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Looking for a pre-loved book. We’ve got the answer!

Plan & Review Administration Of Cindy Efu & Shaun Grace On Assignment 1 Business name: Backhand Books in administration systems Trainer: Maria Artango Date: 15/8/2013 .

5pm 16/8/2013 onwards Manager daily Staff Daily – 4. Personel involved with system implementation are as follows: Person Affiliated System Frequency Due Date Authorisation From 15/8/2013 Manager Daily .g.0 Detailed information about the system requirements Access to barcode register of Australia Magnetic barcode register of Australia Link to banking via eftpos Door screening technology and security cameras Back-up external hard-drive for files Training to use systems effectively 4. Many factors including cash flow and order/receive times affect the timeline.15/8/2013.0 Timeline for system implementation An action plan is needed as a start.45pm 16/8/2013 onwards Manager daily Author Monthly – first 3/9/2013 Contractor . We shall set up a voluntary book deposit in which people receive purchase tokens if they bring in pre-loved books.0 Our organization Backhand Books We cater for those wishing to find pre-loved books on any topic. 1. 2. Staff payments Keeping a register of the books Security to stop book disappearing (might be expensive?) Security cameras Cash register Management link to sales Eftpos machine Back-up drive Catalogue System Online website 3.0 Description of the system required Manual System: Filing books onto shelves Pricing books individually by putting tags on them Handing out tokens for future purchase Marketing Attend/Visit product supplier Hosting events Computerized System: Accounting using such things as Microsoft operational system e. Cindy & Shaun Project 1 Open invitation to tender for the development and supply of administration system.

Business Coach Shareholders Tuesday every month 12pm Weekly – Mon 9am Monthly report – Last day of month 19/8/2013 30/8/2013 Contractor All Management 5.5 2 1.5 1 0. 7. maintenance and the ongoing costs of operation 5 4. such as technical support. Youtube. 6.0 How the quotation should be formatted Suppliers will provide quotes on pre-formatted paper that will show quotes.0 How the quotation should be submitted Quotations (for book prices): Via hard copy – Looking at books on shelf Via talking to staff Via the website – all book prices will be next to title Facebook. A digital quote is most likely in the current business environment.5 4 3. A letter is to be written to converse first unless quote is made in person.0 Details about post-purchase costs.5 3 2.Backhand Books v's 2 Main competitors Sales billions Annual Costs billions Annual Losses billions Total Revenue Billions .5 0 Amazon Books Borders Books Backhand Books Annual Sales Revenue v's Cost .

8. Since we are a second hand book store. brand new titles are suitable. 4030 Ph: 07 99990000 Dear Penguin Books.0 Date by which their quotation should be received Backhand Books Shop 112 Hamilton Rd.0 Who to contact if they need more information This has been answered in the above letter. Please quote via the phone. pre-loved books or seconds would be loved but if this is not possible. Cindy & Shaun Co-managers. 2013. Chermside. Sincerely. Backhand Books Contact Cindy or Shaun when quoting or for more information. . Thanks. If the price is suitable I would like to receive the items on Sept 4th. The quote only requires a price at this time with expected delivery date included. 9. 5 book package items of the Courageous Callihan series. I would like a quote on 100. The quote is required before August 22nd so payment can be made.