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Directions for drinking Divine Noni Shake well before use Dilute Divine Noni with milk, water

or other juices ! Always Drink on an Empty Stomach 30 minutes before foo ! Drink lots of water throu"hout the ay!

Days 1 to 3 : #ake $ #easpoon %&ml' 30 mts! before (reakfast #ake $ #easpoon %&ml' 30 mts! before Dinner )hil ren * $+, teaspoon, a!m! an p!m! Days 4 to 6 : #ake , #easpoons %$0ml' 30 mts! before (reakfast #ake , #easpoon %$0ml' 30 mts! before Dinner )hil ren * $+, teaspoon, a!m! an p!m! Month 1 - 6 : Drink 3 #easpoons %$&ml' 30 mts!before (reakfast Drink 3 #easpoons %$&ml' 30 mts! before Dinner )hil ren * -se $+, osa"e a!m! an p!m! Month 7 and After :

belchin" or itchy skin'. an Nature! . or other juices! 3! 2in a comfortable place to sit! 5ol your "lass of Noni on your lap! 0ela. breathe in new life an vitality! /ma"ine youthful ener"y fillin" your bo y! 7n each e. #easpoon %$0ml' 30 mts! before (reakfast Drink . an pour it into a "lass! Dilute with water. #easpoon %$0ml' 30 mts! before Dinner )hil ren * -se $+. your bo y.Drink .! 4easure the amount of Noni that you want to take. it shoul be at a time when the house is 3uiet an you can be alone! . soft motion. nurture a feelin" of "ratitu e for Noni. rink more water an skip a ose or two epen in" on how you feel! )ommit to rinkin" Divine Noni for at least 1 months! Procedure to Take Noni $! 2in ten minutes to o this proce ure! / eally.ins! /f you "et a )leansin" 0esponse %a hea ache. osa"e a!m! an p!m! Dosa"e can be increase + ecrease as per your bo y con ition! Drink plenty of "oo clean water throu"hout the ay to help your bo y flush out to. let your worries slip away! 8isualise the stress an tension leavin" your bo y! &! #ake a sip of Noni! 1! 0epeat Steps 6 an & until your ose is finishe ! #ake as much time as you want! 4eanwhile. an close your eyes! 6! #ake three lon". eep breaths! 7n each inhale.hale.

es well with any fruit juice! #his is a "reat way of keepin" yourselves healthy %by takin" a lots of flui s with Noni re"ularly!' 6! After a lon" an tirin" ay.9! /t is essential that Noni has to be taken on an empty stomach almost at the same time every ay so that the :ro. Noni in a "lass of chille water makes a very refreshin" rink! &! /f you me itate early in the mornin".! #ake lots of "oo clean water alon" with Noni! ere are so!e ideas to !ake the drinking of Divine Noni !ore interesting $! 4i.! 4i. Divine Noni in a "lass of chille water or juice an rink! #his will taste "reat an you can impress your "uests with the same! . after me itation bless Divine Noni an sip it! Always ilute Noni an rink! Drink lots of clean rinkin" water throu"hout the ay! <e are sure that you will fin many interestin" ways in which you can have Noni! #hese are a few from us! 2or more information please visit www!in ian=noni!net .eronine in Noni enters the intestine without bein" i"este in the stomach! #his promotes further metabolical activities! . Divine Noni in a "lass of milk %hot or col ' an chil ren will love to rink it! )hil ren will love this new Noni shake! 3! Noni mi.