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A MINOR PROJECT REPORT ON A STUDY OF MARKETING STRATEGIS FOLLOWED BY PEPSICO Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirement of Bachelor of Business Administration

(B.B.A) General

BBA 3rd SEMESTER (Morning) BATCH 2012-2015

Submitted To: Ms. Sumita Kukreja Assistant Professor

Submitted By: Saurabh Arvind 05514901712


CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION This is to certify that Saurabh Arvind, pursuing 3rd Semester (M) from Maharaja Surajmal Institute, Delhi, has completed his project on the topic “A study of marketing strategies followed by PepsiCo” under my guidance. His work is appreciable.

Project guide: Ms. Sumita Kukreja Assistant Professor



A lot of effort has gone into this training report. My thanks are due to many people with whom I have been closely associated. I would like all those who have contributed in completing this project. First of all, I would like to send my sincere thanks to Ms. Sumita Kukreja for her helpful hand in the completion of my project. I would like to thank my entire beloved family & friends for providing me monetary as well as non – monetary support, as and when required, without which this project would not have completed on time. Their trust and patience is now coming out in form of this thesis.

Saurabh Arvind BBA(G) 3rd Sem 05514901712




Fountains also dispense thin in disposable containers. by then central government) in 1993. an over of all the major accepts related to the study is discussed. In India it is Pepsi. Thumps Up. Cock on the other hand struggled initially in establishing itself in the market. 6 .INTRODUCTION In this chapter. Worldwide. Soft drinks can be further divided into carbonated and non carbonated drinks. Cola. lemon and oranges are carbonated drinks while mango drinks come under non-carbonated drinks. The profile of the company with respect to its operation number of franchises. lemon and oranges are carbonated drinks while mango dinks comes under non-carbonated category. aluminum cans and PET bottles for home consumption. Pepsi entered Indian market in 1991. Limca etc. The total industry profiles the soft drinks industry globally and in our country. but with the opening up of economy and coming of MNC players Pepsi and Cock the market has totally under their control. In a span of 7 years of its operations in the country it changed its CEO four times they seem to have started understanding the pulse of Indian consumers. Cock is the leader in carbonated drinks market. The soft drinks market till early 1990’s was in hands of domestic players like Coke. which scores over cock but this difference is fast decreasing. INDUSTRY PROFILE Non alcoholic soft drink beverage market can be divided into fruit drink and soft drink. market share of the company and many other factors would be discussed here. Soft drinks are available in glass bottles. Cock re-entered (after they were thrown out in 1977. Pepsi has been targeting the youth and the sales have been doing well by sticking to this youth segment. Colas.

 To identify the retailers opinion towards Pepsi products.OBJECTIVE  To know the merchandising of Pepsi in retail outlets.  To know the promotional activities of sales promotion.  To know the problems of retailers regarding the trade schemes and consumer offers.  To know the strategy of Pepsi and its competitors regarding the Marketing Mix. 7 . advertising and public relations.

8 . market plays a vital role in rapidly changing industrial scenario. Study is conducted considering the following accepts: o Firstly. o Considered the key role of the retailer in present day market as an attempt was made to study the impact of company’s schemes of offering coolers to the retailers. technological. The marketing decline is undergoing reappraisal in the light of vast goals. o Secondly the behavior of the retailer is very much influenced by the additional benefits he is getting for selling the products having. economic and social changes being faced by the today companies. o Thirdly to understand the market condition of the soft drinks in the present scenario and the competition level in the market.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY SCOPE OF THE STUDY In modern days. visage is a representative of soft drink market which is highly promoting with a lot of potential which is to be tapped. The order to known the changes in the field of marketing it are necessary to conduct market survey.

Age. Primary sources 2. The limitations of the study are also discussed here. instant coffee 2% and carbonated soft drinks just above 1% of total consumption. like milk based products like tea. beverages 2%. Now a day’s soft drink industry is growing very extensively and millions of people are consuming soft drinks every day. In the USA first bottled soda was manufactured. Secondary sources PRIMARY DATA: Primary data is collected from the retailers through a structured questionnaire. According to the survey beverages can be classified into two segments. basically the methodology. by inventing a machine in 1809. malt and coco) and the second segment can be done on non-milk products such as soft drinks and mineral water. flavoured milk. The first segment can be done basing on the milk content. It originated in the year 1772. SECONDARY DATA Secondary sources include the information collected from the annual reports.various books and journals and internet also being used for collecting the relevant data. Tea comprises 90%. The chapter deals with main analysis part of the study and the dealer outlets covered in the study is Delhi and NCR. published and unpublished records of the company . coffee. and health drinks (milk. 9 . Soft drinks industry is a well known consumer product industry. Data which is required for the analysis and fulfillment of our objectives has been collected from two sources. income. The questionnaire was especially designed to find out the market share of the soft drinks and problems and weakness of Pepsi in that particular area. According to the survey conducted on the consumption of beverages.METHODOLOGY Introduction: In this chapter. filtered coffee 4%. It can view as a survey. by which the report has been prepared. and climate are not at all a barrier for the consuming soft drinks by the people. They are: 1. the manufacturing of carbonated soft drink was recorded in the history of soft drink industry. is explained. It includes the first hand information from the outlets. This is the reason for the tremendous growth in soft drink market. The exact need for conducting the study and total design of framework of the report prepared is discussed.

tabulated and interpreted and finally suggestions were offered for the betterment of the company. This project is completely based on secondary data. 10 . with the help of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.After gathering the data from those two sources the data was analyzed. DATA ANALYZING TOOLS: Tabulated and interpretations were written down with the help of graphs and charts.

