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Group Assignment Examples

These examples are based on real assignments in different subject areas and give you an idea of the range of tasks and assessments that you may experience. For each example, we have given the brief – the explanation of the task which is given to all students – and details of the assessment.

Hospitality example
You need to visit a local tourist information centre, select a local tourist attraction and write a case study of this for your assessment in this module. Your group will write a !!! word report and present for !" # mins on the main findings of your case study. You case study report must include$ • %n introduction that provides a description and history of the attraction • &ain report that includes sections on$ o management and operational structure o marketing strategy o client relations management and customer feedback procedures o current plans for future development • % conclusion that details how successful you feel this attraction is and includes your suggestions for improvement under any of the previous areas of business described.

Your written report will be will be worth '!( of your final mark and should have all group members) names on it. Your presentation will be worth *!( of your final mark and all group members should be present.

Health Studies example
You are working as a team of +ealth visitors delivering health advice to members of the public in a local community setting. You have been asked to devise a presentation that can be delivered to small groups of first"time mothers at community health centres. You have six weeks to prepare before the first presentation is planned. Your presentation will cover areas relevant for this work including$ o ,utrition, immunisation and standard health checks, coping with minor illness, behavioural issues, developmental milestones, getting help and support.

You will need to complete three pieces of work to complete this assignment$ -. % group project plan . !(/ You need to submit one copy with all team members names on. Your plan will provide a detailed breakdown of key project milestones and when they will be completed. This plan must be submitted at the end of week two and should be no more than one %* side. . % group presentation .*!(/ You need to deliver a group presentation covering each of the key areas outlined in the main brief. Your presentation will be -# minutes long, with five minutes for 0uestions at the end. You should consider providing a handout for your audience. 1. % personal report .*!(/ You need to provide a reflection of your experience of working together with other students on this project. Your reflection should include a description of each member)s contribution, including your own, and your thoughts on how well the group worked as a team. You should write a section detailing what skills you have used in completing this project and what could have been improved. 2f you were to work on a similar project in the future, would you do anything differently3 Finally what have you have learnt from this project either about the topic or working with other people generally3 Your reflection should be approximately -!!! "-#!! words in length.

Advertising example
The brief is in two parts$

+artley 4 5awson, 6uccess in 7roupwork, 8algrave &acmillan

2n your groups. The poster will be worth 1!( of your mark for this assignment. Part Two You will be working in groups for this part of the assignment.Part One You will be working individually for this part of the assignment. 8algrave &acmillan . +artley 4 5awson. !( of your marks will come from the peer review component of the assessment.ach member of your group will complete an online peer assessment form. you will consider the keys aspects of good design and you will design a poster to highlight these. 6uccess in 7roupwork. You poster will be %# in si:e and presented as part of a class showcase. The tutor will review all forms and allocate marks based on the overall comments. Assessment . You need to choose a major global brand and write a personal opinion piece about a recent advertising poster for that brand. 9hat is it about the design that makes it good or otherwise3 Your report on this will be approximately -#!! words and will cover key aspects of advertising design. This report will account for #!( of your marks for this assignment. <n this form you will detail the contribution to the poster provided by each group member and allocate a mark you feel would be appropriate for their effort.