies a Critic Bourdain . Pick up the Enchanters Room Key behind Hannibal. the goblin that is yelling at you. Go into the door in the North. You gain access into it after completing side quest: An Appetite for Murder. Eternal Commitment Decimus . its inside a small chest on the desk in the East of the house. talk to Heleon. Put the plate on the Pedestal in the South of the room.Guy lying in bed closest to the entrance of The Healers House. She is sitting at the table with the laughing women to find out she is the food critic. Once you bought it. Ask about the orb. Fire em Up Bedwyr . Ask him if there is anything you can do for him. Go in Back Entrance and take the Gorgombert that is on the table. Return to Bourdain and give him the Gorgombert. Go to Gulas Archeological Site by the Waypoint Shrine in Madaneus Plaza. Leave the building. Mindread Anona. Return to Gula. go into another. First Aid Peter . Go to Lanilor Lane and talk to Kaan. Go upstairs and unlock the room in the South.Inside Gula House. Return it to Decimus or Astridax as part of side quest: Sinister Motives. and back to Bourdain. If you dont have to key to Gulas Archeological Site. Decimus House is in Crows Nest. It unlocks the door in the North and South.Dead Rising Augustus .Met once you enter Aleroth. If you Mindread him he will lower his price. Through the conversation you find out that he need a Goblin Energy Orb. He is the healer that is flagging you down on Lanilor Lane.Chef in The Phoenix Inn. Inside Gulas Chest take Gulas Book. .In the Enchanters Room in The Phoenix Inn. In the South door is a chest. take it to Bedwyr.

Pick up the Backstage Key in the North-East corner of the room. and 4.He will give you the password to the cellar in the Healers House. The third potion is on the North wall past the door. Or. Go through the door on the West side and talk to Alfred. The desk is on the North side of the cellar. or you can turn him in as a fraud to Bernard at the Healers House and give him the potions. The fifth potion is in the North-West corner of the room. Open the other door. Read the script and remember Camillas lines. Jewellery In Law Ransid . There you will find the orb. 1. Go farther down Lanilor Lane. You can return the potions to Heleon.In the basement of The Circle of Trust Inn. and into The Playhouse. Go into Gulas Archeological Dig. Jump onto the platform next to it. and ask Chanelle if she can do something about your hair. its right next to Ransid.Sitting next to Chez Chanelle. Messalina . pass the two ladies standing at the kettle. The first potion is on the East wall by the entrance. . If you need to change sex to go Chez Chanelle. You can open the door on the left for a chest.Healer flagging you down on Lanilor Lane. Pick up the Troll Cave Key at the bottom of the steps in the urn. The fourth potion is on the desk on the East wall. Go into the hidden area and take the Charcoaled Manuscript. Return to Alfred and tell him you are ready. Another Troll Cave Key is in an urn to the right of the chest. Mindread him to find out about the button by his desk in the cellar. Tell her Ransid would like her earrings. You have two options as to what to do next. Mind Over Matter Mindread the following people to find out what they want. Return to Ransid and give him the earrings. Once you are a female tell Alfred you are ready. Take the script on the desk and press the button to the left of the desk. Take that to Bernard in the Healers House. She will give you The Saucy Lass from Rivertown. Go into the cellar at the end of the hall. Herbal Medicine Heleon . Take it back to Peter. Astaroth will appear. you can give them to Astridax as part of his Side Quest: Sinister Motives. The lines are as follows: 2. On Lanilor Lane to the east of the Waypoint Shrine is chest. search the corpse and take the coin. Watch the ghosts rehears the play. Go into the room where the barrier has disappeared and talk to Mara. Kill him and the other ghosts. The second potion is next to the door in front of you.

