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Role of the merchandiser in Triburg is very important. Merchant plays a major role in the whole process, merchant is the person who is responsible for each and every thing after getting the style sheet CAD and other details about the fabric development, merchant is the person who decide about each and every thing.

Work of the merchant can divided in to two part. 1= sampling 2= bulk order production Sampling process of the merchant job is very important because the confirmation of the bulk order is depends upon the success of the sampling. So the job of the sampling needs to be done very carefully by the merchant. The moment merchant gets style sheet, starts planning that how to proceed the work, In Triburg merchant receive calendar, design package, style sheet, CAD from the buyer through the NEW YORK office from this point the role of the merchant starts merchant studies the style sheet and all the other details available, like fabric details dying details, embroidery, washing, special kind of finishing etc. Then merchant decide that where to put fabric for the development. the decision of the fabric development is taken with the fabric department head (vice precedent fabric) both the person decide the place, by the deep analysis of the fabric quality, count, construction etc. Once it decided that where to send the fabrics for the development, merchant send the copy of the received all the CAD to the decided regional office for the development. Mean while merchant prepare greed for his/her reference In the greed merchant mention all the details Style No. Color Fit Trims Wash

After getting the developed desk loom merchant send the developed desk loom to the buyer for the approval desk loom is developed for the pattern and quality reference after getting approval on the developed desk loom merchant proceed for the development for the proto (proto is developed basically for the approval of fit. quota.50 . Mean while merchant also proceed for the sale sample too the quantity of the sale sample is being 30 . They send Proto sample to the buyer for the fit approval. and other special tings as per requirement. wash. At the same time merchant do costing for the buyer for each style separately with all the details of cost of fabric. hanger. . For their reference merchant make greed so that they can update themselves on the daily basis. trims. * Factory * Block ( fit ) * Wash * Color combo * SSY ready date * Sale sample EX. and other things required. If any rectification is to be done buyer send all the required changes to the merchant through mail or by the courier if required. Greed contains * Style No. same color and same pattern. in Triburg merchants try to develop the proto in the same fabric. special wash.It also helps the merchandiser to have control over the process properly. so on the basis of the requirement merchant place the order for the yardage. trims.India * Quantity required * Comments And they keep updating themselves on the daily basis by entering the daily report or daily development on the greed.

Here merchant do the backward planning according to the shipment date EX-India. then after seeing the performance of the style in the market buyer select the styles which has . here merchant work on the T&A plan (time and action plan).· In between the production merchant keep sending the samples from the production . From this point second part of the merchants work starts.TOP sample etc. 26531 215 26198 207 21661(2) 143 23208 158 arisha 26571 20529 .Once the Production is start merchant keep updating the buyer about the current status of the production. This part is very important because approval of the bulk order directly depends upon the price buying house is offering. the merchant sends the shipment under his/her supervision along with the required documents. and put the order for the proceed. From this stage merchant starts working for the bulk order. When the final production is over. Merchant also be there when PCD (plan cut date) is decided .Costing part is done by the merchant very competitively. trims decides when to send the fit sample hen to send the trims and fabric for the final approval etc. Merchant place the order for fabric. After the salesman sample getting done merchant send the sample to the buyer.

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