 The study of the soft drink industry which is known to be seasonally fluctuating on e percent study does not take into account seasonal fluctuations. 11 . The results may not suit for all the seasons.  Personal basis may existing as the dealer of varied nature elicits the information. some part of other cities remained uncovered.LIMITATIONS  The sample size is not universal.  Unavailability of some information due of lack of awareness of retailers  Time and expenses were major constraints.


MAJOR PRODUCTS OF THE NEW COMPANIES ARE:       Pepsi-Cola company Pepsi-Cola (formulate in 1898) Diet Pepsi (1964) Mountain Dew (introduced by T. FRITO-LAY Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of snack chip and Tropicana products Inc. Pepsi Company’s success is the result of     Superior Products High Stands of Performances Distinctive Competitive strategies High integrity of its work force 13 .000 employees. was founded by Donald M.Some of the Pepsi Company’s brand names are 100 years old.P corporation 1984) Frito-Lay Inc brand chips Lays brand potato chips Cheetos brand chew flavored snacks Ruffles brand potato chips & Rold Gold brand pretzels Pepsi Company Inc.PEPSI COMPANY MISSION STATEMENT: Pepsi Company’s overall mission is to increase the value of their share holder’s investment. President and chief executive officer of Pepsi –Cola and Herman W. they believe that their commercial success depends up on offering quality and value to their consumers and providing products that are safe. Kendall. Chairman & Chief Executive of FRITO-LAY through the merger of two companies in the year 1965. Pepsi company’s brand names are among the best known & most respected in the world . HISTORY OF PEPSI COMPANY: Pepsi Co Inc. is the world’s largest marketer and producer of branded juices. Providing a fair return to their investors while adhering to highest to the standards of integrity. Lay. whole some and economically efficient and environmentally sound. is among the most successful consumer products company in the world with: 1998 revenues of over $22 billion & 151.

New Beru and Mc.S. a premier transportation company Pepsi co.S. is introduced as an alternative to traditional diet colas. Pepsi entered Japan and Eastern Europe. Pepsi-cola provides advertising. 14 . with destructive lemon taste. In 1987 and 1979 the opening of PepsiCo research and technological center in Vallah N. Spain. Brand Pepsi and other Pepsi-cola products including Diet Pepsi one.S super markets. In 1973 and 1974 Pepsi-cola became the first American consumer product to produce made and sold in former Soviet Union. Pearson was appointed as president of PepsiCo. a position he held until his retirement in 1984. Philippines. marketing sales and promotion support to the Pepsi-cola bottles. PepsiCo. In 1976 PepsiCo adopts code of worldwide business conduct. In 1967. In 1977 PepsiCo shares spilt up three for one. In 1969 in bold modern Pepsi cola packing which was using red. white and blue were introduced.S Pepsi Cola Company’s soft operations include the business of 7up international. The company manufacture and sales of the soft drinks are concentrated to the Pepsi-cola bottles. India.PEPSI-COLA COMPANY: Calets Bradham. New advertising and existing promotions keep Pepsi-cola young. Pepsi is the first company to respond to consumer preference with light weight. In 1981 PepsiCo fitness center was completed. In 1986. Key Pepsi-cola international market includes Argentina. one of the most advanced companies in the area of employee’s health and fitness. recyclable. North America van lines (NAVL).S. Mountain Dew. and the United Kingdom. and renamed a strong contribution to the Pepsi unit it has divided in 1984. FRITO-LAY introduced fungus brand onion flavoured snacks. In 1975 Pepsi Lite.Y PepsiCo reached 85 billion marks in sales. Stock splits two-for one.R. Outside U. Mexico. In 1982 Pepsi free and diet Pepsi free. china. Saudi Arabia. the first major brands caffeine free colas were introduced. In 1970 Pepsi introduces the industry’s first two litter bottles.Druggist who first formulated Pepsi cola founded Pepsi Company’s beverage business at the turn of the century. Pepsi-cola became the single largest selling soft drink brands sold in U. Pepsi co is given exclusive rights to import Stolichnaya Russian vodka in the U. Thailand. In 1971 Andral E. Pepsi was formed to focus on the overseas development of restaurants. Slice and mug brands account for nearly 1/3 rd of the total soft drink in United States. plastic 1972 don Kendall announced agreement making Pepsi cola the first foreign product sold in U.   In 1996. making PepsiCo. Pepsi-cola beverages are available in about 170 countries. Brazil.

Pepsi company was recognized as one of the most admired corporation by the fortune magazine’s top 10 for the two successive years. In 1996 Pepsi started its website WWW. To meet both consumer demand and safe guard the environment.Inauguration of the first Pepsi cola operations in china: In 1983 The Bottler Hall of Fame was established to recognize the achievement and dedication of international bottlers. In 1989. 15 . Pepsi re-entered the Indian market in collaboration with Punjab Agro Industries Corporation (PAIC). Pepsi Company introduce share power stock option program for all employees becoming the first large corporation tool award stock options through virtually all full time employees. the leading manufacturer and marketer of mobile merchandising equipment. In 1984 diet Pepsi is reformulated with 100% neutral sweet. re-use and reduce packaging wherever possible. for the third year in also. 1993 Pepsi Cola began the distribution of Lipton’s line of ready to drinks teas nationwide. Their biggest environment challenge is packaging generated by their products. 1986 Pepsi company board of directors visit the people’s public of china to make the opening the Pepsi second plant in china. It was sold in SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF PEPSICOLA COMPANY: As a consumer products company. In the 1900. The cola were takes “one giant spilt for mankind” when a Pepsi “space can” is successfully tested a brand the span shuttle. In 1991 Pepsi company named one of the fortune magazine’s top most admired corporations. Packaging is important to public and a critical component of the distribution system is to deliver products to consumers and commercial establishment. Each business is also committed to responsible use of resources required in manufacturing their products. they recycle. slice and diet slice.Pepsi. Pepsi Company does not have the major environmental problems of heavy industry. The first major soft drinks sirucsare added in Mexico. purchased an equity position in the carts of Coloreds Inc. Pepsi signs the largest commercial trade agreement in history with the Soviet Union expecting sales in the USSR to double by the end of the century. Pepsi co.

