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Marie Clements. (b.

Marie Clements is an award-winning Métis performer, playwright and dire tor whose wor! has been presented on stages a ross Canada, the "nited #tates and $%rope. Marie was the #imon &raser "ni'ersity(s $llen and )arren *allman )riter-in-+esiden e for &all-)inter 2,12-1-. #he is the fo%nder of %rban in! prod% tions, a .an o%'er-based &irst /ations prod% tion ompany that reates, de'elops and prod% es 0boriginal and m%lti- %lt%ral wor!s of theatre, dan e, m%si , film and 'ideo. 1er twel'e plays, in l%ding 2Copper *h%nderbird,2 23%rning .ision,2 and 2*he "nnat%ral and 0 idental )omen,2 ha'e been presented on some of the most prestigio%s stages for Canadian and international wor! in l%ding the &esti'al de *heatre des 0meri4%es ("rban *attoo 2,,1, 3%rning .ision 2,,-) in Montreal, the /ational 0rts Centre and *he Magneti /orth &esti'al (3%rning .ision 2,,-, Copper *h%nderbird 2,,5) in 6ttawa. 1er wor! has garnered n%mero%s awards and p%bli ations in l%ding the 2,,7 Canada-8apan 9iterary 0ward and a shortlisted nomination for the 2,,- :o'ernor :eneral2s 9iterary 0ward.

Clements was in'ited to the prestigio%s &esti'al de *heatre des 0meri4%es in 2,,1 for Urban Tattoo and in 2,,2 for Burning Vision. ;n 2,,2, she wor!ed in the writing department of the tele'ision series Da Vinci’s Inquest. 0 fellowship award from the 3C &ilm Commission enabled her to de'elop the film adaptation of her stage play, The Unnatural and Accidental Women. #he is also a reg%lar ontrib%tor on C3C +adio. Clements writes, or, perhaps more a %rately, omposes, with an %rbane, in isi'e and sophisti ated intelle t< her refined artistry is deeply rooted in the parti %lars of her pla e, time and history. *he world premiere of Copper Thunderbird is the first time Canada(s /ational 0rts Centre has prod% ed the wor! of a &irst /ations playwright on its main stage.


Awards and Recognition • • • • • • • • Canada-8apan 9iterary 0ward (2,,7) Burning Vision. :o'ernor :eneral(s 9iterary 0ward for =rama, &inalist (2,,-) Burning Vision. 8essie +i hardson 0ward for 6%tstanding 6riginal >lay, /ominee (2,,2) Burning Vision. $linore ? 9o% #imino'it h >ri@e for 6%tstanding Contrib%tion to Canadian *heatre, /ominee (2,,2). 8essie +i hardson 0wards, >.*.C. 0ward for 6%tstanding 6riginal >lay in =e'elopment (199A) The Unnatural and Accidental Women. #%ndan e # reenwriting Competition, &inalist (199A) No !oo" What #ou $ade $e Do. >raBis # reenwriting Competition, #hort-listed (1995) No !oo" What #ou $ade $e Do. 8essie +i hardson 0wards, #ydney +is! 0ward for 6riginal # ript by an $merging >laywright (199-) 0ge of ;ron.

>%bli ationsC • • • • • Burning o%'erC *alonboo!s, 2,,-. The Unnatural and Accidental Women. .an o%'erC *alonboo!s, 2,,D. Copper Thunderbird. .an o%'erC *alonboo!s, 2,,5. The %d ard Curtis &ro'ect( A $odern &icture )tor*. Marie Clements and +ita 9eistner. .an o%'erC *alonboo!s, 2,1,. Tombs o+ the Vanishing o%'erC *alonboo!s, 2,12.

Compiled by 9awren e 3ar!well Coordinator of Metis 1eritage and 1istory +esear h 9o%is +iel ;nstit%te