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Wonders Wonders of of the the World World
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Early Greek writers drew up lists of the most important buildings in the world they knew. Of these only the Great Pyramid has survived, but we know about the others from writers’ accounts and the work of archaeologists. • • • • • • • Great Pyramid of Giza Hanging Gardens of Babylon Statue of Zeus at Olympia Temple of Artemis al Ephesus (Rome) Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus Colossus of Rhodes Lighthouse of Alexandria

Seven Wonders of the Medieval World
People have never been able to agree on the Seven Wonders of the medieval world, and this is just one of several lists that have been made. It includes buildings that were built before the medieval era (Stonehenge is even older than any of the ancient wonders), but excludes such buildings as Angkor Wat (Cambodia), the Taj Mahal (India), and Chichen Itza (Mexico), which were unknown to Europeans of the time. • • • • • • • Stonehenge Colosseum (Rome, Italy) Catacombs of Alexandria (Egypt) Great Wall of China Porcelain Tower of Nanjing (China) Hagia Sophia (Istanbul, Turkey) Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy)

Seven Wonders of the Modern World
There are many candidates for this list and here is a selection. • • • • • • • Empire State Building (U.S.A) Itaipu Dam (Between Brazil & Paraguay) CN Tower (Canada) Panama Canal (Panama) Channel Tunnel (Between U.K & France) North Sea Protection Works (Netherlands) Golden Gate Bridge (U.S.A)

Natural Wonders of the World
In 1997, CNN announced a listing of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

• • • • • • •

Grand Canyon The Great Barrier Reef The Harbor at Rio de Janeiro Mount Everest Northern Lights Paricutin Volcano Victoria Falls

New Seven Wonders of the World
New Seven Wonders of the World is a project that attempts to revive the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World concept with a list of modern wonders. • • • • • • • • Giza Pyramid Complex (Egypt) Chichen Itza (Mexico) Christ the Redeemer (Brazil) Colosseum (Italy) Great Wall of China (China) Machu Picchu (Peru) Petra (Jordan) Taj Mahal (India)


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