After the insolvency of campa-cola. joint ventures over which PepsiCo has management control and to every employee of these companies. In everything we do.1) ABOUT PEPSI INDIA COMPANY Often new flavors are to be added to the product line of cool drinks to prevent a competitor. Pepsi Foods Ltd.Last year it was changed to Pearl Beverages was taken by the Pearl Group.. Campa-cola Soft Drinks has originally owned the premises since 1980 at Madhurawada. C. it used to produce McDowell’s soda and Bagpiper soda. PepsiCo’s mission is to be the world's premier consumer Products Company focused on convenient foods and beverages. Initially. declared Krishna Mohan Beverages and Constructions as franchise. fairness and integrity and to obey the laws and regulations of the countries where we do business. KMBC purchased the premises in1990 in the auction by APSFC.K. our business partners and the communities in which we operate. To establish a relation with retailers it is desirable to sell more than one flavor of cool drinks. 2. To decrease the security seasonal products are added to the resources available so as to lessen its risks. in 1992. It produced these drinks under franchise agreements but company could not exist in the market due to stiff competition from pearl products. This Code of Conduct applies to PepsiCo. we strive to act with honesty. We seek to produce healthy financial rewards to investors as we provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees. Pepsi has given the franchise of Visakhapatnam region to Pearl Beverages which belongs to Pearl Group with Head quarters at Delhi and Mr. its subsidiaries throughout the world.LOGOS OF THE COMPANY (Fig. 16 . Jaipuria as the chairman and the Managing Director of the group.

We believe our most important strength is our employees. We seek to provide a work environment where all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to PepsiCo's success. We emphasize personal integrity and believe long-term results are the best measure of an employee’s performance. PepsiCo respects the human rights and the dignity of all employees. We endeavor to treat our employees fairly and honestly. We strive to maintain a safe, secure and healthy workplace and it is against our policy to use forced or child labor. We also strive to follow all applicable employment laws and regulations. We are committed to equal opportunity in all aspects of employment for employees and applicants. This means providing a workplace free from any form of discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment. We seek to create a work environment where people feel comfortable and respected, regardless of individual differences, talents or personal characteristics. Our objective is for the diversity of our employees to reflect the diversity of the population wherever we operate and for the performance of all employees to be judged fairly and based on their contribution to our results. PepsiCo encourages an inclusive culture, which enables all employees to do their best. This means us:   

Welcome and embrace the strengths of our differences, Treat each other with respect and fairness, and Foster an atmosphere of trust, open communications and candor.

We recognize the needs of individuals to achieve professional and personal balance in their lives. We also respect employee privacy and will acquire and retain only that employee personal information that is required for operation of the Company’s business or required by law.


We are committed to the continuation of free enterprise and the legal and regulatory frameworks that support it. Therefore, we recognize the importance of laws that prohibit restraints of trade, predatory economic activities and unfair, deceptive or unethical business practices. In all of our business dealings with consumers, customers, suppliers and competitors, we will: 

Avoid any unfair or deceptive practice and always present our services and products in an honest and forthright manner.

 

Treat all customers and suppliers honestly, fairly and objectively. Select suppliers based on merit, and make clear to all suppliers that we expect them to compete fairly and vigorously for our business.

  

Compete vigorously and with integrity. Never comment on a competitor’s product without a good basis for such statements. Comply with all competition laws, including those prohibiting agreements or understandings with competitors to fix prices or other sales terms, coordinate bids or divide sales territories, customers or product lines. These types of agreements with competitors are generally illegal in the United States and many other markets where we conduct business.

PepsiCo firmly believes that international commerce strengthens stability and peace by fostering economic growth, opportunity and mutual understanding. As a global enterprise, we recognize our responsibility to act in concert with the legitimate interests of the countries in which we do business. We will obey all applicable laws and regulations of our host countries. Our objective is to be a good corporate citizen wherever we operate.


Our business decisions are made on merit. Therefore, we will never give or offer, directly or indirectly, anything of value to a third party, including a government official, political party or candidate, to corruptly influence that person’s business decision or gain an unfair advantage. We will observe PepsiCo’s International Anti-Bribery Policy at all times. Giving gifts or entertainment to governmental officials is highly regulated and often prohibited. Such gifts and entertainment should not be provided unless you have received Law Department approval. Gifts or entertainment given to or received from customers or suppliers must never influence, or appear to influence, business decisions. There must be a legitimate business purpose for any business gift or entertainment, it must be in good taste and it must be consistent with the law, with the giver’s and receiver’s policies, PepsiCo’s policies and your function/division policies (including the Travel and Entertainment Policy). If business gifts are permitted under your function/division policies, they must be nominal in value and frequency. Customer and supplier meals and entertainment must be reasonable in cost and frequency and consistent with guidelines established by PepsiCo or your function/division.