Given to you by Bedwyr after giving him his wine.In the basement of The Circle of Trust Inn. Concentrate on pulling the levers. You will meet The Engineer. When you get to the next door. in front of the Crows Nest. Virginius . Given to you by Messalina after you give her. take his sword and examine it. Old Dog or New Tricks? Messalina . Walk out of the room and turn left. Given to you by Flora after you give her a pearl necklace.In Market. West . Given to you after giving Virginius a compass. Wants a book called The Saucy Lass from Rivertown. then the one to the South-West. Bedwyr . Jump onto the platform on the East wall. If you have not read Skulks mind every time. Wants some new types of limps. Make your way through the fire and pull the next lever. In the far back you will find the Forgotten Crypt. It unlocks the small chest on the table. Given to you after you give Casca his zeppelin. Dr. Wants a compass.In the Enchanters Room in the Phoenix Inn.Tree at the entrance to Crows Nest Go into Crows Nest.In the basement of The Circle of Trust Inn.Sitting at the bar in the Phoenix Inn. Make your way through the fire and pull the lever to open the door. West after giving him his limb. Once he is dead. her coin. Flora .Bernard . Casca . Wants some High Wall Wine. Mindread him. Take the door to Source Square.In Healers House. Nericons Wrath Nericon . Go through the opened door and meet Abbott. Go up the stairs and down the hall. Mindread him. .In Mardaneus Plaza. you are stopped by Skulk. Given to you by Bernard after you give him his book. Given to you by Dr. Then go after The Engineer. Wants a Rare Raccoon Rune. Thinking about the little zeppelin he played with as a child. Mind read him to find out that there is a key in the first torch. and then the North. Return to Nericon and Augustus. you can destroy the trap by telling Abbott you cant find a way through. Valeri . When you get inside you are greeted by Skulk.Examining the runes on Lanilor Lane after you pull a handle that activates one of them. Mindread him again. Again. Pull the lever. pull the lever to open it. You are again stopped by Skulk. Lost her pearl necklace.

Give the amulet to Ricky or Astridax as part of side quest: Sinister Motives. Behind the bush where you first arrived in Aleroth. The lever in front of you opens the gate. There are two chests in this room. Talk to Aleri. There is a chest in the room to your right. where you meet Tom. 2. Seahorse Salad First part of main quest: To Find a Wizard . just past door to The Prancing Seahorse. 4. Once you pull one of the chains under a rune you have a limited time to kill everything. 1. Examine it. 5. 2.You will run into Aulus and Minius on Lanilor lane by The Prancing Seahorse. They are fighting about who will go into the Temple of Nimir. So. I suggest choosing Minius so that you can get a key in the temple to unlock a the Iron Gate. you have a limited time to kill everything. The second one contains the Go back and tell Messalina what the hold-up was. You have to choose one or the other. Behind the candled on the West side of the room is a switch. after you kill everything. On right hand wall. he is the guy examining the runes you just lit up. 3. Rune Handles 1. You can Mindread Aulus to find out that he is wounded. Pull the chain past the first gate. It doesnt matter which one you choose as long as you take the Maxos Bracelet. On wall just past gate to Lanilor Lane. in the back room is a small chest on a table by the bed. Keep going to Lanilor Lane. The sequence is: 1. Inside Henry and Eleanors House in Crows Nest. You have to choose the chest on the left or right. Again. Go into the Maxos Shrine. Just past the gate to the right is a statue. kill everything first. 3. about his mothers amulet. Ask him what they mean from left to right. It contains the amulet. then the ones at the end of the top hall in the West and the one at the end of the Southern hall. There are two chests in that room. 2. Go up the other ladder. Once everything is dead go through the gate that just opened. Go into the cellar. Past Decimus House in Crows Nest on the wall on the right. Just to the right of the Sewer Entrance in Crows Nest. the bartender in The Phoenix Inn. Reminiscence of the Past Talk to Ricky.