PepsiCo is committed to providing safe and healthy work environments at its facilities for all its employees, visitors, contractors and vendors. It is our policy to provide employees with a drug-free workplace. In order to create an environment free from threats, violence and intimidation, we are committed to a policy of zero tolerance for violence. We are dedicated to designing, constructing, maintaining and operating facilities that protect our people and physical resources. It is our policy to comply with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations, provide and require the use of adequate protective equipment and measures, and insist that all work be done in a safe and responsible manner. It is the responsibility of each employee to follow all Company policies and procedures related to workplace health and safety.

PepsiCo is committed to being an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. We are committed to minimizing the impact of our businesses on the environment with methods that are socially responsible, scientifically based and economically sound. We encourage conservation; recycling and energy use programs that promote clean air and water reduce landfill wastes and replenish the planet’s natural resources. We will follow applicable environmental laws and regulations in the countries where we operate. 19

You must disclose any potential conflict of interest to your Supervisor as soon as you become aware of it. We will continue to communicate information and opinions on issues of public concern that may affect PepsiCo.  Owning property (such as real estate or patent rights) that PepsiCo may be interested in acquiring or leasing.POLITICAL AND COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES AND CONTRIBUTIONS PepsiCo.  Having outside business interests that could affect your job performance because of the amount of time and attention diverted from your responsibilities to PepsiCo. and never let your business dealings on behalf of any of our businesses be influenced. Any such contribution requires the approval of PepsiCo’s Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs. 20 .  Serving on the board of directors or providing consulting services to a company that does or seeks to do business with PepsiCo. Decisions by our employees whether or not to contribute time. ownership of more than 1% of a supplier’s stock). All actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships must be handled honestly and ethically. believes in contributing to society and encourages employees to participate in community activities. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST PepsiCo’s conflicts of interest policy is straightforward: Don’t compete with PepsiCo businesses.  Having more than a nominal equity interest in a competitor or in a company that does or seeks to do business with PepsiCo (for example. Contributions by the Company to political candidates may be prohibited or regulated. or appear to be influenced. money or resources of their own to any political or community activity are entirely personal and voluntary. Examples of conflicts that must be disclosed and resolved include:  Receiving any financial or personal benefit either yourself or through a family member from a company that does or seeks to do business with PepsiCo. by personal or family interests. We will obey all laws in promoting the Company’s position to government authorities and in making political contributions.

a significant upcoming product launch or product innovation. timely and understandable. a significant acquisition or divestiture. if disclosed. our suppliers or our customers. Employees are expected to cooperate fully with our internal and external auditors. non-public information about PepsiCo or another company to anyone outside the Company. 21 . unless there is a clear business need to do so. non-public information about PepsiCo or that company. employees should not disclose material. the party receiving the information has signed a confidentiality agreement committing to maintain the information’s confidentiality and you believe that the disclosure will not harm or embarrass PepsiCo or its business partners. accurate. We will ensure that the disclosures we make in reports and documents that we submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission and in other public communications are full. Appropriate records must be kept of all transactions and retained in accordance with PepsiCo’s Records Management Policy and Records Retention Schedule. In addition. as well as our own standard of insisting upon an honest and forthright presentation of the facts. non-public information. even to members of your own family. including family members. including termination. Confidential or proprietary information includes all nonpublic information that. you may receive or learn of confidential. Information must not be falsified or concealed under any circumstance and an employee whose activities because false financial reporting will be subject to disciplinary action. Employees should not trade in PepsiCo securities or the securities of another company involved with PepsiCo while they have material. Examples of material information include: a significant upward or downward revision of earnings forecasts. PepsiCo obeys all laws with respect to the disclosure of material. Information is considered material if a reasonable investor would consider it important to his or her decision to buy or sell PepsiCo stock. You may not disclose confidential information to anyone outside PepsiCo. a significant division restructuring. might be of use to competitors or might be harmful to PepsiCo. It is the responsibility of each employee to uphold these standards. a major management change.CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION AND INSIDER TRADING While engaged in PepsiCo business. Our books and records must reflect all components of transactions. ACCOUNTS AND RECORD-KEEPING We will continue to observe the most stringent standards in the keeping of our financial records and accounts. fair. You always have a duty to protect the confidential information of PepsiCo and our business partners. competitively sensitive or proprietary information that has not been disclosed to the public.

pepsico. PepsiCo is also committed to protecting the rights of those individuals who report these issues to PepsiCo. harassment and intellectual property. Human Resources or through the PepsiCo Speak Up line at: “1-866-729-4888 (from the U. Employees must not reproduce software assets licensed to PepsiCo. If you have access to PepsiCo. customers and suppliers to promptly report any conduct or situation that she/he believes conflicts with this Code or violates a local. go to: “http://www. these resources are to be used for business purposes. those individuals who violate applicable law may also be subject to civil and criminal penalties. Puerto Rico and U. information precautions necessary to prohibit unauthorized access to the system.cfm” Reports can be made anonymously.. use illegally obtained software or distribute the original software media or unauthorized copies of software which the Company does not own or license. PepsiCo is committed to reviewing any report made in good faith in a prompt manner and taking remedial action when appropriate.S. consistent with applicable laws and regulations. You should safeguard your passwords or other means of entry. voicemail. 22 .PROTECTION AND PROPER USE OF COMPANY ASSETS PepsiCo’s technological resources. Every affected employee is required to fully cooperate with any inquiry that results from any reported conduct or situation. and the Speak Up line is available toll-free 24 hours a day. including those related to discrimination. In addition. state or federal law to their immediate supervisor. However. are not be used for proper purposes in a manner consistent with the Code and all other Company policies. It is generally not PepsiCo’s intent to monitor Internet access or messages on the voicemail and email systems. Canada. agents. contractors.S. REPORTING POTENTIAL VIOLATIONS OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT PepsiCo expects its employees. As with all PepsiCo assets. the Company reserves the right to do so in appropriate circumstances. Any PepsiCo employee who is found to have engaged in retaliation against any employee who has exercised his/her rights under this Code or under applicable laws will be subject to appropriate remedial action. including computers. e-mail and Internet Virgin Islands)” For a list of phone numbers for all other countries.

Human Resources manager or the PepsiCo Law Department will respond to questions and issues of interpretation about this Code. and if required. we must rely on each person's judgment and integrity. Your supervisor. and in certain circumstances by the Board of Directors. will be appropriately disclosed. Managers and leaders are expected to ensure that our business processes and practices reinforce the Code.2) Pepsi market share: Pepsi : 47% Coca-cola : 53% 23 . Description and Launch of Products Brand name Pepsi Mirinda 7 Up Mirinda Lime Soda Flavor Cola Orange Clear Lemon Cloudy Lemon Soda (Table 2. For that. to follow consistently both the meaning and intent of this Code and to act with integrity on a daily basis. You are encouraged to seek guidance when a situation may not be clear. and to create an ethical culture by encouraging and rewarding actions that are consistent with the Code.1) Date April-1992 April-1992 April-1992 April-1992 April-1992 Pepsi Pepsi Dite 7 Up Mirinda (Orange) Mirinda (Lemon) Limca Slice Evervess soda Coca-Cola Cock Dite Sprite Fanta Maaza Kinleys (Table 2.RESPONSIBILITY FOR COMPLIANCE All employees are expected to display responsible and ethical behavior. to serve as positive role models by establishing and adhering to high ethical standards. Waivers of this Code will be reviewed by the General Auditor and General Counsel. This Code cannot provide definitive answers to all questions.

They started concentrated factory in Punjab. 24 . which consists of snacks. international’s direct investments in India so far amounts to Rs. They encourage consumer to explore their wide range of brands. Ltd. Pepsi products are constantly changing themselves to develop new products. Pepsi foods are exporting fruits and vegetables to UK etc. is known for the development and introduction of world-class brands & products.) Ltd. as its products were not found acceptable to the Indian market.has 25%of its output reserved for beverages with a 50% export commitment fo9r fruit and vegetable products.Pepsi foods (Pvt. it left this country. The company’s technical inputs enabled the farmer to achieve a yield of 35 to 50 tones a hector against the average of was after discontinuing terms. Their portfolio is organized into three core business.200 hectors under tomato cultivation covering 183 villages and 319 farmers. PRODUCT PROFILE The Pepsi Co. Main objectives: The objectives of the company set out in memorandum of association and franchise agreements are as follows:  To manufacturing soft drinks by concentrating supplied by Pepsi Foods.165 corer.  To market and advertise within specified areas for Pepsi products. New Delhi. Beverages and Restaurants. Pepsi cola was in India from 1956 to 1961. Pepsi foods Ltd. According to Pepsi officials the project guarantees that for every American dollar the company takes out of India. and East Godavari & West Godavari. It receives the stock from Cuttack. Joint venture between Pepsi Co. KMBC Pvt.  To sell soft drinks at fixed prices. Vizianagaram. This company named as Pepsi Foods Ltd. Has was the bottle for five districts Vizag. it will bring five back. Pepsi Co. The Pepsi’s foods processing unit directly supervised 1. Two thirds of this however has gone into food processing. international of US(which is holding 40% of the equity)and Tata concerns Voltas and the Punjab Ago industries Corporation (each of which have as round 25% of the equity).

depending on the nature of business and product being offered by the company. The brands are all standardized products. Since the company follows continuous operation movement. 4. 24. The plant also is having 100 bottles per 1-leter line. Production Schedule: The production schedule is fixed by taking into consideration. The installed production capacity is 400 bottles per minutes i. Wages. During off-season the plant runs one shift. Working Capital:It means capital required for daily management of the company eg. 25 . any company has to invest its capital in fixed assets and floating assets and also in meeting the daily requirements of the company. The volume of production is adequate for the reasonable utilization of equipment. which are arranged in the plant according to the sequence of operation. The demand for the product brands is reasonable stable. The production schedule for each brand is fixed daily.  The inventory position filled bottles of different flavors. This has an advantage in manufacturing the branded product is one at a time. 3. Plant Capacity: The company installed latest up to date automatic plant conforming to plant layout. The company has to produce enough bottles of soft drinks at a speed to keep in space with the disappearance of soft drinks form shelves of the retailer.000 bottles per day.  The availability of empty bottles.  The present or current market demand. The total floor space required by the machine is less than other types of plant layouts. All the operations are carried on a continuous movement. canteen expenses and transportation expenses etc Plant layout: the machine and equipment have been imported from Germany. However. the ratio of investment of capital in fixed and floating assets differ. The reasons for choosing the product layout are: 1. There is continuous supply of material. the cost of material handling goes low. salaries.e.FINANCIAL STRUCTURE: To start and operate business. 2. filling the bottles of each branded flavors.