Kill him and return to Kelton.Sinister Motives Astridax . A Ring for Astridax . Go back to the inn and into the top room. guy lying in bed closest to exit in The Healers House. Take and read the Dead Champion Note.Side Quest: Eternal Commitment. Talk to Peter. Talk to Decimus.Mindread Decimus.Side Quest: Jewellery In Law. about his mothers amulet. about the chest in the basement and he will give you the key to it. and he will ask you to get his mother-in-laws earrings from The Playhouse. Walk down the hallway to the North and light the candles on both side of the hall by the painting of the woman and the two at the end of the hall. Earrings for Astridax . Talk to Ricky.Ghost in Great Market. Go into the Dining Room. Take the Dining Room Key from the corpse. guy upstairs in The Healers House. An Amulet for Astridax . There is a button on column to the left of the blood X on the wall. Talk to Bernared.Side Quest: Reminiscence of the Past. and he will ask you to get his dead wifes ring from his house in Crows Nest. bartender in The Phoenix Inn.Necromancer standing across from the shrine on Lanilor Lane. a healer in Mardaneus Plaza. the demon Ezaazh appears. Pull the lever. lying in a bed closest to the exit in The Healers House. Mindread Ricky. Something Rotten Kelton . This also gives you side quest: First Aid. . Light the two candles by the door on the right. He will ask you to get it out of his house in Crows Nest. the bartender at the Phoenix Inn to find out that he lost Halliwells key under the bridge. Under the bridge on the North side you will find the Phoenix Inn Top Room Key. Light the candles on the floor. Go into the basement in The Healers House and talk to Kelton. Light the two candles by the door in the West. Caracalla will tell you when the candles are starting to go out. Go down the revealed hall and you will encounter Invisible Terror. Spectre at the Feast Caracalla . Take and read the Fallen Warrior Note next to the corpse. Talk to Ransid. sitting outside of Chez Chanelle. Go down Lanilor Lane. Dont forget to take the key on his corpse Inside Crowells House you will find Caracalla. to get the password to open the basement door. Light the four candles in the corners of the room to see the ghosts attacking you.

Take her crystal. Now. go to The Circle of Trust Inn in Mardaneus Plaza and show the flesh to Dr.After the ghosts are killed. Go to the Great Market and show the broken blade to Gofannon. and examine it. If you read the diary and tell Hansel that you wont tell anybody you get the key to the chest in his room. Return to Madam Eve. Trail of Deceit Hansel . Open the chest that just appeared and take Zombie Jakes Ring. the teleport in the room activates. Enter the room that just opened and you will meet Jake. Kill them. Stand right where you picked up the Pixie Dust and use Pixie Flacon Chanelle just gave you. Kill him.Inside Madam Eves. Go back and tell Madam Eve about the broken blade and the flesh. The diary is on second floor. In Room 102. Return to Madam Eves and go in the last room. Take the first left and jump onto the platforms as they appear to get to a chest. Follow trail of bread and sausage to Cosy Dwelling. Now go kill Jake. take the Weird Piece of Flesh that is between the beds. she will let you in the room. West. Return to Madam Eves and tell Sheridan what you have found. Follow the trail of blood to a button on the wall to the left of the bed. The Murders in the Rue Lanilor Madam Eve . Turn right and press the blue brick on the wall. and kill Rotha. If you just give him the diary you get the key to the chest in his room. Leave the room and turn right. Go into the Eerie Undercroft.Standing in front of the caged undead in Great Market. the blacksmith. Derk and Danas Tombstone. Get to the South side of the room and press Folos Tombstone. Go back. . Go into Chez Chanelle just up the street and show the dust to Chanelle. turn left. Mindread Kevin to find the broken blade under the bed. Take the crystal. Kill Him. then right. on table next to bed. Put the crystals on the pedestals. Show it to Madam Eve. In Room 101. Pick up the Pixie Dust next to the bed. Get to the South-East corner of the room and press Michaels Tombstone. Take it to Caracallas chest.

. Loot his bag and you get the key to the chest in his room. and watch Hansel get his butt kicked.If you read the diary you can tell Dorus. the Champion standing by the undead.

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