agency of the company also lifts sample form the market at the random for quality checkup at any time to make sure that the quality is maintained to the exact standard of the parent company. Samples are checked every ten minutes of production time by the chemist for its quality and hygiene condition. the production is suspended and the correcting measures are taken so as to set right the bottling process irregularities.  Size of the work unit. There are mainly five elements of organization structure. as the bottles move out. The appearance. The M. The company is managed by able director.Quality control Pearl Beverages Pvt. The standards of hygiene maintained inside the production shops are commendable. If any defects are noticed. Mr.  Centralization and decentralization of deviation making.  Standardization of activities. smell and taste of the products are also checked. The chemical analysis is also made for flavors. samples from each batch are dispatched to the affiliated parent agency company in each week for quality checkup. 26 . At the end of the production schedule. Ltd. The organizing involves balancing the companies. Ruchirans Jaipuria is the head of the organization and administration. takes great care to maintain the quality control of the products in their factory. an organization structure means adopting a change or it can be a source of resistance to change. and is assisted by a team of well-qualified & experience senior management personnel. The meaning signifies an institution or function as group and the second meaning refers to the process of organizing the way of work which is arranged and allocated among members often organization so that the goal of the organization can be achieved efficiently. Further.  Coordination of activities. Organization Structure and management: The word organization has two common meanings.D. daily all the equipment floor and wet patches are cleaned with bleaching powder or some other solution. gas content and sugar percentages. Needs both for stability on one hand and change on the other hand. The Bottles are visually examined for impurities continuously.  Specialization of activities. Moreover.


No 1.1.1) Gurgaon INTERPRETATION: 28 . Pepsi & Coke Brands Available In Various Markets: S. 3. Market NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON Pepsi 5 5 5 (Table 4. 2.1) Coke 6 5 7 8 7 6 Brands Available 5 4 3 2 1 0 Average Pepsi & Coke Brands Available in various markets Pepsi Coke New Delhi Noida Market Areas (Graph 4.

of Types No.1 Average Pepsi & Cock brands Available in the market: Brands Pepsi Coca-Cola No of Types 5 6 (Table 4.1) No.4 Pepsi Brands (Diagram 4. So the brand availability of Coke is more when compared to Pepsi.4 5.6 4. of Types Coke INTERPRETATION: In my survey of 300 retail outlets in 3 areas.2 5 4.8 5. I found 5 brands of Pepsi out of its 10 brands and 6 Brands of Coke is available out of its 10 Brands on average.2) No.2 6 5.1.8 4. of Pepsi & Coke brands available in Average 6. 29 .6 5.

2) Percentage (%) Percentage INTERPRETATION: 30 .No 1. 4. 3.1.3) Percentage (%) 46 24 20 10 Top Brands Available in New Delhi Market 50 40 30 20 10 0 Slice Mirinda Sprite Limca Brands (Graph 4. 2. Brands Slice Mirinda Sprite Limca (Table 4.2 Top brands Available in NEW DELHI Market: S.

3 Top Four Brands Available In NOIDA Market: S.4) Percentage (%) 46 24 17 13 Top Brands Available in Noida Market 50 40 30 20 10 0 Mirinda 7 Up Spirite Thumps Up Percentage Percentage (%) Brands (Graph 4.3) INTERPRETATION: 31 .No 1 2 3 4 Brands Mirinda 7 Up Sprite Thumps Up (Table 4.1.

No 1 2 3 4 Brands Mirinda Sprite 7 Up Slice (Table 4.1.5) Percentage (%) 42 26 18 14 Top Brands Available in Gurgaon Market 50 Percentage (%) 40 30 20 10 0 Mirinda Sprite 7 Up Slice Brands (Graph 4.4) Percentage INTERPRETATION: 32 .4 Top Four Brands Available in GURGAON Market: S.

2.6) GURGAON 42 50 No. of Bottles Sold per Day 60 50 Figures in '00 40 30 20 10 0 New Delhi Noida Brands (Graph 4. No of Bottles Sold Per Day in Various Markets: (figure in ’00) NEW DELHI Pepsi Coke 52 44 NOIDA 45 35 (Table 4.5) Pepsi Coke Gurgaon INTERPRETATION: 33 .

From this we can understand that the Pepsi sales are more when compared to Coke.6) 60 34 . No of Bottles sold per Day: (figure in 00) Brands Pepsi Coke No of Types 45 55 (Table 4. of Types (Graph 4.3. 0 0 20 40 No.7) Average Sales % Per Day 55 2 0 1 No of Types 45 INTERPRETATION In my survey of 300 outlets in three areas I found Pepsi is occupying 55% and the Coke is occupying 44% in the total market in average.

No 1 2 3 Market NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON Daily 63 49 55 (Table 4. Service required to the retail outlets: S.6) Daily Alternative Days Weekly Twice Gurgaon INTERPRETATION: 35 .8) Alternative Days 25 27 36 Weekly Twice 12 24 9 Service Required from Companies 70 60 % of occupation 50 40 30 20 10 0 New Delhi Noida Market Areas (Graph 4.4.

4.9) Average Service Required from the Companies Daily Alternative Days Weekly Twice (Graph 4.1 Service Required in Average: Types of Services Daily Alternative Days Weekly Twice Average Service Required from the Companies 55 30 15 (Table 4.7) INTERPRETATION: In my observation of 300 outlets in three areas I found that 55% of the retailers want the daily service. 30% retailers want Alternative Days and the remaining 15% of the retailers want the service weekly twice. 36 .

10) Satisfactory 40 30 28 Bad 0 5 2 Satisfaction of Pepsi Service 70 60 Satisfaction Level 50 40 30 New Delhi 20 Noida 10 0 Good Satisfactory Service (Graph 4.No 1 2 3 Market NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON Good 60 65 70 (Table 4. Satisfaction of Pepsi Service: S.5.8) Gurgaon Bad INTERPRETATION: 37 .

11) Satisfaction 50 55 50 Bad 5 5 5 Satisfaction of Coke Service 60 50 Percentage (%) 40 30 20 10 0 Good Satisfaction Bad New Delhi Noida Gurgaon Service (Graph 4.9) INTERPRETATION: 38 .N0 1 2 3 Market NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON Good 45 40 45 (Table 4.1 Satisfaction of Coke Service: S.5.

10) INTERPRETATION: In my survey of 300 outlets I found that 65% of the retailers expressed good in case of Pepsi and 43% in case of Coke.12) Bad 2 5 Service of Coke & Pepsi 70 60 Percentage (%) 50 Good 40 30 20 10 0 Pepsi Brand (Graph 4. 33% in the case of Pepsi and 52% in case of Coke expressed satisfactory and finally remaining retailers expressed badly to the service of the companies.2 Service Satisfaction of Pepsi and Coke in Average: Brand Pepsi Coke Good 65 43 Satisfaction 33 52 (Table 4.5. Satisfation Bad Coke 39 .

11) Gurgaon INTERPRETATION: 40 .No 1 2 3 Market NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON Pepsi 41 49 41 (Table 4.13) Coke 59 51 59 Trade Schemes 70 60 Percentage (%) 50 40 30 20 10 0 Pepsi Coke New Delhi Noida Market Area (Graph 4.6. Trade Schemes by Both Companies in Various Markets: S.

1 Trade Schemes by Both Companies in Average: Brands Pepsi Coke Trade Schemes 44 56 (Table 4. 41 .14) Trade Schemes Given Pepsi Coke (Graph 4.12) INTERPRETATION: By observing the above pie chart we can understand that 56% of the traders expressed their happiness towards the schemes of the Coca-Cola and the remaining 44% traders expressed their happiness towards Pepsi company in case of their trade schemes.6.

13) Coke Gurgaon INTERPRETATION: 42 .15) Coke 39 43 40 Consumer Promotion Offered 70 60 Percentage (%) 50 40 Pepsi 30 20 10 0 New Delhi Noida Market Areas (Graph 4.7. Consumer Promotions offered by both Companies: Market 1 2 3 NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON Pepsi 61 57 60 (Table 4.

Pepsi was able to attracted 59% of the retailers with its promotional schemes.14) INTERPRETATION: In providing consumer promotion by way of giving the prizes to the consumers and other ways to promote the sales.16) Consumer Promotion Pepsi Coke (Graph 4. In case of Coke it attracted the remaining 41% of the retailers by their consumer promotional schemes and activities.7. 43 .1 Consumer Promotions offered in Average: Brand Pepsi Coke Consumer Promotion 59 41 (Table 4.

8.15) Yes No Gurgaon INTERPRETATION: 44 .V Add Help in Sales increase? 80 70 Percentage (%) 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 New Delhi Noida Market Areas (Graph 4. Is T.16) No 26 49 40 Do T.No 1 2 3 Market NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON Yes 74 51 60 (Table 4.V Adds help to increase the sale of Soft Drink’s: S.

V ads will help to increase the sale of the soft drinks. 45 .1 Amount of people saying T.17) T. In this 62% of the retailers expressed positively and the remaining 38% retailers expressed negatively to this question.16) INTERPRETATION: The above chart shows the opinions of the retailers that weather T.V ads help increase in Sale.8. in Average: Saying T.V Add helps the increase in sales Yes No (Table 4.V Add helps the increase in sales Yes 62 No 38 (Table 4.

18) Less 40 63 48 Same 5 7 12 Comparison of 08-09 sales 70 60 Percentage (%) 50 40 30 20 10 0 New Delhi Gurgaon Market Areas (Graph 4.No 1 2 3 Market NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON Good 55 30 40 (Table 4. Comparison of 2008-2009 sales: S.9.17) Good Less Same Noida INTERPRETATION: 46 .

18) INTERPRETATION: In the above chart the opinions of the retailers were given. From that 42% of the retailers expressed the view of good increase in the sale by 2008 when compared to 2007.1 Comparison of 2008-2009 sales in average: Opinion No. of outlets in average (Table 4.9. 47 . 50%of the retailers expressed the view of less increase in the sale and the remaining 8% of the retailers expressed the view of the same sales and there is no increase in the sales.19) Good 42 Less 50 Same 8 No. of outlets in average Good Less Same (Graph 4.

No 1 2 3 Market Area NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON 30% 30 29 34 (Table 4.17) 20% 33 34 32 10% 37 37 34 % of Jucie based Soft drinks 40 35 Percentage (%) 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 New Delhi Gurgaon Market Area (Graph 4. The Percentage Of Juice Based Soft Drinks In Total Sales: S.19) 30% 20% 10% Noida INTERPRETATION: 48 .10.

10. 49 . For that the companies better to concentrate on the juice based soft drinks introducing and their sales.20) INTERPRETATION: By observing the above chart we can understand that the demand for the juice based soft drinks is increasing rapidly.18) 10% 36 Jucie based soft drinks in Average 30% 20% 10% (Graph 4.1 Juice Based Soft Drinks in Average: 30% Result 31 20% 33 (Table 4.

21) INTERPRETATION: 50 . Pepsi Visi coolers and other coolers available in the Market: S.11.No 1 2 3 Market NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON Pepsi cooler 32 21 31 (Table 4.19) Cock + other coolers 68 79 69 Coolers Availability in Various Markets 90 80 70 Percentage (%) 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 New Delhi Gurgaon Noida Pepsi cooler Coke+ other coolers Market Areas (Graph 4.

11.1 Pepsi & Coke Visi Coolers Available in Average: Pepsi Visi Coolers Average of Outlets 28 (Table 4. 51 .20) Cock Visi cooler + Own cooler 72 Average of Outlet Pepsi Visi Cooler Coke Visi Cooler+Own Cooler (Graph 4. From this we can suggest that Pepsi have to increase their Visi Coolers supply.22) INTERPRETATION: In the areas where I did my survey I found 28% of the retailers are using the Pepsi Visi Coolers and the remaining 72% of the retailers are using the Coke and Other coolers.

21) All People 59 56 39 Youth 13 21 24 Most soft drink consumig category 70 60 Percentage (%) 50 40 Male Female All People Youth 30 20 10 0 New Delhi Noida Gurgaon Market Areas (Graph 4.No 1 2 3 Market NEW DELHI NOIDA GURGAON Male 18 12 19 Female 10 11 18 (Table 4. Most Soft Drinks Consuming Category in Various Markets: S.12.23) INTERPRETATION: 52 .

53 . 20% by the Youth.1 Most Soft Drinks Consuming Category in Average: Opinion Average % of outlets (Table 4. We can say that the consumption of soft drinks by the youth is increasing.24) INTERPRETATION: In the above pie chart the consumption of soft drinks mostly by four categories. 51% of the total consumption is by All People. 15% by the Male and the remaining 13% is consumed by the Female.22) Male 16 Female 13 All People 51 Youth 20 Most soft drinks consuming category in Average Male Female All People Youth (Graph 4.12.


 Some of the retailers are placing the other products also in the company coolers.  The dealers are not giving the proper information about the new products and the new offers given by the company.FINDINGS AND INFERENCES  The company is maintaining the quality of the products and it has good Quality Control Dept.  The retailers are not provided any credit on the purchase of the drinks in the case of both companies. because of that the consumer are not aware of the total drinks offered by the company and the expenses will more for the company.  Advertisements for every drink are given individually. 55 .  Now a day because of changing the food habits the soft drinks are added to their food habits.  The No.  Sales promotion activities taken by the Pepsi Company is good as per the retailer’s opinion  The Pepsi Company’s supply of drinks is good but they are not providing the sufficient drinks to the outlets. of Visi coolers in the market is less when compared to the other Company.  The demand for the fruit based soft drinks is go on increasing and they occupied the top selling drinks position.  Pepsi soft drinks are occupying more than half of the soft drinks market.  Pepsi company’s offers to the retailers are not good in the view of the retailers.

finally it can be said that the industry needs a lot of channel management activities to done along with various promotional strategies for the customers. 56 . which helped me clearly to understand the real problems faced by the marketers to distribute and also make retailers to sell the company’s products in the market. has been collected from the survey. This industry is a place where two major players are there in the world. The suggestions made to the company were really applicable for the growth and benefit for the company in order to increase its market share and to become the market leader in the soft drink industry. I wish the company to achieve its objectives achieved soon. because a large number of competitors craving for the same market. I understood how difficult to do the marketing in the present scenario.CONCLUSION The project was a great experience for me in order to study the marketing aspects in the world. Thus. Lot of valuable information regarding the company and also the retailers. It was a great opportunity for me to express what I have studied. This Pepsi Company gave me lot of opportunity and scope to understand the soft drink industry and its marketing structure and distribution channels.

 The Pepsi has some more scope to increase its market share and it has to strive for that.  Company has to concentrate on the fruit based drinks and add some more fruit based drinks to the product line.  The retailer are using the Pepsi Visi Cooler for other drinks also.  The dealers should be provided the credit up to some limits by the company.RECOMMENDATION  The company has to increase its quality more and also has to introduce more verities of drinks in to the market to increase its market share.  Pepsi company has to increase the trading offers to the retailers.  The dealers should provide the sufficient information to the retailers about the products and the new offers to the retailers provided by the company.  The Advertisement should be given as a whole that will bring the awareness about the products and reduce the advertisement cost of the company also. they have to control that.  The Pepsi Company has to increase the No. 57 . of Visi Coolers in the market.  It has to change the advertisements in a manner that add the soft drinks as a part of food. For that purpose the company has to recruit some people.

Address: ______________________________ B. Pepsi 7 Up Which company drinks are available in your shop: Mirinda orange Mountain Dew Diet Pepsi Mirinda Lemon Slice Aquafina Water Evervess Soda Total 3.Cola Kinely Soda Minute Made 4. Thumps Up Sprite Limca Diet Coke Coke Company drinks available in shop: Fanta Kinely Water Maza Total Coca.APPENDICES QUESTIONNAIRE Name of the Student: College & Town: Date of Survey: 1. Phone: ______________________________ 2. Top brands Purchased by consumer in your shop? 1st ______________ 3rd ______________ 2nd _______________ 4th _______________ 58 . Name of the shop/owner: A.

Your Sales in Bottle per day ________________ bottles.V advertisements by drink companies help in more sales of Drinks? Yes No 59 . Do you feel T. Consumer Promotions offered by which company is best. what is Pepsi present consumer promotion? Pepsi Coke _______________________________________________________________ 11. Are you satisfied with Pepsi Service? Good Satisfactory Bad 8. Are you satisfied with Coke Service? Good Satisfactory Bad 9. A. Coke Bottles sold _________________ 6. Trade Schemes offered by which company is good to you? Pepsi Coke 10.5. Do you require Service by drinks Company as follows: Daily Alternate Days Weekly 2 times 7. Pepsi Bottles sold _________________ B.

12. What is Percentage of juice based soft drinks sales in your shop? 30% 20% 10% 14. How are sales of drinks this year Vs 2008 in your shop? Good Less Same 13. Condition of Pepsi Visi Cooler? Full of Pepsi Drinks Full of Pepsi+ Coke Drinks Pepsi Drinks+ Other Packs 60 .